Criminal Complaint re: attorney Lisa C.

1 message Pry Vate <> To: Pete Smith <> Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 11:36 AM

Sumter County Sheriff Pete Smith, The following are assertions of criminal activity occurring within the County of Sumter, Georgia. Prior to the April 17th, 2013 hearing that (parents' names redacted) , and many witnesses attended as observers, Alecia (Lisa) Rambo was found to have been a usurping impostor to an Office of Public Trust. Alecia is, in fact, impersonating a Judge. A copy of this document evidencing this finding is attached(compurgators court findings). Findings are based upon examination of Lisa's oaths and her actions. On April 17th, 2013 you may recall that (parents' names redacted) refused to pass the bar and from the gallery I did hand the bailiff a signed document to Lisa. Said document was entitled, "Notice of Trespass Upon an Office of the Public Trust for Want of Constitution Mandated Oath of Fidelity and Notice of Ejectment (Eviction) Therefrom in Guaranteed Direct Exercise of Sovereign Power and Praecipe to Vacate, sua sponte, the Office of Public Trust styled as "Juvenile Court Judge". Lisa was then observed reading both pages of the Notice of Trespass. Said unsigned copy of this document is attached to this email. There were three signatories to the document. Lisa is in possession of this two page document. Attached is this Notice of Trespass for your review. After being noticed to vacate the bench during this hearing (parents' names redacted), and many other witnesses observed Alicia Rambo make a ruling from the bench within the Sumter County Courthouse, Georgia. Lisa had no lawful authority to be on that bench or to make rulings and she was noticed of this fact. Therefore, she has intentionally committed unlawful acts including but not limited to impersonating an Officer of the Court. Mention of this crime is made by evidence of the Law at § 16-10-23 - Impersonating a public officer. This should be considered a criminal complaint regarding one posing as a Public Trustee yet without dejure authority of a Public Trustee. This complaint is being made by Beneficiaries of the Public Trust (parents' names redacted). I await your response, (parent names redacted)

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