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TN Manual New

TN Manual New

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TN Driver's Manual 2013
TN Driver's Manual 2013

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Published by: drivershandbooks on Jul 11, 2013
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Lane Control:The signs below indicate that traffic in the
respective lanes must either move straight through or turn left.
They may also direct certain vehicles (such as trucks) to the
lane in which they must travel. Variations of these signs will


limit turns by showing an arrow with the word “Only,” and
others will indicate that traffic must turn right. These signs are
sometimes mounted overhead.
This sign (High Occupancy Vehicle)
indicates lanes reserved for buses and
vehicles with the minimum number of
occupants specified on the sign.
Speed Control:These signs show the
maximum speed allowed, the minimum
speed required or a change in speed limit. The sign on the far
right is used whenever children are within walking distance of
school. It tells you that children may be crossing the street on
their way to and from school. This type of sign is controlled
by a time clock and flashes yellow lights while illuminating
the speed limit. Failure to obey the posted school zone limit
could result in serious injury or loss of life.

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