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Dora the Explorer - Big Sister Dora

Dora the Explorer - Big Sister Dora

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enjoy :))
enjoy :))

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Published by: Mary Lourdz Anne Ramos on Jul 14, 2013
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Dora the Explorer - Big Sister Dora Transcript

00:00:01 I put the phone in my backpack. 00:00:03 (phone ringing) Quick! 00:00:07 That could be news about the baby. 00:00:09 I need you to check the backpack to find the phone. (phone ringing) You have to say "backpack." Say "backpack," say "backpack." (music begins) ♪♪ 00:00:13 Backpack, backpack ♪♪ 00:00:26 ♪♪ Backpack, backpack ♪♪ 00:00:28 Yeah! 00:00:30 IRápido! 00:00:31 Dora needs you to find her phone. 00:00:34 It could be news about the baby. 00:00:37 Listen to find the phone. (whistle blows) (siren wails) (drum plays) (phone rings) (horn blows) Which shape is the phone 00:00:39 under? 00:00:58 (ringing) El triángulo. ISí! 00:01:03 Good listening. 00:01:04 And look what was under the other shapes. 00:01:07 (whistling) (wailing) (drumming) (playing) Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum-- Idelicioso! 00:01:19 Papi? 00:01:20 Dora, you and Boots have to come home quick. 00:01:24 Mami's having the baby. 00:01:25 IVengan rápido! 00:01:26 Okay, Papi, we're coming. 00:01:31 We have to get home quick because my mami's having the baby. 00:01:35 BOTH: A baby, a baby, a baby! 00:01:39 Maybe it's a baby girl. 00:01:41 Or maybe it's a baby boy. 00:01:44 I can't wait to see. 00:01:45 We need to find the quickest way to my house. 00:01:49 Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go? 00:01:54 Map, map, map! 00:01:56 The map-- right. 00:01:57 I need your help to find the quickest way to my house. 00:02:01 You have to say "map." Say "map," say "map." ♪♪ I'm the map, I'm the map ♪♪ 00:02:11 ♪♪ He's the map, he's the map. ♪♪ 00:02:14 I'm the map! 00:02:15 Dora and Boots need to get home quick because Dora's mommy's having a baby. 00:02:21 A baby, a baby, a baby! To get to Dora's house quick, first you have to go through the spooky forest, then you go through the 00:02:25 nut farm and that's how you get to Dora's house. 00:02:41 So remember... forest, farm, Dora's house. 00:02:48 Say it with me-- forest, farm, Dora's house. 00:02:56 Forest, farm, Dora's house. 00:03:03 Forest, farm, Dora's house. 00:03:09 So you tell Dora, first we go to the forest. 00:03:15 Where do we go first? 00:03:20 The forest-- right. 00:03:22 The spooky forest.

