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Hidden Shrine School
A speciality of this ryu is striking with two punches at the same time, or even three or four strikes simultaneously. For example, two punches at the same time as a kick and headbutt. Also, when moving in, we lead with the face in Kumogakure Ryu to use facial expressions, intention, or masks to demoralise the opponent. If using an Oni mask, the horns could be used to attack when leading with the face. Kumogakure Ryu’s point is “Like a shadow behind the moon appearing after the clouds”


takes Uke to the floor using taijutsu and applies sankaku jime. At the same time. Tori can: (a)Trap Uke's right arm between his neck and left shoulder (raise both arms like in hira) and step to the outside to take Uke's balance backwards. (d)Tori uses the left knee to fold Uke's right leg and cause him to fall forward. Tori keeps his arm in this position. Continuations From above. (c)Tori steps to the outside as in (a) above but strikes Uke in the neck with the right forearm. Tori strikes the left side of Uke's neck with his right upper arm and then pulls his right fist towards Uke to strike the back of Uke's neck with the right forearm. Tori then moves forward with the left leg so that his left leg is behind Uke's right and his right foot is stood on Uke's right foot. Tori steps just behind it with the right foot and then proceeds with variations. From either shizen or ichimonji. Tori moves back to the inside of the punch to block with left jodan uke. (e)Tori uses the right knee to straighten Uke's right knee and cause him to fall backwards. (f) As Tori moves in to do the double strike. (b)From (a) above. . instead of stepping on Uke's right foot with his right foot. Tori does two simultaneous upward swinging strikes to both of Uke's butsumetsu.Technique Uke attacks with right jodan tsuki. before taking Uke's balance.

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