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The Newsletter for MTU Detroit Diesel Australia

“Welcome to the summer edition of Torque, the contents of which reflect the strongest year in our history, and the success we have seen across all markets. 2004 was a remarkable year, with the introduction of a many new products, and the opening of new facilities to further add value to our growing customer base. Success does not just happen, it is the result of hard work, and the commitment of our customer focussed employees across Australia. My sincere thanks to a great team, and for the loyalty and support of our customers, dealers and business partners. With the broadest range of products ever, backed by the best network in Australia, we look forward to another exciting year. I wish all of you health, happiness and prosperity in 2005.”
Doug Seneshen, President and CEO

Issue Four Summer 2005 In side

XTRANS Gold Series begins operation throughout Australia

Doug Seneshen President and CEO

MTU Powers Sally Malay Mine Site Fighting the frosts of the Coonawarra Region

Austal Launches World’s Largest Aluminium Ship
the start of not just another ferry from the world’s leading builder of high speed ships, but the creation of a new hullform that is set to revolutionise fast sea transportation. Setting new industry standards for performance “Benchijigua Express” will enable the operators to offer better service on existing routes and to begin operations on new routes where sea conditions are too challenging for existing fast ferries. With the ability to carry 1,350 passengers, over 340 cars and a substantial number of trucks at speeds exceeding 40 knots (75km/h) engine selection was a critical element in the success of the worlds biggest aluminium ferry. September 2004 marked another milestone for Austal Ships with the launch of the largest aluminium ship ever built, the 127 metre trimaran ferry “Benchijigua Express”. It is rated by many as the most significant ship to arrive on the world high speed vessel scene, due to its size and ability to deliver a substantially smoother ride to passengers in rough sea conditions, thanks to its innovative trimaran design. Construction commenced at Austal’s shipyard in Western Australia in September 2003 and at the height of construction approximately 430 of the company’s 1200 staff were working on the project. When Austal signed the contract to build a second high-speed vehicle/passenger ferry for European ferry operator Fred. Olsen, S.A. in June last year, it signalled According to Austal’s Sales and Product Development Manager, Glenn Williams, the design parameters of “Benchijigua Express” called for a total of 44,000 horsepower, which made MTU’s Series 20V8000 diesels the logical choice, as they deliver the high continuous power rating required. “Along with increased capacity and improved sea keeping, which the trimaran design provides, Fred. Olsen, SA wanted to maintain a service speed in the vicinity of 40 knots. However, they did not wish to use gas turbine technology which would have led to higher operating costs. The MTU Series 20V8000 diesels provided the power required at acceptable fuel consumption rates”, Glenn said.

Choose Your Diesel
MTU Detroit Diesel Australia (MTUDDA) is the exclusive distributor of DaimlerChrysler Off-Highway in Australia and combines more than 50 years of successful diesel engine and transmission distribution experience in Australia. As part of the world-wide MTUDDA sales and service network, customers can rely on 1,500 points of contact with 150 distributors in 130 countries, including 19 factory owned branches and a network of more than 110 dealers around Australia. MTUDDA provides sales and after market support for diesel engines covering the power ranges from 30kW to 9,000kW encompassing MTU, Detroit, VM Motori and Mercedes Benz diesels, as well as transmission solutions from Allison Transmission, and has established a reputation as a market leader in marine, mining, defence, transport, power generation and industrial markets.

