What is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of anything? Days and seconds pass.

Dull and dragging, sometimes speeding. What have we all achieved? More sorrow or just shades of happiness? Life is an unending array of questions. One leading to other. And other chained to another. Thus pass the time. Like a tireless traveler. Thus moves the earth as always. In constant motion. We are all weary travelers on pilgrimage to different destinations. What is out there? What is waiting for us at the end of the tunnel? There arise the questions again. Where are the answers? Where are the meanings? Is there a meaning? Or just eternal turmoil. Like thunders clashing and lightening flashing across the stormy sky, questions and answers light up and echo across the void that is mind. Devoid of a medium to direct it. So what have we achieved so far? What answers have we discovered? Years and years pass, dragging its worn out weary feet like a stooping senile old man. Bent over from the years of accumulated wisdom. But what have we achieved? What have we learned? Why do we continue with the wild immature ways? Or is it the very definition of growing up? That by growing up we are not turning more mature but rather immature. Chasing after things we don’t need. Trying to please people we adore. Trying to please people expecting something in return. Is that it? So are we growing up? Or are we becoming more and more childish .So what is the difference? Which is the line separating the two? Innocence? Being a grown up is like being a child who has lost its innocence? Innocence and purity too? Why this haste? Why this worries? Why not take each moment just as it is and live? Just live. And let live. Why not? Why do we ask questions that we cannot answer? What solace do we find in being aware that we are not as wise as we thought we were? What solace do we find in knowing that we are ignorant and being more so as each second passes? Yet why do we not feel the bliss? So is ignorance bliss? What is bliss? Just the non-existence of knowledge or the middle position between knowledge and ignorance? Or is it being ignorant of things that don’t concern us? What is the meaning of ignorance? What is the meaning of anything? What is the meaning of life? Is it just another game? Just blind men groping in darkness? If so, what is darkness? Nonexistence of light or the presence of too much light that it actually turns out to be blindness? What is all these? What is life? What are we doing with our lives? I stared at the deep blue waters rocking back and forth to the silent lullaby of the winds and asked myself- what is the purpose of my life? A light breeze ruffled a loose strand of my hair, tickling my face. As I caught it and pushed it back to its place, another gust of wind shook free my hair and sprawled it across my face. I took a deep breath and reminded myself – Live in the moment. Just this moment. Nothing else matters...Nothing....

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