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Millions Through Mind Control
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-3Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed

A Foreward By The Publisher:
Let’s start by saying how privileged you are to have secured a copy of this book, as it might not be available for long. There are many a marketers that would rather you not read this pertinent and somewhat disturbing information.

The factual basis of this information is unquestioned, and this could put many of your favorite marketers in a light you maybe not used to seeing them in. What’s more, seeing these secrets revelead may also be especially difficult for those who depend on using them to deceive their customers into making impulse sales.

You are about to read what many would deem controversial…

At the very least you will learn how to identify when you are being manipulated and at best you will become able to implement these skills to improve your own sales and build better relationships with your customers. We would like to think that you will not use what you learn to trick your potential customers into sales, but rather use the skills to empower your customers to see the true potential of your products.

Some would refer to these skills as ‘black hat’ and argue against their use and our publication of this book - We disagree – Our goal here is to bring these skills to your attention, to inform and educate you our reader.

Those that wish to remain ignorant should read no more, but if you are ready to learn what the sales professionals in the know have been up to for years, read at your own risk of becoming more educated, and more powerful in your business dealings.

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Introduction Some Call It NLP A Glimpse Into Embed Commands Making Embed Commands Work For You The Real Benefits Of Embed Commands Hypnotic Influences - Gaining trust Dr. X's Hypnotic Phrases Headlines that will Control the Mind Fonts for Success Formatting Secrets Linear Commands Presuppositions Powerful Adverbs Powerful Adjectives Questions that Drive Descriptive Wording - Visualization Trigger Signals (Anchors) The Formula Power Words Using these Mystical (Hypnotic) Powers

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-5Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed

. and people from all walks of life have come to seek his mind controlling and hypnotic powers. “Knowledge is the key.” “Not only do I have mastery over these mystical powers. X observes that young and old. join. sales pages. X looked across the room and continued . and hang onto every word on your web pages.Looking out across the room. . men and women. . I have the power to turn your prospects into buying customers with my hypnotic words that will empower them to purchase. newsletters. and any other kind of communication. I am Dr. but I am here today to teach you the exact same mind controlling techniques. . X .” Dr.” -6Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . there will be no stopping you on your journey to riches. speeches. to success. Dr.” “Your about to discover how anyone at any age can learn how to persuade others into doing anything and everything they want. Once you learn how to use this power. “First. let me introduce myself.

” Now. X. If a person has a map that is weak or impractical. NLP is founded on the idea that the language and behavior of a person is extremely ordered. let me explain exactly what we are really working with so you will understand the terms and meanings. Not only is NLP the underlying language and behavior of a person. place your questions in this box as it is passed around and I will answer them shortly. Some Call It NLP… “Before I answer any questions. which can cause problems. This in essence means that the way in which we act or feel is based on how we perceive the world instead of the real world. This order or structure can be organized into a mimicking form. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. it can restrict the choices that they make in life.Programming Our maps of the world decide our own feelings and our behavior.” Mr. These behaviors and language can be either functional or dysfunctional.Language or Linguistic Maps . beliefs. So according to what type of map we have is how we react in our environment. but it is also based on the thought that we do not use all of our senses and only perceive the world around us by our own experiences. Neuro-Linguistic Programming calls the perception that every individual has of the world his or her “map”. “Please. principles and conjecture. This concept teaches that our mind-body and what we say all work together to form what we see of the world or in essence: Neuro . began.mind & body What we say . This means that others can copy the language or behavior of another to produce the same results in order to improve their late comings. -7Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .2.

each and every person can structure their maps to achieve the same goals. . -8Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . have a good outlook on life.During therapy. Next. strategies. in the meaning that they are successful. and enjoy life to its fullness. and beliefs to better ones own maps of the world. people learn what their maps include and it can help them recognize any of the destructive patterns of thinking. language. . Now you understand the principals we can begin . Harnessing this power in the way of modeling after another that has a great map. on the agenda is learning how to use this therapy to model another person’s behaviors. and then constructive patterns can be taught to replace the ones restricting our behavior.

“What are embed commands?” “Very good question. The reason people use embed commands is to get their listener to do something you wish them to do in a non-intrusive or demanding manner. -9Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . X places his hand into the box and pulls out a small piece of paper. you will notice that a command ends with down turn in the tone of voice used. This is done by using presuppositions. now let’s see what type of questions you have come up with for me to answer. A Glimpse Into Embed Commands “Okay.3.” Dr. Embedded commands utilize the use of a commanding tone to be effective. Presuppositions are conjectures disguised within the structure of language. with the tone however being in the form of a command. The command generally formulates words into a question.” I just explained what NLP is and now that you all understand you just have to go a bit deeper to comprehend embed commands or embedded commands. which will plant a thought in the mind of another person just beneath that person’s conscious awareness. He has a half smile on his face as he reads. An embedded command is a technique used in NLP. If you listen and pay attention to the English language.

