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This book is dedication to all my loved once including my beloved parents, my sister and my best friends and to all the people in every part of this world who love me and who I love and who have supported me in numerous ways to make this book a success.

Chapter 1

Secret meeting “Ouch” I groaned when a slight wave of warmness went through my body and I had to wake up though it felt as if my eye lids were so very heavy. Then I realized my laptop was on my lap and its hotness made me feel burning on my body. I was researching lately about this topic that I really wanted to know more and more about. Its about magicians. The part of the world where I live in there are two different groups of people according to my knowledge they are magicians who are people that are chosen from birth and ordinary human beings like ME. Well magicians have a secret life away from us normal people, which makes me more and more interested on finding about them day by day. Now that I’m up and don’t feel like sleeping again. I checked the time and DAMN it’s still 2.00 am and the time made me feel so much hungry as if I have not ate in ages. So I had to make my way to the refrigerator to get something to eat which was in my room since in staying at my university apartment Suddenly when I looked out through the window near the refrigerator a very fast moving car with many cars following it caught to my vision. Which made me wonder who would want to hurry so much in late night? And in an empty street? It made me think more deeply and I knew it can’t be robbers because robbers will not have guard following them. Then the only thing that came to my mind was they should surely be magicians. Because according to rumors I hear, though they are true or not I have heard that magicians keep meeting late at night to avoid causing trouble to normal human begins. Then I looked more carefully though they were driving so very fast to confirm my prediction, and I saw a red flag with a gold wand printed on it on the side of a car which made me confirm that I was right I have never ever in my entire life seen a single magician or may be I have. but I cannot recognize them specifically from normal humans because they don’t show them selves much in the day time and stay away from normal people like us and live in a separate part of our country mostly surrounded by forests and woodlands and also they disguise themselves when they have to appear in front of normal people for any particular reason. Only high classed billionaires and president of our country get to meet up with the head of the magicians’ and that is also in 6 years time, when the new president is elected in our country. This is because the newly elected person

because in this city it’s the only place with good 4|Page . So I thought of sneaking out of the back garden and leaving through the back gate. The school security aren’t much concern at this time because most students go out for clubbing late night so It wasn’t hard for me to get my self out of the university I was not much tensed about where to go and what to do and where will the magicians be by the time I get to them. So within in seconds I got into a black tight short dress shoving every part of my slim body more highlighted Then I took my camera and my little notebook and put my phone on silence for more safety and ran out through the back gates. But firstly I was suppose to quickly disguise myself into a fine dress which made me look hot and showed more flesh just to attract the guard’s attention to sneak into the meeting without invitation.that they will feel bad about and get sacred when they wake up. immortality and to rule this country and may be the even world . So I have no option than going by my self because I knew ill be late if I don’t go within 15 minutes or so. since I’m very adventurous girl I wanted to make this an opportunity to find out what I have been outdated and never will get update about . that was always with me with all of my crazy work. I called them a million times to their cell phones.my mind was badly troubling me to not to let go of this opportunity to find at least something useful but My heart says it’s risky but my mind forces me to go find something new for my research. but I didn’t want to leave any messages . They were sleeping like dead pigs that they didn’t answer a single call I gave them.needs to take his oat to be the new president in front of the head of magician as well. its only because of another rumor that I have heard saying that they only keep meeting in the underground hall of the mall complex and that is one rumor I believe in. Then I made up my mind to make a move. because few time I have followed these vehicles which had the magician flag.Alex and Sammy . The next thing that came to my mind was my partners in crime . I really do not believe in what people say. During this time high class billionaires tend to make it an opportunity to meet up with the head of magicians and make deals to protect the normal human kind from bad evil magicians who only use their magic to get power. Since I’m in the university and its late night it isn’t suitable for me to walk along corridors to go in search of my two friends to their rooms.my two girlfriends . and always they gathered in that place for meetings.

I murmured. tall I could hide myself from the without getting noted by any guards the mall complex and there were so many rich suits were gathered. As soon as I stepped into the non public area surely a guard came and stood next to me. I tried to somehow make him take me in. And after tricking one guard so well but hard at the same time .. “Miss…ummmm…its not like that “he said politely. where the meeting is goner be held. I surely felt he was uncomfortable ‘Come on! I’m not goner be a threat” touching his shoulder and giving him a small smile. MORE SERCURITY! OH NOOOOOOO! NO MOREEEEE… I panicked inside of me. “Oh come on”..I really couldn’t do the same for 5|Page .” Actually I….. I guess the meeting hasn’t started yet. I averted my eye from the gun and looked at him and gave a smile ” miss.” I breathed “You would regret it…’ Then he had no option other than getting caught to my tricks and he asked me to follow him to the underground room. and they were Since I’m an 18 year old girl and not much crowd and move into the mall complex It hadn’t been that hard to get to the lobby of the hall. Then I moved my hair on my face to a side to show him my fake innocence more “Please. Though I’m a good adventurous girl I hardly can lie a lot. Then my eyes got locked to a very bad sight. but the meeting seems to be in a special room with more security. you shouldn’t be here!” he said politely “its non public you actually can’t go in without your special invitation ma’am’ he noted “Oh really? I actually lost my original invitation where can I get another copy?”I whispered to his ear softly giving a sexy look that made his cheeks go redder. When we got close to the room the chatter got louder. I cannot help you with it” he said.advanced security they have to keep their secret meetings for their own safety to not to leak their secrets Few minutes took me to make it to expensive cars and people in very making their way into the complex. with a gun tucked in his belt.

Then the guard who tried to get me in without invitation met up with another guard who was isolated from the rest of the guards and standing in a corner in front of a door. Since I took the back door I didn’t have to give away my precious items to get into this hall The guard took my camera from the floor and the note books and went through the pictures and my crazy note for a long time and I could run with or without 6|Page . I assumed it’s another back door to get into the meeting room He looked like a the head of guards for me with his bossy look “Sir.another SET of guards to get my self into this whole meeting. which I hope wouldn’t be useless after all of my hard work to get in. “SHIT!” I exaggerated that surely made the guard suspect me more. Huge chandeliers shinning hanging from the ceiling like ’diamond in the sky ‘that’s what Rihana would say’ LOL. Normally people are checked before coming in through the main entrance even a cell phone isn’t allowed inside. This place is so beautiful. this lady here want to go to the meeting she has actually lost her original invitation” he assured “How the hell can you get so irresponsible? So far till today there hasn’t been a single person going in without there invitations for years into this meeting and you know that clearly! DONT YOU?” he yelled at the guard. It rather looked like a humungous hall lead through small tiny hall. is this a room? My head started questioning me. all the yummy food filled the hunger in my tummy just from its smell. there were ample food for years for these magicians to eat in hundreds of tables. The fragrance of the fresh flowers in every table took my breath away and the ladies wearing gorgeous lovely dresses and guys in their handsome courts and ties eating and drinking champagne … marvelous this was one hek of a meeting I would say I was dreaming in looking up and down here and there in the hall that I suddenly went and knocked on to a guard and that made me drop all of my note books and my camera in which I had store pictures of different vehicles of magicians’ that I used to follow some time back to find out where they keep meetings and few photographs of magicians that I took right now secretly. Then they started having a small argument that distracted both of their concentration on me and made it a good opportunity for me to make me get into the room through the back door Wow when I went in the room my head started spinning circles.

He just nodded his head which made the other guards to realize where to take me “Nooooo… stop this right now! Let me goo! I’m innocent you have misunderstood! ’ I yelled..I actually took it to … show my Father. he is sick and at home so I came on behalf of him …..... He called the guards and two guard held me tight from my hands.” yes! I could come up with a lame lie but he surely knew I was guilty for something but I continued” he. after getting to know about the situation but they didn’t make the situation worst but only kept standing few feet away from me from all the directions keeping a good eye on me “Ma’am what exactly are these pictures and notes?” he demanded for an answer. And wow they found out my purse and my phone “Miss? What are these? Don’t you know that theses are prohibited inside?” he questioned and he went through my phone where there were pictures of me and my friends in the university and now he surely knows I’m a normal girl not a magician and he went through my personal information in my identity card in my small valet “Take her!” he shouted “What!! Nooooooooo you have misunderstood” I cried “nooooo… Don’t do this to me! Where are you taking me?” He didn’t care about what I said. Ummm pictures are to show him who was here” I explained but my lie didn’t work and I couldn’t convince him. But me! alone !!!!!!!!!!!!! “I………. Umm. “Check her!” he ordered Then few lady guards came and touched every part of my body for suspicious items.. I didn’t know what to say my words didn’t come out of my throat I swallowed every word that came to my mouth because I knew nothing can get me out of this trouble this time around.I. If Alex and Sammy were here they would have found some way to get out from this.. Not much magicians saw what happened luckily. Then they closed my mouth for their safety and not to let the meeting get disturbed by this scene 7|Page .grabbing my items from the guard because too many guards where around me.

may be this is a secret place for magicians in this mall complex. I was freaking out seen the darkness. But not that I have seen things like this in HARRY POTTER. This made me open my eyes though I really didn’t feel like opening my eyes because I was half way sleeping. Now I had no option than closing my eyes and try to not to cry thinking too much about this because now I’m already in trouble. That made me realize. Then they left me in the room . Wow. A light flashed right in front of my eyes. that made me hard to even catch up my breath. That’s what I call magic. dusty and now no lights. and the fact that they haven’t come to this part of the building for years. underground and far away from where humans are. And I purposely called trouble for my life without minding my own business at the first place. I was surprised to see a clean room in a dirty place like this. and as they went out all the lights went out as well. I was freaking out sweating for fear from every small sweat pore all around my skin. to see all the dust and cobwebs on the corridors Then they stopped in front of a door and a guard took out a wand and said a small spell. Then he taped the wand on to the lock of the door and the door opened. But this was real right in front of my damn eyes. He whispered bringing the wand close to his mouth so I will not hear. and they closed the door. Then they forcefully took me into the room and took a chair and tied me hard to the chair with ropes. That was the last thing I would expect in a horrible. Then I heard a small chat between few people but I could clearly hear what they were 8|Page . Will someone come and kill me? Will I be expelled from my university? Have they already told my parents about it because they took my note books camera and phones even my identity card? Will I be a prisoner by the government for lifetime or will I get death penalty for going beyond laws that will bring up trouble for the country from bad magicians? My head was popping questions one by one without giving me a break. As soon as the door opens the lights came on too. that was the first time I saw real magicians working with their powers. terrible scary place like this. And tears slowly came out of my eyes and slide through my cheeks.“Really? Try to convince our lord about your innocence” he noted They took me to a place out of nowhere in the mall which was like a prison a very scary place. So now have to face the punishments I will get for this.

The elderly man whispered something to the other two men and they went out leaving the man and me alone in the room and closing the door. Then I opened my eyes realizing that I’m still at this unknown place so if I keep my eyes wide shut I will be in more trouble not knowing exactly who these people are. I still didn’t answer. That was all I could do . And what they would do to me Then when I opened my eyes slowly. “I…………I…. I knew he didn’t do any thing physically to me. At the same time following that. but I wasn’t sure. “You’ll need me someday” he assured. Then I freaked out and at the same time the man took his hand off my face and moved back and stared at me in a very confused look. He came close and kneeled down right in front of me and made me look at him by holding me face and turning it to his direction which made me have eye contact with him. “Well well aren’t you that stubborn normal girl. “What did you do to me??? “ I shouted He didn’t answer for a while and I was shocked too. “What do you want from us?” he questioned “ I DON’T WANT A SINGLE SHIT FROM YOU MISTER LET ME GO!” I screamed He gave a small smile. that I heard who tried to sneak into the meeting . because they all know that I aren’t a magician. Suddenly I felt a very cold shiver going down my skin and small shock similar to electric current passing down through my body. I was confused thinking why he would smile with me after all I have done.I couldn’t lie more. But I doubt whether he did some spell to hematite me and make me admit the truth. can’t believe this!” he whispered softly to himself but I heard it. “Why did you come here?” he demanded for an answer. like injecting anything or doing something similar. Then three men came in one looking elderly in his 60’s and then the other two men look a little younger than the other man in their forties. that no ordinary people are allowed?” he questioned I frowned and looked away. 9|Page . I realized all lights are on and the door opened .saying.

” I chocked my words “Clear the memory of her camera... Within a matter of second I was in my room. and ran into my apartment. shit 5.. I felt very disappointed Then now since I’m free I took all my belongings and quickly came out of the mall complex . “Guards. Why are these happing to me? I wasn’t goner cause any trouble for them. 10 | P a g e . Especially from my parents and university. And keep an eye on this beautiful stubborn girl to not to ever come back for meeting like this again for any reasons ever in her life. My head was like a garbage cane after all these wired things that has been happening to me the past few hours. which looks just like a dream to me. Then I got into my bike and came soo fast and arrived at the university premises and parked my bike. I checked the time. I will miss my morning lectures for sure . Destroy the notes she has and any suspicious things..30 am! It almost morning. And I off my phone. So I kept my eyes open wide and my mouth open as well and staring at all the things that are happening right in front of my eyes. Oh nooooo. and I realized there are guards following me to check whether I really vanish from this place or still trying to do my “paparazzi” at least I hope that what they think about me. And fire all the guards who helped her to get in” he commanded I was freaked out I really didn’t know what I should say. Gosh only wanted to find some information to my research.What is he talking about? Needing he? This old jerk? No way! What ever. I felt so guilty and at the same time so sure that he would have told every possible person to take actions against me that’s why without more trouble he’s releasing me so that I will have to face the up coming trouble. I was soo much tired that as soon as I felt the good feeling of the blankets of my bed and softness of the pillows I felt asleep. Release her!” he commanded What! Is he serious? Why does he want me to go? After all that I have done? I was even more confused “But… but… why.. and if there are any pictures in her phone do the same to them as well. Without even changing into a more comfy dress. But that wasn’t the stuff on my head right now after going through a hell a load of crap. And give her stuff back and let her go.

because I felt a very sad and worried tone in my girlfriends’ voices.” I murmured opening my eyes slowly.. because I felt like my whole body was hammered by some heavy metal. “Guys’……. guys I’m fine.Chapter 2 Finally! Holidays “Adri..that made them lock there mouths for a while. Its Sammy and Alex. after what happened today early in the morning and I felt so much more sleepy. “You know what time it is?” Alex shouted “And where the hell did you go last night without even telling us yesterday morning or even night before we went to sleep! Rather than at around 2 am o so? “Sammy yelled “You think we do night duty providing security for the university at that time staying up? You now how much worried we were?” They both started complaining nonstop and I only had to listen to them because they will never know what I went through “Oh gosh! Please guys can you’ll p lease give me a break??” I shouted at them then . I’m up. “I heard some voices from far away “Adriana! Wake you girl you have been sleeping for hours!” They shouted I finally could recognize their voices. 11 | P a g e . But I wasn’t surprised to see them in my room even after I locked it today morning since they a spare key to my room. But I had no option other than at least answer them. I’m up…. But I refuse to open my eyes.

