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tHE CLUB AT BRICKELL BAY LEASE PACKA UNIT # ‘This application must be completed in full by the prospective lessee (s). If there are any questions not answered or blank, the application will be returned to you unprocessed. Please attach the following documents: 1. NO PETS ALLOWED. 2. Cashier's check or Money Order only. 3. Payments made payable to: The Club at Brickell Bay Plaza Condo Assoc, Ine 4. Owner's current mailing address is required, OWNERS Colonial Bank’s ACH program is encouraged. Enroll (ifnot previously enrolled) to 5. APPLICABLE LEASE F $175.00 (non-refundable) Application fee $100.00 (non-refundable) Background screening fee (per applicant) $250.00 (non-refundable) Move-in fee $500.00 (refundable*) Elevator deposit; personal checks only 6. A legible copy of a legal document such as driver’s license or passport of all adult applicants. 7. Allegible copy of the Lease Contract, 8. Prospective lessee(s) MUST read the Condominium’s Rules and Regulations and age. ial each 9. Prospective lessee(s) and Lessor MUST read the Lease Addendum and initial each page, 10, Fully completed application, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY (and intial ‘The Association requires TEN (10) business days to process an application and up (0 THIRTY (30) days to provide a Certificate of Approval or Denial of the application, Under no circumstances are applicants, family members, or guests permitted to occupy the respective condominium unit until a formal written approval from the Condominium Association is issued. Unit owner’s account must be current. If application is denied due to a delinquent balance, the Application fee is non-refundable. However, the Background fee may be returned to the applicant. *Refundable if no damages to the elevator and/or corridor, doors, ete, are found. For Management Use: Account balance $ ACH: Y/N no, void check m ACH Form sent on: +2009 Certificate of Approval (circle one): Y/N Ifdenied, please explain. Received and Reviewed by: ate:_ Reinet 6009 THE CLUB AT BRICKELL BAY APPLICATION FOR OCCUPANCY. OWNER Name: Unit # Current Address: Telephone # 1) Applicant Name: DOB: Social Security or Passport # Driver License & State: 2) Co-Applicant Name: DoB: Monti-Day-Year Social security or Passport # Other persons who will occupy the unit: ‘Name ‘Age Relationship Name i Relationship Name Relationship R LApplicant: Present Address: Apt City: State: ip: ‘Telephone # How Long? Rent Cj Own Landlord's Name: ‘Telephone, Reason for moving: Monthly Pmt: §, Previous Address: Apt City: State: Zip: 21 Co-Applicant: Present Address: Apt city State: Zip: ‘Telephone #: How Long? Rent 5] Own C] Landlord's Name: ‘Telephone, Reason for moving: Monthly Pmt: Previous Address: Apt City: Zip: Employment History 1) Applicant: Present Employer: Supervisor: Address: Position: Hired Date: |___ Present Salary:S Previous Employer: Supervisor: Address Telephone: Position: Hired Date: _/_/__ Present Salary: $ Gross Annual Income (including fees, tips, commissions & bonuses): $ 2). Co-Applican Present Employer: Supervisor Adres Position: Hired Date: _/_/__ Present Salary:S. Revised 62009 2 THE CLUB AT BRICKELL BAY Previous Employer: Supervisor: Address: Telephone: Position: Hired Date: _/____ Present Salary: $ Gross. Annual Income (including fe ips, commissions & bonuses): $ Bank Information Name: & Telephone: ‘Account Officer Name: Credit References Vendor Name Account Number: Total Debt Monthly Payments Character Referenci NOTE: Association prohibits use of Relatives, Attorney, Accountant, Employees, or Partners as references, Name: Address: Day Phone: Other Phone: Contact Information Please list the area code and telephone numbers where the A four (4) weeks: ociation may contact you during the next hereby certify that the above information is true and correct. Print Name: Date: Signature Print Name: Date: Signature: Resident Information Form Please complete the following form below. ‘The information will be used to enter your informati into the building's data system. Unite: Last Name: First Names, Cell Phone: Lease Start Date: Lease Ending Date: Expected Move-In Date: Revised 6-2009 3