STARTALK Student Program Curriculum Template Theme: Expressing hobbies, likes and dislikes.

Target Proficiency Level: Novice to Mid-Novice Number of Hours: 3 Designed by: Aria & Robab Brief Description of Program Teaching likes and dislikes in Persian What Enduring Understandings are desired: Students will learn how to express their hobbies likes and dislikes as well as working with pronouns (I, you, s/he, we, you, they) and setting tone to express daily activities. • Expressing ones taste. • Communicate about other’s hobbies. • Show ones preference of sports, music, and other forms of entertainment. What Essential Questions Will Guide this Program and Focus Teaching/Learning: How do Persian speakers express likes and hobbies? How do Persian speakers express dislikes? How do Persian speakers talk of their daily activities? • How to ask others about their hobbies? • How others spend their free time? • What are ones new found friends interests are? • How to explain rules of games? • What ones dislikes are? • How to express group preferences?

Standards/Goals: Major Standards: Use infinitives to express likes and dislikes, linking it to more daily activities, playing sports, climbing, jogging … Varzesh, Footbal, Doost-dashtan, Cinama, Naqashi, Shena-kardan, Mosiqi, Kooh-navardi, Tenniss, Ashpazi, Eski, Valibal.

• Identifying advantages and disadvantages of certain hobbies. Performance tasks Quizzes. a’laghe dashtan. Technology Integration: CD book Lively discussion (face to face) Assessments: Oral evaluation: Ask students to name their favorite activities. film didan… Skills: Be able to express likes of persons. • Stating your preferences and taste. kooh navardi. • Asking others about their hobbies. shoma chi doost darid? Bazi kardan. Ask students to talk about their dislikes. Be able to express dislikes of persons. Work Samples Unprompted Evidence (observations. Connections to Other Disciplines: • Ability to debate and putting forward your point of view. Prompts.Supporting Standards: Content: What we want students to know and understand Key Vocabulary: Doost daram. things and activities. Be able express daily activities. Tests. raftan. and activities. doost nadaram. things. dialogues) Can do Statements From Linguafolio . Ask about their daily activities. • Talking about daily activities. kardan.

Differentiation of Instruction: Instructional Strategies: What do they already know that will help them learn new information? Students’ basic knowledge of their favorite activities and hobbies he English language. Students’ basic knowledge of favorite pass times in American culture. • Materials used for popular hobbies.Required Resources: • Flashcards. • Presentations of rules of certain games. Links to relevant web sites: Sub-theme(s)/unit(s) The program may consist of one or more sub-themes/unite Lessons that support the subtheme/unit: Daily instructional plan .

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