30 am? Are you guys serious” I cried. my girlfriends had already kept a nice Red silky off-shoulder short top and a denim shirt from my closet that that top and skirt. And also I was a little bit worried about his sarcasm saying that I will need him someday. I really didn't want to go out of my room. What made him let me go like that so easily? That was one question that troubles me in my mind all the time. It only took few seconds and when I came out. because I hardly sleep with tight dresses . Whatever. I felt guilty “God! Please help me to get dressed for the next lecture guys? “I asked them Then only realized. We go shopping a lot and buy too many clothes that even I forget the clothes I have bought. after me been a very bad girl and after doing something very much illegal.because other than a comfy nightdress I never fall a sleep. “Yes that we were all been tiring to tell to you all this time” They noted I never sleep for this long even after going for night out with my besties. That I was still in my black tight dress.” I promised. “Ouch” I groaned 12 | P a g e . I quickly removed and threw my dress away not minding my manners for the fact that there are only girls in the room and that I was too late. Because I was so confused about the elderly man Letting me go today. I haven't worn in ages. that I wore last night which had confused my friends even more. Then I ran to the bathroom to have a very good and a warm water shower.”But before everything can anyone tell me what time it is?” “Its 11.“Guys I’m sorry ill tell u everything that happened. I was surprise hear that they took them from my closet.30 am women!” Sammy confirmed “Shit 11.

“Wha…. I hear them inside my room saying funny stuff about my last night. Blocking the door with their arms crossed and with questions marks all over their face. 13 | P a g e . I have worn the two heels the other way around. “OH MY GODNESS!” I looked surprised after seen myself from the mirror. Then I took my backpack and walked to my door. Sammy and Alex both turned and looked at me moving their concentration away from the individual work they were doing. But only I know the weird truth. which made me this careless! I’m so crazy. “What exactly happened last night?” they gave me a cheesy look and started bugging me even more “Admit it girl! Who’s the new guy? “Sammy winked and questioned. “How can you be so off?” Alex asked gigging.what the hell are you laughing for “I questioned with confusion “Baby why you don’t turn around and look at what we are laughing for yourself from the mirror” Sammy said with a giggle. Both of them were still giggling. washed my face and applied the make up all over again properly. “ADRI!!!!” both of them shouted with amazement and looked at me with a shock.. I gave a small smile without answering and quickly changed my heels.The eyeliner pencil hit right into my eye while I was getting dressed. My concentration was on what happened today morning. I am soo dead. before the bad memories hit my head again and came out of the bathroom. “Hahahahahhahahahhahahah” they started laughing their lungs out. The Left heel on my right leg and the right heel the other way around. bringing a guy into the topic and trying make that horrible few hours a very romantic one. But Sammy and Alex were standing right in front my door. I have applied eye linear on the lip and lip linear on my eye and not even that.

we are just us! And there are some girls in his university that really cannot resist “US “. Even at midnight people spend hours drinking. That’s really not our problem. Because there were many time the three of us tried to bring boys to our affair but it totally separates us and we part. There are many cute hot charming guys who have their eyes on us. till we really feel like we need guys to keep us going. We do every possible girly thing together.“MISS! R u sure you wanted to go to the lecture? Alex questioned. Nerds find this the perfect spot to study and do their homework. Because we are not coming with you. we thought of staying single and that is one of the small pinky promises we have in our friendship. Mostly because there is a very beautiful garden behind the cafeteria which makes us feels very relaxing and is the best spot for all the cute love bird to hang out and flirt and do their THING. chatting and wasting time here. move with the trends. I’m so hungry girls didn’t have breakfast also. We are just so simple girls. But who cares. People think we are the “IT” girls but actually from inside we are not. wear gorgeous clothes. Unless you tell us exactly what happened to you to act like this and even sleep with that dress? That tight dress?” Sammy added “Umm… ok ok guys but not here. So it’s the best way is . “I guess you have some explanation to do. So let’s go to the cafeteria sit down and relax and talk ok?” “That more like it sweaty “then Sammy and Alex put their arms around my arms from the either sides and we walked along the corridors in a very weird bridal style to the cafeteria. But we three find this the perfect spot to gossip and update our selves We are totally single 3 hotties who are so down to earth but really love to go shopping. and go out for dinners and buffets and even for the small cup of ice coffee. Cafeteria is one place in our university that never gets a break. 14 | P a g e .

” I breathed “You wouldn't believe what happened. “Then. (Expect the small secreted dates.) LOL) so finally I decided to tell them the truths after questioning my mind whether I should tell or not.” I went on saying the whole story. “Guys….. Having all these weird feelings still in my mind I tried to concentrate on what I'm actually doing than screwing of up like today morning.. May be magicians aren’t bad after all. I had to tell my girlfriends what happened because I really don’t hide anything from them. to let me know that I’m expelled. It was early in the morning I came to my room. So since I was damn tired I fell asleep just like that. And they were staring at me wondering am I so this stupid to do such a silly thing and risk my life and to be release after even getting caught and getting to know that I’m a human. Facing the beautiful garden view. I go for . According to what we all knew they kill these kinds of people secretly. I was so confused about how come none of these people still don't know about the thing that had happened couple of hours ago.. until two evil queens came around and woke me up hehehe” I giggled 15 | P a g e . To me last night. so that they will never return and to leak their information but if he president get to know before they kill that person president ask to release the person and give him death penalty. So I felt a slight relief inside my mind.Anyway back to the topic that's troubling my mind. I still didn't get any call or an SMS from my mother or anyone in my family saying that I’m sooo screwed up and that I’m grounded forever or no one gave me a message from our headmaster asking me to meet him. Three of us paid few dollars and bought three cups of hot chocolate and went and sat in a table in one corner of the cafeteria.

“Holiday?” I was confused. And to different places. “They a damn rich man we can get my cousins to take us shopping. are you planning to go anywhere this holiday?” She asked. Dubai has some of ‘THE BEST’ beaches and shopping malls” she added “Wow angle. It will be awesome isn't it Adri? “Sammy questioned.. Then only I realized since we finished our term end examinations. 16 | P a g e . About you'll?” I murmured “That's great Adri. I'm having a very bad memory. “So Adri…. we are getting our holidays this Friday. What. ) we three go on vacations to different places overseas or inside Australia. Lately mi brain isn't working that well. We were hoping if you would join us to go to Dubai. But both of them got pissed of and shouted “ADIRANAAAAAA????” Then only I realized that I have drunk their two cups hot chocolate as well because my throat was so drying up while I was saying the incident to them and recalling it “Sorry guys! I didn’t know” I gave an excuse and small smile. I'm such a jerk.Then Sammy searched for the table to drink her chocolate. “Totally I'm in for some shopping yeaaaaiiii” I shouted. After talking for sometime Alex bought up a question. “Well sorry guys I totals forget. So actually I really don't have plans. They were both little mad and I had to get them two more cups from my account. Wow how can I really forget about holidays? That’s what normally always waits for since the day a new term begin. (which is goner be so boring. Well as far as I'm concerned.” She suggested. My aunty uncle cousins are over there and I was wondering to go see them. because they were dehydrated sweating after hearing my risky story.. Most of the time when we get our vacations rather than going to see our parents directly .

And ran to the corridor of our girls’ apartment to meet up with Sammy and Alex and go catch our flight soon When we went out of the university.After all these crap all I really wanted was a good holiday to relax me and cheer me up. It was hard at first to keep up with the wanner be’s here but I managed to stay. and I have been packing up my bags for days trying to figure out what are the best dresses and tops to wear. The place that we are goner rock this'll damn holiday!! 17 | P a g e . Alex had already booked the ticket online and arranged most of the other necessary stuff through the phone. Days passed by and it's already Saturday. And it’s already 9. meeting up very regularly in libraries and in the cafeteria to discuss about booking the flight and about so much more. there was a Limousine parked outside to pick us. so we were hoping to spend three weeks in Dubai and then go see our parents afterwards.” Eeerrrgghh This university's is a place where children of rich families come to. But I got the opportunity through a scholarship. But Yuk what am I thinking? He is a “DRIVER. Of cause it was Sammy's expensive ride.00 pm. DUBAI. I zipped my luggage and handbags and locked my room of the university saying goodbye for my sweet little room for 3 months.00 am and we had to be at the airport at 11. Thanks to my ladies hehe We arrived the airport and made it on time to catch up with the flight.00 am. Hot driver rather. We came to Dubai. We had our flight at 2. We three spend next couple of days going for Lectures and collecting the end of semester homework. We were having three months of a vacation this time around. Her dads a billionaire and its no so surprising for her to have this super luxurious car all for herself with a driver. Five hours later we were feeling the warm air running through body and it was pushing my hair backwards and making it messy.

you tickled me and that made me fall down you know?” I explained tiring hard to not to believe that I actually lost the bet “Hahahahahahah liar! Admitted it I won! Loser! Loser! Loser! “She was screaming which caught many peoples attention We were in a beautiful beach at Dubai.Chapter 3 Unexpected “Sammy cut it out” I chuckled “Yeahiiii I won!” She shouted with joy. Well I had every little necessary thing in my hand bag always. After all staying one day away from uncle’s place will not cost us much. It takes normally five to six hours ride to uncle bens place. “Yeah right! You cheated . After walking for a long time. 18 | P a g e . but since we were tired we thought of stopping by the beach which was on our way and staying at a guest house tonight. with my new heels on I got blisters on my feet and my arms were aching carry my luggage and my tons heavy hand bag.

Alex didn’t want to get involve with the bet but she gets the bonus dinner free from either one of us who will lose the bet. Though the hut looked small from the outside it was full of different types of beverages. I can easily catch up with accents when I’m spending time with different people. As soon as we got here Sammy and I had a bet. Hahaha I was smiling like a crazy person to my self “ADRI! You okay?” Sammy questioned “Ya ya “I answered “Just keep in mind Alex. Sammy was purely American and was having a beautiful accent in her voice. Me and my friends thought of ordering 3 strawberry and peach milkshakes because ordering a brand like coca cola which we can drink from any country in the world will not adds any specialty to our trip to Dubai. She is from Italy but was having an Australian mix because her dad was an Australian. So I thought of getting them dinner on my account tonight. even though Sammy tickled me to fall. And now since I fell to the water. that I’m also getting used to now just been with her. “Fine! I give up! I'll get you’ll dinner” I admitted “Yuppie!” Sammy was so happy and was jumping up and down “You know what Alex? She lost the bet!” she shouted at Alex who was sun bathing with black shades which surely suited her dark brown hair which was up to he shoulder and her tan skin color. Lucky her. So to feel the real Dubai feeling and to taste a fresh instant hand made juice in a breezy beach bought a different experience to our trip. which is the first person to touch sea water will have to get dinner for the other two. And Sammy and Alex followed me. They were soo mouth watering and I felt so greedy to order all of them and drink at once. 19 | P a g e . you owe me for getting you a top class dinner free from Adri” Sammy yelled at Alex and looked at me and winked “Whatever!” I turned around giving a small smile an when to take a soft drink from small hut made up of dried coconut leaves just to get the beautiful beach feeling and effect.It was such a relaxing feeling in the beach. I didn’t want to fuss any more. and at one point I got that annoying Chinese accent which even my mom freaked out hearing. Once I had a Chinese friend at my college.

It was getting darker and darker and we decided to stay for another couple of minutes and to watch the beautiful sun set. We had a small blanket to cover our selves to keep away with the cold. We are used to sharing one bed. I thought of ordering some Arabian food. So since dinner is on me. All three of us sat near a shady tree that was whistling with the other trees on the beach. leaving space for the moon and shinny stars to take over the sky up above us. Are these two idiots crazy to switch the A/C on. As the day turned to night. Then we got our stuff collected and headed toward our room. All three of us paid for a large room. We had a good bath and changed from our skinny tops and shorts into some clothes which was thicker and more warmer because outside was more colder that we expected We were too tired so we thought of ordering the dinner to our room it self through room service. even when without a fan it was cool enough to freeze us to death! But I didn’t want to bother getting myself out of the damn bed. Dubai has chilly nights. Because we really didn’t feel like changing into some good-looking set of clothes other than our pajamas at this time. to see the blanket wasn’t even covering a quarter of my body the air conditioner is on as well. to the chilly air that was circling around our bodies. And as I opened my eyes. Then As soon as we finished eating. and going all the way near the door where the remote controller of the AC was. The sun was sinking in the beautiful sea while its rays goes from our head to toes and disappears from our vision just like the sun. because during examination we sleep in one room after studying late night. We waited for dinner for few minutes playing temple run and angry bird with Alex’s iPad and as soon as the food was served we ate like pigs with no manners at all. So I thought of staying on the bed and stealing the blanket from 20 | P a g e . all three of us jumped to the bed which was little bouncy. because Dubai is famous for Arabian food. gradually it got little colder and colder. And we felt asleep with in a matter of seconds In the middle of the night I woke up shivering. just to switch it off. Somehow three of us managed to share it for the night. But who cares it’s only the three of us. But it wasn’t enough for all three of our bodies to be covered up.

even I started giggling at myself. “Guys we are finally here!” Alex note “Phew finally” I sigh We were already tried just coming for three hours in a taxi from our guest house.. hens pigs and so much more.. As soon as we got out of the taxi three dogs. All theses are what I heard from Alex during the five hours we were in the flight. Gosh that was one embarrassing memory. Then we packed our cloths and called for a taxi and got ready to go to uncle bens place. As I woke up with one eye open and now with cold water all over my body even on the bed mattresses and blankets “Very funny” I complained “Yes it is funny” Alex note and they laughed even more. a bull dog and two Sheppard dogs came running and barking towards us. Where they have workers who take care of farm animals such as horses. Once when I was at my ex guy’s place. Yuk I feel vomitish to see him dropping saliva from his mouth everywhere he goes. What… is wrong with you two? “I shouted “Hahahaha” both Sammy and Alex was giggling in front of me. donkeys. “That is for steeling our blanket last night” Alex explained And Sammy brought another bucket full of ice water and threw it on my face “Ohhhhhhh gosh! what the hell is that for then? “ I questioned with anger “That is for keeping us up last night” they noted and both of them jumped to the bed and hugged me I felt so cold and I jumped out of the bed and went and looked at my self from the mirror. I slipped and freaking fell when I stepped on some saliva on the floor right in front of my ex. I see these dogs as very greedy dogs. It was a three hour journey to uncle’s house. He lives in a very large” mansion” like house in a large land. 21 | P a g e . Seen my red eyes and long black hair which was dripping wet. I'm a dog lover but not bull dogs.the other two and covering myself properly and sleeping till sun shines bright taking away the coldness “AHHHHHHHHH wha….