Tenders for a build-own-operate 8 megawatt prime power station was let and won by Western Australian based Contract Power in 2003. Called XTRANS Gold Series. Tim Regan. In the fuel optimized 50 hertz version. started from scratch building a 750.000 hours of operation at Norseman. “The results to date have been outstanding. Tim said. “With nine diesels operating at Norseman it was a big call to add a different engine. and with fuel representing around 75% of a power station’s operating cost. Leon Hodges. this value is only around 192 g/kWh.000 Volts. copper and cobalt deposit located 240 kilometres south of Kununurra in the remote east Kimberley district of north Western Australia. Contract Power specified MTU's Series12V4000 after a positive experience with the diesel at their Norseman power station.which is one of the biggest costs to miners operating in remote areas”. Series 12V4000 Power Sally Malay Mine Site Sally Malay is a 37 square kilometre nickel. The MTU 20V4000 genset engine with a maximum output of 3010 kW is the one of the most powerful engine in the world that can be used at both 1800 and 1500 rpm as a genset engine suitable for 60 and 50 hertz applications. accident or mishandling.000 cubic metres of air per hour into the combustion chambers. all XTRANS Gold Series transmissions are remanufactured using genuine Allison Transmission parts and by fully trained Allison Transmission service technicians. New XTRANS Gold Series Saves Operators Big Bucks MTUDDA has launched an exciting new programme dedicated to supporting its range of Allison Transmissions throughout Australia. The MDEC system also enables the engine to be easily integrated into complete generator systems alongside with other components like cooling systems. The installation required considerable expertise through matching the 20V4000 G62 to an AVK generator capable of supplying 2500 kVa on stand-by and 2200 kVa on continuous running. they purchased and installed a 12V4000 in 2003 and it proved to be a reliable alternative to the engines previously used. it appears that the 12V4000’s will get to their scheduled overhaul target of 22. the 20V4000 consumes around 203 g/kWh at full load.3 million cubic metres of rock including 850. operators can now purchase genuine remanufactured Allison Transmissions at a substantially reduced cost. it was originally an engine failure at Norseman that started the search for a more fuel efficient diesel. as we had hardcopy proof of the savings.000 hours. and the new XTRANS Gold Series programme adds additional Page 2 benefits to the ownership of this leading range of transmissions. Components are closely inspected for condition and factory updates and replacement items are implemented where applicable. switch gear and pumps. 2004.000 rpm.000 hours with a lot less servicing work than the other eight diesels at the site”. flotation and filtration to process 4. “Allison Transmission’s have a tremendous reputation in a wide range of operating environments. the system is capable of reacting to a power outage within three seconds and providing full power within a further ten seconds. When complying with the requirements of EPA Tier 1 and operating in the 60 hertz version.” The installation of the 20V4000 G62 forms part of a total upgrade of auxiliary power generation for the airport and replaces previous systems that are now considered either obsolete or incapable of providing the additional power requirements demanded as part of today’s business expectations. site milling. “It’s a system that’s purpose built for 11. the savings are substantial.First MTU 20V4000 in Australian power supply role Sydney .3 percent of fuel consumption. is also very low. When the remanufacturing process is complete each unit is extensively tested to ensure that every XTRANS Gold Series Allison Transmission will continue the product’s tradition of long service life and reliability. and subsequently commissioned in May. MTUDDA’s National Aftermarket Product Manager. “This experience enabled us to specify eight 12V4000’s for the Sally Malay project. According to Contract Power’s General Manager. Because of the 24/7 requirements for power from an airport complex. Sally Malay Mining Limited. “The entire installation involved completing sub structure reinforcement as the surrounding ground is reclaimed land and required stabilizing before the programme. passing up to 12. “With the introduction of XTRANS Gold Series we’ll be able to drive cost of ownership down even further”. “With over 8. there are no visible signs of holes or cracks to the main/front transmission housing and that no damage has occurred through non-operational causes such as fire. it’s obvious that a lot of thought has gone into their modern and functional design. at 0. . said the programme would serve 95% of users of the Series WT3000 fitted to both imported and locally produced vehicles. According to Tim. According to Contract Power’s Managing Director. Through the engine’s advanced electronic control system MDEC it is possible to specify all injection parameters that influence combustion. In a break with tradition. We expected a lot from MTU’s European technology and they delivered. Marc Grosser.000 tonne concentrator plant which includes single stage crushing. The efficiency of the oil filter system and optional cleaning system permits recommended oil changes to be made only every 1. Leon said. At the centre of the XTRANS Gold Series programme is a “No Hassle” core acceptance process designed to remove the risk of any unexpected charge back costs. In operation the 20V4000 is very user-friendly with long maintenance intervals. “The Series 4000 utilises the latest fuel technology out of Germany and has made a marked difference in fuel consumption on the site . The 20V4000 uses two MTU-ZR 205 turbochargers that rotate at up to 48. which makes them easy to maintain. and a mining camp for 140 workers. but we did and the results have been remarkable with fuel savings for the client being one major benefit. Oil consumption.Australia’s first installation of an MTU 20V4000 G62 power generation system has been successfully completed and commissioned as part of a requirement to supply emergency power for the international terminal at Sydney Airport. Marc said. Included in the process is a stipulation that transmission being returned for exchange has not been previously disassembled.000 tonnes of ore that will come from the stage one open pit mine. Paul Discombe. Commenting on the launch of XTRANS Gold Series. As a new mine the operators.000 hours. The 20V4000 is the only engine in its performance class that has the efficient and flexible Common Rail injection system. The first major overhaul in the operation of continuous power applications is not due until after 30.” said MTUDDA’s National Product Manager for Power generation.

