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Erik Ribsskog

Address: 10 Keith Court, Keith Avenue, Liverpool, L4 5XJ Mobile: (sensurert av johncons-blogg) E-mail: PERSONAL PROFILE I started working in retail, when I moved to my father, (in 1979), when I was nine years old. My fathers family had a furniture-factory, (Strmm Trevareindustri , which was later renamed to Strmm Trevare A/S, when my father became Managing Director), and I would help my father, when he drove to Oslo, to deliver bulk-beds, (directly to consumers), about once a week. My father didn't want me to work as self-employed, (he said that then one never got any spare-time), so he wanted me to study economy, in Oslo. I went on businessschool, and got diplomas in Basic Commerce and Office-work, Economy and Data & Information Management. I also got the 'Norwegian A-levels', from going to business-school, and I moved to Oslo, to study Information Management, in 1989. I went to a private academy, (named NHI), so in 1990, I had a sandwich-year, (from my studies), to work full-time, as a Cashier, at the hypermarket Matland/OBS Triaden, in Lrenskog, in Norway. A job I got since I had worked part-time, as a Cashier, (at CC Storkjp), when I went the last year, at business-school, (in Drammen), in the school-year 1988/89. After I had finished the second year, at NHI, I had to serve my conscriptionservice-year, in the Norwegian infantry. Then there were some problems, with getting to work, in my holidays from the army, so I contacted an earlier class-mate, (Magne Winnem), from the last year at business-school. Winnem was working as a Store Manager, in the grocery-chain Rimi, at the time, and right before Christmas, in 1992, I started working, at a shop in Oslo named Rimi Munkelia, in my Christmas-leave, from the army. After I was finished with my conscription-service, in the summer of 1993, I worked in a lot of Rimishops, (as a Cashier), when these shops had problems with their normal staff being on sick-leave. In the autumn of 1993, I started working three days a week, at Rimi Lambertseter, as a Cashier. And I also worked some shifts at Rimi Karlsrud, and I also had the Rimi Munkelia-job still, (where I worked every other Saturday), so it was more or a less a full-time job for me, in Rimi, from the autumn of 1993. (It was a recession at the time, in Norway, so it wasn't easy finding employment). In the summer of 1994, Rimi Lambertseter needed a 'summer-leader', (or Key Holder), who could work, when the Store Manager and the Assistant Manager had their summerholidays, so I got training and started to work as a manager, in the summer of 1994, (after I had worked a lot with stocking shelves etc., (and being responsible for the cheese-department), in the months before this). They were happy with me, as a manager, in Rimi, so in the autumn of 1994, I got a full-time-job, as an Aspiring Manager, (in the same shop). And in January 1995, I got a full-time-job, as an Assistant Manager, (also in the same shop). In the spring of 1996, I got promoted again, since I started to work as an Assistant Manager, in the much bigger shop Rimi Bjrndal, (where I had responsibility for the bookmaker-machine, 'Norsk Tipping', and much more). In 1998, I got promoted to be a Store Manager, at Rimi Lambertseter. And in year 2000, I got promoted to be a Store Manager, in the much bigger shop Rimi Kalbakken, (which even had a staffed meat-department. This shop was really an ICA supermarket, which had started operating under the Rimi-name). There were some problems, in connection with my move, from Rimi Lambertseter to Rimi Kalbakken, that I brought up with the Director of Operations, Rune Hestenes. But I didn't think I got heard, so after I had worked as a Store Manager, at Rimi Langhus, (where I won a prestigious competition, for Store Managers, named Rimi Gullrer), from 2001 to 2002, I started studying full-time again. This time at Oslo University College, where I studied IT, at the Faculty of Engineering. I then worked as a Key Holder, (part-time and in holidays), at Rimi Bjrndal, from the summer of 2002 to December 2003, (while I studied full-time). I also worked as a Key Holder, (one shift a week and in holidays), at Rimi Langhus, from the spring of 2003 to August 2004, when I went to study Computing, at the University of Sunderland. KEY SKILLS Management Marketing Information Management Organisation Communication Foundation-degree in IT Economy Languages, (Norwegian, Swedish and Danish) Retail

WORK EXPERIENCE (Excerpt) A webshop, (which I've developed my own web-design for, from 2011 to 2013), selling Glacier Mints, and other bagged sweets. I got the idea for this business when I read on online message-boards that people in Norway missed the Norwegian version of Glacier Mints, after these were discontinued, in the shops in there, around 2009. In 2012 I also started an almost similar webshop in English, (, which I changed the name for, to, in 2013 . October 2010 to Todays Date, (part-time). Sending packets, updating the web-shops, web-design, etc.

