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SKNICK~ KNAC& Guest Editoral Vol. 1 No. 2 - June 1 Speaking for myself I am grate. ful to Fr. Joseph and the few con- cerned adults who started the Knickerbocker Neighborhood Action Committee. I know for a fact tha when people are concerned and get involved good can be accomplished The purpose of the action commit- tee is for adults’ to exchange ideas and try to find solutions for the problems in this area. How long are we adults going to sit back and do nothing? It is a handful of young people who are destroying our property, filling us full of fears, espec- ially the senior citizens. Would you like to live in a cage like a bird? That's not for me. I want my freedom to go out where I please and not be afraid. As adults we have to show the vandals we are no longer afraid. We must have courage. The van- dalism must be stopped. We have to reach their parents before these young people get into ser- ious difficulties with the law. We must be concerned for each other. When good is accomplished a chain reaction starts and spreads elsewhere. It can work here if we all get involved. Whenever parents do good to others, participate and give thei: time for a worthy cause, they set an example for their children to do likewise. Perhaps if more adults were concerned and involved with the “~~ young, fewer of them would turn to street life, crime and drugs, result- ing in being sent to prison. In conclusion, I would like to mention that Rep. Shirley Chisholm recently received an award for pub-— lic affairs endeavors, May I quote her closing sentence. "TPoday more than ever we need, Concern, Committment, Compassion for our fellow man." Anna Cosgrove Have You Noticed... That they have started building Coleman Square Park? We have seen the plans and they are beau- tiful. The new lights on Cherry . and Madison Streets? KNAC's thanks go to the City Officials Committee and all of you who signed the petitions, for making them a reality. We weren't supposed to get them until November! Now for Monroe and Catherine Streets. That K,V. has begun to look a little cleaner? We want to thank the young people of K.V, who are mak— ing a real effort to Keep it Cleanl To the Residents and Businessmen of the Fifth Precinct Community from William E, Slattery, Capt 1. It is the intention of the Police Department to free the streets of criminal activities, and especially those crimes whic! involve Youth Gangs. 2. Kindly inform your friends, neighbors, and relatives that your Police Department does not intend to harass or annoy any youths who are engaged in any social or friendly endeavor. 3. If these youthful groups sincerely want to help and assis the community in a lawful manner they will find a willing and helpful ally in their Police Department. If, on the other hand, they engage in any unlawft activities, they will feel the full weight of the Criminal Justice System upon them. 4. The streets belong to the people, and we, the Police, + intend to have it remain that way. you, it is important that we have your full support, and coop- eration, We solicit your assistance in the prevention of erime and the apprehension of criminals. 5. You are urged to notify your Police Department of any inform- ation you may have in this regard. 6, It is not necessary to give your name. Just call 677-8905, available 24 hours a day. 7. Thank you for your cooperatio: and contribution. -—~_ In order that we may serve The Benefit of Organized Athletic Programs by Claudius M. Colombo At this present time the Youth Committee, a function— ing component of KNAC, is conducting a formidable basket ball program in our community. The program consists of four leagues, involving 125 young men from ages 12-23. This program is reminiscent of the days of my childhood when organized athletics under the direction of responsible authorities (i.e., St. Josephs Athletic Association and the wo Bridges Neighborhood Council), dominated the lives of our youth. The initial impetus to organize athletics in this community began in the late 50's when concerned religious and neighborhood organization sponsored programs in Little League baseball and basketball, Now the glamour of Little Laegue has vanished, but the laughter of children has again appeared in our playgrounds, thenks to the actions of the Youth Committee. Are not organized athletics essential for the development of the community? "Upon the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that upon the fields on other days will beax the fruits of victory." These are the words of General Douglas MacArthur. As a form- er Superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point he is a reliable source to in- dicate the necessity of organ- ized athletics in the develop— ment of young men. Please do not misinterpret my definition of organized athletics as one of clean pressed uniforms and sparkling gold trophies. These are only a superficial objective of organized athletic programs. My interpretation of organized athletics is oriented towards the development of the commun-— ity. Neighborhood organized athletics presents the only level of competition where the skilled and unskilled can com- pete in harmony. With the proper qualified coaching and supervising personnel, the framework of organized athlet- ics can be considered a huge leadership laboratory, where our youth can develop the in- herent qualities of discipline, cooperation, teamwork, humili respect for authority, open- mindedness, and leadérship. And frankly speaking, are not these qualities the integral foundations of a community and a nation? The Youth Committee desires to expand its athletic program in the areas of girls' basket- pall, softball and volleyball, thus increasing the number of youthful participants. Un- fortunately they can't operate a beneficial neighborhood ath- letic program without sub- stantial voluntary assistance. For this reason I am asking yo to please volunteer your services in assisting the Youth Committee, for the sake of our youth, the comminity, the nation,and the essence of organized athletics. Thank you. News and Announcements: The club room in the base- ment is a reality. Now we must furnish it. Please give us any furniture, games or equipment that you no longer use. If you Imow of any private firms who might want to donate stuff, let us lmow. Contact KNAC at 5 Monroe St. All those parents who signed cards for the K.V. committee will be contacted by them to sign applications for membership for your kids to join the K.V. club. On June 17th, Father's Day, a Parks Department Mobile Unit of Arts and Crafts will be at Tanahey Playground from 11:00 to 3230. At 12:00 noon there will be a Puppet Show for a half hour at Coleman Square playground. On the Bulletin Board in St. Joseph's Rectory is a listing of summer jobs. If you want to make some money this summer, go and check them out.