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Recycling Presentation Rubric

Group Members’ Names:

Category 3 2 1 Total
Quality of All resources All or few Some or zero
Research were viewed resources resources
and used in were viewed were viewed
the and some and some or
presentation. were used in zero were
the used in the
presentation. presentation.
Worksheets All All Worksheets
worksheets worksheets were not
were filled were filled used.
out and used out.
in the
Vocabulary Five Less than No
vocabulary five vocabulary
terms were vocabulary terms were
used in terms were used in
presentation. used in presentation.
Grammar There were There were There were
no two to four more than
grammatical grammatical four
mistakes in mistakes in grammatical
the the mistakes in
presentation. presentation. the
Pictures Pictures Some No pictures
match text in pictures match the
the match the text in the
presentation. text in the presentation.
Organization The delivery The delivery The delivery
flows seems unsure is
smoothly and and is unorganized
is well somewhat and not
prepared. prepared. prepared.
Presentation The The The
presentation presentation presentation
is complete is partially is incomplete
and useful. completed and not
and useful.
Total /21