Self-employed, (working from home, in Leather Lane, in Liverpool). Company Researcher , (working on a directory named March 2007 to November 2008. Researching the Scandinavian market on behalf of the company Packaging Europe, in Norwich.

Bertelsmann Arvato's Microsoft Scandinavian Product Activation-Campaign, (Liverpool). Multi Lingual Contact Centre Representative . August 2005 to December 2006. (The first months, from August 2005 to June 2006, employed by Randstad). Activated Windows and other software for Microsoft-customers calling from Scandinavia.

Rimi Food Shops, (now owned by ICA), Oslo and Follo, Norway. Cashier, Key Holder, Aspiring Manager, Assistant Manager and Store Manager. December 1992 to August 2004. My duties/achievements as a Store Manager, (which I worked as, in three different stores, from 1998 to 2002), included: Managing and motivating a team of up to 20-25 employees. Dealing with staffing issues such as interviewing potential staff, training and development. Chairing manager-, personel- and employee-meetings. Responsible for all budgets, (sales, salary, expenses, etc., for the shop). Responsible for projects initiated by the Head Office, like moving the fruit-department to the enterance-area, at Rimi Lambertseter, in 1998, and starting with bookmaker-machines, (Norsk Tipping), at Rimi Lambertseter, in 1999. Won second prize in an orange-sales-competiton, (arranged by the supplier Norgesfrukt), with Rimi Lambertseter, in 1999. Won Rimi Gullrer, (a 'high hanging' competition which means the shop achieved very high in three key-areas which was increased fruit-sales, increased own-brand-sales and increased average-sales), with Rimi Langhus, for the second half of 2001. Identified problem-areas, and 'secret' goal from the Region Manager Jon Bekkevoll, at Rimi Kalbakken, in 2000, (to beat the next door supermarket, (Meny), by having special 'region-manager-offers', in the fresh food department, inherited from ICA Kalbakken). Founded a company-league fotball-team, named Rimi Langhus, in the summer of 2001, (since the staff there wanted a footballteam). Self-employed, (working from home, in Skansen Terrasse 23, Oslo). System Developer. Easter 1993, (I got one extra day Easter-leave, from my conscription-service, in the infantry, to work on this project).

Developed an accounting-programme, for the company Arcade Action ystein Andersen, (my third-cousin).

Matland/OBS! Triaden hypermarket, (owned by Coop), Lrenskog, Norway. Cashier , (full time/part time), later also Fresh Food Department-employee, (on Saturdays). October 1990 to August 1991, (full time). August 1991 to December 1992, (part time).

Got extra responsibilites like managing the breaks, train new staff, working in the Fresh Food Department and I was also placed to work alone in the Special Goods Department's summer-shop, the first day it was open.

CC Storkjp, (a grocery-shop, wich later became a shop in the Rimi-chain), Drammen, Norway. Cashier, (part-time, and full-time in the summer of 1989). August 1988 to August 1989, (while I went on the last year at business-school). Was sometimes allowed to stand alone in the outside 'hall'-area to sell chocolates for Freia, or working with 10 NOKcampaigns.

EDUCATION AND COURSES (Excerpt) University of Sunderland, Faculty of Applied Sciences. Bachelor of Science, Computing, Final Year/Study Abroad Programme. 2004/05. Oslo University College, Faculty of Engineering. Hgskolekandidat, Information Technology. (Comparable with a Foundation-degree/HND). 2002-2004. (Degree received in 2009). Rimi Food Shops, Norway. (Courses mostly held at ICA's head-office, in Sinsen, in Oslo). Secondary courses for Rimi Store Managers, (Management, Presentation, Communication and Employment Law). Basic courses for Rimi Store Managers, (Shop Economy, etc). Several Fruit-courses, (selling colour-patterns and how to build up the boxes in the fruit-department, etc). Several Security-courses, (how to act during robberies, how to prevent robberies, etc). 1992-2004. Norwegian College of Information Technology (NHI, now NITH), Oslo. (A private Norwegian University College, which was owned by Vivendi and Nringsakademiet, at the time I studied there). NHI-candidate, Information Management. (A study modeled after the two first years at US Universities).

1989/90, (First year), and 1991/92, (Second year). Sande Upper Secondary School, (First and Second year) and Gjerde's Commerce School, Drammen, (Third year). Commerce and Office. (First year: Basic Commerce and Office. Second year, (ongoing course I): Economy, (with Marketing). Third year, (ongoing course II): Data and Information Management, (with Economy)). 1986-1989. (Gave the qualification 'Generell Studiekompetanse', meaning one are eligable to study at Norwegian universities).