“A Big Heart” There’s a hero, if you look inside your heart, you don’t have to be afraid of what you

are. There’s an answer, if you reach into your soul, and the sorrow that you know, will melt away. Ladies and Gentlemen, Many children dream to be a hero; Superman, Batman or Spiderman. Besides being famous and having an extraordinary power, a hero needs a perfect body. But how if the condition is 180 degrees different with those common reasons, can they become a hero? 56 years ago, a little boy was born just same like other children, crying in their first breathing. He was so healthy; physically and mentally. His cute face was always reassuring his parents. His smile and laugh were so adorable. But that happiness was only happening for two years. One day, when he was playing with his friends, he fell down to the ground and got hurt in his leg. His parents thought it was a common wound so they just simply cleaned and cured his leg and didn’t give more attentions. He got a fever. His parents took him to the doctor and he got an injection. His leg suddenly felt so weak. And that condition happened in several months. His leg couldn’t grow more and was looking thinner. Finally, he was suspected polio and no serum could cure it. His expectations about himself as a superhero were so far and fade away on his dream. Time passed by, in the middle of his ability, except his leg, he grew and felt so happy, even sometimes his disability was hurt his feeling. But he believed that his disability couldn’t stop or even kill his dream to study abroad. He kept studying hard night and day in order to get a scholarship. Everything he did in making his dream come true. He read books, went to the library and asked somebody’s help to teach him after his school time. All he's done was because he wanted to make his parents proud of him. And finally, his hard-work gave the result. He got a scholarship to study abroad, where all of his siblings never got any chances due to the financial problem. His parents were so proud of him. Then, do you think that his life was so easy to be continued? After graduating, he tried to find a job and applied it to several companies. He got many rejections of his disability. He kept trying and trying again to be accepted. In the way of finding a job, he did everything that could earn money, started from selling cigarettes, durian, rambutan or newspaper. But he never accused of his polio. One blessed day, he was accepted as an employee in a big company. And because of his hard-work, less than three months he got promoted to become a sales manager. Beside that he also worked as a door to door English teacher at night. He filled his life with a really hard-work. A new chapter of his life was found in his passion of teaching someone. He fell in love one of his students, a beautiful woman. And his love story was started. In one of a short night, he came and met her parents bravely. He proposed to marry their daughter. But her mother rejected him. She even scolded and told him with some hurting words, “Hey polio man, go far away from my house. How dare you are! I will not let you break my daughter's future. You cannot make her happy. Get out!” Her mother shouted it out loudly. But he didn’t give up. His love to that woman was bigger than other obstacles he faced. He tried and tried as same as he got the scholarship. At the end, he married to the woman, and his mother in law was so regret with what she said and accepted him as her daughter’s husband. Until now, they live happily with their children; two sons and one daughter. And because of his hard work and sincerity of his heart, he is successful in his career enjoying his pension and succeeds to send his son to study abroad. And he is a proud of his family. Ladies and Gentlemen, The disability man does survive. He faced the obstacles, and never gave up where used to be rejected in any kind of situations. He never tears and feels scared to conquer everything. He realized that he has a deformed foot, but he believes that everyone deserves to get better life. And he has proved to himself that he could do it better than others, and being a hero, at least, for his family. To be a hero is not only needs a perfect body, but more deeper than having a big heart. The disability man is my father. He has proved it to me. And I believe… “There’s a hero lies in you…” This note is created to appreciate my father hard work

Adly Ilyas .Special Thanks to : M.

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