Just because you subconscious mind receives this command does not mean it will act on it immediately. This embed commands that you send will have precise thought patterns and in most cases the person hearing these commands will do whatever it is you desire. It is familiar with responding or remembering the actions that you perform each and every day. If you learn to use embedded commands properly. The subconscious mind will receive a straightforward and exact command. It is through repeated patterns that are subconscious learns how to act to our surroundings. which will force it to act. X then pulls out another question. embedded commands are patterns of our language that speak directly to the subconscious bypassing the conscious mind totally. like I stated previously. Your subconscious mind runs all by itself.10 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . Making Embed Commands Work For You Dr. “How do embed commands work and how can they benefit me?” Okay. on to explain how they work. .4. Now. you will be able to create language patterns that will make your subconscious mind wake up and listen. These commands influence people at the subconscious level which gives you the power to direct people to take certain or specific actions.

but now you want to get down to the meat of the questions.5. you are speaking to them on their subconscious level. the mind does the rest. What good are embed commands to me? On an average day. You may now ask how can there be no opposition? You are not speaking to these people on the conscious level of their minds. accept the offer. the results of the action are not immediate it takes time for the full effect to be seen. the command will not sink into the subconscious and you will not see any results. customers. Embed commands are similar to the effect of a nuclear bomb. you can have the power to convince them to sell. or even co-workers. it will result in the action that you desire for the person in fact to achieve. what does all of this mean to you? You have heard every word that I have spoken. Once you have planted the commands. The Real Benefits Of Embed Commands Okay. you may talk with banks. . you are commanding in a roundabout way. to purchase. The subconscious mind is looking for patterns of thinking. Embedded commands are 1 to 4 different word groups in which a person is ordered to do an action. With embedded commands. If you only plant the command one or two at a time. Remember. investors. or whatever else you may need them to do. to sign the contract. the subconscious will look for patterns. It will evaluate and make a decision based on what it has heard. The best part is you will not have any opposition at all. when the patterns make sense to the subconscious mind. You are just putting the thought in their subconscious and their mind will do the work at convincing them to do the action.11 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . thus the embed command has to grow into the action.

This does not make you a prejudiced person and you may not even believe these words. There are different levels in which you can mimic others such . Therefore. however.6.” Dr.” All of us resist people we do not trust. how they cannot be trusted. Not every car salesman is going to give you a bad deal. you meet another man. We trust those that are more like ourselves or ones that we have been conditioned to believe. X commanded. On down the block. just as every young man with long hair and holes in their jeans aren’t criminals. pay attention to these words.” “How many of you do not trust car salesmen? This is because you have been repeatedly told over and over again. You immediately ignore his proposal and believe he does not know what he talking about. a person that appears unkempt with holes in their jeans are ones you should stay clear of.” “This is true on every field. “You are prejudiced when it comes to trust. is because your subconscious mind trusts the man in the business suit as an upstanding individual that knows what he is talking about. wearing sunglasses.” “A man comes up to you with long uncombed hair. you must learn how to get your prospects to trust you with an unconscious connection. even though it starts in our subconscious mind. in a business suit and clean-shaven. This can be done by perceiving others behavior and mimicking or mirroring it so to speak. holes in his jeans. Hypnotic Influences – Gaining the trust of your prospects “To go along with using embed commands and how to implement them you must first gain the trust of your prospects.” “You listen to the second person. He begins to tell you about the same terrific money making deal.12 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . whereas. He begins to tell you about a terrific money making deal he has. The reason this is so.” “No matter who you are or just how unprejudiced you think you are there are those that you do not trust from first glance.

facial expressions. You can even mimic your prospects the way they dress casual or business. tempo.13 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . body language. By paying attention to a person. With this power. I think it’s time for an example . . posture. We naturally mirror others. body posture and movement stiff or relaxed. and volume • Specific Vocabulary includes: certain words or phrases that are used frequently that you will need to incorporate into your conversation • Utilization of their authority submodalities includes: Do they use auditory. emotion. and utilization of their authority submodalities. kinesthetic metaphors or visual imagery while speaking? You do not use these new hypnotic powers to make people do things that only you wish. tone of voice. which are the quality of the voice. and even language. language and manners proper or casual. you can mirror their behavior and feed it back to them using their tone of voice. . In order to mimic or mirror speech you must understand there are three important aspects. . soon they will be using similar hand gestures. watch the next time you are in a group of people. specific vocabulary. if you do not believe this. tempo. posture. • Quality of Voice includes: pitch and tone. Choose a small group and watch them. and gestures. accent. You get them to do things they want to do with the power of embedded commands. you will not only be able to mirror their behavior but put yourself in the lead of the conversation.

