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Who is the inventor of

In 1837, Charles Babbage, a British professor of
mathematics described his idea for the Analytical
Engine, the first stored-program mechanical computer.
The Analytical Engine was designed to be powered by
a steam engine and was to use Punched Cards, which
was used to program mechanical looms at the time.
What is the Computer?
• A computer is a machine that manipulates
data according to a set of instructions.
When was the first Computer
• Over the years many have invented
devices to perform simple calculations as
needed for their day and age. The
beginning of the personal pc came about
in the 1970s.
Where was the first Computer
• The first computer was invented in the
rooms of the Analytical Society.
Why were Computers Invented?
• Computers were created to do math for
navigation and general calculation
purposes. One of the first, if not the first,
computational goals was to create tables
of logarithms. Collosus, the first electronic
computer, was built to crack the enigma