Founded by Alumni of ISB, Harvard, Oxford, LBS & NUS

What we bring : 2) We know the Admission process inside out & what it takes to succeed 3) We know that a Bschool application is much more than great English because we had admits from multiple schools 4) Your Application essays are reviewed by Bschool Alumni because we know the value of money & career

Our Success says it all

Mohit Chaudhary – Kenan Flagler admit

Ankur Seth – Duke admit Sujay Dhar – ISB admit

Abhishek Bhatia – ISB admit

Abhayjeet – LBS admit Amit Kumar – ISB admit

Apphelp Results for last year
Harvard Duke Fuqua ISB: IIMC PGPEX Michigan Ross Darden: Kenan flagler Others 4 Admits 5 Admits 23 Admits 2 Admits 3 Admit 4 Admits 2 Admits 17 Admits

To know more: Visit: www.apphelp.co.in or Call: +91 9871354580

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