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Destiny Re scripted ( Desire 2 Will )

Destiny Re scripted ( Desire 2 Will )

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Published by Dinesh Kumar
However one may argue but the fact is that Mere attraction to a desire does not work; in fact the mystery is much more than it... A skillful Attention & a dedication of discipline through time; are the true compound of a fuel that- when appropriately mixed and charged to a desire... the desire then starts revealing positive results. This art is a learning about transforming a desire into a formidable force of True Will. The force of a transformed desire into a True Will is so powerful that it directly penetrates the script of a human destiny. The impact of True Will diffuses the command of ones destiny and replaces it by modified script, scripted in accordance to the mandate proposed by its beholder.

No aspect of nature can be engineered without the application of a technique and requisite energy. Forces like Wind, Gravity, Fire, Water etc. don't simply yield before humans to enable them do all wishful thinking. It takes adequate deployment of skill, planning and evaluation before any conclusive result appears. Likewise the ineffable force of human awareness too... requires a higher understanding about its constituents and the techniques that seek their deployment in order to create any change in the life of a human being. This book is all about learning and deployment of such techniques in a simple manner; for the alteration sought by any incumbent into the future script of one's life.

The esoteric learning upon the aforesaid subject has been stated with an extra-ordinary simplicity so that a reader unknowingly can understand and employ the deepest facts about alteration of human destiny. One immutable true fact must be brought to our notices... any force shall act in the capacity of an undeniable force, when it acquires highest scale of condensation. The question here is... How can we consolidate the ineffable force of our own 'awareness' so that it penetrates into the predicaments of our own future. This is an answer and a learning given in this very book.

My experience of teaching since more than 2 decades has given me a deep insight about subjects that mandate procedures to accomplish at the end of human insight. This book has been authored in the capacity of a teacher-trainer of Ancient Indian Wisdom & self development. Dinesh kumar
However one may argue but the fact is that Mere attraction to a desire does not work; in fact the mystery is much more than it... A skillful Attention & a dedication of discipline through time; are the true compound of a fuel that- when appropriately mixed and charged to a desire... the desire then starts revealing positive results. This art is a learning about transforming a desire into a formidable force of True Will. The force of a transformed desire into a True Will is so powerful that it directly penetrates the script of a human destiny. The impact of True Will diffuses the command of ones destiny and replaces it by modified script, scripted in accordance to the mandate proposed by its beholder.

No aspect of nature can be engineered without the application of a technique and requisite energy. Forces like Wind, Gravity, Fire, Water etc. don't simply yield before humans to enable them do all wishful thinking. It takes adequate deployment of skill, planning and evaluation before any conclusive result appears. Likewise the ineffable force of human awareness too... requires a higher understanding about its constituents and the techniques that seek their deployment in order to create any change in the life of a human being. This book is all about learning and deployment of such techniques in a simple manner; for the alteration sought by any incumbent into the future script of one's life.

The esoteric learning upon the aforesaid subject has been stated with an extra-ordinary simplicity so that a reader unknowingly can understand and employ the deepest facts about alteration of human destiny. One immutable true fact must be brought to our notices... any force shall act in the capacity of an undeniable force, when it acquires highest scale of condensation. The question here is... How can we consolidate the ineffable force of our own 'awareness' so that it penetrates into the predicaments of our own future. This is an answer and a learning given in this very book.

My experience of teaching since more than 2 decades has given me a deep insight about subjects that mandate procedures to accomplish at the end of human insight. This book has been authored in the capacity of a teacher-trainer of Ancient Indian Wisdom & self development. Dinesh kumar

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Published by: Dinesh Kumar on Jul 15, 2013
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Secrets of fructifying a desire

That substance known as solemnity, That state known as immersion, That emotion known as surrender, That capacity known as determination, That basis known as endurance

By Dinesh Kumar A Motivator who has directly motivated 5,00,000 Young Minds


i Desire 2 Truewill Desire 2 Truewill .

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the publisher. Uday Park.com varchassri@gmail. except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. Published by : Dinesh Kumar 36.com . New Delhi E-mail: dinesh@desire2will.ii Desire 2 Truewill Desire 2 Truewill ISBN-81 7525-740-7 Copyright © 2010 Protected by Dinesh Kumar All rights reserved.(Rear Basement).

they then prolong their grace for lives to come. n 'O' Rishi couple this book is manifestation of thou inspiration hence it is submitted before thee. n My humble plead that it becomes an infinitesimal effort in your great resolve of transforming this entire era. n And when they bestow their bliss on a being. whom I owe my existence.iii Desire 2 Truewill -: SUBMISSION :- n Those souls of highest reverence that we term as Rishis (seers) n And those who manifest upon earth to teach humanity upon the art of living a life. DINESH KUMAR . n I observe within a rishi couple.

I consider his persuasion as an act inspired by the will of our great seers. I express highest regard towards my wife Vinita whose companionship has made my life more meaningful.who has always helped and guided our reformatory social movement. I express my reverence towards my mother and father whose blessings nourish me at every moment. I am equally grateful towards my daughter Deepti .Karia (retd high court judge.G. Jai pal singh ji. who insisted upon me time and again to write a book in order to disseminate my message for the benefit of the youth. I am grateful towards my son Dhruv especially on counts that he has been very helpful for managing various assignments related with my books. Vinita you are a substance of my conscious being hence words shall never suffice the regard held within my 'inner self'. All moments spent with her have rendered me with great force amidst highs and lows of life. I express my regards towards Justice D. Gujrat High Court).iv Desire 2 Truewill -: ACKNOWLEDGMENTS :I hold deep gratitude for respected Shri. 'Apno Kaj Srejan'.

I am grateful towards all academic institutions that enabled us interact with hundreds and thousands of young minds. The sole purpose of this book is to motivate young aspiring minds that may not loose opportunity on pretext that they could not act on time in their lives to accomplish their deepest aspiration.v Desire 2 Truewill who has held deep concerns for my writings and she herself aspires that one day she shall become a good author. I want to reach out towards entire 'Srejan Parivar. especially Sonipat Parivar and express my deep divine sentiment for each one of those excellent people. may almighty bless all of them including their respective families. Although we all are involved in various noble work. yet I hold deepest regards for all that constitute as Sonipat Srejan. It contains stories that are there for the sake of inspiration and it is not necessary that factual verification of them can be ascertained in actual. All that we contain as contentment is an outcome of the opportunity extended by these hundreds of worthy academic institutions headed by excellent people. .

. . . . 1 Our Countless Desires . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . You Can Accomplish Anything . . . . . . . . Efforts required continuous appraisal. . . . . . . . . . .. . . 174 Blessed O 'true Willed'. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116 Arise & Awaken thy ‘True will” Only for a right cause . . . 141 Transformation of Desire 2 will needs elimination of opportunistic miscreants. . . . vii 1. . . . . . . . 217 Eey the force of my unconditional love come & merge into my “True will”. Light. 6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sound-Action . . . . . 29 Appoint a Sentinel at the door to mind. . . 2. . . . . 238 4. . . . .vi Desire 2 Truewill -: INDEX :Forward . . . 262 11. . . . . . 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5. . . . . Camera. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7. . 9. . . . 3. . 82 A dive within to Identify deepest ‘yearning’ . . . . . . . . . . . 10. . . . . . . . . 289 . . 60 Ah! The Construction of a “True will” . The Cold Storage Of Our Desires . . . . . . . . . . . . .

resulting their lift from the ground. clung with the balloon with the help of large strings and the basket contains a gas burner fitted in the middle besides its passengers. this great excited mind arranged two 'large gas balloons' and linked both the balloons with the help of a metal strip that was roughly twenty feet in its length and around three to six inches in its breadth. His manner exceeded all limits of a normal sense that prevails amongst common people . the ones that contained a large balloon made out of cloth with a small cane basket suspended at the bottom.vii Desire 2 Truewill -: FOREWORD :Quite recently I happen to watch an adventurous program on a television channel. yes it is the same as we generally see on the television as projected for voyages undertaken by few voyagers around hundred years ago. the balloons were pumped with hot air coming out from the ignited gas burners. I hope you are able to understand about the gas balloon which has been referred here. Under that televised program a gentleman was all up in the air to establish a world record. . but through a very strange manner. The metal strip was attached with both balloons as if it acted as a bridge between both of them. As I saw it on the television. Now both. after observing his extents I can certainly term his act as a product of a totally 'crazy mind' knowing no dimensions.

The lift of both the balloons was well synchronized since they had to support the linking metal strip without making any mistake. While looking one could also gauge the presence of the obliterating river line & habitation etc. The cameras were operated in such a manner that after some time I too could feel as accompanying the other passengers within the basket. Cameras were fitted at both the ends in a manner that each basket could very well gather view prevailing at the opposite end. the ground beneath at large was green. the two baskets that were connected started leaving the ground as a result of heated air pumped into the balloons through their respective burners. the extent of that feel went to limits where the sight beneath .. Both the baskets contained communication radio to communicate amongst themselves besides communication with the ground control. Both the baskets carried two passengers each. comprising assistants and the crazy aspirant. Gradually the balloons ascended up to one thousand feet then two thousand feet then three . The cameras in the basket were also focused towards the ground that afforded one with a clear view of the ground beneath as well as the horizon.four and touched upto a height of five thousand feet.viii Desire 2 Truewill Coming back to the television program.

A voice at the . Whereas the main aspirant who had embarked upon this flight to conduct this crazy adventure and set a world record was simply borne with a small tube passing beneath his nostrils. By that time I could notice them displaying their altitude meters. everyone was wearing large goggles and supported heavy jackets since the temperature at that altitude was freezing.ix Desire 2 Truewill ran a wave of thrill and fear within me. The moment balloons touched eighteen thousand feet some activity started within both the baskets. The balloons continued with their drive to acquire more and more height. Once again the camera focused towards the ground but by now nothing substantial could be seen except that there was something that existed beneath without any trace of identification. within some more time the balloons touched ten thousand feet then twelve thousand feet and then finally thirteen thousand feet. By the time the altitude meter touched nineteen thousand feet the main contender climbed up to the metallic strip that linked both the basket of the respective ballons. that could otherwise veil his vision while performing his act. by now every occupant was masked with an oxygen input. The camera once again focused upon the altitude meter the display informed a scary altitude of eighteen thousand feet. probably that was his part of oxygen supply that relinquished him from masking.

with the only difference that acrobats generally perform at a height of twenty to forty feet whereas this gentleman was set to traverse at a height of around twenty thousand feet.e.x Desire 2 Truewill background started revealing the dangers that this endeavour was prone to… at that particular moment i. absolutely the same way as acrobats hold a bar to gather balance while walking on a tight rope. The aspirant held it horizontally. that an acrobat on the ground enjoys support from a large audience alongwith a safety net and a musical beat that enables his mind concentrate better. error in synchronization amongst both balloons and lastly the effects of high altitude upon a human body. accidental fire in balloons. There was one another major difference between both i. lack of oxygen. The voice enumerated risks one by one as. Whereas there was no mention to dangers on account of any error or imbalance on part of the main performer. . fear of height. Whereas on the other hand the aspirant here placed at twenty thousand feet could not enjoy any support except all warring surrounds & neither had any safety provision installed to save him from any kind of fatality.e. freezing cold. Soon after the background voice came to a rest the contender was provided with another flat metallic strip that appeared to be made up of aluminum. at the height of nineteen thousand feet. sudden malfunction of burner.

came out of a deep sense of certitude. The moment he successfully crossed over even I took a deep sigh of relief that at last his crazy drive ended safely. To me it was like a peacock dance in a deep forest that goes beyond its due notice. All his moves.xi Desire 2 Truewill The aspirant eventually embarked over the metal strip that linked the baskets. I can still remember that particular moment. the time he looked down I immediately gripped both arms of my chair as if by holding these I can save myself and the aspirant as well from falling on the ground. the moment he treaded with his first foot upon the strip he looked down towards the ground. he was supporting a camera over his forehead. . But the moment it was considered as over immediately the back ground voice made an another announcement that now this gentleman shall make his retreat to the same basket but this time with his back facing towards the basket he had originated from… it meant that now his return would be like walking backward. Only four people in the sky celebrated his success by clapping. A slight mistake guaranteed him with heaven without leaving any formality of last rites. with all firmness he undertook one step after another. Eventually he crossed over to the other balloon where he was probably greeted by his wife. he was supporting no safety belt.

Any way the aspirant started retreating the same way as it was announced. this recorded telecast had transcended its dimensions of time.xii Desire 2 Truewill I felt quite annoyed as if with great difficulty I had managed him traverse upon his wild experiment and yet another insane effort shall not find any support at my end. This annoyance showed my deep association developed with his endeavour without any reasonable basis. I asked myself why don't I either change the channel or switch off the television…but I couldn't. . Enough is enough. and my words shall mean a change in this entire event. At the same time I declared that what happened is over and if at all he endeavoured for another turn I shall not tolerate it anymore and would turn off the television. This time instead of facing towards the opposite basket his walk was like a back gear totally without any sight upon his moves. His steps one after another took him nearer to the opposite end and with his last three steps he almost ran and slightly trembled. I felt my breath almost halted. The moment he trembled I snatched a sofa cushion lying in the lap of my wife and exerted pressure upon it that it became almost crushed… Once again the team up in the air rejoiced and celebrated and so did I. it was as if it was happening right in my presence and I am an inseparable part of it.

After witnessing this television program something dawned within me. the inner voice within me was so strong that I can term it as a voice resonating through the sky (akashvani). heavily compressed those unfulfilled 'yearning' lie deep within our hearts for years together in our lives. These words kept resonating within my mind for a long period …and rest all that unfolded to me is in the form of this book. This book is dedicated to all those people whose desires could have accomplished through their concentrated efforts but always remained short of accomplishment despite of the fact that they always held their deep desire very close to their hearts. why do they continue living with unfulfilled desires. then why cannot people equally resolve & realize their deepest desires. they repeatedly . for the sake of mere 'adventure'. The balloons landed on a green field where there was none to greet them. all occupants disembarked from the baskets and hugged each other and rejoiced.xiii Desire 2 Truewill Now the balloon started descending towards the ground. If people with all sense and 'will' can put them 'self' into greatest dangers.

at several occasions even planned to embark over the path of their pursuance but despite all they always fell short of undergoing their first initiation. .xiv Desire 2 Truewill kept discussing upon them with others. Good and strong positive resolutions enable a being and his communities prosper. I have considered the basis for the desires to be the one that enables our harmonious existence in almighty's creation … a basis that affords all opportunity for an individual to grow and prosper to ultimate heights without creating any disharmony to the interest of others. To desire is the nature of our mind but undergoing irrational desires imbalance our insight and lead it to a pattern where accountability has no role to govern and ensure one's success. This book intends to communicate with the young minds who continually undergo fountains of aspirations but for some reason cannot channelize their efforts to charge towards realization of some meaningful desires. A collective resolute can enable national aspiration become true. my intention is that the benefit drawn out of this book should not confine to an individual instead it should go on to enable the young envision certain goals that benefit their respective nations.

xv Desire 2 Truewill My deepest endeavour while writing this book remains to carry and dispense justice with the core sentiment I behold in my heart hence it may happen that despite of my best efforts. . at places language becomes my secondary consideration.

xvi Desire 2 Truewill Desire 2 Truewill .


Desire 2 Truewill


The Cold Storage of our Desires

become visible in the form of a vegetation; one can consider it as its worthy 'prospect' with reference to imagination but its not true in light of minimum time required by nature to enable it germinate & grow . It is true that a 'Seed' holds all possibility of becoming a tree besides another fact that it also holds the right to become a tree, but-but it shall only realize its aspiration after making an initiation through its first step towards the soil. On the other hand if that 'Seed' merely kept thinking about its deep wish within itself, or kept sharing its intent with others, that; I


n case a 'Seed' aspires to germinate on the very

next day and arise upon the surface of the earth to


Desire 2 Truewill

aspire to become a tree and on one fine day I shall become a tree; without making its first initiative. Then it is for sure that years may pass but it ('Seed') shall never become a tree unless it charters its first step towards the soil. We all bear within ourselves such similar wishful 'Seed' oriented thoughts. The word ''Seed' oriented thoughts' here refer to those thoughts that correspond to our various unfulfilled desire that are held deep within ourselves but they are devoid of any kind of initiation upon them. A desire is a deep 'yearning' in the form of a thought lying within our mind since a long period of time, upon whom we have thought at number of times. At several occasions we have told about it to our own 'self' besides we've shared that 'yearning' with others too, but… but short of any first initiation upon the journey of its fulfillment. In case a fair stock is taken; one would realize that enormous time was spent to think upon such desires, tremendous energy was spent to retain them within, in comparison to actual time and energy required to fructify those desires.


Desire 2 Truewill Countless number of people continue to hold

and drag their deep 'yearning' suppressed within. Porters transport luggage purposefully and make an earning out of it whereas we keep dragging the undue weight of our own deep aspirations that neither relieve our head from their weight nor any gain made out by undergoing such heavy labor. Food items arrive cold storages in order to retain their freshness for a longer period but at the same time it does not mean that they shall stay there forever. Food items cannot remain confined to cold storage forever; instead they are released on appropriate time for their consumption. We too store a large number of thought 'Seeds’ pertaining to our desires; within the cold storage of our mind and instal a lock upon them. We also ensure to display a board outside the gates of our internal cold storage mentioning the list of contents inside. Time & again we remove the sheet of dust upon that board and read list of its contents & inform our self & others about all that lies inside; beside making a declaration that one fine day we shall sow those 'Seed' to their respective grounds and cherish them as a full-grown tree.


Desire 2 Truewill This is in fact what generally happens, we

become the cold storage to our own deep desires and aspirations. Neither they become realized nor do they vacate our cold store. This book shall reveal secrets of a 'foundry', within our own mind wherein, dead and 'hard' metal like iron are heated to turn into their molten state and given required shape and size. It is commonly known that desires number more than hair over ones head; letus make a mention to the extent that one may be able to count ones hair but to take exact stock of ones desires is very difficult. Desires may vary: – I am longing since years to visit for a retreat at 'Jim Corbett national park. I have been looking for an opportunity to visit 'Shree Badrinath Dham' for a religious pilgrimage since past ten years. I have been seeking an opportunity since long to acquire knowledge upon astrology, I have been planning since a long period of time to start a small business beside my job in order to supplement my income, I wanted to take my mother for a pilgrimage at 'Ujjain', I talk too much - the tongue never stops and since long I am planning to join a good course upon Communication skills. I am having acidity since past several years and wish to consult someone upon getting rid of it.


Desire 2 Truewill Desires, Desires & Desires– I know benefits

about eating less but bear no control over my hand-want to learn how could I grab this right hand at the moment of an internal urge. I cannot stop my mind working even during sleep, resultingly I experience inertia when I get up in the morning- Someone suggested me about meditation last year but I never found time to…, I cannot stick with one job at a time and its happening with me since last five years- I need a consultation. I hesitate since childhood when it comes to express my true feelings. I have been planning since so many years to sell this house and buy another. I continuously observe heaviness in my head & someone suggested me about practicing yogic 'pranayama'- never visited a yoga teacher since past three years, I must develop more proficiency in language but have been merely planning same since past seven years, I should have accomplished an advanced course to secure better job prospects – been thinking about it since past ten years. I am considering weight reduction since ages, I wanted to place new tiles in the bathroom since last two years and have all resources too- but…, I should have joined politics by nowthough its quite late. One never knows that all such desires and many more can take place within one single mind.


Desire 2 Truewill In case we come down upon writing details

pertaining to all desires than it is certain that sky shall alone suffice as its writing board. Talking straight; every desire that comes into our contact aspires to accomplish itself, which means that every desire in our contact is borne with a right to accomplish. Are you not startled after reading above lines; Yes any one would react the same way because the number and magnitude of desires run beyond the planetary constellation. It may seem to you as utterly crazy – but someone can even desire to shake 'Himalayas', or someone may desire at one go to become the state head of around ten nations , someone may even desire that entire Bollywood and Hollywood report me every morning. There is No end to the limits & scope of desires & nor is the limit of energy that can fructify them by any measure. At the same, it is also true that every desire that

'O' the dream of mine help me cherish thee; through all that can manifest you into my real life.


Desire 2 Truewill

has dawned upon our mind holds its right to accomplish. Do not worry, you would believe the truth mentioned in the previous line. Taking big matters later, let us understand the enigma behind our statement with the help of some small historic illustrations. Going back to few centuries, none could ever comprehend that metals can float in water, people confronted with various problems to enable a large boat made out of wood, afloat in waters. It was only when a phenomena was unraveled that in case object atop water displaced more water to its volume shall float. As a result, today small cities in the form of monstrous sea carrier easily swim across oceans. None would envision during those days that beneath the surface of sea a tunnel should acquire its form wherein a train shall run at a lightening speed. To those who have not had the opportunity to travel in that train moving between United Kingdom and France, this seemingly impossible fact still eludes their comprehension. Many people would not buy the futuristic suggestion that a time is on its course when one would plan a family retreat at a stationary


Desire 2 Truewill

platform in space, equipped with all amenities that measure maximum limits of luxury. A time is nearing when families plying between earth and space platform shall enjoy the glimpse of earth, once there, common discussion amongst voyagers shall be about the rejuvenating harmonious experiences after spending a weekend in space. Distance from Delhi to Bangalore in train takes about more than twenty-four hours; in a certain future, it shall reduce to may be five-six hours. All these thougts mentioned above, in one or the other manner must have landed within countless minds in form of a futuristic imaginative desire, all such events occur in their subtler form within our minds therefore none is capable to demonstrate them & show the tangible form of 'their desires'. Friends, desire comes into our mind in their infinitesimal state. They come within us in the form of a wave or a craving that mandate its fructification. A craving to eat something sweet or salt may or may not come into our mind in the form of a particular delicacy, whereas one thing is for sure that an urge within towards sweet or salt comes in form of


Desire 2 Truewill

push, a drive, which we term as craving or a wave. Once that craving or wave finds its acceptance and registers within our mind then our entire institution (existence) shall engage itself for its (craving) accomplishment. An ordinary desire like eating 'pakoras' (crispy, spicy Indian fries cooked with its base of besan, a thick paste of grinded gram pulse, wrapped over various vegetables and served with a chutney) shall seek various involvements like procuring all of its ingredients, processing them and finally fry to turn them into golden brown It is served along with a green or red chutney that mandates its independent recipe. Based upon various illustration mentioned before, we must first understand the principle at its foremost: (A) Yes, it is true that each desire holds the right to accomplish. (B)Yes, it is true that for each desire, it is not necessary, that it shall become accomplished. Let us unravel the mystery by understanding it more through another further illustration. India holds a deep interest towards the game of cricket. It


Desire 2 Truewill

also establishes that people there bear some knowledge upon its rules. If not all, at least basics are known to most. Like in baseball, one player throws the ball and the other on the opposite side holding bat shall hit it and run to score points known as runs. Although the game is played with the involvement of more players but here for the sake of our illustration we shall confine to merely two vital, players I.e., the one at the balling end and the other at the hitting end. The main intention of the baller is to throw toughest deliveries to the batsman that it becomes impossible for him to respond (although the core intention is only one wherein the baller intends to blow wickets on the other side and show the batsman door towards pavilion). Now the baller is ready to ball … kindly observe this particular moment, with ball in his hand, his eyes on the wicket at the other side; he is borne with a single desire to bring down the wickets and attempts to get batsman declared as 'out'. Question: Does his desire hold the right to accomplish or not?


