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4100 South Terrace

Apt. B
East Ridge, TN 37412
May 13, 2009

Attn.: Office Manager

I am very interested in the receptionist position. I obtained my BA in Communications

because I enjoy interpersonal communication. I also have a minor in English because I
like to read and write. One of my top strengths according to a strengths finder test is that I
am a strategist, so I know that I would enjoy the variety that is involved in this position. I
also have editing experience so I am used to being detailed and meeting deadlines. When
I was a part-time office manager in a chiropractic office, I assisted the chiropractor by
putting patients on electric stimulation, verifying insurance etc.

I have filled in for many receptionists through temporary agencies and have thoroughly
enjoyed the work because the jobs have involved an assortment of duties. Currently I am
working as a part-time receptionist. I have handled calls on multi-line switch boards, and
I am proficient in most Microsoft Office programs. I am used to having to keep
information confidential since I have dealt with multiple types of information working for
various companies through temporary agencies. I learned to be very accurate working at a
law firm handling documents for lawyers. I enjoy learning, and I am a hard worker.
Thank you for considering my candidacy.


Benita Gomez