At this point.” What happened in the second sentence is that you let the person know that other people want to purchase this software and like most people they believe in their own minds they are better than most people or at least want to know as much as everyone else out there.” Now look at the same sentence only written a little differently. You can also use the same sentence and use other hypnotic phrases such as: I don’t know if you knew it. take one and pass the rest around. that some people find they really want to purchase this software. You are directing their subconscious mind to think about things they may not know or things they may not have discovered. X opens his briefcase and pulls out several sheets of paper. And I’d like to have you discover…that some people find they really want to purchase this software.14 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .Take a look at this sentence: “You should buy this software. This makes their mind want to learn more. Therefore. Learning to use hypnotic phrases in your conversation will give you the power over your prospects and they will in turn do what you wish. you planted an embedded command with those small words. Dr. but some people find they really want to purchase this software.” . “Please. “You know.

Using these phrases should come naturally instead of sounding as if you have placed them in the sentence awkwardly.“This is a list of hypnotic phrases that can aid you in influencing your prospects do take action. .15 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .” Study them and learn to use them in your every day conversations.

X’s Hypnotic Phrases All that really matters… All that’s really important… Almost as if… Almost as though… And I want you to notice something that’s happening to you.7.16 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . And I think you’re going to enjoy being surprised that… And I wonder if you’ll be curious about the fact that you… And I’d like to have you discover… And maybe you’ll enjoy noticing… And sooner or later. I don’t know just when… And you begin to wonder when… And you will be surprised at… And you may notice… And you can wonder… And you can be pleased… And your unconscious mind can enable you to… And do you notice the beginning of…? And it appears that already… . Dr.

you really can’t help but notice… And that’s just fine… And that’s all right… And would you be willing to experience…? At first…. And while you wonder that. you know better than anyone that… And that will probably remind you of other experiences. Can you notice…? Have you begun to notice that yet? I don’t know if… I don’t know if you’re aware of these changes. and other feelings you’ve had.And if you wish… And you can wonder what… And. but later… At times like this. I want you to discover that… And as that occurs. (Use his or her Name Here!). some people enjoy… Before you think about… Before you… …by just noticing. you’ll discover… And it’s very rewarding to know that… And. and it doesn’t really matter. .17 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . in an interesting way.

18 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . how easily… I wonder if you’d like to enjoy… I wonder if you’ll be surprised to discover that… I wonder if you’ve ever noticed… I wonder if you’ll decide to…or… I wonder if you’ll be reminded… I wonder if you’ll be pleased to notice… I wonder if you’ll be interested. as you notice… I wonder if you’ll enjoy how naturally. In all probability… It may be that you’re already aware of… It may be that you’ll enjoy… . in learning how. which is I wonder if you’ll be curious. to… I would like you to appreciate the fact that… I would like you to discover something… I’d like you to begin allowing… I’d like you to let yourself become more and more aware of… I’d like you to begin allowing… …In a way that meets your needs. I want to remind you of something that you probably already know.I want you to enjoy this experience.

is the ability of your mind to… With your permission… . Now of course I don’t know for sure what you’re experiencing. But perhaps you’re… One of the things I’d like you to discover is… One of the first things you can become aware of is… Perhaps sooner than you expect… Perhaps noticing… Perhaps beginning to notice… Perhaps you wouldn’t mind noticing… Perhaps even taking a special kind of enjoyment (in your ability to)… So that it’s almost as if… That’s okay.It’s going to be a pleasure to… It’s so nice to know… It’s very positive and comforting to know… Kind of like… Maybe it will surprise you to notice that… Now I’d like you to have a new experience. The next time you… The really important thing is just to be fully aware of… What’s important.19 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .

20 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .You don’t need to be concerned if… You already know how to… You’ll be fascinated and feel a strong compulsion to… Very likely… .

you must get the attention of prospects. Yes. you will need to learn how to write headlines that will control the mind of your prospects. Along with hypnotic phrases that you can use when talking or writing copy. Headlines that Control the Mind Okay. You need to create cravings if you want prospects. Three elements you must have in your headline to control the mind include: Engagement: The easiest way to engage thought is by asking an open-ended question Curiosity: Mother Nature has endowed each of us to be curious creatures. appeal to a person’s curiosity and you can hypnotize almost everyone in doing anything. you want the headline of your article or website copy to make them read more.21 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . Use a headline that is short. The first short headline should lead into the longer headline. you may be asking yourself.8. most people want to know at a glance what the letter is all about. to expound on the way in which embed commands can help you with your business you must now dig a bit deeper than just hypnotic phrases. If you want to benefit. this is possible. Short and Sweet: In general. You can always use a longer headline as a secondary headline or subheadline. . Now. thus reading more embedded commands that will get them to purchase your product or service. how can a headline control the mind? Well. In order to do this you must have a great headline that will draw them in and then control them into reading more and more of your content. which can be more hypnotic than the first one.

