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March 2009 EUISMOD


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Economic Stimulus for 2009-2012

Obama administration has advance the use of technology in
healthcare, principally by In brief:
promised $20 billion encouraging hospitals and
incentive for converting all physicians to adopt an Electronic Health records 2
electronic health record ("EHR")
paper medical records to Tax benefits and incentives for EHR 2
system before the end of 2015.
Electronic Health records The act also provides funding for, How Makrocare can help 3
The recently enacted federal among other
stimulus package, the American things, an EHR infrastructure Biogenerics how soon 4
Recovery and Reinvestment Act and technologies to allow for the
electronic flow of information; Latest NIH grants 4
of 2009, contains a set
of provisions known as the the support of regional
Health Information Technology and sub-national efforts toward
for Economic and Clinical Health health information exchange;
Act ("HITECH Act") that the promotion of interoperable performing comparative
clinical data repositories

Makrotech could help you We at Makrocare are the best in business for Clinical Research outsourcing as we combine our
domain knowledge of Clinical Trials with excellent IT skills to enhance decision making thus
get you on right platform enabling sponsors to make real time decision making and making it easier to approach FDA

with 21 CFR compliant data. Our intention to release this newsletter with a special focus on
Economic Stimulus would help you focus on the right technology with minimum capital
investment and at the same time making your organization compliant with the regulations which
could be on the horizon