Desire 2 Truewill Answer: Yes, his desire holds all rights to

accomplish. The right of his (ballers) desire is not contained to merely one particular ball but it continues with each ball balled by him during the entire game (none can dare say that Mr. Baller, kindly ball but you cannot hold the right to desire i.e. desire to oust batsman from the pitch). The desire of the baller through each ball balled by him has all rights to accomplish. Moreover, it has often come to observation that at times a particular baller gets badly beaten by the batsmen to an extent that captain of the team replaces him to sieze any further damage. Whenever such incident come to notice, one can listen the commentators saying; the baller today is not in his 'form'. Kindly take notice of this word 'form', since it establishes the truth borne in the following line “Yes; it is true that for each desire, it is not necessary, that it shall become accomplished” To a reader it may appear a minuscule difference between the two facts, first, that each desire holds right to accomplish & secondly, that for each desire it is not necessary that it shall become


Desire 2 Truewill

accomplished. To understand the difference between, 'right to accomplish' and 'not necessary that it shall accomplish', please observe one another illustration. In case you purchase a lottery ticket for hundred rupees (three dollars) that bears a prize money of two crore rupees (two and a half million dollars) The lottery ticket purchased is borne with all rights to win the prize but that does not ensure that, this particular ticket at any one’s hand alone shall gather the prize money. All lottery tickets come with an equal opportunity to win the prize money whereas in actual the prize shall account to only one ticket i.e., the winner. One may assign the lottery example to the domains of fate or coincidence, but it is appropriate to explain the difference between, 'right to accomplish' and 'not necessary that it shall accomplish'.

My longing for thee 'O' my deepest yearning: places me in a void where I find no solace…your fulfilment alone shall make me complete.


Desire 2 Truewill Our great 'yogis', (seers) gave us an

understanding that in general the life of a human being is impressed by ones fate not exceeding to extents of more than three percent. This clearly means that what we know as 'fate' does not affect the actual functioning of our lives to more than three percent. This understanding vests the remaining ninety-seven percent as a result to our desires, endeavors and time. All great Rishis (seers) were able to see through the time i.e. past, present and future therefore it does not make one to doubt upon the words of our seers since their words appear through 'deep visions'. According to great seers the domains of human's fate, planetary position are a mere indication to the probable directions of ones life'. Let us once again take a deep note upon these words; 'planetary positions are mere indication to probable directions of ones life'. 'Mere indication to probable directions', these words mention limitation of ones fate. Therefore the difference of probability & possibility leaves enough room for acts done through the human's desire, will and faith.


Desire 2 Truewill Previous lines make a mention to a great

understanding During one day this author viewed a television program in which one of the most leading astrologer of India mentioned about a peculiar phenomena shared by two different horoscopes, one horoscope pertained to one of the leading industrialist of India and another to a leader of the masses who later became one of the prime minister of India. The worthy astrologer mentioned that both horoscopes were borne with a peculiar planetary arrangement known as 'kala sarpa yoga', accordingly a child born with such an arrangement shall be prone to a highly uncertain and turbulent life leading towards gross failures & misery. Whereas both of the luminaries had their actual lives that withstood & enjoyed great success which was a total repudiation to the planetary forecast mentioned under their respective horoscopes. (it leaves a great play field amidst the probability and possibility) Both the esteemed personalities were able to kiss the zenith of success and achievements in their respective lives. After observations of this particular fact does it mean that we should refute the science of astrology, no, it is


Desire 2 Truewill

not so… With all due regard and respects to this worthy science, one must acknowledge that it merely indicates the probability, leaving rest with the right of ones determination & conduct i.e. possibility by a human being. What is this right of determination? It is our 'karma'; it is the sermon of 'Lord Krishna' in 'Bhagwad Geeta', mentioned as, freedom to act by all beings. Friends, 'jeeva' (a being) is born and borne with all rights to attempt & accomplish his/her desire. Acts out of a 'determined will' powered with 'faith' are potent enough to an extent that they can negate ones fate and instead produce a total alteration in accordance with our vision. This fact stands well established & demonstrated by all those Foot note ; Bhagwad Geeta is a compilation by sage Vyas, bearing characters personified as Lord Krishna the charioteer and Arjuna the disillusioned warrior both having a dialogue at the war ground, the Lord is representation of divine wisdom and the warrior represents as a perturbed being on this planet who is clung to dichotomies of life. Spread in eighteen chapters the holy book is beyond comprehension in one life, whereas, the truth contained in its gospels are eternal words of absolute navigation to ones life.


Desire 2 Truewill

brave hearted great men and women on this earth. One most observe & take a larger view on this subject; that none holds the account of horoscope belonging to countless people on this planet, who knows, how many people in this world each day accomplish by altering their fate through exercise of their acts coming out of 'faith and determined will'. A general fact with all such people who are not able to fulfill their desire is… they easily end up with faith or god as the final impediment to the path realisation of their desires… It is seldom that they shift their focus towards self analysis & become aware of personal deficiencies that stall their growth. It is also a true fact that most of us do not bear that analytical sight which can investigate and find lapses at ones own end… It is also a fact with some people that they bear this capacity of self evaluation, it may further happen that they may not hold sufficient courage to accept its findings especially those that directly point out finger towards 'self'. The main Reason for not understanding or accepting our own lapses occurs on account of the connivance of ego with intellect; both manipulate


Desire 2 Truewill

thousand external reason and excuses as grounds of ones failure. It is also not so, that certain failures never attribute to grounds that go beyond human control. And for such occurrences the same fact must find a reiteration that 'fate affects to not more than three percent functioning of ones life'. Two beliefs must become the bedrock of our belief system. The First belief; 'fault finding for ones own failure should start from an analysis of ones own conduct'. Second belief, accept the fault that lies with the self and Charge mercilessly for its correction. The two beliefs mentioned above generally get thwarted by our psycoptancy towards our own ego. Undeterred of final outcome & for unknown reason 'we' keep nourishing our 'ego' within our 'inside world', to extents that favouritism exceeds all realms pertaining to rule of law, instead impunity and full command to control life with its entirety is Footnote; It is only when are mercilessly steps towards self analysis & accepts all errors at ones own end that the path of self correction & growth its place.


Desire 2 Truewill

vested with our 'ego'. It is only when are mercilessly steps towards self analysis & accepts allemers at ones own end that the both of self correction & growth finds its place. This particular subject shall find more of its mention in chapters to come, still with reference to fate and accomplishment it became necessary to throw light upon an allied subject of unbiased self analysis that counts high importance while correcting ones own conduct and its final outcome. The core intent here is to deeply establish one basic understanding, i.e. one must not believe that what all happens had to happen. Instead replace it with an understanding that almighty god has vested all beings with an exclusive discretionary power to act and set out to not only change but also create ones own future destiny. Which means that ones destiny shall be a result in accordance to ones acts

I cannot gauge the intensity of my yearning for thee, 'O' my deepest dream… without you every moment a p p e a r s inconclusive… to me.


Desire 2 Truewill

done in the present times, and this fact must be understood beyond any iota of doubt.( This sense has been drawn from most ancient and scientific belief system of the world known as 'Indian ethos'). One who has won a lottery ticket cannot claim it as bliss of god bestowed unto him for no reason, nevertheless, the prize money is a fruit bestowed to one because of ones past acts (karma) contained as a positive result falling under the undeniable three percent mentioned before. 'Nothing is free in this world. One of the Greatest holy seer; of all times has mentioned about the extents of a 'dedicated ''True will'', his words convey that if someone out of extreme faith shall ask the mountain to move from its place then the mountain shall have to respond accordingly. And, history reveals that mountains have always complied to the wish of a 'dedicated ''True will'' beholder'. Why go far, many of us who recently visited New Delhi should have come across the 'Delhi Metro Project'. They must understand that the progress of this particular project is no less then moving a mountain from its place. The construction of such

whose acts scored highest appreciation worldwide. chawri bazaar are areas spread with small intricate lanes and by lanes.20 Desire 2 Truewill project may not mean its similar extents to a developed nation as they do to India. it should be considered no less to a miracle. we find such an achievement i. chandni chowk. The words mentioned before do not take away anything from countless jewels of this nation. Talking more about the Delhi Metro project. In a state which is merely sixty years old borne with a unique feature of unity in diversity)environment of red tapeism and loosened accountability reigns over public interest to such limits that development falls short to the speed & limits of an ant's race. technology. Whereas in India (admitted at the same time that things are changing rapidly towards good. better work culture and above all the political will. 'Walled city' of Delhi is centuries old. India stands 'graced' by their deeds.. housing .. Delhi Metro project taking place. Developed countries already have efficient infrastructure. those who have excelled in this world to give great pride to India and those. enormously dense. Over There.e.

the pace of its work was remarkable. in actual reluctance of all kinds remained confined to their hearts devoid of any agitation.21 Desire 2 Truewill thousands and thousands of oldest 'hawelis' and market areas. In such a surround. there. It appears as if a highly skilled embroider has so swiftly. Delhi Metro marked land for any of its requirement. wherever. land had to be handed over for this larger cause despite reluctance of its submitters. drive to remove any structure becomes news as known as of a tsunami. Where Demonstrations. It is needful to mention here that Delhi is also known as a city where its every brick holds an association with one politician or the other. volatile stock markets. None raised any questions. lethargic culture. and the work progressed like the big needle of a clock that appears stationary but makes 24 rounds within 24 hours.. charges and scams are the main source to head lines of our . delicately embroidered entire city without making any sound. impacts of terrorism.. runs underground to depths ranging between fifty to seventy feet. It is there that Delhi Metro rail.

22 Desire 2 Truewill newspapers. that some one.) Shreedharan. right to accomplish into necessarily become accomplished. who made it happen? The answer to all previous question is one. how it happened. everyone spoke about its need but none knew how it should happen. Before it happened. only one. who was not prepared to deter on any front. who allowed it to happen. The difference remains. made such miracle happen. some ones deeper 'yearning' and 'determined will'. . What happened. as written before – 'baller in his right form'. with one over after another balled precious runs are lost to the opponent team distancing teams from its victory. Then how did it happen? It happened – for someone converted. Those who think that 'I should accomplish' are no different to those who actually accomplish. A being borne with determination when plays in his/hers absolute 'form' the wickets on opposite side simply collapse. otherwise. Indomitable being as Shreeman (Mr. there. Delhi Metro manifested as an extraterrestrial interference in the form of a 'boon'. when plays in their absolute 'form'.

23 Desire 2 Truewill desires simply become accomplished and accomplishments like Delhi Metro keep happening. mental & spiritual powers but during his ordinary state he would not realize them and whenever a time of great challenge arrived for some accomplishment to happen through him. Lord Hanuman is the personification of 'faith. faith. Footnote: Lord Shree Hanuman ji is a divine character mentioned in an ancient Hindu epic by the name 'Ramayana'. Born as an ape. We all too bear the same state like Lord Shree Hanuman Ji. strength and 'dedication'. therefore. In service to his master Lord Ram the main character of this epic is an embodiment of supreme divinity. dedication and phenomenal powers. We have heard that *’Lord Shree Hanuman ji' bore phenomenal physical. an ape god such as Lord Hanuman is an indication to unexplored possibilities within all human beings that consider themselves as ordinary. this ape god is an epitome of immense of potential amongst those who consider themselves as mundane. others would recall to him his enormous potential. . wisdom. we are unaware of our latent potential hence forth we never consciously embark to utilize them. Apes are not known as warriors nor are they borne with acumen.

The 'Seed' on its journey to become a Fortunate are those that live their entire life in submission to their deepest resolve in comparison with those that keep searching a resolve for their entire life. whatever happens . . I extend my entire existence for decomposition or any other change. For a 'Seed' to cherish its possibility to become a tree (i. all desires borne 'within' us have right to accomplish with a rider that each one must pass through the process that lie between right to accomplish and enable to become accomplished.e. let us explore that when each desire holds right of accomplishment then why does not each desire become accomplished. but my deepest desire to become a tree must accomplish. it must afford itself for first initiative towards the soil with a declaration that. Only then shall a possibility unleash through the first step of germination and the first sprout shall tear off the earth atop and kiss the skies above. the path towards becoming accomplished). come what may. Do all our desires and aspiration bear the right to accomplish? Yes.24 Desire 2 Truewill Moving ahead.

are a material of great use'. storm. Something should happen and 'we' the pan without a base find one to encompass all i. through certain inputs can accelerate the growth of a plant to a limited extent it contributes negligible to the 'Seed' that is left to accomplish through its own endeavors. We too. So that. We too. one after another. within our minds. If you witness accomplishment of your desires . our desires to become accomplished.25 Desire 2 Truewill sapling can afford nothing to loose to wind. contain desires in form of their 'Seed'. want. Let 'Seed' of our desires tear off the circumstances enveloped around them in order to kiss the blue skies of all possibilities atop themselves. No short cuts are allowed. want those 'Seed' to become a tree. We too. Our boat starts sailing and we gather more force. only then shall it cherish one day as a fully grown tree. 'we too.e. if you experience every now and then that such emotion echo within you. rain and sunlight instead it must gain from all. we can address self and show others that. If that be so what then ought to be done… (If you find within self the above lines hold some sense. most sought. Though modern sciences.

If by accepting above lines you experience the dawn of some faith within. Now its high time in my life that I must travel across the channel i. and to learn it is every ones right. Which means that all that is desired by us though appears as an accomplishment at the end of our dreams. I shall attempt all to eventually kiss . whereas infact the caravan of actual life maintains the status a status Quo at times it may also seem that caravan instead of moving ahead is on a course of descend . it shall show me the dawn that I intend to see. You can realize your deeper 'yearning'. that yes. this book is associated with a knowledge that shall introduce me to my aspirations.26 Desire 2 Truewill as hallucination. take me from mere quest to accomplishment. In case the above sentiment emerges within your mind too. The path follows through stations stated ahead.e. one can learn this knowledge. then kindly give a serious attention to words that follow. with no tangible results then my friend consider it that you are amidst an inconclusive resolve. from nonentity towards esteem. If you accept to follow mentioned route then consider possibility of your fate to shine.

The path follows through stations stated ahead. take me from quest to accomplishment.Friend. one can learn this knowledge. If by accepting above lines some faith become generated within. with a faith and aspiration that experience of his struggles shall come to knowledge & benefits of other. that yes. in case the above sentiment emerges within your mind too. victory. If you accept to follow mentioned route then consider possibility of your fate to shine. show me the dawn that I intend to see. Readers can gather vital inputs and move ahead in their respective life following those guidelines. considering them as a highway indicators for themselves. Now its high time that I must travel .e.27 Desire 2 Truewill success i. justice shall not accrue to ones situation. otherwise devoid of commitment and belief . and to learn it is every ones right. You can realize your deeper yearning. My friend it is Only then that the actual purpose of reading this book shall fructify. this book is associated with a knowledge that shall introduce me to my aspirations. The author inscribes conclusion drawn from his personal life. then kindly give a serious attention to words that follow.

e. justice shall not accrue to ones circumstances . The author inscribes conclusion drawn from his personal life. Then & bring a changed situation and eventually kiss success i. and with belief I shall gather all energies to follow prescribed manner and methods.28 Desire 2 Truewill across the channel i. .e. from nonentity towards esteem. otherwise devoid of commitment and belief . My friend it is Only then that the actual purpose of reading this book shall fructify. with a faith and aspiration that experience of his struggles shall come to knowledge & benefits of other Readers can gather vital inputs and move ahead in their life following the guidelines considering them as a highway for themselves. victory.

29 Desire 2 Truewill Chapter-2 Our Countless Desires A ccording to 'Indian Ethos'. based upon these the formation of a desire happens within ourselves. One would endorse one basic fact that right from ones birth the . the traits of our past lives. & its unfulfilled dreams are born within us in the form of our propensity. few towards sports and some towards bad habits and so on… Those of you who may not believe in the fact mentioned above should raise a question within themselves that – whether rebirth is a fact or a fallacy. Many people right from their childhood advance towards spiritualism. It means what ever we were devoid of achieving during our past lives now become our deep desires in this present life.

. the desires come into our contact or are born within us for service to our ego. According to the second aspect. inclination or intention vary from one person to another. Seek solemnity to gain harmony. and those who do not understand it always ride upon the tidal waves of their emotional disturbances. “Like if. Therefore our first approach states that Desires are ascertained and formed according to our own propensities and inclination. I should have the same or I should posses that none bears” – which means an impulse driven out of the observation of the outside world & in service to ones' ego. According to Indian Ethos human being bear five basic sensory organs along with the sixth that exceeds remaining five. the birth of any desire may happen within one if provoked by a craving or lust of our sensory organs (including mind).30 Desire 2 Truewill propensities. Thirdly. Hence it is the one rote for any desire that is born within us. others have it.

our basic necessities of our life demand certain object or state these vital need then becomes ones desire. nostrils that seek to accomplish through the gather of aroma. Like suggestion by friends. they too lead to the formation of a desire. Fifthly. they are all potent to ensure accomplishment of their respective urge. Ears accomplish through listening. . eyes accomplish through sighting. inputs gathered from television or any other mode of advertisement.31 Desire 2 Truewill The five sensory organs are namely. Fourthly. as an impact of an environment or desires born out of suggestion whether external communication or an internal observation or intense motivation. tongue that seeks its accomplishment through taste & speech. genetical organ accomplish through pleasures and the sixth sense has been denoted as our mind. They all can collaborate to arouse any particular form of an urge. (information of various new products also fall under this category) Internal observation like vision observed during dream or felt as an intuition within.

you bear a deep desire to travel towards Tokyo while based at New York and you randomly walk down on the road-wearing sleepers.32 Desire 2 Truewill Sixthly. which means they cannot be easily given up. Friends. One is required to assess the month . One must remember that according to ones age and state our desires add up or dissolve.e. Whereas those desires that trace roots to our propensity do not leave. to learn about its form and mandate because it would be only then that a desire shall receive it due justice. Secondly those desires that owe their source to an intuition or a vision observed during dream follow the similar course as mentioned during previous sentence. such desires are potent enough that they may lead a big change in our entire lives. Before one embarks towards fulfillment of ones desire it is essential that we understand the exact constitution of our desire i. For instance. An important point needs to be understood here about our vital needs and ambition of life. Ones ambition would fall under this category of our desires.this desire cannot fructify. Those deep worthy desires that are an aspiration catering an inner urge to accomplish higher objectives in ones life.

provision for all expenses & whether you bear appropriate fitness mandated by the weather over there etc. travel time. clothing required. entry permission. In case a mention is correct then it is highly essential that one knows about entire nature of ones desire so that one does not get lost or become disillusioned. capacity to walk on foot. Why is it necessary to know about any desire? Because all through your life so far. Q. you have desired upon many desires out of which most lie as unrealized and that it is now that you have finally resolved that it is no good to bear a heap of unfulfilled desires in mind and experience their pain. Similarly it is essential that we examine and assess the basic constituents of our desire and learn more about them in order to undergo right preparation before embarking upon any of our endeavor.33 Desire 2 Truewill (season) of the year. the kind of other necessary baggage. whereabouts and availability of the vehicle. Understand the difference between . length of the distance. It is therefore necessary to know all about your deepest desires so that they receive a justified approach.

34 Desire 2 Truewill right and wrong. Yes. · · · · · Yes. So that one can beforehand realize about the difference between desire that merely prompt one for a fantasy ride so that one can become aware about necessary correction required at ones perceptory levels. Desires have their independent existence. Desires cannot distinguish between right or wrong. . it is true that each desire holds the right to accomplish. Now. before one actually embarks upon ones fulfillment of ones desire one must subject the litmus test to desires as mentioned below. discriminate between possible and impossible and distinguish between necessary and futile so that observance under complete awareness of a full-hearted effort is employed to realize a desire. Let us come down through an exercise in respect to each desire and understand about its affair. it is true that each desire does not get accomplished. Our basic idea is to clear are perceptory window in respect to each one of our desires. Desire comes into our contact through various sources.

weather. A 'Seed'. but the prospect shall remain as a mere prospect unless appropriate attempt with arrangements of soil. care & requisite patience uptil the required time are not afforded to the entire endeavor. Desire 2 Truewill Desires bear an indicative form. A 'Seed' beholds right to become a tree but it does not hold right to 'be' a tree. quantity of water and the care required to . A desire is an indicator The points stated before draw light upon the source & 'form of a desire' and probably by now your insight should gather more in respect with the subject of desires. nursery. effort & time to become accomplished.35 · · prospect within a 'Seed'. despite of holding the potential to become a tree cannot attain that status merely by depending on its own self. like a Desires in itself cannot exceed status of an indicator they require power. One most remember that a 'Seed' contains prospect of becoming a full-grown tree. water. A 'Seed' by itself cannot decide upon the kind of soil. fertilizer.

