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Over the course of this project, I have had the privilege of being helped with
information, encouragement, offers of support and to those who in so many ways
went out of their way to help me. These are a few of their names. If I have
inadvertently missed any of you out then please accept my apologies in advance and
mentally add your name to the list:

All the Avondale Community Board members, Mr Bill McKay, Mr. Rendell McIntosh,
Mr David Nummy, Ida Kiss, Kurt & Nola Brehmer, Terry Kennaway, Mr Alan White,
Michael C. Mansfield, Bill & Barbara Ellis, Molly Scott, Barbara Walker, Mr David
Gardener, Peter McCurdy and Robyn Mason, Mr Charles Eyes, Mr Tony Goodwin,
Alison Turner, Mrs P R Fickling, all the staff at Special Collections and the Auckland
Research Centre – Auckland Public Library, the Avondale Library staff, all those at
Auckland City Archives and LINZ staff who helped me in my research. Also thanks to
the staff at Archives New Zealand (Auckland branch), and the librarians at the
Auckland Institute and Museum library for permission to use material in this
publication. Special thanks should be made to a small group of people without whom
this project would have been much more difficult: including Dorothy Maddock, Mr A &
Mrs S Bartlett, Mrs Marris and her son Garry for their collective knowledge, support,
materials and wisdom, and to Mr Jack Munk – a special mention for his wonderful
photographs and enthusiasm. And lastly to Lisa Truttman, the real driving force,
inspiration and task master (in a good way) behind this work …. Thanks.

Compiled and written by Jack T Dragicevich from sources listed
All original work copyright Avondale-Waterview Historical Society © 2007

Published by the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society Inc.
Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand

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Title Photograph:

Insert: Te Auaunga Falls, Oakley Creek, August 2006

Background: Old National Radio / 1YA Transmitting Tower from the 1930s to the
early 1950, at the bottom of Oakley Avenue, now Howlett Street. Courtesy of J

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The publishers acknowledge the generous support of the Avondale Community
Board in the preparation and publishing of the Waterview Heritage Character Study.