Effective Collaboration

Fuel innovation and growth by optimizing for collaboration.

Collaboration boosts innovation.
% 54 of employees

% 81 positive correlation
between collaboration and innovation.

get their best ideas from talking with colleagues.

US employees contributing new ideas at work: Collaborate Regularly No Collaboration



Real collaboration requires real work.
If you really want to be collaborative, you’ll need three key things: TRUST
Show it’s safe to take risks and share ideas.

Teach effective ways to deal with conflicting ideas.

Provide opportunities to exchange ideas across departments.

Effective collaboration is worth the effort.
But you have to make it worthwhile for employees too.


of employees say their employer doesn’t encourage them to come up with new ideas.

< 2 in 10

employees have bonus structures that directly reward the development of ideas.

Collaboration: Do it right and you’ll leverage your organization more effectively and boost productivity and innovation.


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