“Meanwhile the operator’s cabs were sent away for complete refurbishment. “New equipment requirements could not be met in the time allocated. some going as far as Brisbane. According to Paul. Danny Black. attaching the alternators and then Dyno testing prior to being rolled out into the main machine frame”. According to Engineering Manager. the Mercedes-Benz Euro 3 compliant MBE Series 906 LA has just been released on the AT-15 model that’s coupled to an Allison Series 2000 transmission. While originally specified for the AT-20 and MAC 25 model. “Well done to all those involved. Paul Lawrence of Lawrence’s Water Systems in Naracoorte. “World wide demand for Earthmoving equipment has resulted in the Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM's) being unable to supply sufficient equipment in time for some project’s contracted commencement dates.ex Mt Newman in Western Australia. with wiring upgraded to allow for improved technology. with a further 8 trucks shipped in November and the balance to be completed by January. “While technology may have changed over the years. Canada. “While the new electronic Allison Transmission is delivering much better change characteristics than its mechanical predecessor. 2005. Danny said. “Demand is strong. so an alternate strategy was developed to determine what used equipment could be located and successfully rebuilt to new specifications and given a second chance at life. a total of 136 hydraulic cylinders were remanufactured back to original specification. “The contract to remanufacture the trucks back to the latest specification for that particular class of truck was awarded to Royal Equipment. “And while the system may only be required to operate for 40 hours a year. completely stripped back to bare frame. while other work crews were on standby in Vancouver if required. and refurbished wheel motors imported from Vancouver. The work and resources needed to be organised. Paul said. but one that’s been pulled off. “There’s a marked difference between the engines. new Detroit Diesel Series 16V4000 engines needed to be shipped in from the USA to replace the original MTU 16V396 diesels. while torque is up a massive 62%. which actually protects the grape from frost. “We’ve been using MTUDDA’s 3 and 4 cylinder VM Motori range of diesels for a while now and they’ve never let us down.Western Region.000. having been first commissioned in 1989. supplying vineyard irrigation and frost suppression solutions. These units had in excess of 27. Mike said. Mercedes-Benz and Allison Transmission muscle up for Terex Franna Terex Franna is Australia’s leading manufacturer of mobile pick-and-carry type cranes. “Within seconds each diesel is powering a 20 acre sprinkler system that produces an average precipitation rate equivalent to 4. “A truly massive task. “We’ve just installed a frost suppression system at a new 40 acre vineyard for Penley Estate Wines which is a fairly typical example. with prices ranging from $265.7b Mining Contract As manufactures throughout the world move ever increasingly to ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing principles. “Since decommissioning. “At the heart of the system is a reliable diesel engine. while from our point of view the ability to source the engine and transmission from the one supplier and have it delivered as an assembled unit assists us greatly in manufacturing”. which can have devastating effects on the annual harvest. depending on the time of year. with power up from 217 to 275bhp making it a better all round road performer. “Royal Equipment had seventeen 240 Tonne class OH trucks. the frames and components had been scattered around engineering workshops in Perth. and like many of Australia’s leading grape growing regions has experienced tremendous expansion of capacity in the last few years as international demand for premium Australian wine skyrockets. cabin. that’s why we like VM Motori’s SUN Series diesel. body and booms. and with this system we’ve used 2 of MTUDDA’s 170bhp VM Motori SUN 6105 diesels which are connected to thermostats that automatically start up when the temperature drops to around 1oC. and the market has reacted positively to our new power train offering of a Mercedes-Benz MBE 906 diesel coupled to an Allison MD 3060 transmission which we’ve been introducing across the range since the first prototype was completed in March 2003. demand this year is so strong that total production will easily surpass the previous record of 145 units set back in 1997. “We’ve been designing and installing frost fighting systems in the region for years. reliability and initial cost are the critical elements in a diesel’s selection. which were Liebherr (Wiseda) KL-2450 trucks . and then decommissioned in 1997 when Mt Newman introduced mechanical drive trucks. Franna Terex’s staff of 59 design. offering a range of site and hire cranes from 15 to 25 tonnes. has been involved with the region’s leading vineyards for more than 25 years. the principle remains the same. manufacture and service their range of cranes from locally manufactured components that include the chassis. Based in the Brisbane suburb of Eaglefarm. and more efficient engine braking retardation with automatic downshifts.Detroit Diesel Powers $1. while the region is famous around the world it’s not widely known that it’s susceptible to frost. especially the MTUDDA technicians who were responsible for disassembly of the original modules. where the contract called for the development and operation of a coal mine with coal shipments to commence before the end of 2004.23mm an hour. as it’s a very cost effective way for growers to protect their crops from the damage frost can cause. “This was the case with the recently awarded $1. reassembly of the new Detroit Diesel Series16V4000 engines onto the modules. VM Diesels Protect Penley Estate Wines The Coonawarra region of the Limestone Coast of South Australia is renowned world-wide for its red wine grape varieties. “The Mercedes-Benz engine is delivering a range of tangible benefits to operators over the Hino engine previously used. “MTU Detroit Diesel Australia’s national support network is also seen as a positive by operators. offering great back up and assistance whenever it’s required”.000 to $339.7 Billion contract at Bengalon in Indonesia. All the hydraulic hoses were replaced. South Australia. and our customers are delighted with the improved drivability. MTUDDA’s Regional Manager .000 frame hours. there are some instances where these longer lead times result in the loss of business. missing components located. particularly on grades. and MTUDDA are always good to deal with. with the first 7 trucks shipped from the Henderson ship loading facility at the end of September. “The machines were then transported to various rebuild facilities around Perth. Mike Cippitelli explains. sandblasted and checked for evidence of cracking and fatigue by labour crews deployed from the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Page 3 . and it’s this water that freezes around the bud or grape. trucking yards and paddocks destined never to be put back to front line mining.

