Embrace Helps Veteran Get Dream Home

By Lea Sutton and R. Stickney| Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013 | Updated 6:0 !" !#$

% disa&led "a'ine (o'ps )ete'an is 'e*+ainin+ ,e' independence and it-s all t,anks to a non*p'o.it o'+ani/ation and t,ei' )oluntee's. Sa'a, Bettencou't ,as al0ays &een a st'on+ and independent 0o1an. 2n .act, s,e 0as on t'ack to &eco1e a "a'ine (o'ps !ilot 0,en s,e de)eloped a 'a'e neu'olo+ical diso'de' t,at c,an+ed e)e'yt,in+. 3$,e 0o'st day is 0,en 2 can4t do anyt,in+. 2 can4t take ca'e o. 1ysel. at all,5 s,e said. 6"eanin+ usin+ t,e &at,'oo1, o' .eedin+ 1ysel. &ecause eit,e' &ot, a'1s and le+s stop 0o'kin+ o' 1y co+niti)e a&ility isn-t t,e'e so 2 act like a 1 yea' old * you kno0 2 don-t unde'stand ,o0 to put .ood in 1y 1out,.3 % t'ue "a'ine at ,ea't, t,e ,a'dest pa't .o' ,e' ,as &een .i+,tin+ .o' pe'sonal independence. W,en s,e 0akes up in t,e 1o'nin+, s,e ne)e' kno0s 0,ic, &ody pa'ts s,e 0ill &e a&le to .eel o' use. S,e calls it a 3+ood day3 0,en s,e ,as t,e 3+i.t3 o. usin+ ,e' a'1s. Bettencou't lo)es ,e' (lai'e1ont ,o1e s,e s,a'es 0it, ,e' &est .'iend and ,us&and, "att &ut t,ey couldn4t a..o'd all t,e 1odi.ications Sa'a, needs to &e independent. %t ti1es s,e 0ould use a tennis &all and &'oo1 to +et .ood .'o1 t,e pant'y, t,en cook it 0,ile sittin+ on t,e .loo'. $,is 0eek a non*p'o.it o'+ani/ation called 71&'ace is c,an+in+ t,at. $,'ou+, t,ei' 38ealin+ ou' 8e'oes4 8o1es3 p'o+'a1, )oluntee's a'e co1pletely 'eno)atin+ Sa'a,-s ,ouse and t,ey-'e +oin+ &eyond 9ust 1eetin+ ,e' needs. Bettencou't says t,ey-'e 1akin+ it ,e' 3d'ea1 ,o1e3. 32t-s like 0innin+ t,e lotte'y 10 ti1es o)e' &ecause today is t,e sta't o. ou' ,o1e * "att and 2-s ,o1e 1y ,us&ands- and 2-s ,o1e, &eco1in+ a d'ea1 ,o1e,5 s,e said. 62t is lite'ally +oin+ to &e a d'ea1 ,o1e * it-s +oin+ to &e accessi&le .o' 1e to +et in and a'ound and to &e a&le to +et to 1y ,ouse sa.ely and t,en cook and use 1y kitc,en sa.ely.3

71&'ace 'elies co1pletely on donations and )oluntee's to &e a&le to 'eno)ate )ete'ans- ,o1es. $oday colle+e students .'o1 S#SU 0e'e t,e'e ,elpin+ alon+side cont'acto's t,at donate t,ei' se')ices.