So why don't you'll go to our rooms? Our helpers will show your rooms and bring your luggage to your rooms.. that’s Sammy and that Adrian” she pointed t us to introduce each other “Hey aunty” we both said at once “Hey girls nice to meet you’ll” she said politely “You girls must be so tired.. How are you and they must be your best friends Arianna and Sammy?” she questioned “Yes aunt... but humble at the same time.. there was a huge garden one side full of mind blowing beautiful flowers grown. You'll go to your rooms” she murmured and gave a small smile “Oh thanks aunty that's so kind of you” Alex expressed her thanks. I felt so safe this holiday with such a good aunt and not just because she a lovely aunty also because she is my best friend aunt As we walked through the gates of their house. She was the one who paid for all our flight tickets as well. but wait till we settle the taxi bill” I replied “Or Adriana ill settle that. Then we saw a beautiful lady not much old having a short hair which was golden brown just like princes Diana’s and sea blue eyes coming towards us “Aunty Mandy” Alex ran and hugged and kissed her cheeks “Hey sweetheart! It so good to see again after a long time. “Ok Aunty.Anyway I ran and covered myself to the taxi while the dogs jumped on to Alex.and hey baby Topsy” she was welcomed with a good licking from all three dogs as she bend down and kneeled on the grounds to play and hug the dogs “Hey girls” we heard a voice from far and all three of us looked back to see who it was. hey Susie. “Oh don't mention girls” she said After all she is a rich person. Leave it to me... Hey Sheba. There were uncountable different types of roses and daffodils and many other types of flowers in that garden and in the other side was a lake with a wood bribe parting it from the 22 | P a g e .

and may be that’s why they are making noises and asking for food. This is heaven. they will be back before you girls leave” she noted “We can get to know each even more during this holiday. And Sammy and I nodded our heads 23 | P a g e . But first of all why don't you guys change your clothes and get down to have breakfast” she suggested Finally I was so hungry and my tummy was making noises “Sure we will” l Alex agreed. They were embellished with yellow daffodils theme and every item of our rooms had the same color that suited the same theme We had three separate rooms and all three had the same theme “Thought you might like it. I think they are hungry as well like I am. From far we could see a farm yard and I could hear many animals making noises. which full of lovely fishes that beautified the whole garden. These roads lead us to a huge house like a palace from outside that was few feet away from us. Wow. but since we heard that you'll are coming. Then as I looked up I couldn't see a proper roof but many sparkling diamond chandelles hanging from the ceiling caught my eyes and I couldn’t grasp what I was seen. There were vases of flowered plucked from their own garden kept on every Conner of the house that took our breath away. We change themes weekly. we thought of remaking it to the daffodils theme. And also because yellow is Alex's favorite” we herd a girls voice from behind us and we quickly turned around ‘Heyyyy Jesse” Alex ran and hugged the girl and she hugged her even tighter “Heyy Alex how is you? I missed you so much” she note “Me too jess. Every room was decorated according to a theme. As the helpers took us to our rooms I was shocked seen the elegance of them. As we walked in I was surprised to see the textures they have used to each part of the house and the color combinations.middle. Btw meet Adri and Sammy” she introduced us and we shook hands and got to know each other “where uncle Ben and you brother jess?” Alex questioned “They have actually gone out of town for a meeting of my brother’s university.

. then we went one camel riding which was one of the most adventurous and famous events that most of the tourist want to do.I got a heart attack and was frozen at the spot. I wanted to take a call to my mother. And we quickly got our selves to the rooms and I had a good wash and changed into a skinny top and a legging and got down to eat breakfast Since that day we three and Jesse got very closer. My brain wasn't working as well to react for the situation Then Jesse pulled me from my elbow out of the track. because at one point. So I got my self to the wash room just to brush my teeth and have good shower. Days passed by like this and its almost the end of the second week of our holiday and After having a very heavenly sleep in the most comfy bed that I ever slept on in my entire life.“And don’t get late I have made raspberry cupcakes with cheese macaroni and chocolate moose with canny stick for you’ll” she mentioned. because since last vacations after I left home to come to the university I didn’t have a relaxing bubble bath at all. I knew I had migraine but this time around I 24 | P a g e . So I really wanted to have a good bubble bathe for some time. I woke up the other morning and my morning. What’s wrong with me? I wasn’t staying up or I didn’t spend much time on the beach under the sun like Alex did. we went to some of the best shopping malls in town and shopped for hours and hours and we went for movies and parting and during day time we went to the farm to ride horses and went fishing in the lake. And I was concentrating on the phone while I heard Sammy and Alex shouting from far saying “Adri get out if the freaking race track” And then as soon as I look back there was a furious camel running at the speed of light right towards me . Then I put my brush away and looked at my self through the bathroom mirror. I'll be down in no time” Alex said. tea was already at the door. So as I brushed my teeth until the bath tub fills completely with water at one point while brushing my teeth I felt a strange feeling. And our Camel riding experience was unforgettable. Wow mouth watering “Hey that's my favorite. Even the bathrooms looked looking soo beautiful and clean. My head started hurting and I felt drowsy. Gosh! If I wasn't for her I'll be in the hospital for days.

Then I got down and covered my self with the towel still freaked out. Oh God. I freaked out..didn’t find a reason to get migraine. I put a small amount of bubbling shampoo just to get that bubble effect. I was still clueless of what really happened to all the water. to a situation that even I don't know how to even convince my self about the real cause of it. Yes… dahhh may be it’s a leak for sure. What exactly is happening? How can I explain this to Aunty Mandy? I can't give a silly reason like I still pee on my bed. What that. Then I got on to the bed just with the towel and leaned against the edge of the bed and closed my eyes to give my mind a break May be there was a leak from the tub. I was confused. Few minutes later I felt like my bed getting wet and I quickly open my eyes and jumped out of the bed. And I got shocked. As I came out if the wash room I felt like my body was soon heavy as if I have put up many pounds of weight. I went downstairs to tell aunt a terrible lie. Then I thought may be I was tired so I quickly gurgled with some mouth wash and got my self into the bath tub. How come this bed that was so dry get wet with in seconds? My mind was about to blow with all the questions and doubts spinning around on my head. After having a small shower just to wash away the shampoo on my body I got out of the washroom. 25 | P a g e . How come these weird things are happening? I didn't have any explanation to whatever that just happened.. What the hell happened to the water that in the tub. I couldn’t believe my eyes to see my whole bed was soaking wet. and to see the water has vaporized a lot. Suddenly I felt like the level of water which was at the beginning near my neck is now even below my shoulders and I opened my eyes. which I see on different shampoo advertisements on TV and got in and leaned and relaxed keeping my eyes closed and letting my body feel the water and calm me down for a while. I am such an idiot? I was thinking too much and freak out soo much for a small thing I felt a little better and I felt more a more relaxing while keeping my eyes closed.

why are you driving at freaking 50km/hr women? When it clearly states on road signs its only 30m/hr expected from a driver?” Alex question Shit I was driving too fast. Streets were empty because we came through a short cut that Alex knew just to avoid trouble from cops The road was so beautiful and we were going through small woodland or rather a beautiful small forest where there were beautiful trees full of different color flowers and the fresh air that was hitting us through the shutters were refreshing us. And she freaked out to hear. Sammy said “Ya ya I am focusing. we could see the road laid through a large river with water shinning for the rays of sunlight hitting and been reflected and refracted through the water making even the different types of fishes visible in that river.she didn't scold me for it but only made the helpers change the clothes and blankets and get me a new mattress ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Girl!!!EYES ON THE ROAD AND MIND ON DRIVING AND EARS ON US”. I don’t want to get my license canceled. It was so that clear and wow…. Water was one thing I was so much worried thinking about lately because I faced different situation with water last couple of days “The water is beautiful isn't it??” Sammy question “Dahhhh isn't that why we stopped here” I chuckled 26 | P a g e .I told aunt that I tripped and dropped a bucket of water I was goner pour to the vast of daffodils before it gets wilted. I'm not a leaner I have my license. but since Jesse is having a party tonight she wanted to do her hair and make up from a professional. I was concreting too much about that day morning and still confused with what exactly happen. it was one work of art from God We thought of stopping by the bridge that was at the middle of the river to take some good pictures and to relax for few seconds. Salon and hair and makeup artist so she didn't come to go safari with us.” I explained “Then if you are so concentrating on driving. Plus I didn't have license to drive in Dubai. me been so irresponsible and careless even at 18.

.. It was coming through the water. we were going through the tour guide “Now what Sammy? Are their beautiful birds as well hehe “Alex question while giggling? The sky got darker and darker and I thought it’s about to rain .. “Sammy turned to Alex and me. and a shiny light just like a thunder came straight towards to us.. minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Guys.. something bad is goner happen...” Sammy panicked And both of us. it was so tall and big and was almost touching the sky. I couldn't beloved what I was seen.. It was so extraordinary the wave of water was frozen just like that. “Shit guys get your asses into to the damn car” I shouted and we go into the car and reverse with maximum speed out of the bridge. 27 | P a g e ... but I didn't want to keep on looking the tragedy we are goner face.“Hahahaa totally” Alex agreed “Whatever..” Sammy said ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Couple of. Then suddenly all I could see is the lightning came and been absorbed straight into my body breaking all the shutters and the windscreen of the car and the whole world went black.. So I tried my best to get the car away as fast as I can to a safe place.. Slowly looked back “OH M I G O D N E S” all three of us screamed A humongous wave of water was covering us from either sides of the bridge.I was feeling very uncomfortable I felt thirsty and dehydrated “Nooo guys turn around..

it was a mystery to see my self sleeping on a heap of hay right next to a beautiful black house. But I failed since the place was soo dark not even a window caught my view and let a ray of light fall into this place But I thought may be I should be in a stable. otherwise I will not end up inside another place with a horse next to me. I looked around to clear myself where exactly I was. 28 | P a g e .Chapter 4 Am I DEAD??? “EHHEEEEE EEEHEEEE” as I opened my eyes to see a horse neighing right nears my ear. I was horrified and I move few steps backward.

that I was wearing when me and my friends were going on the safari. I didn’t want to shout because it will make all the horses mad and furious. I didn’t even have a watch to check for the time. water must have gone into the Circuits and it has broken . which looked like a worker. It was the stable door that unlocked and opened. So after tiring few times I gave up on that idea as well. So I tried to think of another way. At the same time I didn’t find a reasonable excuse to tell to a person about what exactly happened and how I ended up in a stable. But I was little happy to stay alive and end up at least like this even after facing a very bad unexpected tragedy. As soon as the door open bright sun light came into the stable and spread its rays. But now the clothes were almost torn and even my skin was visible. My hunger was ruling my tummy and I really wish I could get something to eat for myself to fill up my tummy. 29 | P a g e . The height was to prevent the horses from jumping over and running away from the stable. before I faced that terrible accident. I tried hard to listen to what they were whispering about. Even my phone didn’t work may be after the accident . It was a lovely morning. So I had no other option but only had to wait until I find another possible way.I slowly stood up stretched and touched myself to see what I’m wearing. where the horse was trapped inside in the stable. The built black beauty was standing next to me so silent and calm without been terrified and alarmed for the fact that a stranger was in his cage and was sharing it for the last couple of hours I felt so tired and I really needed somebody’s help right now. After few minutes I heard a sound of couple of people chatting outside the. Then I heard the sound of a door been unlocked. Then a man came into the stable.What am I doing inside a stable? I was more confused. this was striking and defeating the darkness which was ruling inside the stable. may be to c lean the stable. The next thing that came to my mind was to jump out of the wooden gate of the cage. And I could realize that I’m still in my skinny top and shorts. but I could barely hear them. Before everything I had to get myself out of this stable. But though I tried to climb it several times was too tall.

I tried to put up everything that happened the last couple of days till this moment. Now since I found food I thought of climbing the tree and plucking two or three of them to fill up my tummy and putting some in my pocket as well to eat during the daytime. Then I ran and ran and ran tiring not to show up inform of any worker. right now I badly needed something to make my hungry go away and get myself some energy.Then the worker came closer to the gate of the Cage I was trapped in. I sat down under the tree and relaxed for a while. I was running through a small path which was laid through a grassy land and I stopped to catch my breath near an apple tree on the grassland. 30 | P a g e . which was strong enough to hold me. Because even I didn’t know the proper reason for all theses weird things to happen Then the worker set all the horses free by unlocking there gates. but I knew it will not work. While eating I looked around the place to find any clue about where I was. when I was with my parents before coming to university. I climbed up the tree. I felt so scared because now I don’t have a way to hide my self. till I could find someone who could help me to find where I am and give me food and shelter till I find my way back home. which made me terrify and I hid my self behind the horse tiring to keep the horse calm at the same time. I felt something strange about the place but I didn’t have time to make my mind concentrate on any other thing than tiring to get myself into a safe place. Then I saw the worker going out of the stable that brought me a great opportunity to go and get my self out of this place.I had some experiences climbing tree with my neighbor. I covered as much as I could behind the hay. Then only I thought of looking up to check whether there were any apples on the tree. I still couldn’t come up with a lie to tell to these people about how I came into this place. Leaning against the tree I closed my eyes. Wow I was soo happy to see the tree was full of apples. Then I sat on a branch on the tree. My black beauty that I was covering myself to also ran out of the cage leaving me alone inside it. I was clueless at the same time I was dehydrated and felt faintish. because my parents had a land which was full of apples as well . And plucked few apples and started eating one of them.

the walls have bricks. and the roof was built with wood Around the house there are trees. The view was so pleasing and relaxing. Then as I turned around and tried to get down slowly from the tree I saw a cottage from far behind me.Of course. My first perception was the aroma of the natural flowers. A small path leads me there. Then I got down and walked through the grass to the cottage. a few rivers flow into the lake. 31 | P a g e . I couldn’t be here forever. They look like emeralds. So I thought of finding my way home somehow. The cottage is built in a British style. I see a green pasture with many cows on it. The foundation has stone. there were attractive butterflies coming to collect there daily food from these flowers and bees were buzzing and flying towards the flowers to get their essentials from them to make honey before the butterflies own the flowers. They were giving beautiful shade. Kingfishers are beautiful blue birds. which was tickling my legs. It was built with stone. It brought me a wonderful emotion that I can feel still. I felt a relief inside my mind. bricks. Some flock. But I miss my home. Many birds float and swim. but I could recognize some birds. Lots of fish and birds were living there. I could feel the soft breeze coming from the horizon. I feel a great sensation of freedom. I don't know what kinds of fish lives there. So I thought of going near it and knocking on the door and asking someone for help. I jumped over the fence because I didn't see anyone outside the cottage. When I walk under the trees. They fly like a flash when they catch a fish. Also I could see a small lake there are many trees and grasses that have grown around the lake and .Al I could see was vast land covered with grass and there were seed beds of different flowers grown and were so picturesque and I could see many horses running around the grassy land grazing and feeding their baby horses. and wood. There was a small fence up to my knees. but many springs also make this lake. The surrounding of the cottage was also a plot of roses of various colors. and beyond these cows I see the horizon. They are big and very old. and others are alone. thinking at least those people will help me. They look very green.

when I got closer and closer I could hear a baby crying and that lady singing a lullaby to make that baby go to sleep. All these sensations that I feel gives me an impression of happiness. I was standing near the door of the cottage and listening to the lullaby and it felt so familiar to me.. As I rock and sing to you. And that made that baby stop crying and as the lullaby ended the baby felt a sleep. it is big and built of stone. “She sang in a soft and sweet pitch. So I thought of checking whether the door was looked. No one came for the door “Hello …………. May be my mom also sang me to sleep with the same lullaby. My loved one. coffee table.And different vegetables and fruits were grown as well. As I got closer to the cottage I could hear a lady singing a soft song . It has in the front a grate of gilt color... But it really didn’t make any sense. All the pieces of furniture have a good finish. and the piano are 32 | P a g e . May be they were too busy with their house work and didn’t here me. then I turned the door lock and the door open. The furniture looked like that they were made of oak. chairs. “Sleep my little one.is anyone home?” I questioned standing near the door outside Still no one answered.. Recalling my small times brought a small smile to my face.. It wasn’t locked. Who ever who lived here was so eco friendly and loves flowers I assumed. and a beautiful fireplace. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to go into a house when the owners were already inside but I had no option when they didn’t answer the door when I tapped Then as I walked in first thing I saw was a living room there. The table.. Then I knocked on the door Though I hear the lady talking and sound of kids. As the bright moon and sun watches you. O're us O’re your little crib..

