Standard Route: A Candidates meeting the Access requirement has to opt for the Standard Route to qualify as IWE

for which he is required to attend an Approved Training Institute and attend course for specified lesson hours. He is to appear in ANB Conducted Written and Oral Examination covering all the Modules specified in IAB Course Guideline. A part of the question may be compulsorily from International Question Bank. Successful candidates (60% pass mark) will be eligible for diploma. Presently Cornerstone Academy at Chennai is the only Authorised Training Institute (ATB) <>). Alternative Route presently is available for IWE/IWT candidates who meets the Access conditions and already have acquired 4 years’ experience in welding and fabrication job. A candidate is not required to attend any ATB 1. Candidate is required to submit a specially designed application form to find out his depth and breadth of knowledge. 2. After detailed evaluation of his application bu assessment committee and if found OK is required to submit a Project Report on an approved topic. 3. Report is subjected to paper review and if approved the candidate is interviewed to present his project and is examined by the interview Board 4. If successful the candidate is allowed to sit for the full IWE/IWT examination covering all the 4 Modules similar to Standard route candidates. 5. Successful candidates are awarded Diploma. Transition Route is the quickest for qualified and highly experienced candidates in welding profession. To qualify by the Transition Route a candidate is required to obtain the eligibility qualification and experience criteria as approved by IAB before 3rd Jan 2011(Refer to Brochure). However this can be availed only by Indian Nationals or a person having qualified in India or presently employed in India. Application along with all supporting documents covering qualification and experience proof may be sent to ANB

CHART FOR QUICK DETERMINATION OF PROVISIONAL ELIGIBILITY BY TRANSITION ROUTE FOR IWCP Sl No IWE/ Name IWT/IWS Recognised Degree/ Diploma Year & Month Total Industry Experience Yrs as on 3-July 2007 Experience in Welding Yrs as on 3-July 2007 .

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