endurance. finances and employment. connection with a high power.22 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . or anything else they desire when it comes to their overall health. Headlines for health fitness products could include: Eat Right Stay Fit Feel Young Gain Energy Enjoy Less Pain Now. There are seven areas of human desire that make people spend money which include health and fitness. You must convince your prospects that the product will give them something they desire or crave. and personal growth. vitality. one of the questions that I pulled out of the box asked what products a person should sell in order to make money with these powers. What do you look for when it comes to your own relationships? . exercise. have more energy. they purchase altered states of emotion. Now. people do not purchase products. which I explained above. products in the health and fitness area should give people nutrition. agility. For you the best part is they want this fast and easy! Cater to these ideas when you use a headline for health and fitness products. thinner. relationships. on to relationships. community and nation. You must have a product that is in the area of human desire. material items. and of course have more stamina. The answer is quite simple. Remember.In reality. everyone wants to look and feel younger. For example.

have a car. you need to appeal to the inner heart of those wishing to find meaningful work. gain promotions. Headlines for finances and employment could include: Be successful Gain more knowledge Scale the ladder of success Get the promotion you deserve Fire your boss What material items do you desire? Just stop and think about it for a minute.23 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . Finances and employment is one of the topics that you hear in conversations no matter where you go. Money is not the true reason people wish to work. If you had the time. If you have a product that will aid people in helping them with their relationships then you must use headlines that state this fact. spouses. children. every person is searching for the same exact things. and mentors. co-workers. neighbors. . bosses.Well. family. girlfriends. you more than likely could come up with a very long list of material items that you would really love to own. Headlines for relationships products can include: Attract the opposite sex Find True Love Improve Communication with your kids Be noticed by your Boss Be admired by coworkers Every person in the world must work to have a roof over his or her heads. When you are talking about relationships this includes boyfriends. and have money. So would the rest of the people in the world. The money is the item that gives them the ability to purchase the things they desire in life. they want employment so they have the money so they do not have to work. and find new outlets for their talents. If your product is in this area.

books. we all have the desire to understand the meaning to life. etc…) Lose Weight Be Slim Set the mood (candles. diet foods. and sex as a way to fulfill the emptiness but these are just quick fixes. others. we feel empty. plants. pets. Well. books. lingerie. etc…) . or they have something to contribute. etc…) Save fuel Indulge yourself (food. When it comes to material items. The major problem is many do not believe they can afford these items. They are not alone they have their pet that depends on them. Own your home Look younger (clothing. pets. to ensure them they are not alone. movies. So.24 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . etc…) You are not alone (cruises. it is not that hard to think of great headlines. etc…) Be happy (books. pets. and we wish to connect to a higher power to help us through lives disappointments. travel. bath products. books. CD’s. books. since practically everyone desires these items. However.These items include such things as a home. clothing. music. and more. and nature such as gardening equipment. here a few ideas to get you going. candy. what type of headlines will work to draw attention to this emotion? Just make sure you have products that gives your clients the feeling of belonging. books. etc…) Get a pet (pet supplies. and so on and so forth. etc…) Believe it or not. landscape equipment. Create Beauty (flowers. material possession. There are many products that can help us feel connected to God. beauty products. food. organization tools. cars. The best headlines for material items has quite a bit to do with the product you are selling. Many of us turn to drugs. Many elderly people have pets for that reason alone. etc…) Join in (crafts. here are a few to guide you in the right direction.

churches.25 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . etc…) Join the fun Beautify your neighborhood Within the personal growth category. These organizations not only give us a place to express our opinions. this is not possible we search for ways in which to improve our community. You can use many different headings included in the topics above and add a bit about achieving goals. . Dr. All of these things can be dealt with by joining clubs. this in itself is very powerful then when you add the other words under this heading. along with the desire to have a purpose in life we also wish to live in a community or even a country where can live happily ever after. join with community activities. People are constantly looking for resources to better there life through personal growth. have our country at peace with others. X then hands out a list that will help each person create their own headlines. there are many topics. Since. retirement communities. but also give us the ability to belong and hopefully change things we do like. which are also found in the topics just discussed. sub-divisions. get along with our neighbors. groups. and learn to tolerate other misgivings and learn cooperation when we cannot change the world. If you have any product that can appeal to the feeling of belonging then you can use headlines to grab the attention of many seeking to better their community or belong to meaningful organizations. in the same heading you have gotten the attention you desire. Some of the headlines that could work include: Make a difference You are home (communities. and more. you will see for example I have Financial Abundance. save money and make money.Of course. When a person realizes what they need to achieve their most true desires to be a reality they will go for it. It could be practically anything from finding a soul mate to getting a promotion. “As you look over this list.

26 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . • Financial Abundance • Save Money • Make Money • Live your Dream • Freedom to do what you want when you want • Be Happy • Have peace of mind • Enjoy life • More Time • Have more time to enjoy life • Save Time • Expand your Talent or Skill • Feel Capable in many areas of your life • Have Improved Health • More Energy • Less Pain • More stamina • Feel younger • Rid Stress • Part time work for full time pay • Less Frenzied • Freedom • More money • More free time • Vacations • More time with family .The List The best headlines to use that will control the minds of your prospects include phrases as the ones listed below.