. mirror a radio. so I followed the voice to where she was. Moreover. a TV. As I walked in and opened the blinds. I like its style. My head was spinning circles. and everything is clean. I didn’t bother to go through the 33 | P a g e . but even though it was bad. Also. the cottage has many windows that illuminate inside. bread. And there were several files on that table. I walked around the house here and there tiring to figure out something that will give me a clue about where I was. Can you help me to find out where I am? I’m lost!” I admitted. This smell fills the whole cottage. As I was walking in the cottage which wasn’t small from the inside. In one room the doors were open. What is exactly happening? I can’t be invisible. Are they deaf? How come they don’t even notice me talking and coming into their house? I questioned myself. There is also a dining room. I was clueless and didn’t know what to do. I could see many beautiful pictures framed of them placed on a table near the bed There was another small table in the other side of the room near a window. and a closet. In this room there is a night table next to the bed.the same style. then a beautiful young lady with blackish brown hair and dark blue eyes just like mine. She didn’t even turn around hearing my voice. She didn’t see me because I was standing behind her looking here and there seen the beauty of this small cottage like house “Hey there …. The place is pretty.” I thought of questioning again since I’m in an unknown place “Can anybody hear me” I said No body answered and then I heard the lady’s voice from far. I peeped into one room. without my knowledge I ended up in a corridor which leads me to two rooms. In the dining room there is a table and four chairs. “Hello…. It was a bed room. I could see outside to the garden. where standing in the kitchen and was cooking a meal. instead she went on continuing her cooking. May be this is the bedroom of that lady and her husbands. This is a mystery for me. the room has a wall of wood and a window. chocolate chip cookies and many more on the table. there were lasagna.. Then I went close to her and touched her shoulder and tried to take her attention to me but she didn’t even feel that.

But all I could see was a paragraph in the yar1809 the year I was born… saying “My lovely baby girl was born….I can’t be……. This cant be……I….. 1804! That was years ago. But.. I love you my sweetheart. And shivering inside.. after year 1810 January 15 he hasn’t written any thing… I had so many doubts in my head and none of them had a solution or an explanation. That was the year I was born. May be it’s the journal of her husbands Then as I turned the book over. it says on the first page 1804. But then a journal caught my eyes on top of the table. came running from behind me and went right through my body which shocked and froze me. even before I was born…I was so curious now so I went on reading and it I turned to a page in year 1809. I felt faintish and didn’t know what to do.what is happening……. I COULDN’T see my reflection..“OHPZZZZZZZZZZ” a small playful boy of an age about 5 years. I didn’t know why.” That didn’t make much sense to me about saving their kind and other things that were written. You are one of my biggest treasures. Then I thought walking out of the house because I felt so sacred and guilty to read others journals . So I went on turning pages and reading.files.. Then I saw a mirror in the room and ran in front of the mirror to look at my reflection and to proof myself that I’m not dead… but when I stood in front of the mirror. I was clueless.. Tears started coming out of my eyes and slowly running through my cheeks. but I really wanted to read the journal.. She is our treasure and she will save our kind… my baby Rosaline. I could see the reflection of everything else behind me but NOT MY REFLECTION! I was horrified and started panicking and sweating. Though I read a couple of pages couldn’t find a proper clue. I thought of reading it because I felt like something is written in it to help me solve this mystery. What……. 34 | P a g e . As I took the journal to my hand it had a black cover with the name written George Mark Sylvester written on it.DEAD! Unless I’m a ghost they can’t run through my body…………AM I DEAD????? Nooooo it can’t be true.

” I heard a voice of a lady “Nooooo.. So I was DREAMING about been invisible and dead and getting lost in a place of nowhere in the past? Phew… I felt a relief inside of me... Open your eyes sweetheart…Adriana…. you were in a coma for 3 days. But felt something strange about what I dreamt 35 | P a g e . It says 1810…1810???? Am I in the past? Have I traveled back in the past? Nooooo way. I’m not dead …I’M NOT DEAD” I shouted and opened my eyes with a shock and my heart beating so fast.. You’re alive! mom is with you” she said then only I realized hat it was my mom standing next to me with tears in her eyes... I turned around and looked at it with amazement. “Mom… where…where am I?” I question still in a shock “Don’t worry baby you’ll be fine. you met with an accident and our friends and Alex brought you to this hospital at Dubai. “Baby no you’re not dead.. We came to see you as soon as we got the news…” and my mom started crying. I was feeling drowsy and I fell on to the floor unconsciously… “Baby…. knowing I’m safe with my parents....This can’t be happening… I can’t be dead. I started crying Then through the mirror I saw a calendar hung on the wall from behind me.

she was so suspicions about the accident. specially aunty Mandy . when even I didn’t see what exactly happened? As I said.but. just like putting salt to a wound in my memory “I’m still confused about the lightning that you were telling me about . all I could remember was a hug lightning coming straight at me and hitting my body. tiring to get some clue out of me.that came from the water wave. you don’t know how worried I am. but how can answer your question.” I sighted “But baby. try to recall some more.. I felt so bad to give all this pressure to my loved once been careless . it’s her full responsibility as we were staying at her place during the vacation. for three days straight.. I could read her mind just through her facial expressions.“I mention My mom was questioning me with fear just like a cop. Are you sure it came thru the water? The WATER IT SELF PRODUED A LIGHTNING?” mom questioned “Yes mom that’s all I could remember! And I’m very sure abut what I saw. But today they took off my 36 | P a g e . Because after all. You’re my only child! my world! And when you get hurt like this. but she never mentioned it. Then me and my friends got drowned in a humongous wave and when I opened my eyes I was here in this hospital. For five days my medicine was given to me through saline. It hits my mind all the time and troubles me. I really didn’t know what exactly I did to end up in this hospital when I was in at coma saline was the only food I got also they manage to inject liquidized medicine to saline and through that way medicine run directly to my blood.Chapter 5 Life gets more complicated “Sweetheart what exactly happened? Tell us darling!” mom panicked with tears jerking out from her eyes. because she is a very sensitive lady who cannot hide anything from me or dad and it seems like she is trying hard to hide something from me I had to stay in this hospital for weeks to recover myself from the coma I was in. My parents and my friends were so worried about me. you will remember something …” mom noted When I recall the only thing I could remember was the terrible dream. how can I not be so worried? IM YOUR MOTHER!” she yelled at me crying “Sure you are mom! I understand. “Mom! Stop asking the same question over and over again?” I groaned “Baby.

saline because my health was improving. so now I have gulp down my tablets and eat food. My diet plans were changed and all my food had less sugar and salt. But at least that is a little better after eating tasteless food for the last two days straight.yuk they taste like POOP! LOL “Ma’am… its time for your medicine!” a nurse came with a tray. There were so many types of medicine DAMN it’s like they want me to drink a whole pharmacy “Am I supposed to drink all these” I questioned. Because still I am not good at drinking a lot of medicine a t once. either it gets dissolved in my mouth or else I drink too much of water and vomit. “Yes ma’am, you are alive thanks to that medicine. You’re depending on them” she explained. “Really?” I groaned. Then I have drink these somehow if I wanted to live. If I was at home, I throw my tablets under my bed or out of the window. I had to change my posture and sit on the bed rather than leaning. Just to eat the food and drink my medi There were three sandwiches with grated carrot, sliced cucumber, salad leaves and tomatoes in them. I swallowed all there sandwiched just with in a matter of second because I was so hungry after drinking food like soup ,for te last couple of days. the bitter and the pungent unpleasant smell of them made me just lose my appetite even without eating them. After consuming all the food, now it’s the hard task. DRINKING MY TABLETS I took a sip of water and started drinking the tables one by one. At one point I felt a weird feeling… It went through out my body and made me feel so distant, like my body is stopping and my heart skipped a beat, then suddenly my heart beats stopped and I was frozen and I didn’t even feel my pulse. my hands got shaky and no one was there in the room to help me .unexpectedly the water inside the galss, I was holding started bubbling and blob inside. then I felt weird feeling. I never felt that way before and I felt like I could simply attract all the item in the room, and I couldn’t resist that trible feeling in it made me drop the glass. C R A S H!!! the glass broke into pieces and the noise was loude enough to attract many peoples attaintion. But luckily the door of my room was closed and I no one heardit. I loked around and got down from my bed on to the floor thinking of cleaning the mess myself. I havnt got down fro this bed for 5 days. And I felt like my legs were numb and cut off. I felt more and more dizzy and drowsy but I had to clean this efor my mom comes and shouts at m and stars crying seen m carelessness. 37 | P a g e

I could mange to balance myself my legs felt week and I fell on t the floor.i looked around tring to convince myself that no body is there to help me suddenly the water on the floor formed droplet ad stated floating on the space right in front of my eyes when tried to touch them the water started moving according to the movement of my fingers. I tried moving it to several places and I felt an interest on it. I tried to concentrate on it more. then I managed to take control of the water and move the all around the room I could make them to float o the air in front of me like a cloud of smog inside my room. I felt like I’m floating as well, the entire weight of my body was gone and I felt free and that I in a different world… “ADRIIANA………………….” I heard a voice from far behind me screaming and pulling me backwards holding from my hip. I suddenly lost my balance and control with the water and all the water dropped on to the floor… and when I was pulled backwards I went and fell on to the broken glass on the floor. OUCH!!!!!!!!! I injured my self and started bleeding and so much of blood was on the floor… I tried to understand what exactly happed. And to see I was on the edge of the window which was in my and my mom had seen me like that and came running and shouting and pulled me away from the danger. If she got a millisecond late I would end up on the road falling from a 30 story hospital building window. And not apices of me ill are there for anyone to find if I crashed down from a height like this. I went clueless not knowing what to do. I was in a treble shock. Bleeding badly at the same time. Hearing my mom screaming few lady nurses and my friends Alex and Sammy and dad came running into the room and lifted us up with amazement and started questioning us with fear. my mom couldn’t answer anyone as well because she was shocked seen what happen and I didn’t have a spare second to answer anyone as soon as the nurses came they took me to emergency room for an operation to take out the broken glass pieces inside my \skin.. While going to the emergency room all I could see was mom with her eyes red hugging my dad and crying so much and all the others were rushing and I felt so bad for giving them all this pain and trouble. Thank god Sammy and Alex were discharged the second day itself because they only had few bruises and cut on their body due to the window glasses breaking and crashing on to all three of us in the car we went on the safari MOTHERS POINT OF VIEW (mothers POV) Me and my husband walked out o Adriana room and sat on a bench in thecoridor of the hospital. 38 | P a g e

“What exactly happened to her? You were watching weren’t you?” my husband Harold asked I was crying still in my shock. I didn’t know what to do. “What was she thinking? What exactly was she doing? Answer me Margret! Answer me!”Harold asked pressurizing me. “I really don’t know what is wrong with her and what she was thinking. She was just tiring to jump out of the window. I couldn’t believe my eyes Harold! She just tried to jump out of that window! Thank god I was watching her through the glass which was fixed to the door of \her room!! I grabbed her pulled her down.” “WINDOW? … You’re joking ha?” Harold didn’t believe what I said “Harold I’m dead serious! She was just tiring to jump out” “Is she having some problem? With a guy? Or any other thing? Didn’t she tell you anything like that?” I tried to hard not mention her making the water floating on the space when I was watching her through the glass. “Magi… what are you tiring to hide from me?” he asked with a big question mark on his face “I’m……………… not hiding anything from you!” And I could keep anything away from my family so I though of telling him because I myself cannot deal with a risky situation like this. “Harold… she was doing something… something strange…Extraordinary.” I tried to put what I saw into words but I failed. “Magi… what is it? What was she doing? What you see?” he asked “She was trying to control ….. Water…which was on the floor. She managed to control it and make it just float on the air.. She did it all by herself was in a call with sheen and was watching her from outside, through the transparent glass fixed to the room door ” I groaned and explained him what I saw with amazement Magi... are you really sure of what you saw? He questioned

”Yes… YES! i’m so sure. I saw it…” and I hugged him and started crying...

39 | P a g e

. They Yvette gone deep inside my muscles..... Both my parents come and sleep with me in my room keeping me in-between them. They have never tried been this protective of me.... It was similar to plaster of Paris.. I reduce the time I spend on the shoved even. and I tried to convinced nurses to Moe my medicine St into my body through more saline. Few days later.. I manger to bring back my health to a good safaris and get discharged from the hospital And we flew back to our country Australia I had many medical check ups every weekend f a month and got my stitches cut and my arm fixed just like it used to be after having a hard time with keeping it at one angle for two weeks.. I felt more pain from the love they try to show to me. I had to tie more medicine now to cure these bruises and my broom arm.... May be they no all Bout this or may be there were something terribly wrong with my reports. I had to figure out what s wrong I had to find it. But I didn't know exactly what it was I only knew it we to keep my bones on place till it go n get fixed back to it original positions. With in two weeks I managed to follow my original diet plan getting rid of all the yuck food I was eating. and my mom ignores all her work and spend most of the time sitting next to me in my bed and I sleep on her lap and listen to the stories she tell me about her past..Harold pulled me and looked at my red eyes with smudged eyelinear with fear in his eyes and started at me. There is something bad hidden inside my parents eyes about me I was so worried may be the water that troubles them too. My mom and dad was so worried about me though dad go to work he calls me twice a day to check on how I was. Because I fell on to the floor with a big pressure and force right on top of the broom glasses.. Life is getting more and more complete every second and I had to be this way till I find a proper answer to my questions.. I knew I had some connection with water so I tried to avoid water as much as I could. I was so hard since water is a main essential for us to live.. I felt like I’m goner die soon and leave them for ever by they way they care about me try to spend every minute with me." ADRIANA P O V Damn now more time to spend at this hospital I had to get myself six stitches on my right arm and two on my back and the wrist part was to get glass pieces output my skin. 40 | P a g e ... Soon. Broke my left arm as we'll right from the elbow and they tried fixing and bandaging and outing a pulp and keying it dry till it gets harden. I. ”Does this mean that she has got chosen to be a..

And wiped out all my tears.” he noted “What do we know about her condition? Do we have any experience of handling and reacting in a situation like this? Well I don’t! If YOU do. keep her with you and take care of her! I'll be long gone by that time when you realize that your decision isn’t the right one. I took care of her and let her grow up to be who she is right now…how can I do this? Don’t be a heartless father she's your daughter as well. It’s a both risk for us as well as for her.” I added “Do you want to do something illegal and risk your life as well? True. And it’s more risky for us. like this specially about her.. But don’t you see that is she shows weird sign. This is too dangerous than we think. I couldn’t stop crying even in his warmth. I really loved my girl and I couldn’t make a tough decision. I do. I’m her dad but I’m doing this for her own good. DONT DO THAT TO HER IF YOU REALLY LOVE HER” Harold pulled me close to him and put his arms around my shoulders and hugged me tight. And it rare to find people show these signs at this age.” He explain 41 | P a g e . try to understand me. “I love her too magi... Don’t make you and Adriana regret about her life just because of the fact that you can’t let her go to someplace that she deserves to be” he went on explaining. I’m her mom. are you sure you want to do this? I really can’t live without my girl!” I panicked “Magi….Chapter 6 MY WORST NIGHTMARE ***************MOTHERS POINT OF VIEW***************** “Harold. She will lose control over her self and you will never know where she will end up. Don’t you see that? Don’t you want to see her safe and happy in some place in this world than dieing right in front of your own eyes not knowing what powers she has and how to use them. “Harold. Don’t destroy her life.