sister. ♪♪ 00:04:24 ♪♪ And she loves to help everyone. 00:05:53 We'll take you through the spooky forest. sister. 00:04:01 ♪♪ Big sister ♪♪ 00:04:02 ♪♪ I'm going to be a big sister. Dora. 00:04:43 Say it with us-... 00:06:07 Is the frog on the first path.. the second path or the third path? 00:06:17 The third path-. ♪♪ 00:04:30 (clucks) ♪♪ I'm going to be a big sister. 00:06:31 Is the frog on the first path. 00:05:29 (all laughing) Great. 00:06:02 We have to look for the path with the friendly frog. but first we need to go through the spooky forest. 00:05:06 A baby? 00:05:08 ALL: A baby. first we need to find the spooky forest.. 00:05:15 I'm going to teach the baby how to monkey-dance... 00:05:34 We have to get home quick to see the baby. 00:05:52 Don't worry. sister. sister.there it is. big..big. sister. 00:04:49 Big. ..right.. sister. 00:03:40 We've got to get to my house quick. a baby. 00:05:23 And I can teach the baby all about flowers and plants and butterflies. 00:04:58 And there's Isa the iguana.right. 00:05:02 Isa.. 00:05:19 (chattering) Wow.. 00:07:06 You're going to be the best big sister.. a baby! 00:03:50 (music begins) ♪♪ I'm going to be a big sister. big. 00:03:45 BOTH: A baby. the second path. 00:04:38 BOTH: Big. the third path.. 00:06:22 (frog croaking) (snakes hissing) Uh-oh.. 00:03:25 So. more paths! 00:06:27 DORA: Look for the path with the friendly frog.. the fourth path or the fifth path? 00:06:44 The fifth path-. a baby.. 00:05:37 Yeah. ♪♪ 00:04:07 (chirping) ♪♪ She's really good at caring. Isa.. 00:06:49 Smart looking. 00:07:02 Thanks for taking me through the spooky forest. big. sister! 00:04:54 (music ends) Look. big. ♪♪ 00:04:16 ♪♪ And she's really great at sharing. a baby! 00:05:11 And Dora says I'm going to be like a big brother. 00:03:43 My mami's having a baby. 00:03:39 Come on. but we better hurry. 00:03:30 Do you see the spooky forest? 00:03:37 Right-. sister.. 00:06:50 (frog croaking) (crocodiles chomping) (playing fanfare) We made it through the spooky forest... 00:06:19 So we take the third path. there's lots of spooky animals in the forest. ♪♪ 00:04:35 I'm going to be a big monkey brother. like snakes and crocodiles. ♪♪ 00:03:56 BOTH: Big. Isa! 00:05:04 Dora's mommy is having a baby.00:03:25 Thanks. 00:06:00 Come on. 00:05:55 We just have to follow the path with the friendly frog. 00:05:44 And look. 00:06:46 So we take the fifth path. the spooky forest.

. 00:09:56 Right. next we go to the farm. 00:08:33 BOTH: Big. a baby.. oh! 00:09:23 And I can give the baby piggyback rides. 00:07:42 The nut farm! 00:07:43 So you tell Dora.right. sister. 00:07:58 So we need to find the nut farm. 00:07:34 Where do we go next? 00:07:39 The farm-. Boots.. but I don't think I put this go-cart together right.. the tires are stuck! 00:10:23 Help me twist on the tires. 00:07:20 We have to figure out where to go next. oh.. Benny. 00:10:20 Uh-oh. ♪♪ 00:08:29 I'm going to be a big monkey brother. 00:08:57 Maybe Benny can give us a ride to the nut farm. sister! 00:08:49 (music ends) Come on! 00:08:51 We have to get to the nut farm quick. 00:08:53 Hey. 00:09:50 Don't give up. 00:10:01 We have to put the tires. 00:09:20 (chattering) Oh. 00:07:14 Thanks.right. there's Benny the bull with his go-cart. seat and steering wheel on Benny's go-cart. sister.. 00:09:04 Dora's mommy's having a baby! 00:09:07 A baby?! 00:09:09 ALL: A baby. there it is. a baby. 00:09:29 (Boots and Benny laughing) Great! We need to get home quick to see the baby. a baby! 00:09:12 And Dora says I'm going to be like a big brother! 00:09:16 I'm going to teach the baby to monkey-dance. 00:08:18 BOTH: A baby. ..00:07:11 Have a baby banana. 00:07:22 You have to say "map. 00:08:16 My mami's having a baby.. sister.. 00:08:10 Sí. we can help you put the go-cart together. 00:09:57 Let's look at the instructions. 00:10:08 Which part goes first? 00:10:13 The tires-. 00:07:54 The nut farm. 00:07:33 Check. 00:08:12 Come on.. 00:08:37 Say it with us-. Benny. sister. 00:09:35 Can you give us a ride to the nut farm in your go-cart? 00:09:41 Sure.right. 00:09:48 Oh." We made it through the spooky forest. we've got to get to my house quick. I give up.. 00:08:01 ¿¿Dónde está? 00:08:02 Do you see the nut farm? 00:08:08 Yeah. 00:07:56 Thanks.. big. 00:08:43 Big. Boots. 00:07:48 Where do we go next? 00:07:52 The farm-. 00:09:03 Benny. ahí está. a baby! 00:08:22 (music begins) ♪♪ I'm going to be a big sister. sister.big. big. 00:09:52 Yeah. big.