When intellect intends to probe the d o m a i n o f consciousness it is like catching air in ones fist. In a jungle no one has account to the number of 'Seed's that fall prey to wandering animals and finally the actual number of those that accomplish as a full-grown tree). (Kindly do not make a mention about a jungle tree because. Secondly over there one is unaware about number of 'Seed's that touch soil & the number of those that are not able to germinate in comparison with the number that survive even after germination. firstly the 'Seed's in a jungle fall in their conducive environment & appropriate season. Whereas our method and manner to fructify a desire cannot follow the fate as with a jungle 'Seed' instead it should replace uncertainty with extreme planning & care given to the 'Seed' by a dutiful gardener and embark upon our all related assignments through an organized effort that lead towards certainty of our accomplishment.36 Desire 2 Truewill cherish its prospect in order to become a full-grown tree. .

For those who deeply yearn to realize their desires it is necessary it is recommended that they first comprehend about their existence within themselves & distinguish between all those longings that exist either to cause trouble to . The answer to the question above shall find its mention in chapters to come. it was necessary to understand that what we know as a desire lie deep within our hearts in a large number.37 Desire 2 Truewill You may understand it in a way that the 'Seed' demands the care of a gardener and it submits before him – 'kindly bestow your bliss upon me and decide my entire course' to enable me cherish as a fully grown tree. unattended they every now & then draw the focus of our attention. The question here is that who is the gardener with reference to our desires? This is a very important question specially when large numbers of desires in form of potent 'Seed's find place within our mind. unaccomplished. At this moment. Observe that all such garden that are not under supervision of a dutiful and vigilant gardener become cluster of unwanted wild vegetation and fail on account of their beauty and serenity.

It is like as one enters a house irrespective that one is the property owner or a tenant there.e. By now we also know that a desire comes into our contact through various mode. Friends. & respond that you start recognizing yourself as a desire itself. whereas we commit mistake by observing it as the 'integral self'. one in itself is not the house. & that is absolutely incorrect. is also a reiteration of a fact that you are not a 'desire'. A house remains a house and you distinctly remain you 'yourself'. you are an independent 'self' whereas a desire is merely a drive. Desire 2 Truewill our normal life or are ones that need our fore most One must become well aware that a desire comes into ones contact and turns itself into an implant within. totally independent of you i. you & a desire are distinct entities. but for sure. an indicator. That in fact is a 'total delusion'. When it has become clear that a desire is nothing more than an indicator then it is time to move ahead and learn about the procedure of its accomplishment. This statement.38 attention. your existence. It is only when a desire completely takes over your entire faculty to think-understand. Likewise. a thought arises . For example.

Now observe it that an urge for a cup of coffee is a 'desire' and the further journey towards its accomplishment shall have to undergo certain vital stipulation. as concretized and lofty as 'Himalayas'. whereas. the way those two transformed a mere indication into a mountain. It is only after the pursuance of vital stipulation that. This book is full of knowledge and learning. Around Fifteen to eighteen years ago two young girls belonging to two different families stayed at an 'ashram' (it is the abode of seers where commoners come to receive bliss) at a pilgrimage by . I am here deeply inclined to mention a story that shall enable one realize that a desire is an indication. a human being bears adequate potential to manifest its indicative value into a 'concrete form'. that right on this moment a cup of coffee shall give me great pleasure. Observe.39 Desire 2 Truewill within. besides in-between there is a mention to few inspirational stories. a desire to have coffee becomes accomplished.

e. within state of Uttarakhand in India) They were staying there because their parents in service to humanity had dedicated their entire life to a social reformatory movement. Their parents had dedicated entire life the same way as people dedicate their various kinds of resources for noble causes similarly they (parents of those two girls) had submitted their entire life for a reformatory movement that was under core pursuit of that particular organization (the most priceless possession to any person on this planet is their life). & was structured as an organization under an initiation by one of the greatest seer of our era. like any other hermitage observed strict code of discipline under which none could posses a personal television set . those two girls. refrigerator or an *air cooler We come back to the main characters of our story i. Therefore. (A very holy city of Hindus on banks of holy Ganges near Rishikesh. Those girls were probably studying in either seventh or eighth standard when someone from United States of America visited the ashram and met their respective father. This Ashram. the families had to stay at 'Hardwar'. That place was a man-making odyssey. .40 Desire 2 Truewill name 'hardwar'.

e. any visitor was sincerely enquired about all well-being of their entire family. In the evening their fathers when returned to their respective quarters informed their families all about that *Footnote: To cool the surrounds an exhaust fan run within a cabinet where water is showered on its three sides upon dried grass known as 'khus' in India). i. to inspire commoners towards 'simple living and high thinking'. fulfilling only basic necessities. . One could well understand that the families within the ashram had very limited resource and the way they led of life was an exemplary model volunteered by choice as a teaching to the common masses of India. They lived there as an 'ideal' to the society in form of a 'minnimist' and observed most ordinary standard of life.41 Desire 2 Truewill According to the general hospitality norm at the ashram. That gentleman from America revealed them with all information about his present occupation. family & the general social economic environment in America. this act was practised under an observance of a deep understanding that visitors (with special reference to those) dedicated to the organization were an intrinsic parts of the main body.

. India stood nowhere when compared with standards prevailing in that country (The time this story was in its making the difference between growth opportunities at India and America were immense whereas as today with exponential growth taking place within India during last few years the story stands quite different.42 Desire 2 Truewill visiting gentleman from America who was engaged in some research work over there & also shared with them the information about the state of developments in America in comparison to those in India. The sharing was all about scope of growth.. law & order and affluence that constitute the total environment at America. All this information was revealed in the presence of those two small girls. it has even exceeded in respect with f e w b u s i n e s s opportunities). development. those two girls If god does not exist within my heart t h e n i a m absolutely sure that it does not exist elsewhere too.. While the information was being shared with the rest of the family.

During those times in the light of two small girls at that age. Those two small girls met in the morning. Day and night. their wishful dream through each following day. The two small girls heard the entire talk and slept. Both the girls immediately adopted a resolution that the two of them too shall go to America and conduct some research over there. They observed it upon the canvas of their mind.43 Desire 2 Truewill observed it as if they were watching a movie show. they discussed upon their resolute dream and . discussed amongst themselves about all they had come to know during the last night. They shared it with none and began living their resolute i. studying in school while staying in a pilgrim city of Hardwar & adopting such a resolution of visiting America in order to conduct research was simply like a government clerk drawing hallucinatory lines while looking towards sky & indicating someone towards his bungalow with a limousine parked within it. At an initial glance their resolution may seem quite strange but those two small girls were deeply resolute upon their new resolution.e.

.. they concluded upon their first 'essential' eligibility & a search began upon the manner through which they could learn good English. Hence. It dawned to their mind that the ashram subscribed to an English daily newspaper & they should make a good use of this newspaper by reading.e. At ashram (hermitage) there were no provisions for children to go out of the ashram once returned from school and their world was limited within its boundaries hence forth their search should confine within the available geographical limits. Their working revealed that newspaper could easily come within their reach by the time it was . One day while they were discussing about their core plan of going to America a matter cropped up as a foremost essential that they must achieve in order to embark upon their journey. and learning through it.44 Desire 2 Truewill kept it alive. Nothing more could come to a child's mind except that they must know the language of that country i. they strategized to read that English daily & underline their difficulties for a later reference through a dictionary & solve their immediate problems. English.

The initial phase of learning started with a problem and it was that …since the girls were hardly familiar with the new language. According to the then general practice . resultantly the entire newspaper appeared as underlined.45 Desire 2 Truewill evening. Days & years passed & those two girls exceptionally excelled in their senior secondary examination. 'Eklavaya' They continued with their most attentive daily learning. Dismayed but not broken they continued with their endeavor like. This entire exercise was dedicated to accomplish their resolute dream of conducting research in America. they came across a dilapidated old copy of a dictionary and it made for their requisite infrastructure of a self-motivated & self initiated learning. without loosing any time a beginning was made upon learning a new language by these two small sincerely aspiring young minds. Now their next hunt was for a dictionary. Within next few months those two girls were far ahead than their colleagues at school in respect to the knowledge of English language. Within next few days. whatever they read got underlined.

an envious streak dawned upon to the masters mind in relate with his competence of the best students directly taught by himself. Although.46 Desire 2 Truewill at that ashram. During an occasion while he was paying obeisance to his master (the one who never taught him by his physical presence) a dog barked continuously. That student learned the entire skill by merely watching the master teach from a distance. He later became one of the legendary archer. Irritated with dog's behaviour 'Eklavaya shot several arrows upon the dog. his aim was so flawless that before the dog could close his jaws his mouth was full of arrows. Fearing that Eklavaya may exceed their skill he asked Eklavaya to surrender his right hand thumb as a mark of a respect in turn of the knowledge gathered from his master i. The mighty master was stunned by observing this act borne with highest term of excellence. girls were considered as eligible for marriage. soon after they finished senior secondary examination. . Eklavaya was an epitome of submissive humility & he without wasting any time by himself slit his thumb & surrendered it before the master whose name was 'Dronacharya' became their guiding factor. none was exerted with any Footnote: Eklavya A lower caste aspirant was denied admission by a great master of archery.e.

.c). even if it would have come. Brought up under limited means these two girls fueled by a deeper 'yearning' & their sincere hard work now arrived college and obtained admission in the 'bachelor of science' (B. Nevertheless based upon their excellent performance at senior secondary. Whereas. Mumbai or Pune etc. no such suggestion came forward. still what happened with few became known as the practice. Bangalore. for these two girls. any opposition should not have withstood in front of 'deeply willed resolution' by those two committed little souls.47 Desire 2 Truewill pressure. It is for the knowledge of readers that Esteemed academic institutions that are well recognized for their excellent education in the field of sciences in India are located at Delhi. Hardwar is not known for having such esteemed academic institutions especially for the stream of science (this sentence conveys highest appreciation to one of the remarkable institution established and dedicated for higher domains of knowledge like Sanskrit.s. Vedas and ayurveda besides one another recently established deemed university dedicated for courses that directly involve man making) at Hardwar.

. The girls without wasting any further time. On their arrival to that new city their deep No harm in addressing god as a 'self supporting super emotional and intelligent system'. First through their graduation followed by a degree in Masters of Science.48 Desire 2 Truewill Despite all those girls lived up to the gospels of their dream and also accomplished their transitory stations. Someone suggested to them that although admission to a research program at America is no more an impossible dream for them but still it is not an easy walk. hence as an alternate it shall be better if they try for an admission into a research program within India. Though their rails was on its track yet America was too far away. It is pertinent to mention that with very limited resource the entire pursuance of their objective was merely supported by scholarship grossly achieved on the basis of their dedicated brilliance. on the basis of their excellence secured an admission to a research program at an institute distantly located from Hardwar.

'TOEFEL' could not stop their way hence soon it too became accomplished. The news of fresh admission arrived them & both applied & there came that moment to rejoice. both the girls secured admission to the research program in an American university exclusively . They immediately obtained their admission to 'TOEFEL'.49 Desire 2 Truewill 'yearning' within never distanced from the core of their heart and they always focused their attention on tracking their most sought opportunity. The girls had now to wait for the opportune moment when that particular American university advertised for fresh admission of scholars to their research program. while facing one another problem that the relevant institution conducted the course at a different station to the one where they were actually present. The girls later learnt that to become eligible for admission to any academic course at America a candidate is required to qualify a test under the name 'TOEFEL'. One of their senior faculty noticed their deep 'yearning' and suggested them about a specific research program held at America.

There are number of attraction to any child's mind in the form of various allurements but in this story one allurement alone was dispensed with total justice. To them it was like growing feathers overnight to take off. You can very well imagine. Today they both stand as accomplished researchers & are happily deployed with great worthy institutions.50 Desire 2 Truewill supported by a scholarship. One small desire that came in the form of a simple attraction to a child's mind. None served her with requisite passport /visa upon plate on the very first day. too. once underwent a similar inspiration through a desire' to be in the sky. simply on the grounds of her 'deepest resolute'. how much she had to pass through before . One of the most illustrious daughter of India. later stood manifested. to an extent that it became an inspirational story for all those people that shall learn about it. An institution like 'NASA' would not open its door to her desire. 'Kalpana Chawla'. all that now remained was in terms of physical distance between they themselves & their destination.

who too shall follow her traits & taste the same fruit of accomplishment. Today.51 Desire 2 Truewill kissing her dream in true form. Let us move ahead to understand about that vital. all that was strived by 'Kalpana Chawla' towards her deepest resolute stands as a motivation to large number of girls. Friends. a desire has the right to accomplish and the passage through which a desire become accomplished'. if that entire dispensation of adjudication upon any desires has to happen within ourselves then it must be known to us… We now embark upon the journey 'within'. One must notice that in our life during each day it is not one desire but a large number of desires that advance into our mind. All that one passes through the journey to cherish ones dream determines the delicate but most salient difference between. the one that within ourselves determines about accomplishment or non-accomplishment of any indicator that lands within us in form of a desire. desires dawn to the realms of our mind in the form of an indication. And. Our inside is like a kingdom wherein our mind is the door to a carnival where every moment .

totally unorganized. which is a symbolic representation of its multiple illusory potential and conduct. inflow and outflow continue. The effigies are burnt at the sunset producing loud explosion of crackers. Visitors enjoy that fire works and its festivity clouds all over the venue).. namely 'Lord Ram' the divine and 'Ravan' the devilish. The devil portrayed as monstrous borne with ten head. there are massive number of desires. Try to observe the gates of *'dusshhera' ground on the day of the 'dusshhera' festival. Three huge effigies are placed on to the ground representing main devil Ravan in the centre accompanied with his devilish brother 'kumbhkaran' and son 'meghnath'. large number of groups within the ground move toward different direction. Footnote: *(According to Hindu belief dusshhera festival is observed once every year. one after another come within our mind and loiter around. Where it appears that the flow of crowd is continuous. the same state that prevails within us. .52 Desire 2 Truewill large number of visitors gain access inside.. marked as final day of combat between right and wrong personified through two historical characters. It is exactly.

e. Organizers at such places become bewildered and eventually the effigies burnt as mere compliance to observation of an 'essential event'.53 Desire 2 Truewill Our active mind withstands all these as a helpless volunteer & mutedly whistles. None gain their exact part of true enjoyment. If several desires are allowed to intrude within our mind then how can justice be done even with any one of them. Unless right order is restored no creative and purposeful act shall happen through us. But. Unless we are able to exercise our will the right order shall never prevail – within our mind. i. In general one can manage hospitality to a guest at home upto a limit where guests number as few and are manageable. sporadically. none is there to listen? To be precise our mind is like a mela (carnival) ground borne with crowds of various desires wherein they all (desires) enjoy exercise of their own will except us. the crowd is prone to all kinds of push and pull. Those engaged with its management are also lost to its rowdy affair. The . we the true owner of that property. In such us a crowded places even.

The same should apply to our mind too.. Friends. three bed..e.e. Few restaurants display a card at their door stating. Hence. therefore an appointment of a 'door sentinel' at the doors to mind becomes absolutely essential so that it can examine right of access to any incoming desire and at the same time restore rule of law within the mind. drawing) the 'pergola' shall get pulled apart and if it starts happening on every following day then the earth shall fall out of their hands. . 24x 365 (twenty-four hours and three sixty-five days). Installation of a door sentinel means developing a sense of vigil within and making a declaration that our mind is not a free way. Manager'.54 Desire 2 Truewill moment their number exceeds ten (in reference with common houses that are habitat to a nuclear family i.' right to admission reserved –orders. then the truth pours in as a bliss beyond any defiance. Let it be known to all entry When learning becomes an act within. installation of a powerful and alert door sentinel becomes mandatory throughout. i.

all is done while taking help of the other foot that always lands outside the bamboos. In that tribal dance participants dance upon two bamboos moved by two participants horizontally on the floor.e. and one or more dancers swiftly place one foot between bamboos when they are apart and immediately lift them when bamboos are to get together.. The bamboos are brought together and then taken apart. With most people the actual state prevailing at the door or within the doors of their mind remains like where boys loiter eccentrically & chat unmindfully..55 Desire 2 Truewill seekers that our mind is no mela (carnival) ground where any desire can simply walk in i. The movement at times draws both feet within bamboos when they are apart. With us too. Therefore installation of a 'continued powerful sense of vigil' at the doors of mind is a . Entire dance is through a highly swift movement with utter synchronicity. At times Certain Desires play at the doors of our mind with one step in & the other out leading to indecisivenss at the end of our insight. intrusion. The affair within a mind is like an interesting tribal dance of India.

not every thought in form of a desire can enter into our mind to drain our creative energy. Vehicles that seek entry must correspond to the consignment required inside. Every person or a vehicle cannot gain access within President's house (Like Rashtrapati bhawan in India.56 Desire 2 Truewill declaration to all desires that. only those thoughts in from of desires should gain accesses within our mind that obtain a prior permission form the 'master'. 'this is a door to a laboratory where serious research work is on'. Hence. hence. Talking straight. which means development taking place inside the doors to 'mind'. Meaningless thought consume our precious time & energy and leave us as worthless. access is only granted to visitors (such desires) who are required within for special and specific assignments. they must directly relate with the dedicated research inside. White house in America or Buckingham . Trespassers or movement of any garbage disposal vans with or without garbage are not allowed inside because this door is neither an access to any common ground nor to a dumping ground.

e. Therefore.) Access to such places is only afforded to people or vehicles that bear a prior approval to enter.k. it is required to mention display. By restricting access such places retain their esteem besides freedom to dispense assignments of national & international importance. One should not offer such places for common traffic or places of general tourism. a sign board cautioning prohibition of access to any and everyone. friends. desires) The most important point that demands a serious consideration within ourselves is about the reason for our non-achievement or failures. specific places of high importance can only afford access to highly specified people. (i. In order to ensure the strict compliance of this regulatory of granting access within.. Our mind like the president house too is a similar place with highest importance and it should declare a total denial to entry of any 'aspiring desire' except the one considered as highly 'specified'.57 Desire 2 Truewill palace in U. that we have never realized & considered our mind as a . and such approvals are only given to those who hold an important business inside in the interest of nation..

it remained as a mela (carnival) ground. Time & again. We. One must deeply understand that besides those desires that count as our deepest 'yearning' there exists a large crowd of those unwanted ones that do not permit us to focus our serious attention towards the most sought ones. ourselves. Who is at the helm to decide upon the kind of desires that shall be granted access within our mind? Ans. Our expression of agony towards deeper 'yearning' is like an annual 'mushaira' (conclave of Urdu poets) where some effective sorrowful lines are read by shayars (composers. poets). that are appreciated but soon forgotten later. Q. Which desire shall gain access and which shall not should become a serious .58 Desire 2 Truewill laboratory meant for serious business. we simply shed tears. Whenever a serious need dawned upon us our most important desires aroused a deeper pain within our hearts… and in response helplessly. We must Appoint a security personnel to the doors of the mind with immediate effect. In our neglect. It is only then that the conduct shall come on its right track. This mantra should blend into our character.

e. ordinary desires to an extent that they shall not dare for another attempt for an access inside.59 Desire 2 Truewill endeavour by the sentinel at the doors to our mind. Wherever there is ample presence of effective. security cover petty disorderly elements do not dream to go near. The mere strong presence of this highly vigilant & forceful door sentinel at the doors of mind shall immediately disperse all Jhonnies i. . The 'vigil sense' installed in form of a door sentinel shall enquire every aspiring entrant about its purpose of visit and make sure that visiting thought in form of a 'desire' are only those that shall extend a tangible contribution to making of our life better instead of creating unpleasantness inside. the sentinel must vehemently declare his presence at the gates to mind – ''Here I am. that eventually upsets the serious work that must go on within our mind. to look into all such matters''.

The entire gamut of our effort is to bring a wave of achievements to our life. the one that always thinks rationally and only speaks truth. What ever has remained stalled since past several years shall now be able to manifest through deployment of this knowledge in practice. Now the next Question is that who shall be the sentinel at the doors of our mind.60 Desire 2 Truewill Chapter-3 Appoint a Sentinel at the door to mind O ur first initiative .The time has come where the new understanding should not merely confine to our thoughts. Let this 'Cautions' mind permanently apportion and appoint itself in the form . From here on our first step is to appoint a vigilant sentinel at the door to mind stationed round the clock & 365 days in a year. The sentinel at the door to our mind shall be our own 'Cautions' mind that stands witness to every passing moment.

we were not aware of its . All respectively designated portions of our mind conduct their assignment without causing much problem. (Although at times intense distraction to driving are prone to accidents followed a fine by the traffic department). while it also apportions itself towards thought process. It is because we have never paid any attention towards our own amazing potential within therefore even while it existed within ourselves. My Question is… How do many jobs through one single person become possible at the same time? It happens because the Cautions mind apportions itself to drive vehicle and observe traffic. While driving a scooter. Such activity are almost the daily routine of our lives.61 Desire 2 Truewill of a vigil sense under the rank of a door sentinel at the door of our mind. While driving a vehicle we maintain vigil. gossip and sighting around. constantly in view of the road traffic around and the vehicular maneuver. bicycle or a car people continue within themselves a thought process or gossip or sighting around… with all such distracting acts they still attempt to dispense justice with the traffic and vehicular maneuver.

