The album was released as a single CD in Europe on Polydor/Vagrant, an enhanced CD with the Tremendous Dynamite documentary in the

United States through E Works /Vagrant,[10] a deluxe edition CD with a DVD, and a limited-edition vinyl LP wit h gold embossing with a print run of 2,000. It is also sold digitally from the i Tunes Store; pre-ordered copies receive a copy of the music video for "Prizefigh ter."[4] Marketing[edit] Prior to the album's release, Eels promoted it with music videos for "Fresh Bloo d" (premiered April 29),[11] "That Look You Give That Guy" (May 14),[12] "Prizef ighter", and "In My Dreams" (July 7).[13] The band also briefly used a Twitter a ccount to generate hype for the album.[14] The live EP The Myspace Transmissions Session 2009 was also released to promote the album. "Fresh Blood" was used in the June 2010 trailer for the 3rd season of HBO's "Tru e Blood, as well as the ending credits of episode 11, Season 3." It was also use d as the closing song for the season 6 premiere episode of FX's series "Rescue M e."

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