So I ignored them as much as I could. I thought of arranging a trip for myself and for my parents after seen them in a very bad stressful situation at home for whatever they problem is. so she can get prepared and ill make necessary arrangements” Harold said trying hard to not to let his eyes show the pain hidden in his heart and soul… and stood up and walked away leaving me in the garden swing crying for hours… ***************ADRIANA’S POINT OF VIEW****************** I was watching my parents acting so weird around me latley. But pretends that she is soo fine when I asked her if something is wrong. I wanted to free them from this problem that is crushing and pressurizing them from inside and give their heart and soul a break by taking them to a very relaxing place in Australia for few days. But someday didn’t we know that this was goner happen? Didn’t we expect her to leave us? So we should be well prepared by now to face this. Especially seen my mom crying. It’s the same for me as well. ” he added which made me cry more and feel guilty even at the same time. This is the best option. But I tried hard to not to focus much on it a bring more meaning less problems into my head and i get sick thinking about them. This is a wound inside my heart to see my mom crying and dad quiet. when ever she was alone in her room. I didn’t even feel 42 | P a g e . not active and fun like the good old days. May be it’s something they cannot tell me but I really love to see them happy at least making me a reason. “Let her know about this before her holidays finishes.“I understand you Harold but how can I live anymore knowing that will lose her forever. Staying at home for two and half months wasn’t an easy task for an adventurous girl who mostly travels like me. It was two weeks since I got back to my home and now in feeling much better than I used to. I was contacting Alex and Sammy to see how they were doing. but I still I didn’t tell them anything about my weird powers that are related to water. “I groaned “I know what you are trying to say. I surely know that something is terribly wrong just by seen them to cry and go insane about some problem. I had to face few water troubles as well. And all theses sweet memories will be killing me from inside. I saw all the fake smiles on their faces since I got back to Australia. So I thought of arranging it as a surprise trip for them. I glad I have two friend like them because they helped me a lot to get better physically as well as mentally and I heard my mom saying that they were so worried about me all day and night during the coma I was in. While I was spending my time alone at home. My arms all back to normal and my stitches were cut off last week. They were still in Dubai with aunt Mandy.

What did I really do to them to be like this with me? I guess it was something to do with me that was troubling them all these time lately and made my mom cry and dad care 43 | P a g e ... “Sure but before that we need to talk to you too about something which I think is more important” dad said with a look of confusion in his face “Oh! Is it that important? Because I have surprise for you guys!” I questioned “Yes baby it is. listen carefully this is something important for your life. It may be something good or may be something terribly bad. She already knows about it. And I kiss his cheek. Both mom and dad were there in the kitchen having a very serious chat as usual. “Mom… dad … I need to tell you guys something. So trying hard to ignore it i ran and jumped on to my dads back wrapping my arms around his neck and legs around his waist.” I said with a big smile on my face. I still failed to find out the real cause behind this weird happenings. Don’t think we care about you less or love you less. . But now they look so down upset and mad at me. “Good morning dad and good morning mom” I greeted them “Good morning angel” they both greeted back... “He said taken my hand and squeezing it. Dad came and sat first next to me and mom came with three cups of hot coffee. So till I find the truth behind my powers I wanted to stay calm and quiet After planning a trip the whole night I got up early in the morning and ran to the kitchen. “OH MY…. Mostly I really didn’t want to make it a big deal and tell everyone about it because. so what is it?” I asked All three of us sat in the round table in the dining hall where we always gather to talk about important stuff at home and have our family conversations.open to talk about it with my mom. And wow it tastes like heaven. this is a very impossible decision we took but we had no other option than this. They are two people that always had a very relaxing lifestyle and had a very beautiful smile in their faces.. surprise is post pond” mom said “Ok.. “So daddy what did you’ll wanted to tell me!” I questioned “Ok sweetheart. What are you‘ll triying to say? What did I really do for you’ll to be this serious with me?” I panicked with a shock because my parents were never this serious with me. but even she didn’t feel comfortable to ask me about it. I was so mad and upset seen them like that always.

. Whats wrong with you?” dad shouted at me “HAROLD! KEEP IT DOWN! Don’t be so hard on this girl let me talk to her and explain” mom said to dad “Darling let me make it short. mom is telling the truth only magicians can do what you can do…” dad tried to convince me “But c’mon mom! When you’re chosen you have to leave your parents and everyone forever right? And live with all the other weirdoes? “ “Sadly yes baby but…”mom said “But what mom? Dad? You guys want to let me go? Don’t you’ll love me? I can’t leave you’ll like that? My friends! I can’t do that… I’m not any magician I’m just ME! Stop trying to get rid of me! Don’t do this to me” I strated yelling at them and started crying. why are you acting like a kid. This is a risk for your life. tell your friends that you are chosen and get ready to go to school of magic. Now I all make sense..” Dad said in a demanding tone “What? You made arrangements without even letting me know before hand? How could you’ll? Am I dreaming? I’m your only girl. I was shocked I couldn’t grasp what I was hearing. I never thought in my wildest dreams that this whole situation will lead my parents to a conclusion like this. “Yes Adriana. But my major question was what exactly I did to them to be soo upset. we assume that you are chosen… to be a magician. “ADRIANA! Admit it! You are not fine! We are been serious and you have to tell us the truth. It’s hard to say… guess you have some extraordinary power. only child! How can you guys go for a 44 | P a g e . And you have changed. I couldn’t bare what they were tiring to convince me about “Adriana.. you can’t make these serious decisions of your life all by yourself. I know it is not normal to be chosen at your age but may be due to different mutations or any other conditions there are rare situations where they chose people at different ages like in your case…” mom went on explaining “MOM “I yelled. Don’t you think so sweaty?” mom questioned me “MOM? What are you saying? It’s your imagination you are seen weird things there’s nothing like that I’m so fine mom” I tried to convince them.. We have already made arrangements as soon as university starts talk with your headmaster about getting the leaving and get your room cleared up. “Sweety.. Don’t you think so? With water? We saw a couple of time the weird things that happen when you interact with water. we were watching you all theses days you were with us....about me a lot like never before.

” Mom said. it’s not something possible for any one When I finally got my self fit into this society and found so many friends and now having to leave everything just to be someone I really never thought I get to be. speak up! Is dad serious?” I screamed crying even more and with anger “DARLING……… we love you soo much and we really don’t want you to go and leave us either. I always go there when I get upset and when I really need some time alone. Also it’s very illegal to keep you with us. I just can’t be. I felt lifeless. Its not like I spend the whole of my life time with my parents but since I started to go to university I try my best to keep contact with my parents when ever I could. the small ducks and 45 | P a g e . Dad was soo mad he was just frowning at me trying hard to control his temper. .. I wanted to die I can’t just leave my home. I was only experimenting. Didn’t talk to anyone the whole day and ignored all my food. I can’t be chosen. I could only cry and cry without giving my self a break because I couldn’t believe what they were trying to tell me. So I ran to my room and locked it. Leaving everything I want right behind and erasing my whole past.decision like this? Mom. “We never wanted to do this but what can we do other than coming for a decision like this? We want you to live safe anywhere. The water in the lake the trees the sand. “I’m not goner die mom! Please let me be with you’ll. Please… I can’t leave you’ll please” I was screaming my lungs out I couldn’t take it anymore.. There is one place near my house in Melbourne. So I thought of getting out of my room and going to someplace to calm my mind and relax... Getting chosen at this age is the worst thing that could ever happen to me. My parents were so depressed. It has always been my secret hideout. we love to see you alive and happy somewhere in the world. Think about us sweety.” Mom said with tears jerking from her eyes too and triying to pretend that she is fine. NEVER The more I spend time at home the more I tend to get hurt. Your life will have a big risk to stay with us. Go to someplace I never wanted to be just to be who I was supposed to be. But I never like their lifestyle. My parents were also as worried as they were knocking on my door trying to get me food to eat. And trying to talk with me but I didn’t answer to them the whole day. loved once. True I was soo interested in magicians but I never thought I will have to be one. It’s this small lake near my house Not many people come there because it is surrounded by woodland. But we have to do this for you to be safe and your future to a better place. university. best friends and everyone forever. it’s painful for us too.. I knew they couldn’t undo it.

I see them smiling with me when I smile and share my good happy times. how I got caught up in a meeting for magician… how I soaked the entire bed without a even a drop of water anywhere near me… how I froze the humungous water wave…. Now the magicians’ already know about me.and how the lighting came through water and strike me and got absorbed right into me… how I made the water float all around the hospital room….. So I thought of been nice with my 46 | P a g e . It’s almost the end of my vacations and I determined to go to university and clear my room and come and get my bags backed to leave to school of magic.swarms…they all can predict the stories hidden behind my tears or my smile when ever I go there because I share most of my stories with the beautiful calm nature . That’s why I always prefer that place so much.and how my own loving parents came to a decision like this … I burst out screaming and crying as I suddenly opened my eyes because recalling these heartbreaking terrible memories made me burn from inside because it hurts so much I spent hours and hours talking with the beautiful nature and searching for answers. When I move forward through the woods and get to the small lake. I didn’t disturb the stunning ducks instead I leaned against a tree and closed my eyes. Every thing happened the last couple of days came to my mind one by one. I hear them talking back to me telling me how I should react for every obstacle or every moment in my life. It was so chilling and cold breeze wrapped my whole body and made me feel like a stranger. May be I’m about to experience a whole different ADRIANA when I go there and learn my magic. May be I deserve to be a magician. But I wrote a small letter just in case for my mom and kept on my dressing table and I got out through my room window without making any noise and ran to the woods that was few miles away from my house. I couldn’t find any answers for my questions but all I realized was that I cannot change the past. I went and sat near the edge of the lake on a wooden bar. They were remaining of a small bridge and slowly I put my legs into the waters.the trees were so shady and sunlight could only come through very limited spaces through the big tress and fall on to the ground. It looked so beautiful the water was shinning like crystals and many ducks were dancing on the water and the environment was so green took my breath away. It reminded me the first day I got here. The environment was so calm and quick I could only hear birds singing . The pleasing cold water in the lake always was there for me to talk to and share my sorrow and happiness… I talk to the nature and seek for answers for my unsolved questions. I could feel the cold freezing water running through my whole body upwards and making me shiver…it was almost winter but I have never noticed this water to be this cold. My parents knows this place so I didn’t bother them searching for me.

And also the next day ill be leaving my parents as well FOREVER. I made up my mind stronger as possible. I sent a letter to the headmaster saying I will be flying overseas to another country .” mom shouted at me “But mom I told you not to worry about me that I will be fine. I didn’t know how to tell them about the truth.parents. When I went closer my mom and dad was standing outside the lane near my house with a torch searching for me with several neighbors and as I appeared they came and hugged me tight crying. The last couple of days I’m staying with them. been close and give my loved once all my love the last couple of days I’m goner with them. They sure can keep secrets but I could tell them straight because ill have to leave two awesome friends like them… will be so hard just like leaving my parents. mom groaned to dad and we when in the house. “ADRIANA………………. “Mom lets go inside I’m sleepy…and tired and most of all I’m HUNGRY” Ok ill take her home. Because I am too late. So the best way is. As I walked out from the woods I saw a huge rush near my house many torch lights and people chatting and some crying. And as I got down from the car I stood near the university gate and took a deep breath and stared at it before walking 47 | P a g e . It took 5 hours for us to make it to the university..” I tried to convince her “You expect us to not to worry when we don’t know where you go after a bad day?” dad questioned roughly “MOM…see you guys worry about me this much when I just go somewhere without telling you guys. They have no other option to make after all. Staying mad at them and not talking to them will not change a thing since now nothing can stop them from talking me to the school of magic. Harold thank the neighbors for the support “. How do you’ll expect me to stay away from you’ll forever like this? Ah?” I noted They didn’t answer because they were in a shock not knowing what to say.so ill be leaving university. So I walked home as it got dark slowly. I tried hard to enjoy my life for the maximum during this short time. From that night onwards I gave all my love and cared about my parents a lot. WHY ARE YOU BEEN THIS STURBORN DON’T YOU KNOW THAT WE WORRY ABOUT YOU. I tried to spend a lot of time with alex and sammy as well after they got back to Australia from Dubai. But still I didn’t tell any of my friends. Finally holidays came to an end and I and my parents thought of going to the university to get my leaving documents and get my room cleared up.

but I really wanted to see them for the last time. because we gave her a dare? Lol that was funny. **********ALEX”S POINT OF VIEW*********** “Hey girls. I can’t believe I’m leaving this place.. I only had to talk to him and get them and come out. But somehow I managed to write it and while I was leaving I went into Sammy’s room since I had a spare key and left the letter on her table with the spare keys of Sammy’s and Alex’s rooms since I will never need them again. I just wanted to tell you guys something very important. Chapter 7 Tears won’t help. But I wanted to make it more formal. I ran and ran and ran and hugged my parents and cried so much. Then I walked slowly through the corridors and checked the time table to see where would Alex and Sammy will be during this time of the day. My hands were shivering and shaking which made my hand writing look terrible.Then I ran out of the university crying and not looking back. CLASSIC ha? Remember that day we read our biology professors' term test answer 48 | P a g e . I could tell this to you two straight because it is too complicated and already I’m halfway dying going through these crap… Can you guys remember the times we were been so silly Having those epic karaoke night at our rooms using just YouTube? Hehehe ya! You’ll do remember. Well. the guy she really hates. I didn’t want to disturb them.Then I realized instead of meeting them and start crying and get more upset I will write them a letter and leave… While my mom and dad help me to clean up my room I started writing a letter.. I slowly walked in and directly walked into the headmasters’ office and he had the documents ready. I wanted to tell the truth so without mentioning much I wrote exactly what I wanted to say. I could remember here face when she got home. And we left back home to get my bags packed because tomorrow guardians will be coming to take me to the school of magic. I worked so hard to get my self into this university.in. They didn’t have anything to say than sharing my tears. They where sadly in the psychology class. It didn’t take much time. Well I know there are way better ways of letting you guys something very important like this. Also that day Sammy had to go on a date with Ryan.

