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Gikan Ryu Koppo Jutsu Part 2

Gikan Ryu Koppo Jutsu Part 2

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info on Gikan Ryu
info on Gikan Ryu

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Published by: prwill00 on Jul 12, 2013
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Truth, Loyalty, and Justice school

Gikan Ryu is almost totally unknown to the public and the secret techniques were handed down only to the next generation. The Gikan Ryu Grandmaster was Uryu Hangan Gikanbo. He was of the Eiroku Era (1558 - 1570). He was a ruler of Kawachi No Kuni (Osaka) with the clan castle “Uryujo”. He was a true warrior and martial artist. His original intentions were to strive to keep the country at peace for all time. From his teachings there comes his slogan “Bufu Ni Sente Nashi” (From this side there is not the first strike). The Gikan Ryu was developed by Gikanbo with a lot based on the Chinese style of Cho Gyoko’s line. He then merged these with native Japanese martial arts. This style contains special kicks, punches and throws. Grades were awarded on a step by step level system being scrolls for: Shoden Gata, Chuden Gata, Okuden Gata, and Kaiden Gata etc... In ancient times the name Jujitsu was not used. The styles were termed: Kosshi Jutsu, Koppo Jutsu, Daken Taijutsu. His special punch could break a sword and he was a specialist of Koppo Jutsu, Hicho Jutsu and Senban Nage Jutsu, etc. The 10th Generation Uryu Gikanbo went by the same name as the first. This man was a warrior supporting the Emperor’s side during the rebellion of “Tenchi Gumi No Ran” at the end of Edo Era on August 17th, 1863. This was a famous battle. He was a tremendous force in the battle, being injured by a rifle shot he continued attacking with his one arm until he was overcome by many sword cuts from his enemies. Injured to the point of exhaustion he retired from the battle behind a temple. He was found there by an Iga warrior, Ishitani Matsutaro on his way to join the battle. He was told by Gikanbo that it had finished. Ishitani aided Gikanbo and took him into Iga to recover, later being repaid for this kindness by being taught Gikan Ryu techniques. On his own merit Ishitani Matsutaro was a Grandmaster already of Takagi Yoshin Ryu, Kukishin Ryu, etc. In Meiji Era when Ishitani was 61 he was given employment by the father of Takamatsu Sensei at the family factory. From this Ishitani started teaching Takamatsu Sensei. From Ishitani, Takamatsu Sensei was granted the Grandmastership of the next generation in Takagi Yoshin Ryu, Kukishin Ryu, Gikan Ryu etc.

Trevor Robinson Shidoshi GIKAN RYU

URYU HANGAN GIKANBO 2. He still continued to fight with the use of only one arm. This took place on 17th August 1863. and afterwards escape to the province of Iga. HATSUMI MASAAKI Yeiroku era 1558-1570 Tensho era 1573-1592 Kan-ei era 1624-1644 Kambun era 1661-1673 Genroku era 1688-1704 Horeki era 1751-1764 Kansei era 1789-1801 Tenpo era 1830-1844 Bunkyu era 1861-1864 Keio era 1865-1868 approx death 1905 approx death 1911 b. and Ishitani was taught the Gikan Ryu . was the Daimyo of Kawachi no Kuni (Kawachi province). 1972 approx death 1962 b. that he once broke a sword blade in half. ISHITANI MATSUTARO TAKEKAGE 13. 1887 . URYU YOSHIYASU 10. URYU YOSHICHIKA 5. URYU YOSHIHIDE 7. He lived in the family castle known as Uryujo. and Justice school KOPPOJUTSU SOKE OF GIKAN RYU 1. but was shot in the arm by a musket. URYU YOSHIMORI 4. It was at this temple that he was met by Ishitani. he was fighting for the Emperors side.d. URYU YOSHITAKA 6. He was also a master of Hichojutsu. It is said that Uryu Gikanbo's punch was so powerful. URYU YOSHIMITSU 3. of the Kukishinden Ryu . adding it to two others that he was already Soke of (Kukishinden Ryu . He retired to the safety of a nearby temple. he later became Soke of this school. 1931 - GIKAN RYU HISTORY OF GIKAN RYU The Ryu was founded by Uryu Gikanbo. URYU GIKAN 11. the 10th Soke Uryu Gikan met Ishitani Takeoi Masatsugu. Loyalty. TAKAMATSU TOSHITSUGU 14. and Hontai Takagi Yoshin Ryu ). He told Ishitani that the battle had already finished. The 2nd Soke Uryu Yoshimitsu. . Uryu had been involved in the battle "Tenchigumi no Ran". A friendship was then formed.Truth. AKIMOTO FUMIO 15. URYU YOSHIAKI 9. so Ishitani then helped him recover. was to become in his later years a monk. ISHITANI TAKEOI MASATSUGU 12. URYU YOSHIMORI 8. and Senban Nage.

twist to the outside of the arm and step on the toes to trap any movement. The tori drops to the left and uses a basic tehodoki movement on the wrist grip and executes a jodan uke with his right hand. then step in and execute a left happa ken strike to the solar plexus to bar the arm. then twist and lean back to break the arm. then he hugs the arm with his right arm to form an arm bar. Kakae Komi The uke grabs the left wrist with the right hand and jodan tsuki with his left. then with your right hand take an upside down omote gyaku. Iri Chigae The uke grabs the right wrist with his right hand.Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu Justice/Loyalty Regard School Shoden Kata Hiki Otoshi The uke grabs the left sleeve between the shoulder and the elbow with his right hand. then place your left hand palm against the uke's fingers with your fingers pointing towards the eyes. The tori steps back 45 degrees to the left and grabs the inside of the wrist. Then twist bringing uke's hands in towards your chest trapping them on your chest then taking ura gyaku with your right hand and barring the elbow with your left elbow to his right elbow. The tori responds by sidestepping to the left whilst twisting the left hand so that the palm is facing up and the fingers are pointing to the eyes. The tori sidesteps to the left covering the grabbing hand with his left inside wrist area on the outside of uke's grabbing hand. Ete Nage The uke grabs the left wrist with his right hand and jodan tsuki with his left. bring the wrist down to the obi then take a deep step away and twist to throw uke to the ground. Kote Gaeshi The uke grabs the left hand with both hands. drop your weight and wind the arm in a circle to throw. The tori steps to the left and takes his right hand over the top of uke's hands takes hold of his own left hand. Ryote Dori . then bring the right hand over the top to create a jumonji effect with your arms to bar the arm then drop back to the right bringing him down.