His basic duty is to ascertain the status of each incoming desire based on the direction given to him regarding admissibility of thoughts into our mind. The direction to the sentinel under previous lines concludes with a resolve to install our mind on a higher alert than it generally remains upon i. There is a premonition mentioned on highway saying. 'carelessness invites accident'. lethargic casual approach. Mr. In the capacity of a serious and efficient administrator let us now assign a name to the newly appointed sentinel at the door to our mind. constantly available at our service borne with extreme sense of vigil in order to maintain absolute control upon entry to each desire coming in to our mind in form of a thought or suggestion. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) is the name of our sentinel at the door to mind. . So.e. With one another example D e e p Ry t h y m i c breathing of course installs peace in body and mind. but much more than that it awakens ten kinds of 'prana' (vital energy) existing within our subtle existence.62 Desire 2 Truewill presence.

63 Desire 2 Truewill we shall justify the appointment of Mr. travel more than five to six kilometers. With their utensil full with water to its brim . daily. In deserts. may take some time to gather the hard facts of such an experience even at the levels of simple imagination) To understand about quantity of water that is carried in their utensil. (Those of us who enjoy an entire control upon flow of water at their wish. It has come to our knowledge that women there. known for its incredible heritage & tourism. Geographical determinants do not permit any rivers but at rare locations few sources of water do exist. we can say that it is almost the same as we flush through our toilet at one go or to mention the equivalent quantity of water that we may loose from a trickling wash basin tap within a day on account of a negligent twist . Alert (Sawdhani kumar) at the doors of minds. Among one of the prominent states in India comes Rajasthan. We all know that deserts mean paucity of water. Rajasthan bears a large expanse of area in the form of a desert. in order to fetch water for domestic use and transport it in utensils carried over their heads.

They walk through number of steep turns. Within themselves. hence they cannot afford to waste it upon any gossip or laughter. They hold a vital truth at the back of their minds that water is highly precious to them.64 Desire 2 Truewill the women in groups walk back to their homes laughing aloud while sharing jokes. at times with hand on utensil and at times their move is totally hands free. undulating surface and small catchments… all through a portion of their cautions mind remains apportioned towards the absolute sense of bearing water atop their head. to extents of every single drop.' it is rarest that they drop even a single drop of water. passing remarks. This journey is an every day event for them but despite all multifarious involvements during the 'carry of water. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) does not allow occurrence of any such movement in their body that may lead to an . While on move they continuously maintain their balance. singing songs and regulating speed of their steps on most undulating surfaces. Water to them is the life line of a day whereas gossip & laughter are mere entertainment during its transportation. the appointed Mr.

equipment and appointment? Government does it all. The question is that who shall recruit & appoint Mr. provides them with necessary training. Who recruits police. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) that those ladies conduct their daily obligation with all precaution & joy. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) as a sentinel at the to door of our mind? In other words who holds ultimate discretion to appoint him & depute him at the door to our mind and authorize him to enquire every entrant before giving them access in to the mind. It is our earnest recommendation to a reader to install a sentinel at the door to our mind. think deeply who owns the kingdom of . Who does the similar job in privately held large or small companies? It is generally done either by the owners themselves or by the one whom powers are delegated to perform such specific assignments. To get an answer to this question let us observe few other illustrations.65 Desire 2 Truewill imbalance and resultantly water pounce out of the utensil. It is through appointment of the same Mr. Now.

'It is you yourself. going a step ahead let us admit that When one human being has one body that has one soul then why does it have multiple minds? . It is 'you'. Of course you alone possess the throne of the kingdom in your mind. remember those moments when you claimed that none else could excel better than 'me' in this sphere. For a minute. Yes. sir. our indication lands absolutely upon that part of yours which strongly affirms your own unique identity i. you. who else'.' yes it is I'. who has always demonstrated your 'existence' through outward projections.e. We are accustomed of making such expressions to the world outside but hold no experience of observing its affirmation within. recall your most egoistic expressions wherein you were able to prevail upon others in order to make them accept your view point or quieted someone by exerting your forceful words .66 Desire 2 Truewill your mind. You have to vehemently affirm it to yourself.

the art (maneuver) becomes highly tricky and tedious. Sawdhani kumar(Mr. It is you towards whom the appointed i. Shun all externalities and realize your true identify 'O' the master of Mr. door sentinel should hold all allegiance and accountability. Alert. And Broadly speaking. for it is the creator's essence enshrined within ones own 'self'. We all hold exemplary expertise to manage and handle others but when it comes to manage the 'self '. The difference between the microcosm and infinite concealed within ones 'self'. 'You' are the master who appoints the door sentinel.e. Alert)'. we all know who we are. We shall not discuss 'adhyatam' (science of soul) any further instead come back to the point where we should be i.67 Desire 2 Truewill we are not aware and accustomed upon conducting observations within ourselves. To learn . talking about the 'master of Mr. Let me mention here that entire 'adhyatam' (science of soul) pertains to the art of identifying the 'real self'.e. We generally know it through the mirror and there is nothing new or more about it.

you shall realize that 'yes I did exist even before but with the help of repetition of this 'mantra' a realization has . Once you conduct this exercise with all sincerity and in seclusion. kindly step in towards observance of 'self' within yourselves by closing your eyes and simply experience your own 'existence'. I exist and I am its master. Do not worry since nothing shall spoil. Come. give up yourself for a little seemingly crazy exercise because your trendy sagacious mind with all its sense. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) as sentinel to door of mind in order to install discipline and order'. You would be required to repeat these lines couple of times so that it becomes well grounded within deeper levels of your mind. so far. Come on close your eyes and experience that you really exist. has not produced any indepth revelation. and let them echo within for some time so that your precise sense (awareness that is observing through awareness about true existence is able to gather more ground. let us learn by becoming a bit crazy.68 Desire 2 Truewill more about the self within. repeat & affirm it to yourself that 'I have (you yourself)appointed Mr. It may sound crazy for a moment but never mind . At the same time. Repeat the words within that 'I' (you yourself) 'exist'.

His . Later the result of this practice shall acquire a greater part in 'you'. i. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) with entire security related assignments at the door to mind. My mind within is my kingdom. 'I the master of this kingdom of mind with effect form this very moment do hereby appoint and assign Mr. my treasure and no rioting intrusion shall gain any access inside. no 'loitering thought' can find access within in any form. be it a desire or else in order to spoil the harmony and order in my kingdom. “I hold the seat to 'kingdom of mind' and without my consent.69 Desire 2 Truewill come about more upon the true existence deep within me. The deep of effects of this exercise shall achieve a much larger objective in the inside world. now I hold more control upon myself'. realizing a new strength of existence within self.e. Do not leave this practice and continue the same for few days. Therefore. Take a serious note upon the affirmation to be pronounced by you in form of a declaration within. it is my property. at least for thirty days to come. 'My mind is my kingdom and no tress passer can wander inside to hijack my creative energy at my theist seat and accomplish its mean vested objectives.

A crash course for of Mr. Alert (Sawdhani . training and appointment all have been dispensed at the door itself.. recruitment. That he shall dispense his assigned duty with utmost sincerity. Alert (Sawdhani kumar)) be conducted at the field beside the door to mind. under general proceeding it is selection then recruitment then training and then after it finally comes the appointment but in our case. selection. Alert undertakes the charge of his new appointment from this very moment.70 Desire 2 Truewill appointment is once again affirmed as a direct appointment done by me myself. Let the formal training of Mr. Hence forth he namely Mr. considering the graveness of the situation. He is well aware about the manner under which any intruder shall be examined and if need felt forcefully pushed away. Come Mr. I bestow upon him all power with authority to dispense his endowed obligation. since it is chaotic with great disorder within the kingdom of mind with none knowing who is doing what. In peace times.. Therefore. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) and take immediate charge of your responsibility and protect the dignity of your designation”.

Mr. (Mr.Alert) Sawdhani kumar shall not allow every desire under the garb of a thought in the hours of sleep especially during state of dream to gain access to . Alert (Sawdhani kumar) your training starts today. Mr. Alert remember these two activities shall be similar to the ones conducted daily during unfurl and furl of the national flags at 'Indo-pak' border each morning and evening. an announcement shall happen during the evening salute. Alert (Sawdhani kumar). The moment I wake up you shall conduct the due ceremony and the same should take place before I go to sleep”. Why a crash course? Why not an elaborate training? Because the prevailing situations mandates immediacy for restoration of order. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) assures you that during this entire day highest levels of vigil shall be maintained and not every desire in the garb of a thought shall be given access to the mind . Two basic formalities shall have be observed everyday as a daily norm without any provision of their omission. which means right now at this very moment. “So Mr.71 Desire 2 Truewill kumar). Similarly. “During this ceremony instead of unfurling the flag you shall actively announce your presence in this manner … Good morning kindly acknowledge the salute of Mr.

. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) to make prescribed announcement twice during each day so that with constant vigil maintained. unknown. the rule of law prevails at the door and Beyond Vedas & Upanishads stands k n o w l e d g e meticulously hidden within our heart.. we too have to install the presence of Mr. Dispensed with pilot the autopilot then control & manage all mandatory functions during cruise. . which otherwise are personally managed by the pilot. Our own true selfturn few pages of it and discover facts.” Desire 2 Truewill The technique suggested above may seem to you as ordinary. As a result of those daily affirmations your subconscious mind shall embark on an automated control of your active mind and the desirous shall start happening. Pilots during long distance flights acquire high altitude and subject the aircraft to an automatic control (autopilot). unheard and unseen.. In a similar manner.. whereas you are not aware that with the repetition of this exercise a remarkable programming within your mind comes into is to place.72 the domains of mind.

Before we undergo with the structural regeneration of the desire apparatus within our mind. Therefore in due course restoration of order. All that-that has so far been lost to uncontrolled rowdy . who at no cost shall not allow any desire in garb of thought to gain access within. other activities of bringing control and order within mind can follow later. balance and harmony shall certainly happen within my mind. strict order must establish at its gates to gain absolute control over its access. conduct and thoughts escape the mark raised by repetitive exercises of specific affirmatives.73 Desire 2 Truewill domain of mind. With a continuous observance of such an activity twice on each day shall carry and ground its roots to the deeper levels of your mind. When a continuous droplet of water can raise a mark over stone beneath then how can the effects upon ones belief. A deep belief shall guard your 'existence' that there is a highly vigilant door sentinel stationed at the door to my mind. Once done with earlier installation be sure that All that-that must happen through you shall now gather your attention.

Alert (Sawdhani kumar) shall be declared as a permanent employee. skipping various procedures related to a job prescribed by dept. In the moments of celebration Mr. 'Now I shall be able to draw absolute control upon self and the circumstances related to self that otherwise have always remained beyond my control.” You shall rejoice by lighting lamps (Hindus. “Now I shall be able to do all that I should have actually done by now. .74 Desire 2 Truewill crowd of desires and thoughts shall now become clearly visible. Soon after the installation of your door sentinel you'll say to yourselves. 'Now I shall achieve all that I should certainly posses'. when rejoice also light lamps as a mark of celebration) the moment you observe your inherent potential revealed to your own self along with a good hope for a bright future. You make an address to Mr. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) by saying that your basic conduct shall work under the spirit of the prescription related with the ceremony to be held twice on each day… I appoint & authorize you with an understanding that you are entitled to take on the spot decision & make all judgment based upon principles of pure wisdom. (Things all is happening very fast. of personnel or human resource).

Mr. The change as an effect of his working shall come in form of a balance in all of our life related situations. Alert with extensive explanation and a microcosmic training program. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) after receiving a small training program shall gradually start performing wonders. Do not be worried as to how Mr. Readers should not feel astonished because of a highly important assignment assigned to Mr. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) shall efficiently exercise obligations of his appointment towards a great cause of immense benefit to your life.75 Desire 2 Truewill You shall always maintain constant coordination with me (I the appointee) so that I am always aware about (updated) the access given to whom all… and who all stand abstained from an entry. Within couple of days they are able to understand the direction and state of their new assignment hence they soon start performing in . It is also the fact with appointments at senior most levels in the corporate sector that such incumbents are not subject to undergo training for months.

Now it is the most opportune time to appoint and assign the most sincere. With Mr. While thinking upon our desires at times we . He Mr. He shall be able to perform his due obligation with great efficacy. Alert has been in waiting & idling since years together confined to a remote corner within us… it has so far remained a silent witness to entire chaos.76 Desire 2 Truewill accordance with expectation out of them. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) must daily keep us updated i. which shall arise to accomplish its designated responsibility each day. His first announcement is at the moment we wake up & second. In actual Mr. provided you restrain self from any element of bias or favour or an interference. just before we go to bed.e. Mr. Alert on duty our job is to carefully monitor each day that he dispenses with his prescribed two announcement. morning when we rise and evening before sleep that I am present and actively executing my prescribed duties. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) is a sense of deep observation within our own mind. efficient and learned officer to demonstrate his excellence & restore order within the domain of our mind.

At last. The rule of law and better organization must come in place. It is absolutely true indeed that much force would be required in order to push rowdy crowds from the door to our mind. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) it is for sure that though the borders to mind are not sealed. we are now confident that within few days from now we shall bear absolute control over the door to our mind. every desire deserves to pull my life out: (if these words would come true than it is for sure that one would certainly loose ones life irrespective of the fact that none of the desire shall ever materialize). Instead only those desires shall find access within. It is for sure that the rowdy crowd of desires are accustomed to gain easy access within our mind & now against a restriction upon them shall raise lot of shouting or they may even riot & pelt stones to gain access for entry. & shall check any amount of disorder to disperse the rioters (wandering wild irrational desires). With the installation of Mr. Alert (Sawdhani kumar) is equipped with a very heavy force. that are necessary for our actual growth. for it is our deepest desire and so is our . However.77 Desire 2 Truewill remark that. there should be no cause of any worry to us since Mr.

There is a difference between desires to take kids for a picnic on one of the Sunday in comparison with the desire to accompany aging parents to a pilgrimage. There is a difference between a desire to buy a new shirt in comparison with a desire to initiate one pursuit upon Carreer of ones choice. . there is tremendous difference between a desire that seeks ticket to the first show of a new movie or a desire of changing curtains in a drawing room in comparison to a deep desire to purchase a home. it is true that in past all desires have always gained an easy access within us and at the same time. Talking straight. Similar is the difference between a desire to purchase a new tea mug in comparison with the deep desire of going for a morning walk each day. Friends. There is a landmark difference between a desire You know one dies when finds self short of any capacity & you also must know that unless one dies for ones passion the sought heights do not come ones way. sincerely speaking it is also true that very few of them actually deserved to pull our lives out.78 Desire 2 Truewill immediate 'ordinance'.

One is such. A desire is a desire but there stands a great difference amongst each one of them. each one of our desire claims for its realization in comparison to those very . One is such.79 Desire 2 Truewill to surprise ones wife by presenting a new sari (Indian women garment worn as a single wrap over entire lower portion with upper portions of the body supported with a blouse as the top) in comparison with to a desire to surprise her with a doubled salary packet. supporting your head with both the hands just think upon whatever has been written in the last paragraph. in case realized ones whole life shall be made. Kindly repose over an easy chair with your legs stretched looking towards sky. if not realized then nothing goes. One if realized. that if not achieved the life remains blank. My friend the difference is not small it is really very huge. shall render a gentle smile lasting a small period of time. Nevertheless. when realized shall penetrate & stall our deeper 'yearning' within. While going through that paragraph once again you shall soon realize that it is true that there exists a great difference amongst desires. whereas the other. if fulfilled shall make the day whereas the other is such. whereas the other is such.

Recollect my friends that few years before when two cricket teams came face-to-face contesting for the world cup i. every voice this side (Indian side) meant that the winning world cup is meaningless in comparison to a win over Pakistan. Pakistan. sons of the same mother could not arrive amicable solution on account that one fell to violent means of deadly expression and the other to most inert passivity). .e. Yet Footnote: *(Unfortunate happening tore the single fabric of this great ancient land of sages and the worst kept happening for years to follow. Moreover. when India won the match. till this very day. *India vs. they merely turn into as lines appearing only on political maps and not over bilateral policies and human hearts. every one said we do not care any more for the world cup because we now have the most sought (though the tournament was the world cup cricket).80 Desire 2 Truewill few that shall leave our soul quenched after their fulfillment. The example above accompanies this author's prayers Let God bless the relationship amongst two neighboring brothers & enable it improve to an extent that political borders in between become obliterated.

Very few desires within us deserve & mandate for a similar treatment. Generally the entire traffic on road is common barring that one which dispels through blinking red and blue lights blowing siren and mandates exclusive passage. Therefore. friends. understand & assess those moments where one desire far superseded than the other desire. the ones that trace roots to our deeper 'yearning's. yet every one saw the essence in winning match with Pakistan relatively as a competitively larger gain. a simple glance upon them carries us into history and our insight demands our future to base itself upon them. the ones that with a mere recollection motions the whirlpool within our heart. such desires belong to an exclusively different category. it counts amongst desires. We all give way to such traffic because we are bound to give them their access which is on account of their salient existence. Though winning the world cup was a larger gain.81 Desire 2 Truewill for the purpose of understanding the subject of a difference between various desires please recall. .


Desire 2 Truewill


Ah! Construction of a ‘'True will'’


ow there is a dire need to discriminate

between various desires that already exist

within our mind. This need is now felt because Mr. Alert (Sh. Sawdhani kumar) has established extreme vigil at the door of our mind and anyone & everyone cannot gain access inside our mind and wander as a wild bull. Within ourselves we contain number of desires that fall under various classification depending upon their respective nature, they all deserve a different treatment. Inside us there exist certain rioters and they must be brought under control; their elimination is on the grounds that they are unwanted and should be eliminated, so that rule


Desire 2 Truewill

of law prevails within. There are certain irrational desires that have come inside and have ignited severe craving, they too must leave or become eliminated. Then there are certain desires that require their realization but do not fall under the foremost category, Such desires are required to be kept aside upto the time till absolute order is restored within. There also exist within us very few desires that are our deeper 'yearning's and fulfillment of them shall relieve our deeper self from experiencing any further pain; they are the ones that deserve a prioritized identification and attention. Before we embark upon any further action all such 'yearning' should be extended with an interview in order to examine & assess their genuineness. Remember that all those 'yearning' that loose on grounds of their genuineness but kept tearing us within must face their elimination with immediate effect. Now; the point is to understand about the procedure that enables us conduct the most penetrating scrutiny of our desires & settle down with absolute genuine ones while eliminating the rest.


Desire 2 Truewill We shall learn the sought procedure of

examining & ascertaining the appropriate desires in form of an interesting dialogue. Under this dialogue please find this author expressing his part of thought within your own mind. Come let us enjoy this internal dialogue & arrive certain worthy conclusion. Reader : Now what should I do next? Me : Pick up the pen.

Reader : And then. Me : Sit down in a secluded corner.

Reader : And then. Me : Think what all are your desires.

Reader : This may take lot of time. Me : Would it take two to four years. If yes, then forget it. Reader : No-no. Not that much of time. Still, this exercise requires time. Me : Within one hour,

Today; we are now grown up, let us leave the limited scope of biological death behind and exceed to our new dimensions within.


Desire 2 Truewill there are sixty minutes, in a day, there are 1440 minutes; in a week 10080 min., in a month there are 43200 min and in a year, there are 525600 minutes.

Reader : Yes, they may exist. Me : No sir, there is no skepticism about this fact, it is certain that they do exist. In addition, if I multiply these minutes with your age, then, 'O' lord, they run into millions and millions of minutes. So far, you may not have earned so much of money but it is a fact that you Reader : Yes, it seems so … Me : Out of these millions and millions of minutes you've, spent so far in life kindly consider a period of one year i.e. 525600 minutes… out of which a mere contribution of 0.023 percent time is required to make way for a miracle in your life. The miracle in form of various achievements . Reader : How much is this 0.023 percent? have already spent so much of time in your life.

86 Me

Desire 2 Truewill : Would, you only pull the Tonga after the entire calculation is done. Ok. If it is so then the answer is merely 120 minutes.

Reader : O.k. that means' 'two hours'. Me : No my dear, if we talk about hours, you may not afford that much of time whereas, to you 0.023 percent might seem a very cheap bargain. Reader : All right, now what next? Us : Great, now do as I tell you , Write down all desires that keep coming into your mind and mention the most deeper 'yearning's (deepest desires) that exist within you & keep causing pain 'within'. Reader : Right,'o' sir, it will be done right now. Me : Let me repeat once again; please think twice before you write anything. It may also happen that while thinking you may come across a new set of desires kindly do mention them too in your list. Be careful but need not worry about certain desires that should find a place in this list but some how they miss to come into your notice &


Desire 2 Truewill do not find their mention .

Reader : My dear friend, I acknowledge your suggestion that I should make a mention to all my desires with a special reference to the ones that are my most deepest 'yearning's; but I am not able to understand your indication upon those desires that should mandatorily find a mention but may not find a mention in my list. To me your words are evasive. Me : Look my friend, In General – What all you understand about the most of your desires is on the basis of their one or the other kind of deprivation caused by them in your life. They are the ones you have gathered from various sources i.e., threads collected from your observation of society and world around. Become aware of another important fact that there also exists a very special and distinct being 'within' i.e. 'you yourself', Remember the creator has vested you with a unique potential to exercise very special assignment in this world. Such highly


Desire 2 Truewill

meaningful deep purpose oriented 'yearning's totally dedicated to the wishes of the creator; are the ones that should find a mention in your list but there are many other vital ones that do not find their place in you current list. Reader : Brother is it not becoming bit spiritual! Me : The entire game of this life belongs to the plane of consciousness and it is a fact that generally common minds does not buy. Anyway since you have to only undergo exercises within your mind under my direction i.e. do as told… & our main objective is to cherish our deepest dreams therefore other aspects should not hold any cause of worry to you. This assignment will involve writing all that comes to your mind during this exercise. Reader : All right, in case it is something new and worthwhile then I am ready. Tell me about the exercise. Me : You should neither worry nor get scared since this exercise is at the level of imagination & shall merely attempt to


Desire 2 Truewill trace hidden truth lying at the deeper levels of your existence .Pearls cannot be traced on road side or farm lands instead they are discovered after rigorous deep digging and search; it is therefore that they are known as pearls and priced very high. My friend, you too, shall undergo a similar endeavour 'within' yourself because pearls do not exist on surface level of your awareness. Come let us dive deeper and know about our own self, let us realize about what we are and what do we actually intend at the end of our existence i.e. soul.

