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1. Where is wastewater disposed? Into the nearest body of water (Lake Mac.

) 85% already cleaned

2. What is done with human waste used as a fertilizer? Spread onto crops such as winter wheat.
Treated human sludge has been spread on 2500 acres of land in Jackson County alone. The dead
bacteria from our waste teams with nutrients and organic nitrogen to produce enriched soil.

3. What has happened especially with fish and amphibians to cause concern about water treatment
and waste disposal? The Fish and amphibians are absorbing the medications that are dumped
into the water. They have absorbed many medications and personal care products in the fish.
Why does it matter to us? This can kill of the things that help our ecosystem survive. In one
study Scientists caught several species of fish. All of these fish were caught in the same area
and they all tested positive for an ingredient found in prozac( an antidepressant). Some
communities are getting a place where you can take your unused drugs to get incinerated.

4. What has been done to study pharmaceuticals (medications, soaps, etc.) in waste?
a. What studies have been done? Taking fish and testing them.
b. What did they find? these fish tested positive
c. What caused these results? People dumped antidepressants in their sink and it went to the
nearest water and fish got it.
d. How widespread are the results? It can happen anywhere
e. Is it changing how we treat human waste or filter water for human consumptions?
Yes, 85% of water is purified before it goes into the body of water.
5. What are the environmental and economical impacts on the pharmaceuticals in the waste?
These are harming our environment. The companies have to test fish before they are sent
to our grocery stores. What if these fish have pharmaceuticals? They can not be sold and the whole load
of fish have to be dumped.
6. How can we best process the waste ?
The best way that you can process the waste is by just being smart with want you put in your
drains, you just need to be responsible about it.
7. What is the situation in Holland, MI?
The place across from tunnel park filters 38.5 million gallons per day!
8. Should we have higher levels of treatment/filtration/testing? Yes, There can always be more done but
sometimes the people need to do their job. Such as bring their unused medicine to a proper dump
station instead of dumping it down the drain.