OUTLINE FOR CRM Session One: Course Overview Session Two: Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management

in Your Everyday Life What’s in It for Me? Session Three: What CRM Is and Who It Serves Different Faces of CRM Who is the Customer? Session Four: Checklist for Success Evaluation Metrics Privacy Issues Session Five: Requirement Driven Product Selection Requirement Driven Product Selection Determining Function Session Six: Considerations in Tool Selection What’s Your Function in the Field? Getting Information In and Out Session Seven: Strategies for Customer Retention Getting More from Your Core Customer Scenarios Session Eight: Building the Future Roadblocks Selling CRM Session Nine: Homegrown vs. Application Service Provider A Broad Look A Closer Look Session Ten: The Development Team Session Eleven: Evaluating and Reviewing Your Program Customer Profiles Customer Life Cycles Evaluating and Reviewing CRM Recommended Reading List Post-Course Assessment Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys Personal Action Plan

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