Reader : All this seems anew. Me : Yes it appears anew whereas it is not so. O.K. now follow my words & go on experiencing as told in exclusivity; imagine, that Its winters with dense fog around & you've gone for a morning walk in a big park Reader : I do not go for a morning walk & that too in winters…

90 Me

Desire 2 Truewill : Are you going to waste time in interruptions or simply follow my words. If I have asked you to comply with my direction then it demands a mere compliance at your end and nothing else.

Reader : Sorry .rrrrr… its real chilly out here… Kindly move ahead, not any more … now I am very serious. Me : While walking in the big park you experience some fatigue and place your self on a bench lying in a corner. All of a sudden smoke starts rising from the grass ahead and a silhouette appears before you resembling a 'genie'. Reader : Oh! That's scary Me : Don't be scared, it shall do no harm to you, you witness that silhouette of a genie and are not a b l e t o

Those who justify the meaning of death through their living; they live their life far better to those who die every moment.


Desire 2 Truewill understand what should you do as next. There is dense fog around, you look around but find none else around. You are stunned. You feel as held to your posture and are neither able to lift your hand nor are able to utter any single word. Such a dumb state dawns upon you because you never before experienced in our life that you've come across. The smoke over grass transforming into a silhouette of genie. That silhouette of a genie like is looking towards you and it smiles while conveying. Man do not get scared, I am death.

Reader : Damn it bleady what else is left to be scared of …? Me : That silhouette further speaks, “man our observation upon the track of your life so far reveals that you have excelled verywell through some good selfless deeds therefore the god of death intends to render you with an advance notice, that after one complete month you shall have to


Desire 2 Truewill leave your physical body. This world is an 'illusion' ('Maya') and the time has come that you have to now leave it.” After listening to its pronouncement you

somehow gather yourself and prepare for an answer. In a highly perturbed state you address it as 'sir', (since you are not aware of its actual name) “I have a nuclear family, I am quite young , what shall you gain by taking me from this planet. I suggest that instead of me you should opt for Mr. B. lal my next-door neighbor who has already crossed ninety years. He can neither see nor walk properly. He cannot execute any business for self or for this world. Why don't you consider him sir?” The silhouette immediately replies. “You have exhausted the allocated quota of your time upon this planet, Mr. B. lal shall leave when his turn arrives and my current job is to serve you with this notice I shall see you after thirty days from today, good-bye...” All of sudden a thought runs through you and you scream, sir, please” just listen to me for a second”. That silhouette stops at your insistence and enquires, “what is it now?”


Desire 2 Truewill Since your entire urban life was spent while

executing various tricky manipulation hence you mental frame suggests you to make it a proposition & you start saying. 'Sir', is there any other way out… is it not possible that we settle this file and its matter here on this planet itself. “In response to your proposition that silhouette vehemently laughs and conveys; 'look you earthly man, no resource of your planet is of any good in our world hence all chances of any kind of negotiation are totally ruled out , for you now it is all over.” You realize that the entire game is lost still you cannot afford to give up that easily, you gather your strengths & with another rigorous attempt you throw yourself on its feet and Break down before it urging it for some good solution. Your words under great despair bear an intense urge and you plead before it by saying, “sir there must be some resort, there must be some solution, I plead before thee to kindly help me. Please sir, you cannot do this to me; it would have been far better that you should have accomplished your duty without extending me with any advance notice; now that you have blessed me with a notice


Desire 2 Truewill

kindly give me the way. Sir, you are too generous and must give me with a way to rescue.” While observing your intense affliction with the material world and looking at your grief expressed through a humble submission that silhouette remarks. “Look I am not able to understand that what more shall you do while staying more upon this planet because so far in your life, no big accomplishment has ever come your way. The silhouette further says that before coming here, I had seen your 'C.R.' Report (confidential report) and it did not contain anything that suggested you bear high thinking, exemplary attitude or any great contribution made to the community. So far you have merely faired with can ordinary routined life, what else shall you achieve by gaining more time in life. While listening to its words a streak of hope dawns upon you and you add more force to your effort to persuade & force that power to side with you and provide some way out of the current malady. You further a plead by saying, “sir, if you shall affirm to my submission then may be my problem finds a solution. It is a great fortune on my part that I have been considered so worthy to be informed in advance


Desire 2 Truewill

about my departure from this planet and through this notice I am equally privileged to have your appearance. This means that almighty has envisaged some special design for me and aspires to accomplish something important through me. Kindly bestow your mercy upon me and bless me with a solution”. Surprisingly during these interactive moments you utilize all difficult words of your vocabulary that were seldom used during normal course of your life. In response to your heart touching-plead the silhouette says, “look man, there is a way”, on listening to these words you jump within and with entire humility grab the opportunity by saying , “sirsir-sir, please tell me what should be done”. The silhouette further elaborates by saying, “look man I am merely a courier entitled either to carry message or to lift the ascertained consignment”. He further continues to say, “whereas 'my lord'” is vested with all powers to grant any further extension only in very special cases; where it is certain that the extended period shall come under utilization for a purpose none other than the one that holds a direct contribution to establish harmony to this creation of


Desire 2 Truewill

the creator. In such cases the beneficiary receives an initial sanction of three months. “The moment you observe the word 'extension' its joy all over inside but the moment you gather last words i.e. only for three months your entire euphoria becomes dimmed. With a very low esteem, & voice you now ask the silhouette, sir is there any provision for extension of the extended period”. On listening to your query the silhouette replies, “look man the initial extension is always for a period of three months but based upon the performance of a being, during such period, & on grounds of its evaluation, a further extension of six months is granted”. It furthers its words by saying that “based upon performance evaluation the third extension varies between six months to three years to ten years, & then subsequently it may further be extended up-till twenty years and at times

Learn to start each day with certitude; uncertainty is a demotion from the state we have been evolved from...


Desire 2 Truewill

even an extended period of forty years has come to my personal notice”. However, this entire extension holds no consideration on grounds of compassion instead; it is a pure investment of the creator through my lord for higher purposes that are a direct contribution towards dissemination of love & service to humanity towards the remaining creation. “After listening to the last words, you become more serious; The entire lethargic attitude embedded within you is immediately drawn out of your deep roots. You indeed become v. very serious. It is for the first time, that your life was shook was by this sudden shock, a new pattern of thinking evolves within you. You have gathered all scattered energies and consolidated your entire attention within your brain to represent your case to the silhouette. You start by saying, “sir, I understand that I need to accomplish higher objectives for a larger cause kindly give me the required extension”. The silhouette replies, “look man extension is the sole prerogative with my lord. You hand me over with a two line plead in the form of a humble submission and start your work immediately upon the deep felt inspiration for next thirty days so that it may please my lord. In case my

remember . 'no'. Besides. Watching your next move the silhouette remarks. It was for the first time that you became an arch opponent of negativity.e. You immediately pick up pen and paper in order to prepare upon your petition before the god of 'death'. then I shall return on the thirtieth day along with the sought extended period and at the same time you may further me with another plead requesting for a further extension of six months. You felt like throwing this word and its entire essence out of this universe i. since this is the only form that can arrive there. man did I not tell you that material representation of any form is not admissible in our world. You simply undergo a deep resolution within your self in the form of an affirmation. On listening to the slightest of negative element in its words your insight becomes restless because you only wish to gather a sense of hope from the entire conversation that ends with only positive conclusions. First of all you must get on with the job ahead for next thirty days otherwise this plead of yours cannot withstand my lord's consideration”.98 Desire 2 Truewill lord is pleased with your performance.

You are no more scared of the silhouette rather to you it is a symbol of great hope and the medium of the last resort. A bonding . The silhouette now extends you good wishes while expressing a hope that from now on dedicated acts in pursuance of your deep resolve shall happen at your end for next thirty days. On listening to your words. “Without wasting any further moment you immediately join your hands like as offering a prayer and invoke all faculties within to say. you put your head down. The silhouette. from this very moment onward all my actions shall contribute towards the benefit of this entire world. “Did such words ever come out of your month on any other earlier occasion?” In reply. is about to leave and you bow down in its obeisance. the silhouette smiles and enquires. for all purposes my existence on this planet shall remain in the form of your true representative endeavoring in its capacities to establish peace & harmony through all of its acts. “O lord . remember all that you resolve must withstand at the level of your mind. From this very moment onward. speech and action.99 Desire 2 Truewill your resolution and start working upon it right from this very moment for thirty days to come.

as if trying to find several answers… from the one that is you your self… The silhouette disappears in a manner as if all particles of smoke wither. You experience its departure with wet eyes. With you & in you more than fear. What is the purpose of my being on this planet? What should I accomplish so that I live up to the spirit undertaken as vow in the form of a deep resolve? At that moment. This moment you have become thousand times more serious in comparison to your entire past life. externally you may . Dense fog is still around & no human being visible either… for you now every thing has changed. You are not able to get up from that bench in the big park. you are engrossed with a deep sense of invigoration within yourselves. Your emotions within bear intense humility. you observe as if your mind has become totally still.100 Desire 2 Truewill relationship amongst 'you both' has come in place within a very short period. It seems as if Several Tonne weight has poured over your shoulders in the form of a higher responsibility that seeks a valid reason to live on this planet.

you solemnize the 'self' in a room and drop yourself on to a bed while reclining against the wall with a pillow at back… You recap the entire recent happening within. All concerned ones want to know if all is well.101 Desire 2 Truewill remain the same for the entire world outside but for yourself that 'you within' is altogether a different being. It is like an advent of a being on this planet for the first time and that too in a fully-grown form. actually what all it was did it happened in actual? Suddenly your concern shifts towards next thirty days and immediately all other thoughts . You speak with none & that raises others anxiety towards your new state. After conveying your words and leaving rest in the family under a state of great anxiety and concern. For now it is an altogether afresh. a being that has to excel every thing with a different perception… like an alien on a new planet. Like a snake released from its earlier garb you too have dropped all that constituted as your earlier garb. was it a dream. no it was not. You insist upon no interference for you have to now dispense with some important assignment. Totally lost in nothingness you come back to your home. You are thinking. a new being.

. yes. After same passage of time all of a sudden something dawns out of nothingness and suggests you within. You rise with a straight back and crisscross your legs to start planning & envisioning for the first time about your future agenda.. I can certainly contribute to the creator's world within my own limitations. be it a circus trick or connecting divine light at ones’will'. Your foremost concern is about the prioritsed agenda that can assure the god of death about your special utility on this planet to prove that your presence is important for the dispensation of creator's work..102 Desire 2 Truewill vanish. You start asking yourself what worth do I hold? You start thinking and thinking… as you go on the quest generated from your mental world enters the cosmic plane in the form of a transmission and moves around in order to search an appropriate answer. Your thought process is so intense and powerful that the awareness of your entire body is lost. Your thoughts follow as- In order to attain the status of effortlessness a lot goes through several efforts.

Foot Note: There is something very interesting in the field of cosmic structure. A police detective while investigating matters is able to gather enough guidance from what they term as their hindsight. musician. . whereas the fact is that their existence is very much there in highly perspicacious form. It is true that we cannot observe thoughts in the space flying in a picture form. You must have heard that some people bear certain psychic powers that enable them read thoughts of other people. Experience therefore mandates that one must always think positive and totally relieve self of negative swarming. The same fact stands true in the case of an artist. Their special powers enable them read thoughts of other people… which means they decode or read the emanation from a brain. Whatever you think in form of thoughts emanates from your brain in form of pictures to travel in space. One who is accustomed to think upon specific subject over a considerable period of time develops a special proficiency to understand and respond upon the same subject.103 Desire 2 Truewill What ever we think moves around the space in search of its alike and after it is done with its exercise of search they dawn back upon their transmitter and begun swirling around him or her.

roaming around and gossip are traits that are even identified with animals. One must remember that the power to think reason and understand is a virtue that enables a human being stand skies apart from the animals. astrologer advocate and a healer. Now similarly if you too start thinking upon the subject related to the main purpose of your life/existence. There exist several examples to this phenomena in form of highly successful people who were able to contribute through remarkable decisions. Eating. If the mankind today find themselves positioned at the noblest and at a totally different altitude in comparison with rest of the creation than such a privilege equally vests them with a larger responsibility.104 Desire 2 Truewill filmmaker. A human being can draw immense knowledge from the space based on the principle of attraction. such being must always refrain of weaving a web of manipulation that eventually becomes a trap for the weaver itself. discoveries to inventions despite of their little education. . then it is certain that an-appropriate answers shall follow. A potent 'being' is supposed to help many that cannot work out their own way. wearing clothes.

Reader : Yes. it is the most sought help this moment since my mind has become too heavy. Me : See. Me : Now.all constituents of your existence. i.. soul etc. You mean just you and none else. Reader : Great.K.e. simply tell me what all do you bear as 'exclusive' in this entire world.105 Me Desire 2 Truewill : O.k. Me : You leave rest of the world and simply confine with yourself. come on let me assist you to think upon this subject. so that no confusion takes over our discussion. body and mind is there with all. your answer should be in light of your body and mind. We shall converse in simpler terms avoiding further classification like intellect. when I ask you what you bear means the way creator has made you. Therefore. Reader : I am not able to understand your question. . vital being. Reader : O.

.k. Me : Did god not provide us with this body as its temple in which comes the light of consciousness represent s it … t he 'almighty'. Are you happy with your state at these two domains? I have put a question in its most simple form so that things remain very simple. you may understand the same as a reference given to some supreme power. figure and body language whereas the mind is associated with entertainment. memory and decisions etc.106 Me Desire 2 Truewill : Kindly do not at all understand the colour of our dialogue under religion. instead merely understand my words from a scientific perspective. Reader : I have never thought like that. Body is associated with fashion. Me : Place your right hand on your ear and speak only the truth. Wherever I mention the word god. to me a body is just a body. understanding manipulation. The mind is just mind. Reader : O.

If you are to be believed that your daily routine is totally disturbed then all these mentioned should not become possible. Reader : yes. bleady my daily routine is so disturbed that I never dare to think upon it… Me : Since how long are you fasting without food and water? Reader : What do you mean? Me : So you eat food and drink water everyday. but… Me : Since past how many months you have not been able to watch television. Me : Great. I am just getting along. Not exactly. How could you find an opportunity to observe all these mentioned above? . Reader : What are you saying? Me : You eat food and drink water daily.107 Desire 2 Truewill Reader : Happy. So you are just getting along. you watch television daily. Has it ever come to your mind that I should do something to upkeep my mind and body in a healthy fit form? Reader : How do I think upon it.

(These words are only in l i g h t o f righteousness) .. Look my dear friend. some passage of time you may even Seek justice to your acts within self and if they find an endorsement then forget rest of the world.. without this proper exercise the meaningful shall not surface.108 Reader : You are pulling me. for a thought towards their health do you require to work out an auspicious occasion through a pundit. Look buddy today you are young with with and of energetic borne lot resistance power. (seer) before you give it a start… Reader : No… No… No…As regard to body exercise I have thought many number of times. Me Desire 2 Truewill : I am helpless my friend. that sounds pragmatic to my ears to some extent. Me : Oh. the body you feed the mind you entertain. I even planned to go for it but somehow it never materialized.

People ruin their life on a pretext that since we never came across a role model.. please ..109 Desire 2 Truewill manage through medication but at the end nothing shall work your side. Reader : Sorry my dear friend. Reader : No yaar (friend) it is not like that. Reader : You are pouncing so many questions upon me has it ever come to your mind? Me : Look I am determined to fall in a well shall you follow me? When shall you end this attitude? Our engagement here only concerns your interests.. Perfect therefore changes could not happen to us. I was just. Me : If it is not like that. If hunting excuses remaines ones permanent hide out… great then keep waiting for some imaginary Mr. Perfect who may never come in to your life and keep waiting forever on the baseless shores. a someone who could withstand all specifications of Mr. then what is it like? The most precious gift of god are our body and mind and you have never experienced any desire to maintain their health.

Reader : Yes. thought and conduct. thought and conduct. Look friend. From now onward you shall follow restrained dietary plan. Me Desire 2 Truewill : Our body and mind must remain healthy. you are simply a lease holder. this time we are v. Reader : That is right… I am in it… Me : Look friend: In actual he is the owner of this body. To keep them healthy we should observe our diet. serious for now the god of death listens to our conversation and is observing the manner you shall upkeep. protect and develop the body blessed by almighty.110 don't take it otherwise. Remember all three namely diet. I have heard about all these before… Me : Oh I see… then you must have heard all this at earlier occasions with a 'borrowed-set of ears' for had they been your own ones then the message should have certainly traveled further to your brain. In case the required maintenance is undone then this property can face eviction and the only difference between this property & others .

the property too perishes. the Sun awaits to enter within. Here with the ousted tenant. Perfect is like brushing dust from a tabletop by blowing it from your mouth. And in case if you engage your mind & keep wandering & . In General everyone knows well about the ideal quality and quantity of food with exercise for ones own self. For in case if you deeply aspire to learn about the quality and quantity of food along with type of exercise required for your body then my dear that entire knowledge is just at the press of a button away.111 Desire 2 Truewill is that with it any further lease transfer to else is not possible. Me : Talking about mind: my friendl it is a laboratory of immense energy & creativity where new experiments can happen each moment & every day. And if you insist for a pursuance under vigil guidance of an expert then yellow pages render you with a huge list one can choose from… Just remove your palm away from your own eyes. Knowingly a projection of ignorance and search for a counselor that can absolutely match the status of Mr. Reader : That is truth.

112 Desire 2 Truewill engrossed it into petty issues then it is seldom that one shall come across some meaningful conclusion. it never settles to one place. Me : Yes I know all about it. I too bear just one mind and I know about it. This mind is a tricky Pandora box. To start with the best way to manage and discipline your mind is that you start reading few pages each day… something meaningful. it is essential to manage it… the mind. Reader : Yes. All this stupid mind never comes to a halt. Reader : Kindly suggest something brother. . therefore. thousand flashes within a second & all borne with different content. It experiences one splash after another. it is so… do not ask me about it. it has fixed me to a giant wheel. Reader : How? Me : Mind always wanders and it never becomes stationary. Me : We all have one of it… the stupid mind my dear friend.

113 Desire 2 Truewill Reader : Oh God! My mind cannot hold on to a book. Reader : That's exactly what it is. Initially the best way to discipline our mind is . Now don't ask me where I shall find the time for it. When one is committed to do something he has no other option except to either do or die. the one that contains some element of spiritualism. You must observe a discipline to read at least ten pages every day before going to sleep. Me : Kindly search for some good book related to the development of the self. But yes. The effort to take out time for reading requires an equal effort in comparison as with finding a little place to stand amidst a crowded bus. You may even start initially with five pages and later go on up to ten pages. Moving out twenty to thirty minutes out of your daily schedule is not a big bargain. Me : Ah! That means you only Glance over the headlines. I do glance newspaper everyday.

. The cost of a book less than twenty servings of a cup of tea at any restaurant..114 Desire 2 Truewill through the practice of reading books that brings all the faculties of ones mind to a point. primary effort of concentration with eyes wide open & subsequently the concentration could be pursued with eyes closed i. One must religiously follow it as a daily routine and somehow find time for its compliance. it is not bad to do so but it is not advisable to do so if one aspires for actual growth within.. May be that you are able to buy one book in a month. Once you start doing it the change shall happen within next few days to come.... relieving it from riot and turbulence..e. Gradually the state developed through concentrated reading makes way for further growth. Here we are not making a mention about meditation to regulate ones mind since the initial start should happen by mastering the practice of reading few pages of a book every day i.e.don't we. remember that they shall act as a highly vital source to discipline your mind we all search self in the eyes of others. meditation.

improve and develop your resources hence forth the immediate steps follow right from this very moment onwards. You have committed to the god of death two major assurances namely. to upkeep & manage the priceless divine gift bestowed on to you in the form of your body and mind. While you shall pursue a disciplined compliance to your resolves. All such meaningful steps shall assure him i. You have deeply resolved within to take control. the almighty… that this worker on the shop floor has earnestly undertaken adequate steps before commencement of production.e. in form of an arrangement to his vital instruments. As your next step you shall come down upon those desires that acquire the status of your deep 'yearning's but they do not withstand the test of any pragmatic sense. the near future shall also witness some more important ascertainments. .115 Desire 2 Truewill and eventually you shall realize that they are an indispensable asset of our life.

116 Desire 2 Truewill Chapter-5 A dive within to Identify deepest 'yearning’ W idest amongst mountain ranges stands Himalayas and tallest amongst hills stands Everest. courage to achieve the most sought desire. Likewise some one has rightly marked that we bear countless desires with similar stature and each one of them is potent to draw out our life.e. If the number of your desire run into . Such a state of mind does not permit the beholder achieve higher goals… big achievements reserve themselves for those who hold minimum desires with a maximized heart i. The purpose of writing these lines is that our attention and energy remains fragmented amongst large number of desires since each one of them demands to receive a similar weightage with treatment.

The family size of your desires shall project the status of their respective health. No 'Seed' shall ever desire to confine itself only as a 'Seed'. A tree is a 'yearning' of a 'Seed'. instead of that we actually place the self as sacrifice before our 'countless desires'. Let us recall once again that one must bear a kind of 'yearning' within… upon which there is a ready self for any sacrifice. The most fortunate beings are the ones that are able to grow as a tree and in further render thousands of 'Seed's that further the opportunity to prospect in form of many more new trees. Learn from a 'Seed'. 'Consider desire and 'yearning' as' one. A 'Seed' forebear's its one and only deep desire to cherish and become a tree. A 'Seed' is able to realize its complete worth only after it is able to become that what it holds as its ultimate possibility within. A 'Seed' holds no other desire. through a it (nature) a 'Seed' has managed to convey an important lesson and guidance to the entire humanity. Look the Nature. It would acquire no growth if it retains its status as .117 Desire 2 Truewill scores then the creative energy beheld within shall undergo a division into tiny portions bearing no effect… it means your attention shall dissipiate amongst many desires.