I don’t think I can handle and recover so soon. Losing my two best friends will be the worst feeling in the world. they just have to leave behind all what they own in this human life. but when I recall our past and how we Hire a bike for a week and see how it works out? And how we took pictures in “capturing pictures are prohibited” places hehehe . Because I never in my entire life wanted to leave you’ll... YES CHOSEN TO BE A FREAKING MAGICIAN! I know guys you’ll will never believe me.im sorry guys how can I look at your faces and tell something like 49 | P a g e . May be ill be gone for good. Actually at that time I really didn’t know that I even HAD powers. Including all your loved once and family member. Gosh how can I stay without dying alive when thinking about these fun times that will just be some MEMORIES for ever Please guys keep this as a secret because I actually even took my leaving today from the headmaster saying that I will be leaving overseas to another country to do my higher stdies. . So what more can I tell. Yes a MUTANT! I just don’t care been a mutant or not because I have more stuff to think about and waste my time right now. Isn’t that goner be hard! I just cannot make up my mind for something like this guys. It would be hard for me to go on since we are always together almost everyday.booklet and by hearted the answers and all three of us got full marks which surprised the whole class? Wwooow how can I forget these sweet memories Well actually that’s not what I wanted to tell you guys. How can I leave you two forever and live somewhere else without even dropping you’ll a text? But here we are. And remember how that damn huge wave froze and that lightning got me almost killed? That’s also some thing to do with my powers. how come a person is chosen at 18 and not at birth. it is that I’m……. Remember the day I soaked aunt Mandy’s bed? Well it’s actually not because I dropped a bucket of water on the bed accidently. No! This isn’t one of those silly pranks that I have given you guys when we go out sober and dance all night. Actually chosen. . I’m trying to keep my head up. Well actually according to my mom I’m a mutant. Now the most important point is … that as you might no normally when someone is chosen. It’s actually because I couldn’t mange to control some of my wired power. Well if I tell the point. I know now the next question you guys will have is. it’s the truth.

Graduate and make your parents proud girls. who is goner take care of them when I’m gone? Who? I don’t have any siblings. I will miss you guys’ so much. They are very sensitive specially my mom. May be this is my destiny and who I am suppose to be. but what to do. You mean the world to me. Always shared everything between us. especially right now. wondering... I can make up my mind after sometime though it is goner be spooky or weird or whatever but I’m worried about my family. Please take care about yourself for me. So as I said before do your studies very well and be “THE BEST STUDENTS IN THE UNI “ hehehehe love you two so much… be happy and enjoy life to the 50 | P a g e . my mom and dad will be badly worried and sick. take care of them for me. I will never forget all the kind help you guys gave to me in every possible situation in my life since I got to this university. You never expect the one-person you thought you could always depend on to disappear… And when they do. Specially my parents. I love you guys so much. Friendship is a special kind of love that’s not supposed to fade. Don’t know how to make up my mind to leave them. you feel sickeningly stupid and cheated. We have had a very important relationship. They will never be able to bare this. Please can you’ll check on them when ever you guys an? I know it is a hard task but try to make them fell better and healthy and prevent them from doing silly things? Please guys! You two are my only hope. I spend all the last weeks crying and crying and now I’m weaker than I was since I was in the hospital. Before you’ll even read this letter. I guess that’s all I can write to you’ll. well when I leave. I will miss you guys and everything. And I can’t tell anyone about this whole leaving thing. IL be leaving soon.. And I hope you guys will do your studies well. So I guess I really have to go. I hardly mange to even write this much. So what I need from you guys please if you’ll can. It’ll all be okay in the end but. And guys’ want one last favor from you two.ill be leaving you’ll forever? How can I? I’m a human being and a sensitive girl. Do it for me when you’ll can So guys…. Thanks for being there for me. But when I’m gone people will surely suspect but then they can say something to them.. Though they made this decision they did it since they are helpless and this is the only decision any parent can make even though it is goner be hard for everyone.

Though she asks us not to come. s.30 pm 51 | P a g e . Also my self cannot bare to hurt more seen you guys and knowing that it will be the last time we will be meeting you’ll. Well I can’t say I will always be there for you’ll at anytime because I will never get to know anything about anyone form tomorrow. then as we slowly walked in and suddenly we saw our worst nightmare standing next to the headmaster. She never keeps her phone off.” I read out loud so that Sammy could hear the letter that was on Sammy’s table in her room.one last thing. And we tapped on his door and stood back until his assistant ask us to come in. “What? Was she been serious?” I asked “Ya I think so otherwise she won’t be telling all these stuff just for nothing. “Sammy groaned “Let me try sending her a mail she always answers her mails” I replied “No use girl lets get permission from the headmaster and leave to her place soon as we can.maximum. We praying that we will not meet up with the chemistry professor. few seconds later the door opened and the lady assistant wanted us to come in. So keep yourself safe.. Love Adriana. Because if he sees us he won’t let us out of the class till all the lectures finishes that is till 4. Bye guys…. I’ll rather to go to the school of magic and change my life. the chemistry professor and both of them were looking at us. Try out every possible crazy thing in the world and stay safe and giggling and pranking people. Love you’ll so much… take care. we have to check what’s going on” ‘Ok then lets go to the headmasters’ office” Sammy and I went to the headmaster’s office to ask his permission to leave to see Adriana. I even tried calling her phone and it was switched off too. don’t bother to come see me now because ill be leaving soon as I get home. Xoxoxoxoxox P. Because I cant stay anymore dying here.

John is staring at us like a crime scene investigator as if we have committed a crime. plans need t be updated” I whispered to her ear. John?” he questioned “Yes you are sir.because he caught us several times sneaking out of the class and now he always keeping his eye on us. We were hoping to lie about getting items needed for some project related to chemistry. “No time for any new plans just try to come up with some reasonable excuse because we need to get our self out of the damn chem. He is sooo dead. “Well that’s tomorrow! So you lectures will finish at 4.. Especially when Mr. Now the two of us hardly can manage that without her. John replied trying to tangle us more in our lie “Ummmm…. Our drama period tomorrow… “ I added to rescue yourself from the lie we are trying to put together without screwing it up .” Mr..30. John suggested trying to get some good marks from the head master Awesome he is such a jerk.” She noted even softly to me “YES Miss Green and Miss Gilbert? What is that you two came to talk to me about?” Head master asked us politely but our chemistry professor Mr. lecture if we waner catch her on time. But since your friends must have already bought why dot you two go and ask them the names of the boutiques they bought them form? I would be easier yes?” Mr.pm Am I right Mr. Adri is the only person who could lie without any problem so well when we always do all the risky prohibited teenage stuff. Yes but headmaster we could go at least once to get our clothes selected so we might need a lot of time because its really hard to find those clothes of knights and kings and queens out there” Sammy groaned “Sure it is. John was staring at us frowning knowing that we are up to something. Because we discussed to not to tell him about Adriana because he will feel suspicious knowing that she didn’t meet us and just left a letter so we thought of asking permission to go to the mall to get some items for the project that we have during the chemistry lecture “Sammy. 52 | P a g e . All of our plans are goner be totally screwed up. “Well we were hoping if we could get your permission to leave to get some…” Sammy was stuck “Some clothes for ….

We really don’t need any extra class. Rather than always been nerds. And get your missed lessons as well “headmaster confessed “No no we noted them down from our friends in the class. You’ll can leave after lectures. We were cursing him from inside our minds and went out from he office and headed towards our rooms “Now now where do you girls think you’ll are going. It was a five hour journey to where she live but since its night time and most of the people leave home after work at this time we hardly could keep hopes on arriving there by time. But since my parents wanted me to do science. So as this professor suggested you’ll can easily shop for the clothes. “Oh really they did? Yes of course you can take any student for extra classes because it for their own good. “We said.“Also since they have missed so many lectures with me I would like to have them for some extra classes as well sir. This sucks. After the class we quickly ran to our rooms got some necessary items packed and called for a taxi and left to Melbourne where Adriana live. And thank you for your time. We are not chemistry haters or don’t like to miss these lectures but we just miss them to have some fun which is also a necessary thing to do when you are in university.” I panicked “Well girls… talk about it will your professor because you’ll got the solution for your leaving matter. You girls our already few minutes late for the lecture?” we heard a voice calling us And we turned around and to see it was our chemistry professor.” He added and he excused and left out of the room since he got a call. he is sooo screwed up. I chose it because always I love to do what makes my parents happy. How are we goner see Adriana now. We were so mad and upset at the same time. I have so any people waiting outside. 53 | P a g e . Same here but I am more of a student interested in math more than science. Sammy and Adriana always get vey good grades at their term tests. Two of us were clueless of a way to get you out of the university now. We didn’t give up on the idea of going to see Adriana. It’s all because of the damn professor. “Actually we were going to our room to get our book and come for your WONDERFUL LECTURE” Sammy said aggressively “Sammy calm down “I whispered “Sir we will b back in no time “I said and I pulled Sammy and ran to the room and got our book and came to the lecture and stayed there till it finishes.” headmaster replied “We are so sorry sir. It was the worst lecture for us.

I hardly saw because I as so dark. And I was thinking for hours and came to a decision of calling and telling the guardians to come tonight itself.*********Adriana’s point of view******** As I was packing my bags I hardly could stop crying. None of us felt like checking the door but dad finally stood up and went for the door “Adriana is for you “dad said I was not on earth. take me way back in time. And my legs didn’t work for me to walk to the door with my luggage’s and holding my moms hand tight. I took several photos to take with me. Seen all those photographs of my self since I was a toddler with my mom and dad.” I said and went and hugged my parents crying. I started to shiver.” Suddenly Sammy and Alex came running with tears in their eyes crying and hugged me so tight and dint let me go 54 | P a g e . I can’t see you’ll cry anymore. Because when more time pass more we all get hurt. I asked them to come tonight. “Adriana… where are you going to go? Why are you dressed?” dad asked “Well… I’m leaving tonight!” “Adri… what did you say? “Yes mom I am. We were crying hugging each other for few minutes and talked about several stuff and my mom cooked me my favorite food lasagna and a tasty desert. More I’m here more you’ll cry and worry. “ADRIANAAAAAAAAA……. So I called and informed them and they said they will come in few hours and I got dressed and got my bags and items packed and went to my parent’s room where they were so upset and talking. That’s the door bell of my reborn. As soon as these things finishes less stress you people will have” I explained “Are you insane? We are finding ways to keep you for some more days but you think if you just leave tonight it will work?” dad shouted “Dad I’m only staying for few more hours just love me and care for me. Few hours passed by and while we were talking in the sofa we heard our door bell ringing. We had our last dinner together laughing and smiling but all three of us dying inside our hearts I have never gone through a situation so tough and hard in my entire life before and I know I will never go through something like this ever again. My felt like my nerves weren’t passing any impulses and my heart wasn’t beating. I didn’t know what to do. And I slowly walked to the door and dad was standing near it talking with two people.

Our chem. But I couldn’t recognize what sort of look he had because it was dark As he got closer all I saw was two men wearing black woolen jacket even with their head covered with hoods. Bla bla bla. “Miss. We couldn’t talk another word instead we saw a vehicle appeared from no-where and parked right in front of us. Why Adri? Why? We love you this much and we been your best friends how could you be this way to us?” Sammy added “Please forgive me… I couldn’t face you guys. They looked so scary. We couldn’t properly see who it was because the headlight of the vehicle was blinding us. Well now no turning back so I went inside and brought my luggage’s and gave them while my mom and dad were crying hugging each other near the door speechless. I felt like I did a big mistake asking them to come tonight because I didn’t expect Sammy and Alex to come.” I started crying so loud “We do know Adri … that’s why we came just to see you. My friends were crying too and they were helping me. You guys dont know the pressure I have right now. Adriana jasmine Rachael smith” I hard a voice of a young guy stepping out of the vehicle saying my name. Who are you'll?” I questioned “Well lady we are guardians from the school of magic and we are here to take you “a guardian said “What? “ I knew I called and ask them to come to take me tonight but I didn’t know how to face this moment since the first time I freaked out hearing the door bell thinking it was them but it wasn’t so now I not at all prepared and this is unexpected.. And since it was dark too the scenery got even spooky “Yes I am Adriana…. Professor didn’t let us come any sooner.” that’s all I could say because I chocked every word I tried to split out because I really thought it was the guardians. 55 | P a g e . “Sammy said..“Oh my goodness its you guys. “Cant she have few more hours?” Sammy questioned “Oh no ma’am please can we have your bags we have to hurry up because even we don’t belong here” they explained Oh god they don’t want me to stay anymore. “We came to see you… why is this Adrianna? Why did you didn’t answer our call or even talk to us when you came to the university? Why?” Alex was shouting at me while crying and still hugging me “I know….

Smith.” Alex said.. He had gorgeous pale green eye which I hardly could stare at because they were so tempting..” dad mummer “Yes sweetheart… your goner be fine… this is for your best… don’t forget us. Don’t worry life could be hard at times but this is goner change you big time” he looked at me and pulled down the hood of the jacket he was covering his head.” one guardian spoke to me. Why did this happen to me? “I stammered crying “Baby we love you. “Mom….... I kept my head down on to my lap and cried till I felt a little better. I couldn’t look at anyone’s eyes because I was struggling so hard to not to lose control and cry because if I do so it will surely hurt my parents more Guardians stood outside till I finally say goodbye t everyone.. I ran and jumped on to my parents and hugged them so tight to feel their warmth for the last time. Your one lucky girl… keep that in mind sweetie.. It was a terrible feeling. things will be so different or may be hard at first but you’ll get used to it. Dad….. you will be so fine darling. my life’s goner change and turn around and I will have to write a whole new chapter in my life. “We love you Adri… we do… we will miss you sooo much..All the memories are just goner fade away after another moment.... I couldn’t bare this... me and mom are always watching you and we are always be there in your heart. where ever you go. just call me that” I said “Ok Adriana.. The guardians took off and I only looked back from far..... “Miss. And all I saw was of my loved once hugging each other and crying.” mom explained “We won’t spend a millisecond not thinking about you and blessing you.” dad said wiping my tears Then I kissed them on their cheeks and moved few steps back and my girlfriends came crying and hugged me. we are with you… now don’t cry.. 56 | P a g e .. You will win this world with who you are goner be. “Don’t worry you are goner be a wonderful magician.” Sammy added “We will never forget you and we will always take care of your parents trust us.. Don’t be sad keep doing the right thing…” Sammy noted “I love you too I will miss you guys like hell… please do what I said… don’t let my parents suffer … I trust you’ll” I slowly moved away from their warmth and ran to the vehicle and closed the door and cried and cried and didn’t look back... “Adriana.

And then the vehicle stopped. I was already half way frozen to death.. I just need this time for my self” I requested “Ya sure ma’am its all yours” he added We were going in very unusual roads for nearly 6 hours now. The moonlight brought a ghostly effect to the place. and the doorsteps were cracked and grass and flowers were popping g out of them. when they were suppose to bring me to a university of magic. Red roses grown wildly in near the big door by the gate. nice to meet you’ll. 57 | P a g e .. I felt like ice Had replaced my spine. leaves rustling. When I got down fro the vehicle I saw a humongous house and I started shivering. The light was fading.. squirrels chattering. Branches creaking and making me feel more and more scared. The sweater and my top could help me to get away from the deathly cold. I didn’t feel any hunger because the pain in my heart was all over my body. the calm moonlight struggled to make into the dark room through some holes near the windows ad from the roof. The cold air covered the entire body. Cobwebs covered the corners of the doors. The guardians were leading me to where ever I am supposed to go. Tiny black spiders threading towards their prey. And Liam got down first and came to open my door. It was hall with several small doors and an elevator in one corner and Windows were covered with dirt. creating new shadows and dark patches.. I was pushed to enter into this strange place. Then suddenly the door open with a creepy sound making me sweat all over and my heart skip a beet. The house is fit for the kings and queens. “Oh. wind whistling around trunks disturbing the leaves.. Dust swirled around the room as I made my way inside. While we were going we entered to a road through a dark scary forest. I was scared not knowing why they brought me to a place like this which was so scary and looked haunted. I’m just so upset. feet was shivering as I got down from the vehicle.“Ya I know… who are you btw?” I questioned “I’m Liam... and this is Roy and the other guardian who was driving pulled his hood of the jacket down too...