New Mercedes-Benz MBE 4000 Big On Power. headed by MTUDDA’s Regional Marine Sales Manager. Bob’s been running charters out of Cairns and knows the area better than most. "Well that was the interest Fascination generated wherever she went. Fascination spent a week in Cairns and then headed to the Gold Coast before it continued south to Sydney for Christmas and then Melbourne for the F1 Grand Prix. 12. operate in Sea State 4 conditions at speeds exceeding 25 knots. With a staff of five.000rpm. Columbia and Century ST models. The MBE 4000 will be introduced in Freightliner’s FL 112. Weighing only 925 kgs the MBE 4000 gives Detroit Diesel a medium/heavy-duty engine that’s ideally suited to regional and grocery distributors. as well as Sterling’s HX chassis. the MBE 4000 delivers excellent durability. shipments of the MBE 4000 have jumped to 15. Jeff said. who’d recently won the tournament in the Bahamas. North Victoria 3025. including DDDL Electronic Diagnostic Software”. vocational. “Because of its excellent low speed torque band. To be built in Austal’s world-class shipyard in Western Australia. According to the CEO and President of MTUDDA. The new fleet will form the front line of defence for Australia’s maritime boundaries. Located at the Gold Coast City Marina on Waterway Drive Coomera. the state of the art. The MBE 4000 is a 12. This year’s annual event attracted 28 boats from all over Australia. Phil Canning. Austal selected MTU’s market leading Series 4000 diesels for the propulsion engines. Doug said.caught by a visiting Russian fisherman and weighed in at a healthy 1. Contestant numbers seem to increase every year as its reputation as the best place in the world to catch big Marlin spreads.Lizard Island Game Fishing Tournament . "The platinum silver hull and low profile game tower really turned heads. Highlighting the support network.450bhp (260 . According to MTUDDA’s General Manager for Sales. the Armidale Class fleet will operate to the limits of Australia’s exclusive economic zone. the MBE 4000 will be compatible with DDC Electronics. so our new Gold Coast centre will enable us to take our commitment to product support to the next level”. According to Bob contestants can either stay on their boats. "My crew on Fascination. sea keeping and reduced through-life costs when compared with the Fremantle class vessels they are replacing.” said Austal’s Sales and Product Development Manager. most of who were impressed with the engine’s drivability. Bob’s best memory of the tournament. and as our customers can expect from us. A word from the editor If you would like any further information. weight sensitive and bulk-haul applications. A professional skipper for over 20 years. the new facility is in the heart of the rapidly expanding Coomera Marine precinct.84 Waterway Drive Coomera. Bob Jones. and while total catch numbers were down on last year. who has the enviable job of taking Fascination . the winning Marlin was a beauty . Doug Seneshen. sees excellent value for local customers. providing incredibly smooth and quiet operation with an unsurpassed power to weight ratio and a reputation for reliability that’s second to none.000 nautical miles. being able to conduct a 42 day mission without resupply.8 metre high performance patrol boats which will provide the RAN with greater speed. Page 4 .000 a year making it the biggest selling foreign engine in this market”. MTUDDA will offer excellent cost of ownership through extended servicing and access to Reliabilt® Parts. sales and service centre will offer everything from 24 hour marine engine service to after market and merchandise products. this year’s tournament was the best ever. please do so by writing to us at the following address: PO Box 215 Altona. “MTU’s Series 4000 diesels are a key component of the new 56. Marketing and Engineering. The Series 16V4000 engines have also been installed in numerous ferries and motor yachts built by Austal's subsidiary Oceanfast.320kW each @ 2. on Lizard Island or in Cairns and all average about 10 hours of fishing a day with live fish or