twist. 00:12:01 You're going to make a great big sister. 00:12:06 Have a baby banana.check. we say"verde. 00:13:04 When the sign that the crossing guard is holding is red. twist. 00:10:54 Put your hands out in front of you and push.00:10:24 Put your hands out in front of you and twist. cuidado! 00:12:56 Uh-oh. all the squirrels are collecting their nuts. 00:11:13 Help me twist on the steering wheel. amigos! 00:12:24 BOTH: IHola. push! 00:11:00 We pushed in the seat-. we say"rojo.. 00:13:10 When the sign is green.right. un bebé. 00:12:23 TICO: IHola. 00:10:35 Twist. 00:11:40 so we can be safe. 00:12:47 IFantástico! 00:12:49 Tico says he'll teach Spanish to the baby. 00:10:41 Which part goes second? 00:10:47 The seat-. 00:12:38 Un bebé? 00:12:39 Sí. 00:13:00 We have to be careful to cross the street safely. 00:11:38 ALL: Seat belts. 00:11:35 Hop in..right. 00:12:19 Yeah. 00:11:21 We twisted on the steering wheel-. 00:11:47 ALL: Whee! 00:11:50 Benny. un bebé! 00:12:45 Voy a enseñar español al bebé. we go. 00:13:13 To tell Tico the sign is red. 00:10:51 Help me push the seat into place. Tico! 00:12:35 Dora's mommy is having a baby. twist. we stop.check. we made it to the nut farm." Can you say"rojo"? 00:13:22 Great! 00:13:23 To tell Tico the sign is green. 00:12:41 ALL: IUn bebé. the nut farm is really busy.tenemos que crusar la calle con cuidado. 00:11:15 Put your hands out in front of you and twist. twist. twist. 00:11:04 And which part goes third? 00:11:10 The steering wheel-. 00:12:29 (chattering) BOTH: IHola! 00:12:34 Tico. Tico! 00:12:27 Estos son mis primos. push. 00:11:26 We built Benny's go-cart! 00:11:29 Thanks for helping! 00:11:31 And now I can give you a ride. twist. 00:12:12 Let's go! 00:12:16 Wow. twist. un bebé. 00:11:53 And look. 00:11:58 Thank you for helping me put my go-cart together. 00:10:31 Twist.check. Dora. 00:10:37 We twisted on the tires-." Can you say"verde"? 00:13:33 Great! 00:13:36 Is the signrojoorverde? . 00:12:53 (chattering) ICuidado. twist. this go-cart sure is fast.

00:15:47 Where do we go next? 00:15:52 Dora's house-. ahí está! 00:16:05 Come on. there are two babies-. Papi. has the baby come? 00:16:54 Is Dora a big sister now? 00:16:57 Sí. 00:14:55 All right! 00:14:58 Gracias. we've got to get to my house quick. 00:15:40 So you tell Dora and Boots. 00:17:02 And your mami and I have an even bigger surprise for you.baby buttons! 00:16:50 Papi. 00:15:04 Vas a ser una fantástica hermana mayor. a baby! 00:16:16 Let's go! (everyone greeting Dora) DORA: Look. 00:17:07 Come with me. 00:14:09 DORA: Is the signrojoorverde? 00:14:14 Verde.check. 00:14:59 Gracias para ayudarnos a pasar por la finca de neuces.twins! . a baby! 00:17:23 Is it a boy? 00:17:25 Is it a girl? 00:17:27 Why don't you look and see.right! 00:15:55 So we need to find my house. 00:14:19 Look both ways before crossing.una hermana mayor. 00:15:17 You have to say "map.so we can cross. next we go to Dora's house. 00:15:12 IHasta luego! 00:15:13 We have to figure out where to go next. mi tia y tio. did the baby come? 00:17:19 Yes. 00:16:10 My mami's having a baby! 00:16:12 BOTH: A baby. 00:15:08 Have a baby banana. 00:17:20 BOTH: A baby. Dora.cariño. 00:15:28 We went through the nut farm-. 00:15:58 ¿¿Dónde está mi casa? 00:16:04 ISí. you're a big sister-. 00:17:36 Look. 00:16:41 Look. 00:15:32 Where do we go next? 00:15:37 Dora's house-. 00:17:11 Mami! 00:17:13 Dora! 00:17:14 Boots! 00:17:16 Mami. a baby.check.so we have to stop.so we can go. 00:14:50 (playing fanfare) We made it through the nut farm.right. 00:13:56 BOOTS: Remember to hold hands and look both ways before crossing." We went through the spooky forest-. 00:15:03 De nada.00:13:43 Rojo--red-.abuelamade usgácillas-.so we can cross. Mami. there's my cousin Diego and his sister Alicia and their 00:16:20 parents. 00:13:47 Now is the signrojoorverde? 00:13:53 Verde--green-. a baby. 00:16:34 And there'smi abuela. 00:14:30 DORA: Is the signrojoorverde? 00:14:37 Verde.