• Enhance your Confidence • Meaningful Work • Connect with others • Gain Popularity and Respect • Be praised • Be admired • Be honored • Control your destiny • Be in charge of your life • Boost your Self-Esteem • Know who you are • Gain confidence in your own talents or skills • Use your full Potential • Let yourself grow in both knowledge and skills • Achieve long lasting relationships • Sexual satisfaction • Close family bonding • Attract lifelong friends .27 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .

There is no magical font that will cause someone to purchase a product or service. let’s take a look at the various colors you can use for your fonts. First. Tahoma and Verdana cause the reader to slow down just a bit. However. “Is there a special font to draw attention and get people to buy?” Good. not the bright red. There are two other fonts that I like to use especially for headings and sub-heading and they are Tahoma and Verdana. there are some fonts that have more power and influence over the mind than others. however. however. red is a great choice. . let’s see what other questions are in the box. A darker red will draw just as much attention and will be much easier to read. Fonts for Success “Okay. Research has been done as to what color of text is converted into more sales and even the meaning of the colors. this will give them more time for their brain to absorb the words on the page. those pretty and fancy fonts do look appealing.28 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . Of course.9.” Dr. but they do not make sales. To draw attention. when we discuss fonts. Bright red on a website is not easy on your visitor’s eyes. thus more understanding. Color can add a lot to any plain website. we have to look at other aspects of the lettering used such as the color of the fonts and then on into the formatting. question. X pulls a piece of paper and reads aloud. a colorful page can turn some clients away. however. Time Roman size 12 is recommended to pull more conversion than any other font and is the one used most often on the internet. When you are deciding which colors to use understanding what type of effect the colors have on your visitors can be a godsend.

affectionate. while using other colors for headings. This will give you website a feel of writing paper. sturdy. It is best to use a white or a pale yellow background. down-to-earth. majestic Red – forceful. which we discuss next. fervent White – wholesome. characteristic Blue – reliable. This is better for conversion. dependable.Dr. realistic. distinguished. X then passes out a sheet of paper. energetic Purple – classy. luxurious. business Green – relaxing. “This is the list of colors and what they convey. superior Yellow – suggests optimistic and inspiring emotions It would be best to not use one color on the entire page and use the various colors along with formatting. . cleverly wealthy Gray – solemn. subheadings. safe Brown – practical.29 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . honest. sturdy. Black font should be used for the majority of your website. The background color of the page is just as important as the text. and a few other keywords on your pages. distinguishing. comfortable. passionate Orange. brave. to use them wisely. Remember. The List • • • • • • • • • • Black – Serious.

You must also learn how to use such things as bolding important phrases. italics. we should go on to the next step. and highlighting text can become your best friend especially when it converts to sales. This is where such things as bold text. The way in which your website appears to them as a large impact on whether they will purchase a single thing from you. you may be asking is their anything else I should do. Formatting Secrets Now. The answer is yes. just reading ordinary copy can become very boring and when a person becomes bored they can miss the importance of your text. and highlighting. underline.10. The higher the score the more conversion and also the importance you are trying to convey. . once again hands out pieces of paper with the chart. What a person sees when they first arrive to your website will give them their very first impression. When you are planning to use these techniques there is a formula that works rather well. When you use embed commands on your website you should also learn to use the techniques I just mentioned to draw attention to the important phrases or certain words in your text. Honestly. Mr. underline text. You should now understand the best fonts to use and the colors to use. Now.30 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . italics text. Each technique and the various combinations score points. that you know a bit about the fonts and colors to use. X.

and C scoring are the ones that are designed to show urgency and importance. Bold and Italics together C . It is important by itself but only a bit more than the other ones in comparison. B. Of course. Just like if you were speaking and you raised your voice on a few words. Bold. . A.The Chart F – Italics D – Bold alone. Underline Alone.31 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . Now.. Highlighting on the other hand only receives a C-. In addition.Bold and Underline together B . Highlighting. Italics receives an F because it is really only used to emphasize certain words. you must decide when you are creating your website copy what the phrases are that need to be emphasized and then choose the correct scoring. using highlighting can be hard on the eyes if used in excess. and Italics together Now.Highlighting C . Using all of these together on your website will convert your text from a plain and boring website to one that is more enjoyable read and of course using this type of format will give you more sales. The reason being is that each of these are equal in their importance.Bold and Highlighting together A – Bold. Underline and bond and italics together receive a D. A would be the scoring for the highest level of importance whereas C would be a bit lower. to explain this scoring system.

