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Fault in Flying Spaceship
“Mattel takes full responsibility for these recalls and apologises personally to you, the Chinese people and all of our customers who received the toys,”

Trustworthy conduct is a core principle in ethics. In many respects, to be ethical is to be trustworthy. Trust has the following dimensions. 1. Ability – Jot has the technical competence to repair the toy and should fix the already sold toys. 2. Benevolence – Jot’s motives and interests. Being a toy company, Jot’s main customers are children and their safety should be Jot’s top priority 3. Integrity – Honesty and fair treatment. Jot should accept full responsibility and deploy resources to address the problem.

Late Delivery of Christmas Product The 7 major retailers are the primary stakeholders in Jot’s business since they have been loyal and old customers comprising Jot’s major business, while the smaller retailers are secondary stakeholders. While deciding the distribution of goods arriving on time, and the remaining ones arriving late, the following factors need to be considered:  Timely orders were placed by all of Jot’s customers (including the primary and secondary stakeholders) and so they deserve their share of the timely supply. Jot has a duty of care to all its stakeholders, be it small or large, and it should uphold the ethic of fairness in its business behaviour Although Jot earns more revenue from its major retailers, the smaller ones with limited items will depend more on their timely supply in the Christmas season than a large retailer and Jot has a responsibility towards all its retailers.

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A loss of trust between a business and any of its stakeholders (such as employees, customers, investors, suppliers or civil society) impacts negatively on business performance. Conversely, in a time of reduced economic activity or unprecedented

a reputation for integrity will help maintain the loyalty of staff and situations. .

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