. it totally renders itself as sacrifice to the soil and trusts the forces of Mother Nature. it undergoes decomposition without sight of any light. A 'Seed' if chooses to retain its status as a 'Seed' may decompose or tramped under some ones foot but it shall never ever be able to realize the status of a tree. A 'Seed' must afford its entire existence for a sacrifice to realize its deepest 'yearning' of becoming a tree.118 Desire 2 Truewill 'Seed'. 'Seed' that change their mind from sacrifice shall never realize their possibility become possible. understand and learn from a 'Seed'. rigorous effort and Mother Nature. Friend. During such period. agony and absence of any result for a considerable period of time… all through great patience. We have come across the word ''Seed'' on countless occasions during our lives but it is seldom that we have ever tried to go behind & observe the philosophy contained in its origin. Beware. With passage of time and its journey it attains its goal. It bears pain. Then comes a moment when germination happens and a possibility beheld in it tears the earth crust atop itself to become 'possible'. it deeply holds on to complete trust upon its deep 'yearning'. During its pursuit. one must deeply think. Therefore. Below the surface of earth.

what is it that if not achieved shall leave this entire life as futile. though.e. Though it appears to be similar yet this particular 'yearning' is not of the kind as a longing for a beloved instead it is toward the making and realization of the true worth of this life bestowed to us by the almighty supreme. Seriously think. You too bear a great prospect of possibility within. what is it if not attained despite of all other achievements shall leave this life devoid of any contentment. Let it also be made very clear that is not so that the bonding love between two lovebirds (souls) has been termed as secondary on any count.119 Desire 2 Truewill learn from a 'Seed'. Whereas. it shall remain a relationship amongst two beings. You behold a tree of excellence within & you must realize your inherent latent potential. our mention as deep 'yearning' corresponds to the expectation of the creator from its creation that it intends to realize through us i. its creation. Get on to think. Seek for a 'yearning' within for which one would happily sacrifice all one bears. under the spirit of our subject here. It is about . Love between a man and a woman when followed by the general norm of the society becomes exemplary. Our reference is associated with a kind of 'yearning' that has to fructify on a large canvas. Be cautions to never become a sacrifice to smaller objectives.

It may have been that the turbulent storm in your life dimmed the burning flame within. . the source to a great possibility never think small. O. allurements come in a perennial flow to thwart ones pursuit and those who retain their resolve are ascribed with a noun. It is not so that now often a sight of smoke does not appear within. the smoulder is there for certitude. There is great difference between you i. Give your self to greatness and associate with a suitable great cause. where rest all is else.'achiever'. the self and anything else. If there is smoke. dive within yourself and trace that source.120 Desire 2 Truewill an experience where you become your 'yearning' itself.e. is to maintain ones course in life upon the chosen direction. traced give it a blow of fresh air so that it bursts into flame and the effulgent fire comes back to its original form. “O. the source to reservoir of effulgence. Once. awaken and rise”. Most difficult . It is not possible that your insight does not behold any higher goals. One must repeatedly contemplate upon the piece of thought mentioned below.

After scrutinizing your 'self'. We must wisely segregate such deep 'yearning' from the rest of our ordinary 'willings'. Assign a special identity to all those deep 'yearning' once they are identified. The endeavour to trace. to learn music. a deep desire to join politics. This 'yearning' may belong to your business. But it is for sure that we all contain such 'yearning' upon which we can readily sacrifice anything without giving any second thought.121 Desire 2 Truewill It could be that it was five years ago or an year ago or until last month or even at this moment you bore a pain of an unrealized deep 'yearning' 'within'. One cannot be precise about the kind and form of such 'yearning'. a deep aspiration to make a new house or seeking a better opportunity with higher responsibility in your professional careers. identify and segregate your deep 'yearning' then shall seek their accomplishment and you my friend are fully capable of accomplishing them. It may concern your zeal to acquire higher education. as they may exist in countless manners amongst countless people. Once their identification is over accept at your depths that these alone are your 'yearning' and rest all are mere superficial desires. release a declaration to your own entire .

one may confront with more than one or even five such highly prioritized 'yearning's. and to trace them within yourself shall no longer remain a prolonged or a postponed endeavour.e. we hope that by now.e. Of course .122 Desire 2 Truewill existence saying… “Look from now on these stand as my only deepest resolve” i. During the exercise of identifying and segregating your deepest 'yearning'. below. deepest 'yearning'.. A call of responsibility demands that you give yourself totally to them I. If you love your deep 'yearning' then define your new limits as a love for them. you may observe that they all (deep yearning) stand together and at par because of their deep roots and concerns 'within'. my deepest 'yearning'. you understand the actual essence of 'deep 'yearning''. those who know love are at the same time deeply aware of its limits and responsibility. Judge & Rate your 'yearning's on the scale of their priority. Friends. Catch my words. Settling with more than one deep 'yearning' shall only happen when one concludes that even the dismissal of a single 'yearning' out of the final list is impossible.

Hence it is mandatory to pool the basic requisite together i. Most of us are well aware about the flying of an aircraft. those ones that fly at an altitude of more than 30000 ft. especially. Let me mention few lines to justify the accommodation of more than one deep 'yearning'. the aircraft shall not move an inch and even if it dares to move it shall not acquire the altitude it requires to prevail upon… while maintaining its course for a safe landing. it requires basic inputs in absence of which. Basic requisites as ignition.e.123 Desire 2 Truewill in case the number runs more than five then it is time to re-consider the list once again and this time with more stringent considerate factors. fuel. Once it is finally ascertained that now deduction of even one out of the final five 'yearning's shall imbalance the entire life then forewarn yourself to unwelcome any fresh entrant in the list of five deep willing unless the ones already beheld find accomplishment. all at the same time in . Such aircraft must fulfill certain mandatory pre-requisites before they obtain a final clearance to embark upon a long journey. Although we can enumerate a very long list of vital factors. oxygen and means of communication… to sum up in few words.

even if they number five. It is always advisable to carry the minimum possible load as 'yearning's. Yearning may aspire different direction for their pursuit one willing ('yearning') is dying to touch skies and the other one has volunteered towards the gross hold of the gravitational pull of this earth. One must observe adequate precaution so that it may not happen that the obligation and need of one 'yearning' eats into the interest of the other 'yearning'. Therefore the effect of the gospel must prevail in our mind that after rigorous scrutiny only those ones ('yearning') merely surface as conclusion. that shall act as contributories to the overall development of our life. during the course our flight in life there may exist certain factors in the form of deep 'yearning's that demand their companionship with other 'yearning' s as an important contributive to the voyage of life. shall not hamper the pursuit of our core 'yearning'. Taking them along.124 Desire 2 Truewill order to enable such 'flight'. It is there fore my friend that we must cautiously tread upon the exercise of scrutiny so that the core objective (deepest 'yearning') lying within in . Similarly.

They exist within us on the ground that they have acquired a status of our deep liking. they too are ice cream soldiers without any substance to withstand the mandate of their deep 'yearning'.e. mismanagement of the self. Therefore in case deep aspirants of modeling if run away from work out and crave for chocolates. it shall truly translate that modeling is what they fancy about but in no case it is their true 'yearning'. amongst 'yearning'). In such case. one must get rid of it i. Those who declare to dream of becoming an aircraft pilot and are unable to regulate their sleep. clung by inertia.e. Our craving should not become our hand cuffs instead they should compliment our life. Our vices or short falls retain their status within ourselves in form of various craving. the thought of becoming a model is simply an infatuation superficially impressed by self on ones own mind.125 Desire 2 Truewill the form of unquenched quest gets accomplished without causing any interpersonal conflict amongst themselves (i. At First. No. To understand it better let us undergo a . my friend for that matter you are not crazy about your own deep 'yearning' if you at the same time are slave to mismanagement.

126 Desire 2 Truewill fairly sharp distinction that can enable one observe the ‘self’ in light of the hypothetical situation mentioned below. blossom and succeed. no one shall easily accept one another woman in ones house as a partner to his father. . become like our mother. undergoes labor pain to give us a birth. as legal wife to ones father). She becomes pregnant. Irrespective of ones personal inclinations. when ones original mother exists. Similarly our deepest 'yearning' too.. They indeed are like our mother. that related to the making of our life meaningful. She observes long periods of austerity based on one single 'wish' to see her child grow.. 97% life moves according to the emotion we choose and give ourselves. barring few situations we abhor -arising out of adverse destiny. Ones Mother alone can stay in the house with status of a mother and none else could occupy that position in any normal situation. E m o t i o n a l balance... Let us go further to recall all about a mother. (Especially.

the prerogative to choose a 'yearning' is with us but the final evaluation rests with the god of death) Our deepest 'yearning' can absorb our entire existence & the energy produced by their invocation arouse our various latent possibilities that ordinarily lie dormant within our own existence. Our deepest 'yearning' too is like our mother. have been so far unnecessarily prolonged by us to an extent that at times we retain her foremost right to even 'deliver'. a mother is a culmination of thousand 'yearning' with one single objective.127 Desire 2 Truewill With all liberty one can say that. serious and touching. A deep 'yearning' is just like a mother whose unbearable labor pains. Nothing short of this mention can do justice to our deep 'yearning's which are mother to us. whom should we consider as our deepest 'yearning'. one must also observe the shortfalls/ weaknesses that come to your immediate notice and take note of them while initiate all steps to eliminate them. One . Besides undergoing the exercise of scrutinizing your wish list. The subject is deep. that is her child's welfare (kalyana). (Premonition.

You have firmly agreed and resolved to comply with my advice alone”. Oh I see… now are you advocating on behalf of an absconding . because at a later moment your lethargic manipulative intellect shall intrude with large number of suggestions and venomise once again.128 Desire 2 Truewill may remark that let me first identify my deep 'yearning's then later on I shall embark upon the necessary improvement of my short falls/weaknesses. My dear today the only norm of trade should to deal in hard cash. There is no room for any consideration as then or later. No sir. the entire purified blood. Reader : “That's o.k. “No sir this cannot be allowed.. this is not acceptable. when shall the appropriate time arrive for the similar intensity of initiation upon those deep 'yearning's. years have already gone before we could dare to touch the realm of their consideration and understanding… and any postponement for any cause shall further them for many more years. Me : Procedure. but every task has its own procedure then why not to follow the same. One never knows.

we dare and dive to the bottom of the ocean. On one hand. i. then if need be then let them be taken for a confinement . Therefore. No sir. It may not happen that we risk our entirety gained through our arduous . Unless one would set for some action immediately with the passage of time the mind shall recover to its previous behaviour. Me : Monsieur.e.129 Desire 2 Truewill criminal under a plea that let the crime get established first. after following the due procedure. the fact remains that inspirational words whether read or heard deeply motivate and move ones mind. we must simultaneously embark upon our twofold assignment at the same time. like preliminary investigation etc. to identify and gather the deep 'yearning's as precious gems and at the same be prepared against any aggression by pirates. Reader : Ok Fine. after a day or two. as you may please. this form of juresprudence has ridden the entire nation under trouble.

we at the same time loose our precious life along with our pearls. It is for sure that we shall certainly invoke all mandatory procedures once we get rid of the impediments and obstacles that never allow a serious journey inch further on its due course. besides one contemplates upon identification of ones deep 'yearning's. No my dear. scrutinize. While scrutinizing the negative factors that defy our attempts serious one should also carefully . that here we are talking about enlistment of those reason or cause that reside within us in form of our own deep ridden tendencies and practices and always thwart all our purposeful initiatives. identify & restrict to clear the fulcrum of your mind from all trespassers.130 Desire 2 Truewill endeavour but with our ongoing carelessness. Firstly. one must also enlist the cause or reason that abstain one from achieving the sought. Kindly take a serious note here. please make no mention to the pseudo procedures over here other wise all shall be lost that was gained so far. My friend. otherwise all effort done by one hand shall go in vain through the other.

e. that we deeply intend to study at night but cannot do so because we have one room house where small children get disturbed with the light. One must search the hidden mole and hunt it down right now & finish all further transaction with such miscreants. they may be in the form of ones tendencies. Aspirants that want to their deep 'yearning' must rigorously work on two different fronts. save your kith & kin while eliminations is under its way. take a serious note upon them.131 Desire 2 Truewill discriminate between our necessary obligations and those that abstain to realize deep 'yearning' i. ones lust or one is a daydreamer that always savy to witness hallucination or ones laziness. O. If that be so then please make use of the table lamp & end the excuse. Someone may add. we mean such excuses that present themselves on the name of a reasonable logic and intend to some how abstain you from conducting your serious business. Serious aspirants that deeply intend to realize their deep 'yearning' must make a note upon all that what refrain from the pursuit of their deep 'yearning'. You must dare the thief in mind that acts as enemy to your own interest. ones food habits.K. first to baptize ('sansakarit') their 'yearning' into a '''True .

132 Desire 2 Truewill will''' and secondly struggle to remove all obstacles that come in way of its realization.. stability and joy can never be either invoked nor established. Protection must enjoin with the growth. (Our core reference here. to rejuvenate . The time for one to arise could be either late night or early morning.. they must try to wake up at moments when it is total calm outside. their mental peace. In order to undergo the exercise at the level of mind in regard with contemplation specially for those who intend to establish control upon mind. It is like undertaking two resolutions at the same time. they must realize that unless they vacate their seat of activity from the devilish laziness. For those whom the act to arise & awaken seems a nuisance. When thy mind dives down. disturbances outside do not bother and they are able to well manage the disturbances within. then pull the sun from your heart & make mind bask under it. is towards observance of restraint upon self and the practice of contemplation upon self).

One should Remember that in case this particular time moves forwarded in contradiction to objectives by ones own devilish mind are conceded with. it is the time that all required must happen. you must give it a start right now. Consider that all planets of our solar family have advanced to welcome you. We shall detail it under the core topic of transforming a desire into a '''True will'''. Over here. . Why. therefore. then believe me nothing should ever stop you from a start. then no one knows whether any future shall ever extend any another opportunity to become serious & observe to realize ones deepest 'yearning's. For all those who hold such deep desire within.133 Desire 2 Truewill We shall now embark upon a detailed mention on the subject stated above in the forthcoming chapters of this book. devoid of which their every passing moment in life is a grave loss to them & for them now. No other moment shall stand as auspicious. delay? Even if you consider yourself borne with bare minimum strength to begin upon its pursuance (pursuance upon ones yearnings). let us understand the manner through which we identify our deep 'yearning'.

I start on a more auspicious time.134 Reader : Me : Desire 2 Truewill “I suggest.. What ever is possible through you while reading this book should certainly find some start before it ends. Then. One who has created this universe has also given birth to a deep 'yearning' and its inspiration within you. This moment did no wrong to you.e. who shall console this moment. Once arisen. Accept it. almighty desired some another moment it could have easily evaded your notice upon your 'yearning'. If pragmatism demands a possible start upon your 'yearning' to happen tomorrow afternoon or today evening… . other wise if he i. Ok. that a moment has arrived where a beginning must happen. He very well knows when to arouse the inspiration. What are you doing my friend? The creator has already dispensed with justice. this moment or for this entire life. Say soon after the no moon period.. consider it as the most auspicious moment.

you may not realize that tearing that perspicacious veil lying between taking first initiative now or lying static devoid pf any initiations may take years together. many more steps shall follow until the actual task gets accomplished. the first initiative. 'mention the deep 'yearning'' (deep desire. observe the light of almighty divine within your self and 'write down': I 'your name' under my endeavour to realize my. In case you demonstrate force 'within' and step across the veil by undertaking first initiative then consider that your rail is on the track. . take a blank sheet of paper. It is true that it is not everyone that turns blessed to bear such deep 'yearning' and if in case divine has bestowed you it as its bliss then why should we fall short from acting on our part. You must commit your scintillating mind with a beginning through a declaration that means that now with start already done. Friends.135 Desire 2 Truewill Even then arise. The occasion of this happy beginning is a festival to me and I sign this document as my declaration. Now my second initiative shall begin tomorrow on 'date/time'. goal etc) on this day 'mention day' time 'mention time' undertake.

There are certain lethargic people gripped in an unknown in inertia who knowingly and willingly prefer inaction.136 Desire 2 Truewill I congratulate all those who have taken up their first initative in the form of a beginning. At times. such people cannot be forgiven by divine i. Nevertheless. It is an old saying that if you loose the opportune time. Let almighty enable them realize their higher goals. within which the entire creation persist). 'mahakaal' (combination of the time and space. secure your part of the world and please thy divine. things shall only happen . such 'yearning's have to undergo a prolonged wait for years on account of reasons beyond control. Envisioning and adoption of the appropriate procedures too is a kind of beginning. that shall manifert in a considerable due course of time. (My personal understanding also has a deep belief that if opportune time is lost to factors beyond ones control then there is always a next time). Therefore our emphasis upon taking the first initiative with immediate effect does not in any cases means to evade an organized approach towards achieving the sought.e. consider your world shattered… which further leads to annoyance of divine hence catch the opportune time.

That 'yearning' still smoulders within you and today it exists in the form a deep pain.137 Desire 2 Truewill when somehow a start is given. Do Plan in detail in order to achieve. May be you were not able to accomplish your own 'yearning' that time but today with your efforts the child can certainly accomplish the same through you… It is a about a child whom you have closely observed since early childhood… all his pretty play's like playing with toys. May be that you hold this deep desire on an account that you yourselves could not do so under certain compulsions? Or you were not so virtuous to obtain required support of some form to accomplish your aspiration of becoming an engineer. You deeply yearned for it but the financial situation within the family was a major constraint that abstained you of such an aspiration. dismantling them all into pieces. but please give it a start right now… In case it comes to your mind that my age is thirty years and my child is five years old and I envision him/her to undergo a study in engineering. Now you want to realize that 'yearning' through your own child. You missed to enjoy the privilege to study .

this amount A weak vibe within is an affirmation to all that can torment self.e.. Today. eliminate it by meditating the physical form of power i. inflation etc.. It is understood that with changing times. A small monthly saving of Rs. shun it. other kind of higher studies pertaining to your Current profession may stand as your better & feasible options but for you engineering today is not an easy path. your own child vests many hopeful opportunities in itself. rebut it. ...138 Desire 2 Truewill engineering & may not be able to fulfill it even today on account of various standing liabilities.300/ (rupees three hundred) made with a bank or a post office (saving option in India are also available with post offices) shall accumulate reasonable sum within a span of next fourteen years. Sun and turn that vibe to ashes... Hence while observing his/her personal aptitude in some form an initial beginning can happen even today. study expense and required leave etc. thwart it.e. This amount can relieve you of some pressure one would face during that opportune time. Whereas the sapling in your lap i.

If an initial step is undertaken today then your deep 'yearning' shall get on to their path. None can bring back the most opportune moment that is voluntarily lost today.139 Desire 2 Truewill may not be appropriate in comparison to study expense prevailing at those times… but any way with some allocated amount at hand a further addition will make a way for his/her education. That moment at future times may not lease any other options before you as resolution. therefore whenever one embarks towards expression of a sad happening… it is said that whatever happened with me the entire world is witness to it. Once if the opportune time is lost today then the further postponements shall go on happening automatically. 300/Otherwise. Any person upon this planet generally considers his community and surround as his/her own world. That first step is done by moving towards a bank or post office to open an account with an initial deposit of Rs. At least you will not despair and look toward the sky for a solution. the time shall fly and a day will arrive that shall seek your response. The purpose of .

instead the intention of this saying confines to the personal circle of a being since whoever is known to you is the part of your own world. draw a source from your deepest 'yearning' and right from this very moment seriously observe that a negligence today shall loose most opportune moment and the world shall be lost and when a world is lost the almighty gets displeased. Instead we have to catch the precious opportune moment and secure the world by our side and please the almighty divine.140 Desire 2 Truewill saying such word does not mean that entire world observed that event in the sky. my dear friend. Therefore. whenever a wrong happens it is a common saying that I have lost my entire world. . Hence.

141 Desire 2 Truewill Chapter-6 Arise & Awaken thy ''True will'' Only for a right cause H ow can one transform a desire into a ''True will''? It is the tendency of our mind that within a second it flares up to touch sky and embarks with some little initial effort upon any assignment. It is absolutely like. one runs for a shelter. the moment it is confronted with some problem its rhetoric resolve melts like an ice cream soldier. The mind relishes to give itself to new set of desires but to remain firm upon their pursuit i. it finds its legs trembling. one vehemently pronouncing one's inner strength amidst many people but right at the moment of its actual demonstration.e. continue its struggle upon one objectives. The vital need .

Then one would say once I bear a an insight submitted before my '''True will''' & nothing can stop me to proceed towards its realization. In actual the struggle to achieve one's 'yearning' should also become ones mind's only prioritized agenda. The mention about the exercise of transformation. which it (mind) can suggest to itself … it leaves one with a one-way ticket. And in order to establish such sense of priority 'within' our mind. is the strategy that absorbs ones mind from finding any escape route. After the transformation of desire into mind is not left with any other resolve as an alternate except to immerse into the '''True will''' and '''True will''' alone … After such transformation any self restraint is not out of any compulsion instead it is willingly volunteered for the most sought cause. is actually the purpose & exercise of the transformation of a desire into ''True will''. here.142 Desire 2 Truewill for a desire to transform into a ''True will'' is on the ground that what ever lies in the form of our real 'yearning' should be able to ride upon the path of its realization & set aside all attempts of the fragile mind that soon carves out a reason to abscond. What ever one gives one's self .

the spirit of this gospel does not deserve a total denial. when envisioned upon his initiation for this creation. Probably it is therefore that Hinduism observes the creation of this entire cosmos as a manifestation of a '''True will''' (srishti sankapla se utpanna). This earth in its original form came to us in relief features that were in form of rugged upheaval mounts. cliffs. Japan or elsewhere. India. he gave himself a '''True will''' that eventually manifested into the form of an entire cosmic creation along with all life upon it. still. hills. craters. And any struggle cannot happen without a . deserts and forests. whether it was America. It was the same all over. marshlands. Even if we do not want to seriously entertain the belief mentioned above. According to an ancient Hindu belief the 'lord of entire creation' known as lord 'Brahma'. Today where ever we find development in its present form it is nonetheless a result of human struggle.143 Desire 2 Truewill in the form of a deep 'yearning' now must transform into a ''True will'' that is left with no other resolve except a daring insight with all preparedness to struggle and achieve.