These are very easy to use when speaking to customers. If you bold the command. . In the written word. The main thing to remember when using linear commands is to keep it uniform. what are linear commands and can I use them in newsletters or website copy?” To answer this question. When you are using these linear commands all you have to do in print is to use a type of formatting that I explained earlier.. you can do the same thing. X. This will ensure the subconscious mind of those reading your written word will associate these words together. use italics. use bold print or in some cases just strike through the words. “Mr. Linear Commands Dr. X pulls another piece of paper out of the box and reads. All you have to do is to break up your commands or pause as you say the commands. bold it through the entire writing.32 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . You can underline the commands.11. Linear Commands are a form of embedded commands only that they are considered to be quite a bit advanced to what most people normally use with any hypnotic commands.

etc.)… As you… Find yourself… I don’t know how you… I like how you… I invite you to (notice. Dr.12. X retrieved asked.)… It just makes sense to… It’s like you’re… Some people can… Some people (can. could. Presupposition Phrases A person (can.)… . could.33 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . picture. realize. etc. then hands out three different pages to the group of eager students. imagine. “Are there special words that I can use to work all with these embedded commands?” There are certain words that do convey different messages and when used together with other powerful and hypnotic words can have your visitors do almost anything you desire. Presuppositions The next question. should. X. should. etc. When you combine multiple phrases in just one sentence this will increase the effect and the effect these phrases have on each other and will make your suggestions stronger and give a staggering effect. Mr.

)… .34 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . etc. easily.When you… While you… You could (certainly. quickly.

Powerful Adverbs The list of powerful adverbs Absolutely Actually Allegedly Certainly Certifiably Clearly Definitely Dubiously Genuinely Hypothetically Irrefutably Logically Obviously Outwardly Positively Possibly Probably Questionably Really Reputedly Seemingly Speculatively Superficially Supposedly Surely Theoretically Truly Unlikely Unquestionably Verifiably .13.35 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .

36 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .14. Powerful Adjectives The list of Powerful Adjectives Absolute Alleged Actual Authentic Believed Certain Certified Clear Claimed Definite Fact Factual Genuine Hypothetical Logical Obvious Positive Possible Professed Proven Purported Real Regarded Reputed Rumored So-called Superficial Supposed Sure Theoretical True Verified .

The question is being answered! Questions are always answered whether verbally or inside their head.15. along with the words I just passed out you should realize that everyone loves to feel like they had something to do with the decisions they make in life whether it is purchasing a brand new car to choosing what their website will entail.37 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . ask a leading question. Now. they will see this person and answer your question in their mind. Nevertheless. The best way in which to do this is to get them involved. Of course. When you lead them with your question. even face to face you will not hear an answer. When they answer the question. do not be alarmed. you will not hear their answer. . In many cases. The question you ask will of course be better if it is related to the reading or to the conversation. If you begin with a question that asks them what type of person they would like to be. When you consider what type of emotion you want your prospects to have before reading on you must look at the product or service you are selling. enjoying eating chocolate. with this information they will subliminally associate it with what they are reading or in the conversation. or a person they trust for business matters. How can you get them involved when they are reading instead of face-to-face? Easy. they not only feel involved but then you are in a way letting them make the decision so they can take credit for making the decision and this will give them an added boost to their ego. Questions that Drive Now. You want them to answer a question that conveys a certain mood such as the first time they fell in love. this emotion will carry on throughout your conversation or through the remainder of your written words.

X then passes out another typed page. Will a couple of months be fast enough for you?” Whatever their answer. Dr.You can also use a leading question. they have already accepted the statement as the average results they will encounter. surprised. “On this page are questions to direct the focus of your clients. An example might be: “My clients see a change in their page ranking after a couple of months. they will naturally take the statement as truth. When the person reads the question along with the statement. where you also make a statement of fact.)…? Aren’t you…? Can you imagine…? Could you…? Do you think it’s possible that…? Don’t you…? How do you…? How would you…? If you could…? .” The list of question that drive Are you (curious. customers. etc. or prospects. excited.38 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .

excited. etc. surprised. wondering.39 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .) to know that…? Would you ever…? . etc.If you were to…? I’m (curious.) if you…? What is it that…? What will you do when…? Who would…? What would it be like if…? Would you be (curious.

picnicking with the family. to get their emotions and feelings involved. just like when you ask them a question that helps them recall a special event or emotion in their life. However. Descriptive Wording – Visualization Along with all these adverbs. . To get your prospects interested in what you have to offer. etc… with the products or services that you offer. finding a soul mate. You must use descriptive wording to have their subconscious mind go back to a time they associate with the emotion you want them to have such as “running to the ice cream truck on a summer afternoon. or their first love. you must first get their mind going in a certain direction.40 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .” All of these will of course trigger an emotion.16. adjectives. you can also use descriptive wording to have them visualize themselves improving their life. and questions you must know by now that you are using all of these words to speak to the subconscious mind of your prospects.