bring the other arm to join the left arm and step back. Iki Chigae As you walk towards each other the uke grabs the right wrist with the right hand. The tori passes the right hand over and in between the uke's hands and assumes a kongo gassho grip. Uchi Otoshi The uke executes a right tsui ken (downward striking fudo ken). grab the wrist with your right hand and the elbow with your left forearm then step deep into deep stance. covering the grabbing hand as you go. Eri Hiki The uke stands behind the tori and grabs the collar with his right hand. The tori steps to the left whilst covering the grabbing hand with his left hand then brings his right hand over the top to grab his own clothing (jacket) to entangle the uke's hand. Ryomune Dori The uke grabs the lapels with both hands. The tori drops back to the right whilst blocking with a jumonji cross block then kick attacker with right foot to the kinteki (testicles) as you drop back. Bring the left forearm onto the elbow as in ganseki. roll the forearm to bar the arm. The tori then twists inwards and away whilst executing a left boshi ken . The tori then twists to the right taking ura gyaku bringing the left elbow over the top of the grabbing arm to lock arm twist back to break arm. then twist to the right and bring the hands towards the chest then step back with the right leg to take down. Ori Ki The uke grabs the obi (belt) with his right hand and punches (jodan tsuki) the tori steps forward to the left and blocks whilst covering the right hand with the middle knuckles on the back of uke's hand. taking his left hand towards the eyes to break the grip then bring down the left elbow down sharply onto the uke's left elbow to break the elbow while stepping back. then as you step back bring your right hand on top of your left hand to apply pressure to drive the knuckles home drop your hips deep to create intense pain. Kasumi Gaeshi The uke grabs the left lapel with his right hand and jodan tsuki with his left. barring th arm with both arms.The uke grabs both wrists . the tori responds by twisting to the outside of the arm and executes a left shuto to the solar plexus whilst keeping hold of the uke's right hand then drop your weight and grab under the elbow or triceps area with the left hand then row the elbow to throw. . The tori responds by stepping forward 45 degrees to the right.

Then hug uke's arm with the left arm barring the elbow then drop body taking arm into attacker's body. The tori executes a double boshi ken to the butsumetsu (ribs) then takes ura gyaku on uke's top hand. Ichimonji The uke grabs the right lapel with his left hand and executes a tsui ken. taking ura gyaku with the right. then twist clockwise bringing left .Hiki Tate The uke grabs the tori's right wrist with his right hand. Step across and throw with double seionage. The tori side steps to the left. The tori passes over and between the uke's hands and grabs the right hand from underneath. Tori covers with right hand and drops to the right knee and catches punching hand with left. twisting clockwise. twist clockwise rising up to bar both arms and throw with double seionage. The tori steps back 45 degrees to the left. then passes left hand under both arms whilst twisting inwards to bar arms. Maru Mi The uke grabs the right wrist with right hand. Mae Kata Dori The uke grabs the left lapel with his right hand and punches with the left. bringing left elbow over the top to bar the arm. With the right hand take an upside down omote gyaku then turn the wrist into a reverse take ori. Twist back to break or throw. grabbing the inside of the wrist then steps in and executes a fudo ken to the solar plexus. The tori circles right hand clockwise to grab uke's wrist and then steps in and bars elbow with his own arm or armpit and executes yokonagare into uke's arm. Eri Jime The uke takes a cross hand jime (right hand on top). The tori kicks with right foot to uke's kinteki whilst twisting left hand up so that the fingers are pointing towards uke's eyes. Mojiri Gaeshi The uke grabs left lapel with right hand and the tori executes a chinese burn usinf pressure points twisting the body to the left and executing a right shuki ken to the face to bring uke down. then twist to throw. using your elbow to bar uke's elbow. Gyaku Te Nage The uke grabs both wrists. Gyaku Muna Dore The uke grabs both lapels.

blocks the arm and takes goja dori. Tsuri Gane The uke rugby tackles tori's waist. from behind. bringing left hand onto grabbing hand and twist wrist anti-clockwise to lock. The tori hugs uke's chest and kicks to kinteki with the right foot then executes a yokonagare bringing uke over. Tori raises the right hand to cover the incoming punch while grabbing the inside of the wrist. grabs the right with his right hand. Tori strikes double fudo ken onto uke's hands to release grip then takes uke's left hand with his right hand then brings left hand under uke's left arm and grabs his own right wrist on top.arm over grabbing arm close to the body (creating hon gyaku) and down while dropping body. Then straddle uke's body. . uke punches to the head. Twist clockwise with the body. Uchi Komi Kakae The uke executes a right tsui ken. As tori turns around. Then twist in and execute a boshi ken to the throat with the right hand and follows uke down keeping the goja dori on. then lift and throw. Then twist anticlockwise to break the arm. the tori shifts back 45 degrees to the right. Sanmyaku Dori The uke hugs waist from behind (left hand on top). Kaeshi Nage The uke. sits and twists to break the arm. Then drive thumbs into throat.

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