'''True will''' means a very strong deep resolve revered Remain in strength at all moments for that is your fundamental rightprovided your conduct is an endorsement of righteousness. a '''True will'''.D. In respect with development in light of present political and social scenario… little work gets dispensed in much time. believe me it is a result of a '''True will'''. D. w h e r e a s i t s implementation is the demonstration of one individual's ''True will'' that sulptured an excellent work culture… yes it is through Shreedharan . The recent achievement at Delhi in the form of D. But here. Friends.Metro is an assignment that saw almost impossible becoming possible. .Metro certainly is a united political resolve generated out of a extreme compulsion. within the same surround the entire city stands penetrated within and without yet devoid of any slightest voice of any dissent.D.e.144 Desire 2 Truewill deep resolve i. the entire scheme so far has touched its set timeline.

Once truly & deeply resolved. for now. it .e. Where one particular thought leaves an indelible impression upon our mind to an extent that it heavily inspires us and as a result we bang our right foot down on the ground & start immediately upon the journey of its realization. the intensity of fire within. maintain the high levels of craving i. it is then a resolution that can defy million attacks upon itself & shall not seize unless sought is achieved. a decision undertaken by its undertaker while relinquishing any scope of all alternates. It is time when you are totally immersed into it & are only & only able to sight your deepest resolve … then my dear consider it as the time for festivity.145 Desire 2 Truewill i. my friend that resolve falls under the colour of a '''True will''' irrespective of the fact that it has yet to undergo its actual and complete transformation. And… And when you continue to stay with your deepest resolve defying all obstacles for a considerable period of time.e. At that moment. The Birth of '''True will''' can happen within any human being and at any time and towards any issue but wherever it becomes born or awakened the achievements start coming in form of miracles.

For in case if the power of ''True will'' becomes channelised for evil purposes then the larger interest of goodwill service to humanity stands totally defeated. young age. Their evil . inclination or lack of wisdom. According to the karmic concept.146 with a '''True will'''. In order to serve their evil objectives proponents of terror select such people who side with them on account of their compulsions. need. Desire 2 Truewill can be pronounced that now you are impregnated '''True will''' cannot think by itself. Such recruits are then stuffed with ignited thoughts… in order to transform them into human bombs they repeatedly undergo their mind programming through various means & methods. it could owe its allegiance to divine purposes and with evil too. bad & painful result come to them as a boomerang for their many lives to come. It is therefore that the topic of this chapter is borne with a title Arise & awaken thy '''True will'' only for the right cause. The proponents of terror make use of this science and they utilize the power of '''True will''' for realization of their evil interests… they miss to acknowledge or notice the later fall out of their acts.

. It is too a commitment to a ''True will'' but for a very bad purpose. Great seers during old times had created a regulated .. and in Comparsion the positive souls are yet unable to become united to demonstrate the power of their ''True will'' . the aranayks and ashram had specific mode to awaken such powers within a human being). It is the ''True will'' (for a bad cause) that enables one easily cross over from legal recourse of harmonious life meant for growth towards the unlawful course of terror. Defying all fear of law and its course … the power of this ''True will'' (for a bad cause) alone enables one act as a human bomb discarding any concern for one's own life and the lives of other innocent people.147 endeavor Desire 2 Truewill accomplishes through the mentioned exercises that eventually transform ordinary young lads into committed terror instruments. based upon the power of their ''True will'' (for a bad cause). (In ancient times. It is indeed a matter of great concern that handful proponents of terror are capable of spreading a fear psychosis world over. through its ghastardly acts has blown away harmonious texture of our entire world. The misuse of '''True will''' (for a bad cause) like a wild bull.

148 Desire 2 Truewill environment in the society wherein besides the provision of sculpturing a being over their existed with adequate arrangements to awaken the power of '''True will''' amongst commoners in order to serve larger goals of the community. Tata. A ''True will'' beholder is a determined soul that shall always look towards the hardships on ones way Footnote: India ethos stands upon two fundamental beliefs as its basic support.Rishi Acharya Sri Ram Sharma ji. . Birla. An ordinary glance reaveals that those historic characters (seers) that stand amongst us as great achievers bore all extra ordinary achievements as an outcome of their respective Channelisation of their '''True will''' reserves. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. Sharma are all personification of the intensified energy of the subtlest force '''True will'''. austerity and renunciation in order to achieve his/her sought ambition. courage. Under the provision of their (seers) *curriculum… when a seeker was in making it had to go through the course of farsighted wisdom. Kalpana Chawla . namely the Karmic Concept & Rebirth. Rishi Aurobindo .

will of course is a power but every will may not withstand as true. It is ''True will'' that is potent to bore into the thick layers of laziness of our mind & body.. therefore we must go a step further to ascertain whether all or few (will) are the one that are true. In English we generally refer '''True will'' ' as 'will power' . A seer has rightly remarked that every wrestler endeavors to win his bout but even if lost does he not retain the virtues of good health. The usage of the word '''True will''' denotes that an ordinary desire has transformed into a very deep 'yearning' that dedicate an insight on pursuance of one or few objectives. Similarly a '''True will'' ' is born with an assurance of force that is beyond any defiance. A ''True will'' is destined like a baby elephant that is born with the divine assurance to bear all size and strength alike its parents.149 Desire 2 Truewill as opportunities of gain to ones 'self' in one or the other form. now that the mind has given its . vigor & social esteem. Victory or failure apart a truly willed always wins. does not allow one's life wander in uncertainty. ''True will'' alone.

The mind has its natural constitution that disallows it to focus upon one or few subjects & therefore in its crave to have different at all times it thwarts all attempts of concentration upon one or few subjects. it serves all in many ways & yet does not exert upon its contribution . it is disheartening to observe that even after great thought upon them we associate ourselves to a particular desire and weave dreams of its realization and yet a corner assigned for it lies thirsty within our hearts… S e r v i c e t o humanity must happen like 'air'. The question here is that how should the mind gather & acknowledge the highly intensified force of '''True will''' which is an enablement to a desire to acquire status of a deep 'yearning' and eventually transform into a '''True will'''.150 Desire 2 Truewill deepest acceptance of the resolve to realize it through all co-operation. We all have certain goals that stand very dear to us but despite of their proximity to our heart they remain evasive. At times.

society and their nation. unethical. It is for those who deeply aspire and endeavor to develop the aura of their personality with traits of righteousness. . Friends let me make a very strong mention that this subject of transforming a desire into a '''True will''' shall not serve any mal-fide intent that fall into the domain of unimaginable. (Although misuse of the power is under adoption with terror proponents but our teaching makes no mention about such measures) Our domain reserves itself as a key to success for all right minded envisioners. The knowledge mentioned within this book finds description for those aspiring young men and women who wish to transform from one generation of processors inner potential to further awakening of other layers embedded within a human being. family. potentiality and magnetism & serve to grow & develop self.151 Desire 2 Truewill The moment we notice & experience that thirst within… even if once in six months then that vacuum within comes to the forefront of all of our existing concerns in life. lust or envious off shoots.

Knowledge: As regard with knowledge Transformation into a '''True will''' finds its elaboration and procedure herein (This very book: Desire 2 Truewill) order to serve the purpose of required knowledge. time & effort. Guide: This endeavour through this book guides you through an inner dialogue and attempts to rest your curiosity with its limitation. In other words. you alone must traverse the journey of bestowing highest sanctity to your 'yearning' which is their Justified due. .152 Desire 2 Truewill For any act to happen an ancient principle ennumerates four basic inputs namely knowledge. Let us come back to the same point of our core expression that we may seem to long for our deepest 'yearning' but we do not dare to thoughtfully initiate towards their realization. Whereas the remaining two factors are concerned namely the 'effort' and 'time' … that my friend are your exclusive domain under which you are required to traverse by self so that the power of '''True will''' awakens within and helps you achieve your dearest 'yearning'. Guide.

To understand the above sentence let us understand the mention through the process that raises a Sanskarit Mana i. if consumed in their original form they could prove fatal to our life instead of healing a disease. our 'yearning'. to transform a poisonous matter into a curative form the experts undergo the process of its purification. Those who are aware of the ancient system of Indian medicine known as Ayurveda would also know that many raw medicine come to us in a poisonous form. intellect & matter. devoid of any religious exercise) with the help of a meditative affirmations.e. There exist many more methods of . To relieve medicine of their poisonous property different process & various methods are adopted like burning the herb or else into ash form. Therefore.e. grinding the herb or else for a given period of time etc.e.153 Desire 2 Truewill The reason on our part for not making any thoughtful effort towards their realization is that although we have a 'yearning' 'within' but our insight has yet not committed itself to it i. The process of 'sanskarit' is brought to use for baptizing mind.' baptized mind' (purification and regeneration i.

We also refer many worthy intellectual beings as 'sanskarit atma' i. baptisation means purification & regeneration of any state or substance into a new virtuous form of great utility. we miss to comprehend the process that enables that particular family produce such being that were considered as 'sanskarit' (baptized).e. 'sanskaritised' (a new word. 'sanskarit'. What we miss to comprehend is that how that soul baptized i. a baptized soul.our . We may go on saying about a person that he or she was bound to be a 'sanskarit' soul (baptized one) because that he or she belongs to a particular family that bore noble tradition. kindly note that we have mentioned two different terms namely noble family and a baptized person . coined). Like with Ayurveda the raw herb or else undergoes purification and its regeneration through various forms to serve human being. Again. According to 'Indian ethos' the process of.154 Desire 2 Truewill transforming the venomous properties of a matter into a curative. (Friends . i.e. similarly the mind and intellect too baptize through appropriate restraint & right thoughts to make way for the force of ''True will'' to manifest.e.

all rest are illustrations to explain the core concept). do not find their realization due to lack of any thoughtful pursuance. baptizing.155 Desire 2 Truewill journey in this book is confined to the core topic about the process that baptizes any ordinary desire into a '''True will''' . that have touched the extent that graduate them as our deepest 'yearning'. Transformation of chosen desire & transformation of ones mind to a state of awareness where it concedes to our foremost resolve. Friend the mention about the process of 'sanskarit' or baptizing is in true consonance with our main subject. It may come to the mind of a reader that actual emphasis of the subject here is about the intensified force of *’'True will''' and its awakening then why have we embarked upon the process of 'sanskarit' i. Hence it is this state where it becomes mandatory for our mind to *baptize (sanskarit) so that it adopts the Footnote: Do not confuse in two mention namely baptize a desire into a ''True will'' & secondly baptize ones mind so that it gives an deepest 'yearning' of its due… At both the mention the basic idea is transformation. that the dearest of our desire.e. . As mentioned earlier.

One must strongly understand that even if a desire 'lies within' us for one thousand years and is also considered by us as our 'core goal'. . The association of an adjective committed to ones mind is similar as referred to in India as a woman wedded to a doctor termed as 'doctarni'. The ordinary mind finds new adjectives such as a committed mind.156 Desire 2 Truewill desire or 'yearning' as its '''True will'''. Alertness. T h o u g h t f l o w. a woman wedded with a master termed as 'masterni'. Behavioural pattern & Ones I n t e r e s t s determine the state of ones mind. it shall still keep lying there in the same manner for another one thousand years woven as an 'inconclusive dream'… devoid of its due & initiation that may lead to its realization. The advent of '''True will''' 'within' is actually a transformation of an existing desire or 'yearning'. (Though the times now have changed and woman are becoming able to independently identify self with their own effort and esteem).

The truly willed are the true seeker that move on realization of their pursuit unconcerned unperturbed of any obstacle or hardship confronted during their voyage of realization… Even the hardest blow upon them taste them soft & sweet to the truly willed I had seen a movie based upon the freedom struggle of our country. (I cannot stand authenticity of the film in its entirety though its reference has been drawn here to emphasize the essence of our subject). Shaheed Ram kumar Bismil. It makes a mention upon the manner when those heroes of an freedom struggle were brutally beaten while glued . Shaheed Ahfaqulla Khan. The reference drawn out of his diary relates to the brutal torture projected upon these martyrs. Wherein it states about the diary of a British officer who happen to closely observe our martyrs namely Shaheed Bhagat singh. Shaheed Rajguru. Shaheed Sukhdev.157 Desire 2 Truewill Wedded with deepest 'yearning'. if our mind initiates upon them then the sought shall start traveling towards the seeker every moment and eventually become realized. India.

The world cannot cast any shadow upon . This officer was a very close witness to all those happening.158 Desire 2 Truewill with ice blocks. During his expression it appears that he became a helpless sympathizer to the wounds of those martyrs and withstood like 'Bhishma stood with Kaurvas'. Any human being who has given himself a larger purpose cannot be deviated by any pain. Every blow of a hunter drove into them a new energy for another recitation. displeasure or obstacle. since his entire existence becomes as oneness for the purpose of his life. The intensified fire of a 'yearning' within a seeker far supersedes the dwarfed atrocity & its afflicted pain. from the pursuit of his course. As a witness he came under a very deep inspiration & he wrote all details in his personal diary. That officer further wrote that it was for the first time in my life that I have deeply realized that those immersed & are dedicated to their core objectives are able to cross over the veil of fear and pain they instead experience deep peace and pleasure. His diary mentions that with the heightened intensity of torture the martyrs sung patriotic poetry with more vehement expression.

In other words when the deeper sound within begins resonating in ones activities outside then a seeker absorbed in its melody has no consideration for paucity or pain. Nothing at that moment can stop them. and right deed bears no alternate (manner & form may vary). Therefore my advice is to realize the truth within. It is therefore that countless deviation en route realization of his/her objectives cannot deter his/her composed countenance.159 Desire 2 Truewill him nor can any other concern cast its shadow upon him. for now onwards he is living the life of his core objective. What ever is true only stands as appropriate and for the establishment of appropriation the '''True will''' beholder (determined) struggle to defy even against the power equated with thousand elephants. for the act that shall trace its source within would be the right deed. Those martyrs gave respective lives to their core cause and in turn that core cause or '''True will''' became the life into them. All dichotomy vanishes when the essence of life manifest into deeds. a historical character from an Indian Epic. Mahabharata . Dichotomy prevail when within and without stand distinctly apart and Footnote : Bhishma. act accordingly.

shall never embark upon a journey that is short Remember that when your core goal and your earnest desire enter a nuptial knot then you become 'it'. oneness survives. This relationship amongst goal and desire is like an immersion of an idol made of salt into sea …once immersed. Even if it takes seek through all desperation & give yourself a higher goal. . and its advent in your life is an authentication that possibility for awakening a '''True will''' within is now heightened.160 Desire 2 Truewill conflict finds its room to sway ones attention through every passing moment. A person who considers higher goal as ones earnest desire. '''True will''' alone then shall then be your identity. consider your higher goals as your earnest desire. which by itself invokes divinity. Dear friend. renunciation and service shall be the only ones that survive as their accompaniments. Friends when clarity and purity (gangotri) within ones self colors ones conduct and deed then love.

Couple of years before a young boy hailing from a remote village in Himachal Pradesh (hilly state) in India arrived in the national capital of our country New Delhi in search of employment. I wish to bring in a real story that establishes my belief in the sub-title mentioned above. shall never imagine life devoid of all basic amenities as they've witnessed since their birth. medical care etc.. Through many friends & other sources I learn that it was the same about India's image to the outside world few . Let me reach out a little to emphasize that all those born in cosmopolitan cities devoid of any opportunity to see the rural life at close. One dedicated soul: Is the one that gives away ones total self to ones earnest desire & hence shall attain it for certitude. communication.161 Desire 2 Truewill SOME ONE WHOSE IDENTITY WAS ABSORBED BY HIS EARNEST DESIRE.e. his village. Roads.. he planned to visit his native place i. While staying at a cosmopolitan city he became accustomed to its amenities. After working for some years at New Delhi. He had acquired some primary education at his village. all were easily available there. transportation.

no relaxation. In its comparison. His walking up to his village also establishes that the nearest road from his village was at a distance of a half day.. India and its story stands totally changed to different extents that aspirant of making wealth world over consider having relationship with India as their mandatory affair. to an extent that many children in developed countries were not even able to spot India on the International map. One can imagine his fate during his visit to his village since in a city he was accustomed to just step on road. And many mode of transportation were available for all further movement. even a withdrawal of a second could play havoc.Today. no rest. It was happiness of meeting all dear The sun performs without any vacation. seems it draws all mentioned through its workwork-work and work alone. We come back to the main character of our true story that travels back to his remote village while covering a walking distance of more than a half day..162 Desire 2 Truewill years ago.. . at the point of his threshold.. a walking for a half-day while carrying entire basic luggage along with gifts for his family to him turned as a mixture of happiness and pain.

a road was born at a near distance but stood torn apart from the village by a river. He informed his fellow villagers that its impossible for them to continue with same fate. Through villagers he learned that recently one another road that is very near to their village has come up which is further connected to the main road and that new road was even visible from few locations within the village but the problem remained that it was across the river. All Education.163 Desire 2 Truewill ones after a considerable period and pain because of nonexisting infrastructure. The pain gradually transformed into deep concerns towards all fellow villagers who were still living as backwards in an age that transcended into 21st century. He underwent a deep comparison between facilities available to a developed town and his remote village. medical facilities. gradually his concern towards fellow villagers became his deep pain within. Villagers had a strong . In other words. employment were available but only after they touched the road and road itself was at a great distance. Listening to this information the visiting gentleman saw a streak of hope. Working further upon this hope he discussed with the villagers that why don't they collectively approach the government to construct a bridge across the river that shall give them with an access to the road.

His discussions with the villagers went on for couple of days to follow and eventually someone suggested that why cant we have a rope bridge i. The same happened with this endeavor of Rope Bridge too. a bridge made out by tying ropes. . it is only then the majority consensus appears to support for a common cause. since the village's immediate excegency was to have connectivity of its people with the nearest road & avail easy movement… direct vehicular transportation was not an urgent affair.e. Footnote : For discouraging it is a common phrase in usage at India. As it has always faired with larger causes that a collective & a one-voice drive never comes through as an easy affair.164 Desire 2 Truewill understanding that government shall never undertake this expensive venture since connectivity to one village through a bridge since their connectivity shall not result into any special gain to the government in terms of revenue. it always happens through lot of dissent & diffusion. Experience tells that there are people who savy to ridicule the most dynamic idea by passing remarks upon it that can dissuade any dedicated mind (we will see how radha* shall dance. neither three and a half quintal oil shall gather a pool nor shall the dance happen).

'''True will''' beholder is subject to the intense heat of criticism. whose earnest desire stands baptized (.165 Desire 2 Truewill In light of our inspirational story generally. 'it is bound to be some personal gain otherwise who has time for all this nonsensical agenda' . As a matter of criticism & to stall its moves… At second stage the flag bearer. Highly enterprising souls are also at times passed with a suggestion to maintain a distance and remain at ease for no official contract assigns them to continue with their pursuit…''keep away since nothing here shall come to a change. i. Such words. Such views or . are conveyed-like.e. people do not tolerate such humiliation and shun their deep resolve because they think that while acting for a common cause why should they confront such a humiliation.e. Loosely opinioned strictures inflicted to cause mental wounds and afflict maximum injury by questioning the integrity of the torchbearer.sanskarit') into a '''True will''' reductant to all alien suggestions advance by making every step towards realization of their goal. 'probably he's hunting for cheap publicity'. “But those who can withstand all criticism and yet humiliation and keep going ahead i. At times best of the friends shall suggest to save one his/her dignity by relinquishing self from such during enterprise. ' there must be a hidden agenda.

I personally feel that this painful process might have been devised unintentionally by the society in order to subject the '''True will''' beholder to a stringent litmus test with an idea that only pure intended need to survive. History informs us that all great achievers could only accomplish after they underwent toughest examination that proved their worth on one hand .166 Desire 2 Truewill alike shall follow as response gesturing from most of the people who stand as witness to their endeavors. The procedure of test stands validated on a point that the society bears no other procedure to judge & verify about the authenticity of the intention of a seeker especially in an environment where people can easily deceive by exhibiting deceptive exhibitions. knowing all by reading ones fore head. I have observed that after qualifying all the tests mentioned above. Like. Commoners do not posses yogic powers where perfection upon metaphysics can enable one to understand the core intent of any seeker (aspiring soul). It is probably so on an account that the society is now left with nothing more to offer. the seeker ('determined soul') then receives unconditional and unsolicited support to their cause from most walks of the society around him/her.

was reduced to a stone by the curse of a seer was later restored to life by Lord Ram. Finally. under the leadership of the visiting gentleman. awakening the 'ahilayanised societal mind would not have been an easy game(ahilayan a female character from Indian epic Ramayana. Now this earnest desire of that village traveled right through its spine up until the brain concluding it as their . Shimla in order to approach relevant government authorities for its construction (rope bridge). the personification of restraint and intense effort ).167 Desire 2 Truewill and on the other added more strength to their personality in order to carry out their crusade with more vigour and force.e. Therefore aspirants with higher goals must not worry about the tests ahead but be unwary of it they should immerse self into their effort towards cause and enhance the intensity of their dedication with every turning obstacle and see their wish cherish … after sustaining through all counter measures they now receive god's bliss. consideration towards the rope bridge became a village resolution and a team was constituted to visit state capital i. I understand that something similar must have occurred with our Himachal friend.

e.. The contractor was deeply impressed and was moved by their community drive to enable a patch up with the road that led the village to development and prosperity. Shimla. He informed them that being The day one understands the difference between 'thinking' and 'meditating' the doors to a new dimension open up that lead a being towards 'true growth' in both the worlds.168 Desire 2 Truewill '''True will'''. With enthusiasm drawn from the hopes dancing within. Our crusader now embarks upon his journey towards the state capital i. . Without loosing any time. they were welcomed by the prevailing culture of inaction where every turn was a dead end. the visiting team arrived at the contractor's office and revealed him with their burning desire.. along with two fellow villagers. The visiting team could not afford to loose hope hence all their efforts at the secretariat were able to gather attention of a government officer who guided them with the address of the government contractor engaged in such activity of raising rope bridge. they were soon able to trace the relevant government department in the state secretariat but on their visit.