First you use descriptive wording. weight loss. You must ensure that the emotion you desire is felt prior to a command. however. Ask questions that involves financial freedom. Once you have the emotion you must trigger this emotion throughout your webpage or sales copy. Have them click on the link to the answer that best fits them. however. Take your website. Of course. it can be done with the written word. Face to face. you will reach out and touch them with words. Not everyone is going to feel the exact same emotion. . questions. it can be. or speak with a different tone.41 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . This link will take them to a page where you will be able to work within the emotion that this question triggered and also give you the chance to create a one on one feeling with your prospects. once they are there you can gently touch their arm. you cannot accomplish this if you are not face to face. so one of the best ways in which to use trigger signals is to cater to each prospect individually. Now. If you are focusing on financial freedom. just shake their hand. slide your hand down their arm. Trigger Signals (Anchors) Along with descriptive wording you must learn to use trigger signals or what is known as anchors. free time. These anchors are merely words that will trigger a certain emotion. or comments to have your prospects visualize this emotion. etc.. This places that emotion with that gesture. bold this text throughout the entire webpage. true love. however. you are more than likely telling yourself that you cannot reach out and touch the person.17. You may not think this can be done with the written word.

you must bold the text each and every time to ensure their subconscious mind associates those phrases with the emotion. . You can also use italic wording. or even different colors of text to anchor the words you wish to use.42 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .However. larger print. to always use the same effect on the text in order to achieve the same emotion. Just remember.

.43 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . Take the hypnotic phrase “You don’t have to. Now. It is: Hypnotic phrases plus Command verbs plus states. of course. X takes a deep breath and small sip of water. “You don’t have to become very excited. how are we doing? Let me see what else we can pull out of this box. Using the hypnotic phrases that I passed you should be able to write many different formulas. “become very excited. Okay. or experiences equal Embedded Commands. write “very excited. The Secret Formula Dr.18. The secret formula is really very simple. there is. they know they are off the hook. beside it add the verb “become”. Write these words down and you will see just how simple the formula is. X lets chuckles under his breath and says. He then reads aloud.” Now. the very next crucial words are the embedded command. “Is there a secret formula?” Dr. processes. However.” What do you have.” The very first thing your prospects read gives them free will.” You have planted the seed.

” This list are the most powerful hypnotic words that can be used for your sales copy. The Power Words List [A] Absolutely Alert Allure Amazing Appetizing Applause Approved Assured Astonishing Attention Attractive Authentic Automatically [B] Barnburner Beautiful Billboard Birth Blockbuster Bold Bonanza Boom Booming Bravo . or even while having a conversation. Dr. Power Words While passing around another couple of sheets of paper. X states. “Hypnotic power words are used to evoke emotional responses and generally work well with most prospects.19. web pages.44 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .

45 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .Breakthrough [C] Challenge Challenging Colossal Complete Comprehensive Compromise Confidential Conquer Crammed Crazy Critical Crucial [D] Danger Daring Dazzling Deluxe Destiny Dirty Disappear Discover Distinguished Dynamic Dynamics [E] Eager Easy Effective Electrifying Endurance Enhanced Enormous Enterprising .

Epidemic Excellent Exceptional Excitement Exciting Exclusive Exploit Exponential [F] Famous Fantastic Fascinating Favorable Finally First Flourishes Focus Fortune Free Freedom Full [G] Generous Genuine Giant Gift Gigantic Greatest Growth Guaranteed [H] Happy Helpful Heritage .46 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .

47 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .Highest Huge Hurry [I] Imagination Imagine Immaculate Immediately Important Improved Income Incredible In-depth Ingenious Innovative Insatiable Instant Instantly Intensity Invaluable Ironclad Irresistible [K] Kill [L] Largest Latest Leading Legendary Liberated Lifeblood Lifesaver Lifetime Lively .

48 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .Longevity Love Lucky Luxury [M] Magic Mania Marvelous Masterpiece Mega-watt Millionaire Miracle Money Monumental [N] Naked Nest egg New Nostalgic Novel Now [O] Obsession Opportunities Outstanding Overwhelming [P] Pay dirt Perfect Phenomenal Pioneer Pioneering .

Popular Power Powerful Practical Price-buster Profit Profitable Profitable decision Promising Proven [Q] Quick [R] Rare Rejuvenating Reliable Remarkable Reminiscent Renewed Renowned Results Reveal Revealed Revealing Revolution Revolutionary Reward Rich Right now Rock bottom Rush [S] Slash Safe .49 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .

50 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .Save Scarce Secret Sensational Sex Shrewd Simple Simplistic Sizzling Skyrocket Smart Special Specialized Stardom Startling Stop Strange Strong Stubborn Success Successful Suddenly Super Superior Surefire Surging Surprise Surprisingly Survival System [T] Technology Tempting Terrific Tested Timely Today Trailblazing .

51 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .Tremendous Trick True [U] Ultimate Unbeatable Uncommon Unconditional Unforgettable Uninhibited Unique Unlimited Unlock Unmatched Unparalleled Unsurpassed Unusual Upscale Urgent Useful [V] Valuable [W] Warning Wealth Win Wonderful [Y] Yes You Young .