Shopping malls fountains.. Oh my goodness it’s….. His wrinkles letting me see his every expression His smile reeked of wickedness. “Hello Adriana… its good to see you AGAIN” I heard a guy’s voice.. and to see an old man with frightening eyes watched my every move. and met my final destination. a forceful push was needed so I waited till Liam and Roy help me with it but when I turned around non of them were their . His cold eyes where almost gray. Chapter 8 A LONG DAY “You. People doing extraordinary stuff and children playing around and so many wonderful buildings… wow it looked so beautiful and took my breach away. I was terrified of this old man.. I was alone in a spooky place… Some how I tried hard not to freak out so I pushed the door open.Then Liam took my hand and took me near to the elevator.. It was a whole different world…... Then there were more stares each step intensified the moaning and creaking as if the steps could collapse at any moment. Reid.. Didn’t I meet you at the meeting? The meeting for magicians…” I asked “Oh… you are so good you can remember me after all” the old man replied in a very rude manner. he smiled at me. And they pressed some weird no and said a magical spell which made the lift stop by some place that I couldn’t figure out. and kept watching me. and something inside had told me he held many secrets behind his smile.. When I glanced back. And I turned around. You can call me Mr. but I could almost feel his cold breath even though he was standing further away. At one point he took of his hat and smiled at me. Then he came closer and closer and it made me fell like he is so familiar. “Yes I am who you think I am. Then suddenly my eyes wide open when I figured out who he is. I couldn’t figure out exactly who he was because he was wearing a hat and looking down. As soon as the door opened all I saw was a wonderland.. Being eighteen. The door did not give way easier. I just tried my best to fake a smile.. I turned to the right. but inside. His face had mostly been hidden by his glasses..” He groaned 58 | P a g e .. I am the head of magicians the headmaster of the school of magic..

Though I did something that is so not legal and that I would have got death penalty for. Hope you know about all the bad magicians and how threaded they are … you have to live many more years here. And in a blink of an eye he was gone 59 | P a g e . he let me go that day without even telling anyone about what I did.he moved forward hoping I would follow him and did the same. And now that too much of detail you are going into… I never get much close to students like this” he frowned at me and walked away. “Not exactly. So chose the right path. And if you determine to work in good terms with me that will be helpful for you to live here in the city of magic for the rest of your life” he murmured “If not?” I questioned “Ah ha so you are a brave person. that didn’t have any hidden thoughts. But he is so reluctant to talk more. Oh why would I doubt because you area very stubborn girl who do illegal wrong things..“What…. “Can believe ha? I am no bad guy otherwise I would have let you go that easily that day” he said with a very cheesy smile Oh yes this is creepy..” “Then? “ “I just said it. “So you. And you will have no one like a self guardian to take care of you since you are 18. You said that I will need you someday .. you knew I was a magician? That’s you.. Head master of school of magic? and head of whom?” I questioned with a shock realizing that I will have to work under a stupid jerk like him for the rest of my life.. I felt like he has something to tell me or he is hiding something from me. “You still didn’t answer my question” I said “Well if not. you can live in a hell with all the threats you will get to your life. “And he gave a really rude look and kept staring at my eyes I was examining all his moves without missing a single one. Because if I go on asking questions he will reveal any of his secrets “So I am just here to let you know that you will be working under me.

Btw I’m Adriana…and u?” “Oh…nice to meet you. where as you know even you should be going. “Yes… I am so sorry for keeping you waiting. still I didn’t want to distract my self from admiring the city. A really tall guy with a really hot muscular shoulder blades just like once JACOB does and very flat body with blue eyes was standing next to me giving me cheesy flirtish look but at the same time an innocent smile he had . even if this was the last place on earth. back at home where I will never ever get a chance to go to see again.. I just left the most important things that made my life going .. But I knew I was lost. I am Stephan. Crying about that for weeks and now just as I got here and just as soon as I saw a guy doesn’t mean I can forget all that happened and move on like some heartless girl. His six pack abs was carved through the white shirt he was wearing and his black pants suits his shirt like milk and honey.” I apologized “Really? Are you new here? If not you cannot be lost “ he questioned “Yes you are right I’m definitely new here. I walked along the sideways examining the strange beauty in this secret city. but I really couldn’t find where the school is. There were people around me but none of them looked friendly for me to feel open and ask hem anything this place looked so beautiful just like NY but except for the fact that this place looks much more better and much more advanced technology seems to be in use and I am so surprised to see all the new technology the robots in the malls that serve people so impressive. I study at the school of magic. They aren’t looking friendly at all for me to be open and talk to them except you.. “ Hello are you lost? “ He was asking a little bit confused because I was staring at him in a very awkward manner which must have mad him feel very uncomfortable God what am I thinking I can’t be this lame.Wow now I am lost in a place that I would not even expect to get lost. But the point is. I was trying to find someone to talk to for hours and everyone seems too strange and serious and spooky. “Hey you need any help?” I heard a guy’s voice trying to stop me from wondering and I turned around to see who it was.. Could you kindly help me?” I asked 60 | P a g e . I knew I should make my final destination there.”he mentioned “Yaaa. I am a little shocked and lost for sure.

Stephan got down from the driving seat and opened the front door for me to get in. My parents were planning of getting me a car for my birthday.” He was been so polite “Oh that’s really kind of you. I felt very awkward to be this close with a stranger that I met only a couple of minutes ago. “Front seat? It’s not a problem for you? “ I questioned as he wanted me to sit in the front seat with him “Oh no no. I put my head out of the window and a huge board saying THE SCHOOL OF MAGIC caught my vision. Thank you for this generosity. Ill bring the car. Walking will not help I just came to the mall to get some food. All I could do is just accept everything that life will bring to me and move on with what I have and face what I will have to go through in the future. “ I nodded my head accepting his offer In a matter of seconds a stunning Porsche was in my site I always loved these cars and was my dream car. I really appreciate it. But now since I have to survive here all by my self.” I noted “Stay here. Finally he stopped his vehicle near a gate.he seems like a very nice owner who takes care of this baby so well. cant bother about every single thing too deep. Come with me. “This is it?” I questioned 61 | P a g e .. This place has everything. but it didn’t work since I moved to the university hostel for my studies. So I brought my car with me hope you would accept my ride.“Yes sure.. You surely don’t want to make me look like you driver don’t you?” And he winked at me trying hard to get that crazy Adriana out of me again. Who would ever thought that creepy house in the woods will end up in first class city like this. Stephan was showing me around briefly telling me about all the places and I felt a little safe with him because he didn’t seem like a threat to me. It was a few minutes journey and I was mind blown seen the super fine shopping malls food stores super markets and hotels that was on the road side. everything that can keep a hell a lot of magicians going for ages. everything is so modern.. Stephan and I were talking about how each other got chosen and apparently there are few people like me in this college and all the others are chosen at birth and that made me feel so bad.. People here looked fashionable. but nothing could make me forget about what I went through the last couple of days Inside of the car was soo beautiful the seats and the leather leopard cushion works took my breath away .

Adriana.. And people doing magical tricks and the entire place was soo crowded and busy and everybody seems like occupied with their magic and hanging around its just like my university but a little spooky strange with the whole magic in this place “Why are they up? At this time? Are their any lectures at this time?” I murmured “You don’t know how these things go don’t you?” he questioned “No why?” “Well all the classes are held at night time. He led me to a big door and that seems like the entrance to the college . nice to see you..” He parked his car in the parking area and we walked in to the college which was soo big and it took my breath away.. And your memory is erased and sent back to where you came from.. talk with the room keeper. “Ummm… hey… how you know my name?” I asked 62 | P a g e . I felt scared but I knocked on the door and suddenly the door magically opened up which freaked me out..” He mention which made my hairs on my arms and legs to erect “Oooooooooopppppppppppppppzzzzzzzzzzzzz not easy ha?” I sighted “Nope. “Oh ok. and ended up here. there is only one place for everything. Don’t you know about that?” “Oh… is that why the secret meetings are kept at night time as well” “You know about them?” “Ya.” He was confused with my talkativeness and shut tried to change the subject.. “ he noted “Wow seems like a very big place” I ased “Should be.“Yes it is. that are how I got into the whole magician trouble. “an old lady wearing a long gown and with grey hair smiled at me.Students were still in their classes and it is already midnight. “Hello Ms.. she must be having your room keys” he noted And he pointed at a room. go to that room. But here. because where you lived there are so many places for people to learn so many things... If you are chosen you defiantly have to go through these gates and be who you are suppose to be otherwise you can be killed or your powers can be taken .. moving on.... She seems kind but I could judge any person from the appearance......

” I noted “Really? Well she is a good magician too. “Well here’s you key and good luck been here.“Well well miss I am Rosaline. You have a great future go find it and this college will be a blessing to clear you mystery paths of life that are hidden.....” I said “Adriana told you this place is not goner be easy.. She is very good at face reading “ “Oh ok that’s weird than. And he gave that cheesy smile again.. None of the student’s even bother looking at me and smiling.” She said “Oh… nice to meet you.” he explained “Oh my god.. “Hey is everything ok?” he questioned “No she was been nice but she was saying something creepy… something I couldn’t understand.” I was confused... they don’t like people like you’ll. JELOUSY. Even the once who looked gave me a very rude look and tried to ignore me a much as they could..”she said with a very scary voice “I’m sorry? I didn’t understand…” “No no nothing dear. just try to keep up with these things.”. The room keeper and I happen to have all the keys of every room of every student and I was in this post for 60 years now. They are scared that they will lose their place because of you’ll... And he checked my key and led me to the apartment... Why is it getting worst?” I freaked out “ No it not... Don’t get discouraged by the stuff that will try to pull you down.. paths of my life that is hidden? What was she talking about. Good luck. andi walked out of the room and met Stephan outside..” she groaned “Ok thanks.” He said I felt so relief and gad that someone nice is here today for me to help me. 63 | P a g e . Normally people like you are little more powerful than us because we use powers since birth but you keep tem stored and use at once which make you more powerful. weird. If anything just drops me a message you have me now”.. “Stephan… why are they acting like this?” I was so confused “your a one of a kind person. do your studies here well... you know the have that ugly quality every human being has.. because life can be even harder. I didn’t understand anything she said.

.” I said “Hahaha.” And he left I went into my room and it was a small room with a single bed a studying table and few windows and a small kitchen and an attached bathroom little better than my university room As soon as I went into my bedroom all I saw was books on the table.. We warmly welcome you to this college of magic and hope you will do your best in this school. C ya. Face new challenges and win you life. Dear Adriana. So many books and a letter on the middle of the table.” “Oh don’t mention.... And keep up doing good studies like you did before.. Discipline is the most important fact you should keep in mind. Rest and attend for the classes from tomorrow. I’m just few blocks away.“Message? Well I don’t have a phone and I don’t have you number even. Good luck 64 | P a g e . Behave very well. I couldn’t have survived the first day here without you.. magicians have to help each other” he smiled at me “Ah ha… and I hope you are not my grade?” I mummer “No I’m in the senior class.. “Ok. “Hey Stephan wait…” He turned around hearing me “Ya?” he asked “Thank you so much for everything. “Ok then good night... thanks” IL keep in touch. this is you room” he pointed at a small room in the right corner of the fifth floor of the apartment building “Why did you laugh?” I asked “No you’ll see everything you own as you go into your room and heres my number” he gave e a card. go safe… take care good night” “You too. You’ll be in the junior classes and you will have special extra classes for your missed lessons “ “Really? Ok then thank you again.. I’ll be fine don’t worry.. I’m off for now” he said then and he turned around and left. That’s why we are for.

But I don’t have a way. Reid. Enjoy.Ps. Thank you! Yours sincerely Mr. Tears escaped from my eyes closing even though my eye lids were closed tightly… and I rest in my room without even changing my clothes after a hard long day. Items needed? Wow I have a phone and a laptop just fro me? Even clothing and MONEY? That’s great news and I ran around my room to find out them. money (if necessary). a laptop (to communicate only with in the magic city) and books necessary with all the extra items needed and other stuff in your room. Am I dreaming? And next to it was beautiful slim hot electric blue phone which I knew thought I will have ever owned. phone. I wish I had a way to even talk to them and tell them that I’m fine and tell them to be safe and happy. I grabbed all these and jumped on to my bed and closed my eyes to come back to earth and calm down because too many surprises that I am so shocked right now. 65 | P a g e . And I opened a closet in the corner of the room and I couldn’t believe my eyes it was all of gorgeous dresses beautiful stunning pairs of shoes and heels also man funky jewelries make up and many more Surely who ever chose these items had a good taste about my choices. I was impresses and in the side of my lock was a pink laptop an apple laptop which was shining and I almost fainted. I never thought life would be like this here.there will be the all the necessary item such as clothing (if necessary). But at the same time while I was closing my eyes I couldn’t stop recalling my past and I was worried though I have all these facilities my parents and friends must be so worried back at home about me may be still crying and almost weak.

30 hours.00 hours – junior spells 04. In a side the second locker of the desk was a piece of paper. GIRLFRIENDS who would be with me like Sammy and Alex since the whole Stephan thing will not work out since he is a guy who is elder than me and his looks defiantly won’t let me keep a good honest friendship for a long time unless I really control my self. the clothes and new books in my new messy room to realized I’m not late to university since not at Melbourne anymore. sweet and … HOT at the same time.school will start exactly at 20.00.00 hours and finish at 06. I was still on the bed.00 hours -04.Chapter 9 Impressive A flash of light was forcing me to open my eyes and I slowly opened my eye lids.00 hours – any extra curricular activity of your choice Information. Daly classes 20. Which is hard at the moment because I only could rely on him because he is the only person I know here who is friendly. I freaked realizing that I was late for university out and jumped out of the bed but it took few minutes for me to ring that bell in my mind see all my bags. Then I sat on my table and checked on my books which I should be learning since I have no other option. They look too hard and complicated which made birds to fly around my head. First and foremost I have to clean this room and unpack bags then I have to make some friends. I’m in the school of magic and in here there aren’t many classes at day time in fact they are only extra classes Then I was back on earth and I just sat on the floor and hugged my legs and started thinking for a while trying to realize what I am suppose to do right now. where I laid last nigh and it’s almost 11am.wand lessons 02.00 hours . So kept them away. Then I opened the locker of the table to check what’s in them.00 hours –22.30 hours. And I opened it and all I saw was a printed latter saying time table. which I don’t think is relevant for the time being So without wondering any more I took my clothes from the bags and hung them in my closet and folded some and kept them on place.magic science junior classes 22.00 hours – 06.00 hours if any student get late for lectures they will have to do extra classes and at the same time if any student fails to attained for any classes he or she can willingly choose to stay for any extra class he or she chooses. kind. No student can stay after 66 | P a g e . And I examined it more and then there was a note. I have to too many things to do.

