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Published by: Abdul Sami on Jul 11, 2013
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It is an old time tale that near a famous mountain Kohfaat there was a kingdom of a very kind and gentle hearted king. Because of his kindness and justice people loved him too much, God has been very generous in giving everything to the King, wealth, people's love, good workers of the kingdom, etc. But the king and his queen had a small worry; they did not have any child. They therefore used to think about when they will get baby gift from God. One day the queen was watching outside from her palace window, she saw some soldiers beating an old man, Queen ordered one of her maid to immediately ask the soldiers and the old man to be brought to her. The old man and the soldiers came and respectfully stood before the queen. Queen saw that the cloths of poor old man were torned off at many places, his body had bleeding injuries too. Queen asked the soldiers “why were you beating this old man, what has he done”? . The soldiers said “ Oh queen Alanyan, this man is a thief, people have caught him stealing thus we have arrested him and were beating him”. Queen Alanyan asked the old man “why have you stolen something in this age, don’t you feel ashamed of such act?”. Hearing this from the Queen the man could not stop his eyes becoming wet and he said “Oh Queen Alanyan, I was a rich trader but recently all my ships sanked in the sea because of very heavy storm. I am now a penniless person, my everything has been lost to the sea, my small children were hungry from last two days, I had to buy food for them and I did not have any money therefore I got myself into stealing.” Hearing all that from the old man Queen got emotional, she was already a kind hearted Queen, she ordered the soldiers to let the old man go free. She asked the soldiers to leave from there. After the soldiers left the queen gave a small bag of gold coins to the old man and said “ take this and arrange food and means of earning for you”. The old man while leaving was very thankful to the Queen, he was in his heart praying to God for the kind Queen, he said “Oh Queen Alanyan, May God fulfill your desire and make you mother of a beautiful daughter.” Saying that the man left the palace. After some time the queen got gifted by a very beautiful girl, to celebrate the birth of daughter, the palace was decorated like a bride, the city was enlightened and poor were given charity, many kings from far away kingdoms sent congratulations to the kind hearted king. For about a week celebrations continued in the kingdom. After all those celebrations, the King sent message to his relatives and friends to attend the palace and bless the child with their good wishes and suggest a good name for the baby. All relatives of King and the Queen reached the palace on time. Among the relatives were three fairies, the fairies let the king remember that he forgot to invite the magician witch named Aabi. The witch Aabi might get angry

. all felt as if there would be an earthquake. The fairies had not finished speaking to the king when a strong scary wind stared to blow heavily... when the storm became a little slower..-(to be continued) .. the windows and doors of the palace started shaking and hitting due to the storm.because of that and might create big problem for the new born child.

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