AARprovidesparentaltrainingskills to housemaids

AAR Tanzania provided free Parental training skills to house maids of CRDB employees’ end of the week to serve both housemaids and CRDB staffs as well .The Program prepared by the AAR employees Wellness Program team from AAR insurance for the aim of helping the house maids on how to face challenges they encounter while raising the children and other responsibilities when taking care of the houses.AAR Uganda also provides First Aid training for house girls. The training programme involves several significant things such as, importance of self esteem, how to raise a child, to face and handle health and other challenges occurring at work. This is an opportunity for maids to gain knowledge on parental training skills. The Parental training skills programme will be done again at CRDB and also it is aiming at being a sustainable program to serve different companies and organizations in Tanzania.

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