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Camtasia Studio 8.1 Online Help

Camtasia Studio 8.1 Online Help

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Published by Kelly Mullins
Here is the entire Camtasia Studio 8.1 online help file in PDF format.
Here is the entire Camtasia Studio 8.1 online help file in PDF format.

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Published by: Kelly Mullins on Jul 12, 2013
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Pasteapreparedscript intothecaptiontext box andsynchronizethecaptions withtheaudioplayback. Usingapreparedscript
allows youtosavethetext forfutureuseandtocheck forspellingandgrammatical errors.
Withthis process, whenascript is pastedinthecaptions field, acaptionturns redtoidentify that it exceeds thelimit of three
lines percaption. Theredtext indicates whereanew captionshouldbegin. Uponplayback of theaudio, whenyouhearthefirst
wordinredspokenaloud, click onit tocreatethenext caption.
Captions createdusingthis process areaddedsequentially onthetimelineandcomeoneafteranother.

Add Captions by Synchronizing Text and Audio

1. Copy thescript totheclipboard.
2. Click theCaptionstab. TheCaptions task pageappears.
3. Press CTRL+V onthekeyboardtopastethescript intothetext box.
4. Click theSync captionsbutton

. Readthehelptipthat appears thenclick Continue. Thevideobegins

playingandtheSyncingcaptions videocontrols appearat thebottomof theCaptions tab.

5. Tocreateanew caption, click onany wordinblack orthefirst wordinredwhenyouhearthewordspokenaloud.

Whenyouclick awordtocreateanew caption, threelines of text inthetext box changetoblack.
6. Continuetoset captionpoints until all thetext changes toblack.

7. Whendone, click theStopbutton .

Sync Captions with Audio Dialog Box


If youalready havecaptions onthetimeline, click theSync captions button

tostart over. TheSync captions

withaudiodialogbox appears. Addcaptions usingtheprocess givenabo





Select oneof thefollowingoptions:

Start at the position of the playhead on the timeline and replace all captions from that point on.
This optiondoes not affect any proceedingcaptions but overwrites any captions fromthepositionof theplayheadand

Start at beginning of timeline and replace all existing captions.

This optionremoves all existingcaptions fromthetimeline. Theplayheadmoves tothebeginningof thetimelineandcap-
tioningstarts at thebeginningof thetext box.

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