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non-commercial use.com . The output colors may vary depending on your monitor calibration and printing settings. Licence Agreement Sharing this file is completely prohibited. Selling this file is completely prohibited. All artwork and photography is exclusive of Sweetly Sweet.blogspot. Artwork and Photography ©Sweetly Sweet www. Selling paper goods made from this file is completely prohibited. Partial or complete scanning/copying of this file is completely prohibited.Legal Copy This file is for unlimited printing only for your own personal.sweetlysweet.

You are welcomed to experiment with different types of paper: regular weight paper. ALWAYS PRINT AT 100% ZOOM. In the cupcake toppers. Cutting and scoring Use scissors. Older versions or other software like Mac’s Preview will not work! You can download/update your Adobe Reader for free at: www. If needed. color or position.adobe. You will NOT be able to change the size. vinyl. You can score paper by passing a pointy object (old ball point pen with no ink or a bone folder) over the areas to be folded. labels. WITH NO SCALLING! For tips/tutorials/photos please visit our blog: www. t-shirt transfers. font. please contact me. or if you have a child with a very long name that does not fit the space. photo paper. never let children use an X-Acto knife). canvas. Use a metal ruler as a guide. punches or X-Acto knifes to cut where needed (Adult supervision is a must.com Editable text In some files text can be edited when you click and write on the highlighted areas.blogspot. If a little square with a plus sign shows beside the name it means that it does not fit (please don’t print).) is recommended. Always print a test page before printing the whole document so that you can check the colors. shrink paper: Always follow the manufacturer’s printing instructions. Printing You can print at home (maximum quality setting) or at your local office supply shop. Always score the areas that you will need to fold BEFORE folding them. communicate with your printing shop to correct colors (lighten/darken colors).com . some numbers will not be centered in the editable text fields. If you leave the fields blank the gray box will not print! Paper Bright white carstock (110 lb. Please use the page that has the “1” for the number one and the page that has the number “2” for all other numbers.sweetlysweet.Adobe Acrobat Reader The latest Adobe Acrobat Reader is REQUIRED to view/use this file properly. If one letter falls out of the visible range.

use a cute glittery pen for a special look! It’s a Party! _____________________________ for _____________________________ date _____________________________ time _____________________________ _____________________________ place Please RSVP: _____________ _____________ _____________ It’s a Party! _____________________________ for _____________________________ date _____________________________ time _____________________________ _____________________________ place Please RSVP: _____________ _____________ _____________ ARTWORK by LORELL | www.blogspot.sweetlysweet.In vita t ion s Fill out the invitation.com | PERSONAL USE ONLY .

com | PERSONAL USE ONLY .Sw eet Ci rcle s ARTWORK by LORELL | www.sweetlysweet.blogspot.

Glue this first www.sweetlysweet.com/shop/mysweetlysweet Glue www.com Glue Artwork by Lorell © 2010 Sweetly Sweet Personal Use Only x1 Bo eat Tr .blogspot.blogspot.sweetlysweet.com http://www.etsy.

com/shop/mysweetlysweet Artwork by Lorell © 2010 Sweetly Sweet Personal Use Only .com http://www.blogspot.Glue Glue www.etsy.sweetlysweet.

7. . Start gluing sides one by one. 8. Place the top part on a at surface upside down. Carefully cut away the white semi ovals of the base. 12. like you were folding a fan. You have a wonderful mini cupcake stand to match your Sweet Berrylicious Party! Visit my blog to see a tutorial with pics. Fold the base in a zig-zag way. 6. 11. Cut the top part while you let the glue dry. (Leave the two outer parts for the end. Form the shape of the base with the pattern on the outside.com/shop/mysweetlysweet Cu cpa ke St and Instructions: 1. 10. 2. Place a heavy glue on the edges on top of the base. 4. satrting with the second fold. Glue the base to the top align the legs of the base with the petals. 5. Print on bright white heavy paper.sweetlysweet. 9.blogspot. Use a scoring tool to score along the white lines.) Make sure to put glue all the way to the edges and that all the parts are aligned. Cut a rectangle around the base of the stand using a rotary cutter. 3.etsy.com | http://www.Artwork by Lorell | © 2010 Sweetly Sweet | Personal Use Only | FREE FILE www.

etsy.ls Labe Artwork by Lorell | © 2010 Sweetly Sweet | Personal Use Only www.com/shop/mysweetlysweet .sweetlysweet.com | http://www.blogspot.

Ba gT opp ers ARTWORK by LORELL | www.com | PERSONAL USE ONLY www.sweetlysweet.sweetlysweet.sweetlysweet.blogspot.com Sweets .com Sweets www.blogspot.blogspot.

com | http://www.sweetlysweet.com/shop/mysweetlysweet .l e e h w n Pi Artwork by Lorell | © 2010 Sweetly Sweet | Personal Use Only | FREE FILE www.etsy.blogspot.

blogspot.sweetlysweet.com | http://www.etsy.com/shop/mysweetlysweet .Artwork by Lorell | © 2010 Sweetly Sweet | Personal Use Only | FREE FILE www.

com | PERSONAL USE ONLY .En vel ope ARTWORK by LORELL | www.sweetlysweet.blogspot.

sweetlysweet.blogspot.blogspot.com | PERSONAL USE ONLY .En M velo ulti pe use line Ca r rd http://sweetlysweet.com ARTWORK by LORELL | www.

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