You must make the decision as to how you want your readers to feel specifically in a way that relates to your product or service. . Therefore. anticipation. I will use: “I invite you to …. that you have all the ammunition for embedding commands. curiosity. Using these Mystical (Hypnotic) Powers Now. this may not be the feeling you wish your readers to have when applied to your product or service. who really gets excited about spending their hard money on a product or service. There are many feelings that you can convey that might work better such as hope. we need a state. We can use young and vibrant. Take the list of Presupposition Phrases. Well. Of course. Hypnotic phrases plus Command verbs plus states. or experience.”.52 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . and the formula. let’s look at the formula again. In order to do this you need to embed these feeling along with the benefits into a longer sentence. Now we need a verb. you have to add the benefits your readers will get when they buy your product or service. excitement.” Of course. Now. greed. “I invite you to feel young and vibrant. processes.20. process. For this example. and interest among many more. or experiences equal Embedded Commands. Next. you have. we can use feel. you are more than likely wondering how to put all this together to hypnotize your prospects into buying customers. all the words that are powerful to use.

As you read each words of this website notice the enthusiasm you feel. now you have their attention. you can add these commands in longer sentences such as: • • • • It's not necessary to decide now. you can make more money. What would happen if you agree with me? Now you have the opportunity to buy today.53 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . you will need to start adding embedded commands into your copy.Examples of this could be: What would it be like to get really excited about making a living on the internet? When you are curious. . do you act on it? I wonder how rapidly you'll feel the hope of meeting gorgeous women wherever and whenever you want. As you read through this website notice how you become fascinated in all the ways. Okay. Some of the best commands for this include: • • • • • • • • • • agree with me Believe me Buy today call me change your life decide now desire more do what I say read each word trust me When you are writing for prospects.

do not over use! It is best to sprinkle the commands throughout the page instead of overusing. If you are sure you desire success with embed commands. underlined. colored.However. . “You now know how to use these hypnotic powers to convert your prospects into happy and content clients or customers. you must also remember when using embedded commands that you mark out the command in some way such as bold.” . Once you learn how to use this power. your new discovered skills should be used to persuade prospects to do something they already have the desire to do or something that will be beneficial to them. Looks around the room once more ‘Now go forth and benefit from the skills you have learned…”… He continued.54 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . X . or highlighted. italics. . to success. Dr. But remember.” “Knowledge is the key. there will be no stopping you on your journey to riches.

and by using the dark powers for good. Take time to notice how often these marketers are making sacrifices to make sure the product is quality. and starts to gain a reputation for quality. and add in quality and honesty to the mix. and some that weren’t even made? The answer is they would be satisfied. but also allow you to sleep easy at night knowing you aren’t tricking anyone about what you are trying to sell. Short term the sales might start out slow.55 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed . and stay there. and truly reap the rewards. that delivered on every single promise made on the sales page. Are we saying the best. your reward will be not only financial. most popular gurus offer quality products with little to no false information in their sales pages? Yes. it might not make sense until you put it into action. or her list. for the first time in a long time. and adjusting them to only include truth. they would be happy with the product. as I have worked with all the other marketers that release false hopes. By taking the above skills. and have a look at what they promise. you will create a monster of a sales pitch that can convert even the most stubborn of visitors to buyers. and making promises you can keep. and shoddy sales tactics left. promote. but as the individual builds his. and by over delivering a quality product you will surely become a king in the sales community. because that is the truth. Look at the largest. it can mean being the exception to the rule. and what they don’t. buyers will never go anywhere else for their products in your niche. that is what we are saying. If you take the methods described throughout this book. The answer is so amazing. How do I know this? I work with them. Within a short period of time it will become evident that this is the true route to success. This is something that we could refer to as the ‘quality key’. The amazing truth is those that build. Going to the dark side doesn’t have to mean selling your soul when it comes to online marketing. How would the customers feel if they actually purchased a quality product. Utilizing the quality component is the secret the absolute most successful marketers use to become gurus. .Additional Publisher Comments: What lessons can be gleamed from these skills to help you profit? The answer is surprisingly simple. most successful marketers. and distribute quality products in a light that isn’t offering any false promises almost always win in the long term. and right. and unbelievably powerful. and the sales pages aren’t making false promises. that make people rave about your products.

. . Dirty Tricks & Emotional Manipulation" Are You Doing Everything You Can To Maximize Your Profits? .56 Millions Through Mind Control – Controversial Marketing Techniques Revealed .Further Reading. Grab The Master Resell Rights To 'Marketing Secrets Of The Seduction Masters' And The Bonus They're Saying Is TOO Controversial To Share! What’s Marketing Secrets Of The Seduction Masters About? Find Out – Click Here .Warning: This Information Is NOT For Everybody! "Mind Control.

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