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US Embassy Interview Questions Guide

Intrebari pentru interviu

Voi scrie un numar de intrebari uzuale care sunt puse la interviul pentru o
viza J1 la ambasada SUA. Acest mic “ghid” nu dorește a fi un indrumar complet si
nici nu reprezinta cheia succesului la interviu. In plus, desi este foarte probabil ca
subiectele abordate in timpul interviului sa fie apropiate sau chiar identice cu cele
propuse de mine, trebuie sa fiti constienti de posibilitatile multiple in care este
formulata intrebarea. In consecinta, e foarte probabil ca intrebarea pusa de
interviator sa “sune” diferit, dar in fond sa fie despre acelasi subiect. Intrebarile de
mai jos au scopul de a va familiariza cu subiectele aduse in discutie de interviator si
nu de a va oferi cu exactitate intrebarea si raspunsul.

I. Intrebari introductive
1. Tell me about youself… Were are u studying? In what field are u studying? How
old are you?
My name is …. . I am a student al “Al . I Cuza” university in Iasi, at the faculty of
economics. I study european bussiness/finance/IT and I am in the second year of
I am from ………, I graduated highschool there, and now I live in Iasi
in the campus.
2. Can u tell me about your familly?
My family is made of x members, my mother , my father and I haxe x brothers. My
father is a…..and my mother……..My brother is x years old.
3. Why do you want to go to the United States?
I want to go to the US for an unique summer experience. I plan to travel and make
friends while working the job I have.

US Embassy Interview Questions Guide

4. When are you plannig to leave?

I am plannig to leave on the xth of June, after I finish with all my exams.

II. Interviu
1. What are you going to work in the US? Where do u want to go for the summer?
I am going to ………………………. I am going to work as…… at ………………….

2. Do you know what does your job involves?

I will be working as……… The main duties are....
3. What do you want to visit while you are there?
I would like to visit (washinghton DC to see the white house) and I will probably
want to go to (NY to see Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty).
4.Can you tell me about some of the disciplines you are stydying in school?
De obicei intreaba daca ai note mici la anumite obiecte. … Ex:I study….. The
discipline is about….
5. I see that u have a missed exam. Can you tell me why is that?
The discipline……has proven to be verry difficult to me, but at this time I am taking
preparatory lesson from my colleagues and I am working real hard to pass the exam
in the summer session.
6. Where are u going to live in the US? With who are u going to stay?
I am going to live with my friends with who I am coming from home. We’re going to
stay most probable at the place that was proposed to us by our visa sponsor.
7. Who else is going with you in the US?
I am going with friends from college. We plan to work and live together.
8. Would u consider to stay in the US if the right opportunity comes?
At this time, living more than for the summer in the US in out of question. I am very
fond about my familly, and I want to finish my studies first because I have plans for
the future back home.
9. Why did you chose to go to……?
I chose to go to ….. because I like alot the beach/mountain/rain/big cities.

US Embassy Interview Questions Guide

10. What do you want to buy from the US?

I am plannig to buy clothing/electronics(laptop, camera) and a lot of gifts for my
family and friend.
11. What do your parents say about you leaving?
My parents are a little bit worried, as any parent would be to have their kid gone so
far for about three months, but they trust me and they support me.
12. Is this your first time in the US? how do you feel?
This is my….time in the US. I feel very happy to live on my own for the whole
13. What are you plannig to do after you finish your studies?
After I finish my studies I plan to find a job In Iasi and to live there with my

14. When do you plan to come back?

I want to come back before the school stars. My plane ticket is on the …. of
15. What is the name of the contact person in the US?
The name is ………Numele persoanei de contact de la sponsor e scris pe fromularul
16. Do u want to work one job, or are you planning to have a second job?
It is probable for me to have a second job also, but I am not sure if I will want this
because I need my time to enjoy the beach/resort. Anyway, the job I have in the
contract is the one I want to work for the summer.
17. Do you have any relatives/friends/girlfriend/boyfriend already living in the US?
No, I don’t have any. My bf/gf is coming with me to spend the summer in ……. ,/or
he/she is waiting for me back home…we have plans.
18. What do you know about ….(MB)?
I know that MB is a big summer resort un the east coast and is a leisure place for

US Embassy Interview Questions Guide

Orice completare adusa acestui indrumar este binevenita. Sper sa fie de folos cuiva.

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