The Russian air force is accepting brand new Su-30SM multi-role fighter jets to replace some of its

obsolete aircraft. The Su-30SM is said to be based on the MKI. Thus it is more advanced than earlier Sukhoi versions. It is equipped with improved avionics, TVC engines and front canards. But what about the other Sukhoi, the one that allegedly flew like a UFO during the last air show. The Su-30SM is truly a multi-role aircraft unlike that other jet. That other jet, the Su-35, is better described as a show-off jet or a jet to conduct flying at the outer limits of aerial manoeuvers. Such flying cannot be done during actual combat situations as pilots would constantly be under very heavy stress. Also, aircraft cannot be provided with the luxury of enjoying very lengthy and thorough or leisurely done preventive maintenance. The greater importance of the SM model compared to the Su-35 cannot be overstated. 2 pilots provide better combat survivability. A plane with only a single pilot has slimmer chances of returning home from combat. This was proved in WW2 when Soviet ace Lev Shestakov failed to return after clashing with a two-pilot aircraft flown by the opposing side. That aircraft was inferior to Shestakov’s La-5 fighter yet it was the La-5 that got shot down. Thus the 30SM should out-deliver the Su-35 during wartime.

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