ModelMaker 2005

Systems Corporation

November 10, 2005

ModelMaker 6.1 New Features In November 2005, ModelMaker will be released with many new and useful features. DXF IMPORT TO MODELMAKER Import a dxf file and use that information to create a component for the GF. The component described in the dxf must be defined by offsets at stations. To import a 2D dxf, simply select file location and dxf file, specify the station locations, and component parameters.

DXF Browser Import Screen You will then be able to treat the component as if it were created in ModelMaker i.e. manipulate offset values to fair the shape, add tanks and superstructure, save as a gf, etc.

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ModelMaker 2005 autoship Systems Corporation November 10. Export Either 2D or 3D DXF Files Page 2/3 . specify the coordinate system and the file. DXF Axis Initialization Dialog To Specify 3D DXF Axes DXF EXPORT FROM MODELMAKER Export any model in dxf format. 2005 To import a 3D dxf.

Specify start point. Then when you wish to specify compartment/tank end locations. Alternately. Frame Table Entry Dialog PARALLEL MID-BODY CREATION Easily create a parallel mid-body for your model. Insert Parallel Section Dialog Page 3/3 . direction and component.ModelMaker 2005 autoship Systems Corporation November 10. the table may be defined via a command. simply select/enter the frame name rather than the location. 2005 FRAME CONTROL A new control will allow a frame table to be defined.

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