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Points of Interaction and Reminders for Social Exposure

Points of Interaction and Reminders for Social Exposure

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National Service Training Program Module
National Service Training Program Module

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Published by: RB on Jul 14, 2013
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National Service Training Program

POINTS OF INTERACTION and REMINDERS FOR SOCIAL EXPOSURE A. Students are asked to compose questions according to the following guide points: 1. PROFILE of the person/people you are interacting with a. Name b. Age c. Civil Status d. Hometown e. etc 2. SOCIAL DEMOGRAPHIC of the community a. Population b. Economy c. Condition of the Community d. Officials in the government 3. Perception of the National Disposition and Political Perspectives a. National Government and its officials b. Programs and activities to address the concerns/problems of the country 4. Religion, beliefs, and culture 5. Photo Documentation B. Reminders 1. Before going to the area a. Please come on time. Let us meet first at our classroom for Saturday for the preliminaries and checking of attendance. b. With or without you, the class will proceed to the area. If you are LATE, do not go to the designated area where your class is assigned. c. You must have submitted the Parent Consent/Waiver with signature of your parents/guardians affixed on it to the NSTP Office. Students who don’t have consent will not be allowed to go to the area. d. Wear WHITE. Regardless if the shirt has a print or not for as long as the base color is white, it will serve its purpose. e. Wear jeans and closed rubber shoes for your convenience. f. Must wear the XU ID g. Should observe the NSTP Guidelines. Apprehended will be given appropriate demerits. 2. While in the area a. Be polite and courteous. Pay courtesy call to our Contact Person so that he/she would know who we are and what XU – NSTP’s intentions are in their community. b. Be simple. Don’t call people’s attention with the way you carry yourself. It might put people off from interacting with you. c. Listen to what the person/people will share. Be sensitive to the way they reveal (open up) themselves to you and the manner they look at things. d. Observe proper conduct and decorum e. Refer to the Class Facilitators for any concern that you will encounter in the area. 3. Be yourself. Enjoy doing the Social Exposure.

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