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5629 NW 97th Street

Gainesville FL, 32653

OBJECTIVE: a position in teller, with a special interest in customer service.

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, 3rd May, 2009
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
Grade Point Average: 3.50/4.0(120 credit hours)
Concentration: Social Anthropology


Computer Lab Attendant: Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, Florida July

2006- April 2007
 Educate up to 20 new students each day about the lab, assist with internet and
 Supplied ink and paper to the lab on time.
 Addressed short time problems and fixed when possible like internet connection
and general printing issues.
Tour Guide:
 Providing informational narrative about the many sights visited on daily bases
 Coordinated the logistics of several weeklong group tours.
 Educate tourists about local history, geography, and culture of the areas they visit
Research Assistant
 Worked as research assistant for scientist from the Florida University 2001-2003.
 Translated spoken communication and translated cultural questionnaires from
English to Afa Xono, a local language in southwest of Ethiopia.
 Administered questionnaire to local elders and key individuals such as chief
administrators and councilors.
 Entered archeological data into computer.
 Conducted my own interview with local leaders based on the questionnaire
provided by the university scientists.

Related course work: cultural anthropology, Political Anthropology, public speaking,

international relation and comparative politics.
Computer: Microsoft office, power point
Language: fluent in English and Amharic, Afa Xonso, both Ethiopian languages