PASSAGE COMPLETION: Complete the passage below by writing the appropriate article (a / an / the). If any statement does not need an article (no determiner), write the ∅ symbol. Please write in all capital letters. KNOCK ON THE DOOR It was a cold night when (1)___ knock bombarded my door. To be exact, (2)____ three consecutive knocks caused my attention to immediately divert to (3)____ door. During this time, I remembered (4)____ story from the book I borrowed from my sister titled “Knock on the Door” which is actually (5)____ horror story meant to inflict (6)____ fear upon its reader. The main gist of the story is that, there is (7)____ 23-year-old woman who hanged herself because she kept knocking on (8)____ door of her boyfriend’s house. (9)____ woman was eventually found dead by (10)____ police officers and obviously, (11)____ “knocking” must have been a rumor or just (12)____ random thought (13)____ author made to be able to formulate (14)____ unique idea. To be honest, (15)____ novel is supposed to be something with (16)____ sense or story; but this novel is quite dull and boring for its weird and unjustified storyline. Imagine (17)____ story that revolves around (18)____ “knocking” and worse is, it is (19)____ novel which is relatively long and composed of many chapters. Seriously, I would love to burn (20)____ novel with a story like that and if possible, erase (21)____ authors who write stories like this. Going back to (22)____ main attention of my freefall narration, I have already expressed my sentiments and lamentations that there is (23)____ set of knocks on my door. When I opened it (or actually, I’m in the process of—my heart beating in tonal fluctuations—oh sweet merry bells clanging and clanging, hopeful of love), it is just my mother, asking if I have (24)____ class tomorrow so that she can prepare (25)____ clothes for me. And that folks, is the real story of “Knock on the Door.” And obviously, I am the author. GRAMMATICAL ANALYSIS: Analyze the following statements carefully. If the article is used correctly in the sentence, write a check on the blank before the number. If not, write the appropriate article that would best fit the statement to achieve a grammatically correct statement. If no determiner is needed, write ∅. ____(1) Mr. Ferdinand Lopez is an assigned professor for our literature class. ____(2) The vacations are very important for someone indulging in a very stressful work. ____(3) Please do not call my cellular phone. I’m at the school. ____(4) The New Zealand Sports Team will come to our country to compete for the upcoming sports cup. ____(5) You are such a loser! ____(6) A moon is so beautiful tonight. I believe this is the perfect time to ask Nicki on a date. ____(7) May I borrow the make-up from you? I forgot mine. ____(8) Do you want to get the P.E. class with me? ____(9) A human skull is very important because it protects the brain. ____(10) I’m already old and I am in need of a lover that would help me to achieve my romantic wishes! ____(11) Please do not use my expensive sofa bed as ∅ table. ____(12) Biology is the very core of our human existence. ____(13) I think your phone is beside a green cabinet in your room. ____(14) We need to buy a sack of rice tonight as a preparation for the fiesta. ____(15) If you want to see the famous crystal altar, go ∅ east from here. ____(16) I’m currently at the McDonalds Avenue. Can you please meet me here? ____(17) Yesterday, I finally received my own copy of the FHM Magazine. ____(18) Can you send your draft by an e-mail so I can proofread it before I sleep tonight? Thanks! ____(19) I am currently at a Chapter Five of Salman Rushdie’s The Enchantress of Florence. ____(20) I believe she has a herpes! ____(21) The McDonalds is two blocks away from home. ____(22) Please remember that you need to come back here on a Wednesday. ____(23) The North Korea plans to bomb us again with their communist ideas. ____(24) I will be studying at ∅ University of the Philippines this June. ____(25) It has always been a custom for us not to eat a last piece of French Fries.