lures being the most popular baits. MTU Series 60 powered custom built Riviera. Phil added that MTUDDA already has the capability to service and programme the MBE 4000 at their 19 factory owned branches with specifically trained service and workshop personnel. which is home to many of Australia’s leading boat builders. Australia Or email us on: Markus. the 16V4000 M70 diesel’s are a proven performer. one stop.8 litre in-line sixcylinder engine with ratings available from 350 . Phil said. with some worth in excess of $3 million.071 pounds.com MTUDDA Expands Service Network September 2004 marked the official opening of MTU Detroit Diesel Australia’s latest Sales and Service centre. and being able to operate for extended periods of 4 knot loitering without risk of damage. “Since its launch into the North American Free Trade Area in 2001. Our man on the ground at Lizard Island was professional skipper. many of which are powered by MTU diesel engines. which now stretches from the New South Wales border through to Cairns. “Queensland is home to many of Australia’s luxury Motor yachts. did well and thoroughly enjoyed the 7 day live-on-board experience" Bob said. “The success and acceptance of the MBE 4000 in the North American market demonstrates that the new Mercedes-Benz engine has been strongly supported by US drivers. while the warranty programme will offer 100% parts and labour. there was nothing like it there" Bob added.Keiper@mtu-online. Small On Size October 2004 saw the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz MBE 4000 diesel for the class 8 truck market in Australia. Located at Unit 51 Gold Coast City Marina. to some of Australia’s leading sporting events. MTUDDA’s On-Highway Business Manager. and comes with an engine break as standard. Following the tournament. and some competitors from the four corners of the globe.000 kms. the MBE 4000. According to Bob. the new facility will be staffed by factory trained engineers and supported by two mobile service vans dedicated to marine industry support and can be contacted on 07 5588 1900.Best Ever October sees many of the world’s top game fishermen head to Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef to participate in what is widely regarded as the best game fishing tournament in the world.5 metres) and surveillance operations in Sea State 5 conditions (waves to 4 metres). taking the number of factory owned branches in Australia to 19. the 12 vessel contract has a total value of approximately $550 million and is expected to take 42 months to complete. Jeff Magdziarz. or if you would like to contribute to this magazine. Series 4000 For New Armidale Class Patrol Boats Production has commenced for the Royal Australian Navy’s new Armidale Class patrol boats which will replace the RAN’s ageing fleet of Fremantle Class patrol boats. which was the successful tenderer and who will manage the project requirements and provide in-service support to the vessels throughout their operational lives. Based in the ports of Darwin and Cairns.the 51.335kW) and up to 1550 Lb/Ft (2100NM) of torque. Glenn Williams. Featuring replaceable liners and a 4 valve head. Austal is partnered with Defence Maritime Services (DMS). the Gold Coast Marina facility is strategically important to MTUDDA’s Queensland operation. With these requirements in mind. requiring the ability to conduct surveillance and response boarding operations in Sea State 4 conditions (waves to 2. the MBE 4000 can be geared so the engine speed at 100 km/h is lower than its competition which translates into lower noise and outstanding fuel economy. Producing 2. 76 . comfort. 24 months and unlimited miles for On-Highway applications and coverage of accessories for up to 24 months or 160. “The engine’s excellent turbo match with air demand delivers strong acceleration and responsiveness. Other specific requirements included a range of 3. Dominic White.8 litre engines weigh only 925kgs and offer the highest displacement of all the medium / heavy duty engines on the market.

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