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AFM Syllabus

AFM Syllabus

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Published by: Utsav Ghulati on Jul 14, 2013
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Accounting for Managers

Class of Course Code Credit : 2013 : SL AC 501 : 3 Academic Year Semester Sessions : First :I : 30

To provide the understanding of corporate financial reporting system and cost concepts.

Learning Outcomes
● Demonstrate understanding of concepts relevant to financial statement analysis.

● ● ● ● ●

Demonstrate ability to analyse, diagnose and interpret financial health of companies. Enable to evaluate, report and present effectively financial results of companies. Comprehend financial statements and rectify errors in financial information. Understand different cost concepts & prepare Cost sheet. Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary topics in the area of Accounting.

REFERENCE BOOKS Financial Accounting- A Managerial Perspective (Latest Edition) Accounting : Text and Cases Financial Accounting for Management (An Analytical Perspective) Modern Accountancy Cost and Management accounting Cost Accounting – 8th edition

AUTHOR / PUBLICATION Prof. R. Narayanswamy – Prentice Hall of India

12e Anthony, Hawkins & Merchant, TMH, Special Indian Edition Gupta, Ambrish. Pearson Education - 2005 Mukherjee, Amitabha / Hanif, Mohammed. Tata Mc Graw Hill Ravi M Kishore – Taxmann Jawaharlal – Tata McGraw Hill

Detailed Syllabus Introduction to Financial accounting: Distinction among financial accounting, cost accounting and Management accounting – Evolution of Accounting – basic concepts of financial Accounting – conventions of accounting – stages of preparing accounting statements – from input to output – users of financial statements- advantages of

accounting – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Understanding Financial Statement: Nature and objectives of Financial Statements, Uses of Financial Statements, form and content of Financial Statements, users of Financial Statements Financial Reporting and Regulations:

Inflation Accounting Cases and Exercises Maruti  Udyog’s  Accounting   Aig: The Accounting Scandal Unfourts Fannie   Mae:   The   US   Mortgage   Giant’s   accounting Controversies Annual report of select company ( Latest ) Faculty will identify appropriate cases on Window Dressing Suggested Schedule of Sessions Topic Introduction to Financial Accounting Understanding Financial Statement Financial Reporting and Regulations Financial Statements of Limited Companies Cash Flow Annual Reports Limitations of Financial Statements and Window Dressing Financial Statement Analysis Introduction to Cost Concepts Cost Accounting Preparation of Cost sheet Contemporary Topics Total No. Comparison and Harmonization Financial Statements of Limited Companies: Format and Content of Profit and Loss Account . Sunk Cost. Overheads.Requirements of the Companies Act for the Presentation of the Companies Profit and Loss Account . Programmed Cost.Effects of Abnormal Items and Changes in Accounting Policies. concepts & the mechanics of Financial Accounting . Profitability and Leverage .Historical Costs.Du-Pont Analysis – Problems Encountered in Financial Statement Analysis. Creative Accounting.cost classification -cost tracing .cost allocation . Joint Cost.Introduction to USGAAP.Preparation of Cash Flow Statement Usefulness of the Statement of Cash Flow Annual Report: Contents of Annual Report – Director’s  report  – Auditor’s  report  . Standard Costs. Prime Cost. Future Costs. Preparation of Cost sheet: Prime Cost.Ratio Analysis –Liquidity. Conversion Cost.techniques of costing. Differential Cost.cost assignment .Types of costs. Direct & Indirect Cost. Opportunity Cost. Imputed Cost. Financial Statement Analysis: Financial Statements – Understanding the Features of Variables in Financial Statements .variable cost and fixed cost . Discretionary Cost. Period Cost. Committed CostCost Unit -Cost Center. Introduction to Cost Concepts: Interface of Financial Accounting with Cost Accounting.Financial Statements and notes thereon – Other information. of Sessions 1 1 4 6 5 2 1 Resource 4 1 2 2 1 30 Pre-requisites: Knowledge of Fundamental principles.costs in financial statements mechanics of cost accumulation . Introduction to International Accounting Standards. Cost.cost behaviour and cost estimation . Capacity Cost. Cost sheet Contemporary Topics: Human Accounting.Requirements of Appropriation of Profits by the Company .cost object . Out of Pocket Cost.cost application -cost driver . Limitations of Financial Statements and Window Dressing: Critical Review of Financial Statements .Treatment of Special Items Relating to Companies Final Accounts . Indian Accounting Standards. Cost Accounting: Cost accumulation . Applicability of Various Standards.Format and Content of the Balance Sheet Cash Flow: Statement of Cash Flows Purpose of the Statement of Cash Flow Content and Format of the Statement of Cash Flow .

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