mis niños♪♪ 00:18:49 ♪♪Duermanse.00:17:41 A baby boy and a baby girl.♪♪ ♪♪ We did it! ♪♪ 00:19:25 ♪♪ Papi called to say Mami's having a baby today ♪♪ 00:19:30 ♪♪ We did it! ♪♪ 00:19:31 ♪♪ We did it! ♪♪ 00:19:32 ♪♪ We did it-.. 00:18:04 Hi. 00:18:17 (both yawning) Oh. the babies are asleep. 00:20:22 Gracias. soy Dora! 00:17:52 I'm your big sister. 00:18:21 We need to rock them to sleep. too. 00:20:12 The babies. 00:18:23 Will you help us rock the babies to sleep? 00:18:30 Great! 00:18:36 Make a cradle with your arms and rock the babies back and forth as we sing our lullaby. the babies. 00:18:07 Hey.. 00:18:11 The babies are so cute! 00:18:12 I think the babies are hat you. ♪♪ 00:19:48 Yay! 00:19:48 Whoo! 00:19:49 Hooray! 00:19:50 We did it! 00:19:52 (music ends) Whoo! 00:19:55 We had such an exciting trip today. ♪♪ 00:19:46 BOTH: ♪♪ Two babies.. 00:20:20 Thanks for helping. I'm Boots. 00:17:57 (both babbling) Ooh. amores♪♪ 00:18:51 ♪♪Duermanse. 00:18:44 (music begins) ♪♪Duermanse. 00:19:10 (playing fanfare) BOTH: We did it! 00:19:18 (music ♪♪ We did it! ♪♪ ♪♪ We did it! ♪♪ 00:19:22 ♪♪ We did it-. 00:19:58 What was your favorite part of the trip? 00:20:08 I liked that. the babies smiled at me.hooray! ♪♪ 00:19:34 ♪♪ So we ran home ♪♪ 00:19:35 ♪♪ And told our friends the news along the way ♪♪ 00:19:37 ♪♪ We did it ♪♪ 00:19:38 ♪♪ We did it ♪♪ 00:19:39 ♪♪ We did it! ♪♪ ♪♪ We did it! ♪♪ 00:19:40 ♪♪ When we got to Dora's house ♪♪ 00:19:42 ♪♪ We couldn't wait to see ♪♪ 00:19:43 ♪♪ That there wasn't just one. pedazos de nuestros corazones.yay! ♪♪ 00:19:23 ♪♪Lo hicimos. the babies! 00:20:16 (both chuckling) We couldn't have done it without you.. but. too. . 00:20:10 Our favorite part was.♪♪ 00:19:01 Look. 00:17:53 Someday you'll go exploring with me. 00:17:50 IHola. the babies are tired. 00:17:44 Now I have a baby brother and a baby sister. you guys are strong.

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