I always loved swimming but not anymore because of the whole water trouble.07. swimming. Rules and regulation booklet will be in your room as well. table tennis. golf. spells and wands and weird like harry potter. soccer. Library can be used 24-7 by any student. After cleaning and arranging my room the way I wanted. I will be getting my daily money from my parents they will have to pay for me till I pass university and work my self for my living. This place sure isn’t easy and I know not like in the university these people will check on these rules much often.30 pm and may be he must be sleeping. Until I get used to my powers and learn to mange them I will not try out swimming so I chose chess which I really love too. More information visits the school website from your student profile. I put my hand into my last night trousers pocket and found the card Stephan gave and just gave him a miss call and he called back with in a matter of seconds. Extra curricular sports are not compulsory but you cannot go out of school premises at that time if you aren’t doing any activity you can choose to do any sport of your wish from archery. badminton. But I wasn’t much sure about Stephan been up at this time since it’s almost 12. athletics. The shelves and lockers were full of different types of food but I felt a little lazy to cook for my self so I thought of eating some fast food for today. weight lifting. boxing.. First of all I ran to the wash room with my towels and had a wonderful relaxing baths with my usual bubbles in the tub and after few minutes I got my self with the towels to the kitchen and checked on the refrigerators and the kitchen furniture lockers to see what I could cook for my self today since I was so much hungry. 67 | P a g e . karate. But I actually didn’t wanted to go alone since it’s the first few days I’m her and might not know much about these things so thought of contacting Stephan to help me out. wushu. squash and chess Saturday Sundays will be free and extra classes till a be kept at any time of the day. Wow what a time table.. I think these people will be much more strict on the rules and keen on the discipline and behavior. football. I thought of having a good shower and getting my self something prepared to eat and then going out for a walk. Tennis. volley ball.00 hours in school premises unless he or she is attending any extra class with a teacher or a higher grade qualified student. gymnastic. Then I checked deeper in the locker to find the rules and regulation booklet and their it was a small book with a blue cover and rules like in a prison. wrestling.

..” I said trying hard not to faint “You look good. Ya ya. He sounds to be enjoying the day out with guys friends “Really? Are you busy? Could I have a favor?” I asked with my fingers crossing hoping he will be free for me “No why is that?” he said which made me feel so happy “Well. Stephan was in the other side of the door wearing a black shirt half way tucked and a loosed tie with baggy pants and shades on. “Hey.. I was wondering if you could take me out and show me around because I’m pretty hungry and lazy to cook my self.. I was just out with some of the guys here” he said happily.” I groaned “Hey girl glad you called …. So ya I will come to pick you up.“Hey… were you sleeping? I’m really sorry to trouble you. Now I can be safe and my tummy will not blame me for keeping it hungry.. Plus I’m little bit sacred to loiter around here all by myself because this place can be even more dangerous than the worst places on NY” “Ha-ha.” His cheesy attitude came out again “You too.Oh no I wasn’t.. I took some money from my purse and then got into a skinny pink short dress and took a small clutch to get my phone and necessary stuff in it and sat on the sofa near the door and waited.” in fact he was gorgeous and I couldn’t be too flirty so I was trying hard to be normal. “I’m ready.. Anyway sorry for the trouble” I whispered “Adri… you call this trouble? Hang up and get dressed ill be there” “Ok bye” “Bye” Phew that’s done. Ten minutes later their was a knock on my door and I ran to open it.. shall we get going?” I suggested “Your sure don’t you want a hat or a pair of shades it’s too hot out their. Just stay in your room ill be there in few minutes” he said “Awww thanks. At this time it’s not to goo for girls for sure.” He asked 68 | P a g e .

People were playing with kids and couples were hanging around and people sun bathing.” “Really? Thank you Stephan this means a lot to me.. Wow I was impressed.” I’m trying hard to grasp everything I leaned against a wall “This isn’t the best place in here. champagne. No I know why they came up with a name like “the sea weed” because the sea was right behind it which I didn’t see it coming. I really don’t have anyone here in this place than you” He smiled at me and moved forward to a small hut mad out of dried leaves n a shady corner of the beach.“Oh thanks for reminding” I quickly ran in a got a very stylish pink and white beautiful hat on and my old pair of shades on as well and locked my rooms and followed him to the car which was parked outside...I was speechless. He drove me down the street to a beautiful small restaurant called “THE SEA WEEDS” that is about 15 minutes away from the school.. “Stephan….” I whispered “You’re surprised” he murmured “Sure I am. I couldn’t trouble Stephan to take me to a better place.. He sat next to me and that place could capture the most 69 | P a g e . The university wasn’t much isolated there were several people in the class rooms to catch up with their work and senior students were loitering checking things like our perfects do in universities Outside was so hot and sun was shining to bright.. Te name was not at all suitable since their wasn’t a sea near-by that I could see but I accepted to have my lunch and breakfast at this place. in fact he is doing at least this much JUST FOR ME The door of the restaurant opened automatically and when I walked it was heavenly the slow music and the candle lights people dancing…. There are way better places we could hang around later on. At the same time walking close to a guy like him surely grabbed many peoples attention. For now please accept your lunch here with me because I just wanted you to have a good lunch. Stephan was right it was too hot. The food in here is perfect.. When I looked around there was a massive stunning beach in the back of the restaurant. And he took my hand which made me get butterflies in my tummy and took me out of the restaurant. He doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend but I don’t know whether he is a player been like this with many more girls in the school because I hardly know him though he is the only person I could rely on right now so I felt guilty at the same time... You’re so sweet and thanks for been here for me.. beer..everything was mind blowing..

...” 70 | P a g e . I come here when I want to give my mind a break.. “So what happened and why aren’t you a guardian anymore” I questioned “I didn’t really want to be a guardian. you do this all the time?” I tried to go into more details of his life “Do what?” he was confused “Help girls to settle down here?” “Not exactly.... honestly I was a guardian” his tone was very low. when I’m all tired with studies and other problems I come here to relax myself” “So..” he swallowed the sentence he was supposed to come up with “So can I know what the reason is?” “Well. I used to. How can live in a different place when your blood relations really exist? How can you? You at least have been in your own parent’s warmth. Also I didn’t know much about NY because I only have gone a couple of times.beautiful view of the entire beach. but after a very long time you’re the only one I ran into. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about then and crying and wasting time thinking a way to go find them. I did it for a different reason..... I don’t know” he was hiding something I surely realized it from his tone “That’s fine Stephan “I said trying to make him feel better “Actually… after I got to know my parents were out there where you lived. So I found out that if I learn well and be a good student I could go out of this city to as a guardian to bring the new students here..” He said with tears in his eyes “Wow... you used it to sneak out? Where you able to do that?” I was surprised “Not exactly because I couldn’t find where they lived. “ “Why after a long time?” “Well. The breeze took away the warm sunshine that was been a curse to me A waiter came by to check weather we would wanted to order some food and Stephan asked for two soft juices “So… Stephan. I didn’t have time to even search for them because NY isn’t a small place where I can search somebody in a short time. I haven’t…Also I’m a very adventurous guy so I hate studying all the time and spending the boring life here.. you come here often?” “Not often...

But now I have to get used to this life style.. NO NE COULDN’T go out from this place. When you look deep in their eyes you will see that.00 pm tonight and its almost 2.. This is a very bad man place.” He said very sadly “Oh I’m sorry. I’m sorry for asking these things. I enjoyed hanging around with him. And fired me from that post. I understand you. I had a good shower and went back to bed though I hardly sleep at this time of the day.00 pm so if I didn’t have a good nap I want be ale to stay up for my lectures all night. He smiled and said good bye.. I thanked him for helping me out..” He said furiously I was so scared and upset at the same time “Stephan. But now I have given up the whole sneaking out and finding my parents mentality because I can’t.. you don’t have happiness here.“So… what happened? Why did you give up on the post?” “I didn’t but I had to. He came with me till I get into my room and greeted me with a hug.” “Don’t be. Then the waiter brought our drinks and we spent few hours drinking while having a chat. 71 | P a g e . I got caught and they debagged me. “ He was so upset when I asked those questions so I didn’t wanted to make him feel much more uncomfortable so I didn’t ask him such questions afterwards.please don’t be upset.. always wanted to find out the outer world. He was asking about my past and I shared it with tears in my eyes. then we ordered for some food and had our lunch Then we took off back to our university since the classes will start at 20. Everybody here has hidden pain in their hearts because they don’t have their real loved once.

In front of the main door was a small board with a map of the whole school of magic. I am a little self obsessed.Chapter ten. so I got up quickly to have a bath and get my books ready for my first class in this school. I was just trying to figure out where I will be having my first class” “What the name of the hall?” he asked “Charmed castle hall 5. In everyway.. Specially my looks.30 pm.. anyway what are you up to looking at that map as if you are hitmatised “ “Nothing much. Trouble.. Come with me ill show you around. At the same time fifth floor.” 72 | P a g e . I didn’t want to screw today. Few hours later I woke up and it’s almost 6.” He took my hand and pulled me which made me almost trip on the stairs “Don’t you have any lectures?” “Well I do too. it was Stephan my gorgeous helper “Hey beautiful…?” he whispered What? did he just call me beautiful? I really don’t know what he is up to. I tied up my long hair into a pony and few pieces of my fringe fell on to my face from here and there. I got dressed with in a matter of seconds and got my self into a blue dress with glittering pearls and stones on it which was one of my favorite dresses which was in my wardroom that I owed from the college itself. Very weird name though. I walked out of the apartments and then headed towards the main entrance. I loved my hair my skin which was pale white and my skinny body which looks perfect on every outfit in my wardroom... “ “It in the third floor you nutty scientist.”I said “Am not. And while I was checking that to find where I am suppose to go to be at my first class somebody tapped on my back when I turned around to see. but I surely no he is totally going through the same trouble like I do trying hard not to pretend that he likes me. But the truth is I am a girl who is really satisfied about my self. I packed up my books and took the time table with me and left my room before the clock strike 8 pm. “You are following me..

“Good morning… sir…” I said “Why are you waiting outside? “ “I don’t know…” “Come with me ill introduce you to the class. Try to ignore” Mr. Its not like in the university this place is creepy .” He was been polite but I didn’t understand why he’s trying to be nice “Oh no its fine... just came here yesterday…” I said 73 | P a g e ... if you look at this school in that way. Don’t want to stand in front of everyone in the class on my first day. Reid started giving a small lecture to the class which I didn’t feel like focusing instead. I was looking at every student in the class trying to grasp that I will have to live in an environment like this for years ahead.” The blonde turned to me to grab me to a conversation “Yeah. With dark brown eyes Mr. I hope they were the perfects and I didn’t have any intention of even staying close to them. Like somebody was standing behind me I turned around “Hey good evening Adriana….. He was standing next to me examining every signal move of mine. When I was standing near the door of the hall examining it.. who looks a little bit incent. their were candles hung on the ceiling instead of chandeliers .Then he showed me my other lecture halls and took me to the third floor where my first class will be. I felt like somebody s breath on my body.” I said “What a point of view. Reid said with a pleasant smile. People were wearing short frocks and denim shorts and long gowns also many guys in their t-shirts and shirt and few more students in blazers. your new here… haven’t seen you before. some very studious students trying hard to focus on s studies and some very attractive “IT” girls trying to be the head of the class and grab everyone’s attention doing things.also their were long tables and people were sitting on them some showing off. Which I never expected.. I’m so worried and a bit nervous about staying alone for the class. you will take years to settle down. “Hey. Reid walked into the class passing me and the whole class came to a long pause of silence and I slowly walked and sat near a blond girl so pretty.it will freak me out and ruin my first day.. I thanked him again for helping me out and I promised him that I w ill meet him at the cafeteria during the interval break.” Mr. As soon as I went it to the hall it was so huge.

How does she know my name? “Yes ma’am…” I answered standing up from my seat “Would you show us how to do the spell?” “Ma’am I am so sorry I don’t have my wand. It was so awesome to watch people using magic. Still it was hard for me to understand. Some frowned and some were shocked and whispering at each others ears “Class silent” she said 74 | P a g e . The floating spell. Gilbert am I right?” the old lady professor pointed the want at me.” She murmured “Informed?” “Yes every time a new student who isn’t an infant comes here we are informed” “Oh my god.. So everyone knows about me. that’s why they were giving all the wired looks?” “Yes they consider mutants as a threat.” She said “Mutants?” I was sad and confused “Yes you are a mutant… but don’t worry I know how you feel been so .. Res es pesto petro am…... “Miss. I haven seen people using hands yet and that’s weird. I’m Nina by the way” she shook hands with me. So I couldn’t do the practices in the classroom. “Hey I’m Adriana.we were informed that you will be coming. They only do it with the wand but I know how to do using my hands.“Oh nice to meet you . Since I have missed so many lessons and ill be having extra class most of the time I tried hard memorizing the spells and hey sound so weird. People had their wands and mine was not with me. thanks for been nice” Then we focused on the lesson and the class was conducted by a really old lady and half of the class was sleeping but I concentrated...ill be good to you.” “Ok then I hope you will be having your wand by tomorrow?” “Yes hopefully” “So you’re new here?” she questioned and everyone turned around to look at me.

Ill help you with catching up the classes” “Thank you ma’am” and I sat down trying hard to ignore everyone’s attention “I told you so… don care Adriana.. If I’m to survive here I am goner kick some of those asses and survive” I said aggressively “Chill girl” she said And we spend few more hours in the class and the bell rang for the ext class..” I was so mad and even more hurt I could really punch someone right now “M ….Do they hate me so much? Wow ill be having a hard time dealing with these jackasses.. “ Nina convinced me not to cry but I was so hurt “Ya I won’t.. U… T…. “Yes I’m new “ “That good.. in fact I didn’t come here because I wanted to…I WAS FORCED.. A set of girls who I assume were the” IT “girls in our class were giggling pointing at me “What’s so funny?” I questioned crossing my arms “Everything…. So if anyone dare to call me that again…” “What will you do…? MUTAN…. I survived hardly to be here today leaving all what I have back their in NY though I didn’t wanted to come here. I went near my locker which was in the same floor near to my new friends Nina’s locker and I heard few people giggling near me and I closed the locker and turned around to see who it was. I had no option you know!” I shouted back at them Few more people gathered round like its some kind of a serious fight which motivated us to argue more. “Go die… this isn’t your place…” they said “Don’t call me that..A…N…T” they screamed their lungs out which grabbed many peoples attention “Damn… I’m not here to takeover the school.” one girl looked like the leader of the girls came toward me 75 | P a g e .” They said laughing “What’s your problem?” “MUTANT…” one girl shouted out “Say it again…..

” Stephan shouted at me “Stephan. getting into trouble like this wont work unless it will be harder for you I the future.. and few girls came and took the bitchy girls away and the corridors became empty soon with only me Stephan and Nina left alone “What were you thinking? What the hell were you thinking? Your first day? Don’t be this hot tempered.... took my hand and didn’t let me go.. how do… expect me to stand that? How?” I was crying and tears were jerking out from my eyes. told you it will be hard to survive here.. that girl… those people were insulting me. Gilbert” he said 76 | P a g e .. Reid was standing near me with a long face frowning. I was so pissed off I ran to punch her on her face and somebody came and grabbed me from my body. “I don’t know but you will have to” he said “That’s right Adriana. “We need to talk Ms. “Adriana… “I heard a guys voice calling me and I let of Stephan and turned around too see who it was.. I struggled hard to escape from that person and punch that girls pretty face I couldn’t I was pressed so hard again that persons body.Before she said another single word..... Mr.” Nina convinced me too I hugged Stephan so tight not saying another single work and he hugged me back…. And I turned around I was Stephan...

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