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Environment Vocabulary
The natural world word/phrase the natural world the Earth the planet a habitat biodiversity (endangered) species an ecosystem rainforests deforestation Energy word/phrase conserve energy sources of energy renewable sources natural resources fossil fuels solar energy solar panels wind turbines clean energy notes/explanation another way ot saying “to save energy” a good collocation sources of energy such as wind power and solar energy for example water, coal and gas a collective term for coal, petrol and gas energy from the sun the implement used to create solar energy modern windmills used to create power from the wind energy that does not create pollution notes/explanations includes both animal and plant life note the capital letter and “the” a synonym for the Earth the natural habitat of an animal is where it lives variety of plant and animal life in a region examples include the Giant Panda the system where plants and animals support one another a useful example when discussing environmental problems cutting down forests

dcielts. they illegally deposit (normally dangerous) waste Global warming word/phrase green (issues) global warming the greenhouse effect notes/explanation a very common synonym for “environmental” an example of man’s effect on the environment connected to global warming .com Pollution word/phrase pollution smog air/water quality (industrial) waste chemicals and fertilisers fumes/emissions carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide factories and power stations acid rain dump waste notes/explanation remember “air and water pollution”: other forms of the word include “pollute” and “pollutants” an extreme form of air pollution almost like fog this can be affected by pollution we also talk about waste products useful examples of products that cause water pollution these are the gases that are produced by cars and factories that cause pollution names of two gases useful for discussing acid rain and the green house effect two examples of sources of pollution rain that is “poisonous” because of the poor air quality if factories dump waste.Dominic Cole’s IELTS Blog www.

dcielts.Dominic Cole’s IELTS Blog www.com Useful verbs word/phrase harm endanger impact contaminate threat notes/explanation cause or do harm to/ harmful the verb of “danger”/endangered species “have an impact on” almost the same meaning as poison: another form of the word is “contaminated” a threat to/be under threat/ to threaten/to be threatened by exercises and examples on how to use this vocabulary .

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