The visiting foreman accomplished his job of imparting initial . Hence. The only assistance they should seek forth should be in the form of technique under which the ropes required their tying in order to form as a rope bridge. contractor should be informed and in turn he would dispatch one of his best foreman who would visit to train and assist the villagers on techniques that can tie to built a rope bridge. he suggested the visiting team to go back and gather all raw materials required to make a rope and taught them about spinning the raw material so that they could prepare the prescribed thickness of the rope. Accompanied with the supervisor & with some equipment required to spin ropes the visiting team arrived the village with great Joy of their initial achievement.e. After having said all the contractor suddenly changed his mind and asked his supervisor to accompany the visiting team and train them about the manner to spin the rope.169 Desire 2 Truewill villagers they were virtuous to be sons and daughters of the Mother Nature since the entire raw material that came for making a rope bridge was easily and freely available to them around their existing habitat. The team was also informed that the moment the village is ready with the prescribed thickness and quantity of rope he i.

a hindu ritual of lighting lamp while praying their deity). profession. Now it was for the entire village to demonstrate their commitment towards their deepest resolve. Villagers sense of observation towards day and night were lost to their task. This time his visit was to connect the village with rest of the world.170 Desire 2 Truewill training and left the village with an assurance that as and when he would be informed about the requisite Qauntity of rope ready. likes & dislikes were all put to bay. A special team was constituted to procure raw material from the forest. Within few days. Their burning zeal rendered tones of energy to common villagers and soon their efforts saw that day when an excellent rope bridge stood erect as epitome of '''True . Cast. It appeared as if the entire village was self hypnotized by their earnest 'yearning' to give itself a bridge and was getting ready to perform an 'arti' of the new age through weaving a 'thaal ' ( large plate that carries lamp) made out of rope( a manner of paying obeisance to gods. relentlessly each citizen poured his/her entire potential for the making of rope. the task of making the required quantity of rope was ready and information was sent to the esteemed contractor who in turn fulfilled his commitment by dispatching his worthy foreman to the village. he shall be back to perform his duty.

When it came to inaugurate the bridge no time or energy was spent to search. A '''True will''' beholder. This decision is with a basic premise that to allow the privilege to inaugurate should vest with a person who faced the inconvenience for max duration of time. When a being lives the life of ones deepest 'yearning's.171 Desire 2 Truewill will'''.. in absence of access to the road. totally eaten up by his deep 'yearning' he shuts inner space to any sound or suggestion that was averse to his burning desire he shall simply follow his/her higher goal and make the seemingly impossible become possible. he/she lives it within himself/herself I. he/she appears as .e. the dignatory instead the consideration towards eldest member of the village became more than auspicious and appropriate to ride upon it and open it for their village. amongst his/her own thoughts. Friends. the Herculean task became possible in that small remote village because some one was there whose complete identity was absorbed by his earnest desire.

and true courage for righteousness.172 Desire 2 Truewill normal to the outside world whereas in actual he is living within his/her own exclusive world. '''True will'''. that dearth represents their deep aspiration beheld within. A different world comes into form within himself/herself where strange happening keep happening every now and then. Such lovers cannot be dissuaded for any reason Engulfed in a strange positive fanaticism they endeavour to kiss the highest levels. Such a person does not reside as alone in one body instead his/her abode (body) is shared by some one else too. which does not permit any thing else to transpire within. His/her entire mental state is programmed by a code named 'crazy'. When one is grossly swayed by. He or she burns in agony of dearth. ones 'yearning' then all other colours and style seem deformed to him/her. One must be cautious that our subject here remains desire. namely he/she himself and his/her '''True will'''. Every single word that finds a mention here dips in the divine sentiment and .

truth and conformance.Therefore positive ness and no negativity should remain the essence behind every single word mentioned in this book. We dare every reader to resolve with this mentioned perception in witness to divine who is complete in all respects…who is the embodiment of love. .173 Desire 2 Truewill anything other to it shall not stand as our intent .

but as we have understood the '''True will''' under last chapters. should prepare the soil within and make arrangements for 'Seed' and its care so that . Even the best available 'Seed' cannot reveal any result in absence of appropriate fertile soil and care. You too. that it does not awaken unless it's associated surround (accompaniments) too comes into place. Me : No. Reader : This means that we have to wait for the awakening (birth) of such a '''True will'''.174 Desire 2 Truewill Chapter-7 Transformation of Desire 2 will needs elimination of opportunistic miscreants Reader : Does the awakening (birth) of '''True will''' ensure fructification of ones desires? Me : Yes almost ensured. not at all.

i. devoid of its proper initial preparation you hastily jump to cross over the English Channel… soon after the resolve. At the outset all seems to sail well for next four to five days but soon afterwards. Segregate the crowd of your desires and extend your heart to the one you are deeply in love so that its due dispensation becomes possible.175 Desire 2 Truewill the nature can commence with its play.e. soon seizes to continue in practice on one account. Reader : What do you mean by jumping into English Channel… soon after the resolve? Me : The answer is clear. accomplishing through couple of rounds in a neighborhood swimming pool. cannot . by occasionally. the entire caravan of our resolve is on its retreat. Reader : Many a number of times we have made up our mind through strong resolution (at times in form of an affirmation & at time as a negation) that from tomorrow we shall embark upon its initiation. Why does it happen? Me : What ever gets ascertained as a strong resolution at your end.

regulated temperament etc. whereas I am simply indicating towards the smaller accomplishments like early rise. while watching a cricket or a baseball match there are times when you aggressively shoot upon the hitting batsman.176 Desire 2 Truewill declare ones ability & eligibility to swim across the English Channel. a bliss... . why does ' t a m s o m a a he lift the bat to jyotirgamaya. like he's an amateur. someone show me his selector. follow the timetable. Take such heights… me from darkness and so on. ball. why Ability to resolve does he make the conflict 'within' is same mistake. See. Reader : Oh no! You've started talking about achieving big goals. Your to light. a vedic mantra invokes why does he not this ability through come behind the a direct yearning. Me : Here lies the mistake. less sugar intake. those resolve that are considered as nonentity always show you the door.

every hit should be the best & most appropriate one. Where as 'monsieur'. He spoke that in case you deeply aspire to accomplish something then there is none to stop. The same happens to our lives too. when put immidiately into practice without any kind of preparation turns the defying team reign upon us & that too so heavily that within no time we are bold out on a duck. ordinary resolutions. you may not be even able to sight the ball. the fact remains that given an opportunity if you were placed before the same baller. neither our sense nor our enthusiasm remain absent. Reader : That's right: but even with the case of our strong resolutions for higher objectives. Apparently. Me : I shall tell you about the words of a great seer. as if had you been over the crease. We embark through a beginning full preparation confidence then why do our affairs still land into their utter dismantlement. On the other hand in case you do not aspire to pursue at all then too .177 Desire 2 Truewill words are full of intensity.

The same message comes through the . there are certain times when you undertake resolutions within and you alone disband them & most of the time without any external effect who forces you to then disband your resolution. Me : No brother. Look. Those addicted with liquor are able to relinquish it through a determined self-resolution and at the same disband it by themselves. For e. There is no convention known anywhere.178 Desire 2 Truewill there is none that then can enable you to accomplish (Barring assignments unwillingly accomplished out of fear or suppression).g. See… the external factors if at all come your way… of all kinds whether in ones favour or against come in the form of circumstantial input. where someone is tied all over and is forced to drink liquor. before them or not is totally vested with you yourself. Reader : I could not understand it. instead it is absolutely straight and clear. This seems swirly. whereas the actual prerogative to make use or to heed.

e. After Reader : Some ghost. dissolved in water & given a boil it acquires to form greasy pulpy syrup. you alone are enough within. why things do not happen the way we want them to happen. Not At All. The actual culprit is the state of our mind that generally remains like a jelly'. is it? Me Reader : 'JELLY'! Me . a 'jelly'. Reader : Then despite of our great willingness. You must have come across this dessert i. Me : Now your duestion to me seems absolutely right: This is where I intend to draw the focus of your attention that there exists someone within us. which does not allow the sought become accomplished. : Yes.179 Desire 2 Truewill words of that seer that in case you do not aspire to pursue then who else can enable you to accomplish. that sweet one available in markets & comes in packets. It comes in a powder form. Who is there within us that comes on to disband our own resolutions. : No.

The state of our mind is similar to that 'jelly'. Pretentiously it is solid and transparent and factually. it acquires a delicate semi solid form that is transparent.180 Desire 2 Truewill a boil it is then allowed to cool. On looks it appears to be as solid as a transparent block of glass but when touched it is highly soft. A spoon placed atop it with little pressure exerted over it shall sink the spoon into into its texture. In case you find an opportunity. Besides learning. it is so delicate that the slightest of external pressure shall wither it down. kindly procure its packet and prepare it as a dessert. Its form is so delicate that with slightest touch it trembles. Now from a 'jelly' typed 'mental state'. instead if you act with emotional intelligence you shall prosper with harmony. how can we expect to Future's mandate. you will enjoy its taste. that yields before any ordinary blow. if you are just intelligent you shall survive. . Its state that appears solid whereas in actual is devoid of any solid content. Finally.

in fact is borne with an existence which is merely apparent and not enduring. may be the same happens with me too. In light of your resolve for higher objectives & failure to pursue them with consistency that what you experience initially within as full of sense and enthusiasm. Me : No dear. how should we solidify this 'jelly'? An ordinary mind on countless times shall always appear as solid but ... how can one actually solidify the 'jelly'? Me : Rightly said. in fact it alone happens with you too. it is not may be. nothing shall work.181 Desire 2 Truewill retain and uphold our strong resolutions? Such an expectation is ridiculous. whereas a sustainable arrangement is the only one through a concrete embankment. appears to be stable whereas in actual it is not. Reader : Yes. With this pretentious and apparent existence if you wish to sustain…sorry. Reader : In that case... The appearance of the state of our mind is similar. In order to check water flow a mud embankment can only hold for a short while.

Substance enables its accomplishment for a successful voyage in longevity Cohesiveness disallows any act of dismantlement or disband. Diamond too is a crystal of one kind and we too should become a crystal with similar hardness. Apparently. the hard crystal bears no water content. 'jelly owes its existence to a pinch of substance whereas a crystal is borne with substance alone. 'Jelly' cannot hold-on to any pressure whereas on the contrary the crystal does not tremble. We have to make that 'jelly' transform into a crystal. 'Jelly' owes its existence to a pinch of substance with majority of its portion is water.182 Desire 2 Truewill would never sustain any impact in longevity. both are transparent. Remember there is hardly any difference between the appearance of a 'jelly' & a hard crystal. Reader : Your words carry lot of sense to me. whereas the difference at their respective core is skies apart. hence. . On the other hand. the entire that is borne within it is substance alone. it trembles because the quantity of substance in it is for namesake.

what ever you may resolve at this moment shall soon face defiance from opportunistic and clever miscreants within that throng in to blow apart your resolve into pieces.183 Me Desire 2 Truewill : Understand the state of your mind the same way. deficiency of substance abstains formation of its solid existence. They hide themselves and you underwent that the total process of the adoption of a deep resolution undement through a firm mind. On the contrary. that I resolve but my resolution does not sustain. if these 'Machiavellians' ploy any such attack against a crystal typed mind then the . The opportunistic and clever miscreants are our own unfulfilled desires who follow their old traits and behave in an animalistic manner of coming back to their original form. therefore. The shrewd smartness of these opportunistic miscreants is that they do not appear during those moments when adoption of a resolution is underway. Now here comes the sense of your words. Later these 'Machiavellians' ploy an invasive attack upon our weak mind borne with meager substance and raze it to ground they eventually declare victory over us by unfurling their flag.

In a si mi l a r ma n n e r . one cannot easily sight to distinguish and identify these clever opportunistic miscreant kinded thoughts. we cannot negate their existence along with their impacts. almost similar to what you have mentioned here. more important is to observe them through our experience & remain cautions to charge against them & eliminate them within. u n ce r t a i n t y a n d instability of the realms of ones mind may not be sighted but their impacts are experienced. something of this kind certainly happens within. Me : What is the need to sight them with a naked eye? Are you able to sight bacteria in water? Are you able to sight the temperature in an environment? At the same time. but yes. it is immaterial to sight something or not. Any way one important fact is that a clever opportunistic miscreant shall never endeavour to invade upon a hard crystal type mind. Therefore.184 Desire 2 Truewill results shall end up as their own heads broken. Reader : Yes sir. .

185 Desire 2 Truewill Reader : Then how can we transform our 'jelly' typed mind into a hard crystal so that we do not loose anything to these shrewd opportunistic miscreants and instead our resolutions. become accomplished. undeterred. intensively train ourselves and prepare in such a way so that once we touch waters our sought too becomes accomplished. to sustain and endeavour upon our deep resolve we must before hand. They were those who had well planned & prepared their self in advance through intensive practice. Similarly. Couple of paragraphs before we mentioned that in case if someone all of a sudden resolves to cross over The English Channel and jumps into its waters then the chances of his success are remote At the same time it is also the fact that many people so far have accomplished by crossing over The English Channel. : But how should we undergo the You . and the moment they touched the water their sought became accomplished. Me : I appreciate your quest.

. say 5 'o' clock. late night gossip. In order to get up early at 5 'o' clock are you also prepared to bring in certain changes within or simply keep aspiring to get up early. just everything. getting up late is not a good habit. For instance. brain enjoy Reader : N o . late night When heart & parties etc. Me : I don't believe that you shall do everything to accommodative relationship the life gets beautiful. Its of course that desires gather their due importance and priority based upon our necessity. Me : First of all you must consider each desire finally adopted for its realization as important one. I a m prepared to do everything for it.186 Desire 2 Truewill preparation.e. I desire and resolve upon a small wish i. to get up early in the morning. Let us consider your immediate desire. while continuing watching television till late night.

great. what ever resolved never sustains. just watching TV. with simple elucidation you have sneaked through a complete one hour.187 Desire 2 Truewill live up to the mandate of your resolve. Me : That sounds really great. Me : Fine this all is sufficient for a belated rise in the morning. Have you ever resolved to rise early? Reader : Countless times. Reader : Say around eleven. would you do one thing from . tell me what time do you generally sleep at night. little gossip or thought mongering while lying on the bed. eleven thirty or twelve a twelve thirty. When you are not certain about the time you go to bed then how would you ascertain the time to rise. Now it has become a practice to live the way. Me : All right. O. That's it.k. let us find the strength of the resolve borne within you. Any way what do you exactly do till late night? Reader : Nothing important always. as it happens…Damn it.

exercise and why 15th September? Reader : Sounds funny. Remember the words you shall utter should address to your own 'self' and none other. Do not hesitate. at nighttime just before your sleep and morning time the moment you rise. Me : With this. just one thing … today is 10th.e. what shall happen with this Me : What has been told. yet in any case if it is not convenient to place such a card then at least comply with the repetition of those words every day. we are embarking upon a . & if you do not have any problem then kindly place a small card bearing the same matter as mentioned in my last sentence place it at a visible point where you sleep.188 today onwards? Reader : Anything. September onward I shall rise at 5 'o' clock in the morning”. please simply comply with it. Reader : Do you mean to say that what ever I intend shall start happening.August. as told. Me Desire 2 Truewill : No not anything. “From 10th. You shall repeat to yourself each day i.

beforehand. An impression of this mantra shall cast its power over your night time routines too.189 Desire 2 Truewill procedure that shall transform your 'jelly' typed mind into a hard 'crystal'. energy shall generate within 'self'. our desires demand our attention and support. an alarm shall raise as final notice to the shrewd opportunistic miscreants within that they must vacate before 10th September otherwise face a forced eviction. Friend. Reader : Would it really make a difference? Me : Yes indeed. Repeated declarations shall change the state within your 'self'. then the difference shall certainly happen. only if the desire you hold is truly borne within your heart as a deep 'yearning' . Through the repeatition of the mentioned procedure. With continuous reiteration observed within. through whom the water content of 'jelly' typed mind shall start leaving & the substance alone shall remain eventually a hard crystal shall come into formation. yet to accomplish & . Though desires are potent in their individual capacity.

September onward I shall rise at 5 'o' clock in the morning”. for one complete month i. availability of our complete support. upon them. all positive forces now . their journey through arduous path becomes easy. besides entire relentless and lethargic attitudes shall come to understand that. & motivation along with adequate advance preparation. At the same time the supporting elements of your resolution start gaining their strength. they experience great difficulty. that “From 10th. This exercise tones their muscles. while through each passing day it makes them sturdy enough to engage self in any kind of a combat.190 Desire 2 Truewill sustain their essence on their own. all shrewd opportunistic miscreants within.e. When you sincerely repeat the sought within your own 'self'. this time its totally different and he/she is not going to give up at all. 'dear all. This time the confrontation shall not be easily lost. At such times. He/she is highly determined this time and shall not rest before accomplishing its sought'.

they keep trying again and again. This my dear is no Reader : Birth of a new potent force within me! Me . birth of a new potent force. you may become disconcerted but again. you shall not relinquish self from making one another attempt. besides now you shall be surprised to notice a new merit born within your own 'self' i.e. Reader : For instance despite all rigorous effort one fails…then? Me : Above all the daring aspirants never yield.191 Desire 2 Truewill with their strong resolution shall certainly do something. : Yes. in order to accomplish your desire the entire exercise of repetition. With one failure. Within yourself shall born a new potent force of a 'daring confrontationist'. Do not think about failure. for now you shall win. declaration and recollection through out 30 days must happen. you shall seek another opportunity to charge in order to succeed. unless they become victorious. if at all it fails for any reason…even then my friend.

e. Initiator of such deed delivers their 'self' to a state where failures cannot subject them to slumber instead t h e y g a t h e r Ego. Earlier where on one side. on account of various difficulties you could not even consider when to begin and how to begin. today it has undergone a 'prana pratishtha'(an evocation and establishment of life force).. During c h a r g e t o w a r d s a my childhood.192 Desire 2 Truewill ordinary change.. Earlier you simply desired without any initiative…whereas. realization of 'self'. there at least now you have ascertained a 'shubh muhurrat' (an auspicious moment). I specific direction i. used to recline in . it efforts through is a thread that bundles another attempt our awareness in a t o f i n a l l y manner to allow potentials 'within' succeed. in fact was not installed into our more energy and operating system for make more the purpose of becoming a barrier. now the second attack is under its way…so far your desire was a mere wall hanging.

Under pursuance of its core objective the ant once again embarked upon its ascending journey i. I intervened and dislodged it with my finger and stall its further move. I once again used to dislodge the ant. if fell in an inverted position would struggle through its moves and restore its proper position. instead. my mind can trace a great piece of inspirational learning from it. Although it was in no way a game. Playing my move. the moment it ascended over the wall. I used to spot and track one particular ant. On its fall the ant. Reader : What was that? Me : Small ants moving on the floor endeavored to ride upon the wall and we know that ants do not move without purpose. from its .193 Desire 2 Truewill a corner between two walls and conduct a game.e. which means allow her to gain more height. they always move bearing clear objectives in their mind. it was a bad play but despite it. towards the wall and this time I used to afford with little more patience and wait for it to cover some more distance.

The same ant as if genetically programmed to be a daredevil forever. & this time I use to place my finger in advance on a particular point as if benchmarking its fall.e. the same exercise underwent its repetition. took a while to restore itself back to such normalcy and astoundingly embarked over another charge.e. totally unconcerned about any future happening. Ant once fallen. but this time from a higher plane. and saying it to my self. Her repeated effort and the move of my game continued. 'come kid rise up to touch my finger for another fall'. gathered itself back to normalcy by undergoing its moves as if wiping off the dust from its dress in order to charge once again i. Moreover. non- . It exhibited no trace of any 'second thought' i.e. I stuck to my kind of move and chasing for want of a 'mean joy' I used to dislodge the ant again.194 Desire 2 Truewill further ascend through application of my finger. displaying more patience this time I allowed the ant to cover more distance i. climb more height. it again came back towards the wall for a climb.

My friend. through pursuance of the mentioned exercise you too shall experience the same force of exemplary courage within as with the ant and if not successful this time your further . By this time. that babu (Mr. it displayed the element of extraordinary valor as if teasing my obstinate insight. I would start becoming bore of this game and on urge of either sleep or else my attention would withdrawn from it. The ant a creature of nonentity is a daring example to all determined willed for their repeated endeavor.) I am determined to move ahead. Chanting her success mantra. but I am sure that after I moved off she must have progressed. That ant may not have borne with the acumen to discern between success and failures. as human beings are. even today inspire and fill me with positive energy. & this time unhindered of any obstacle. but the fountains of her courage and determination. The ant once again started upon its journey towards the wall.195 Desire 2 Truewill existence of alternates to its highly objectified resolution.

then with a slight lift. Human being had to fight for its every single inch before the nature. Had things remained so simple. because of those untiring endeavours we are envisaging a dream that shortly a 'space resort' shall . Nature has bestowed it an insignificant size. There is no comparison between its stature and its determined will. It may happen that through more attempts little more distance is covered and eventually you are able accomplish the most sought objective.196 Desire 2 Truewill attempts shall never seize. whatever human being acquired as scientific growth is no ordinary job. Who would have known the Wright brothers? Adding fan to a bicycle human fell flat on the ground on countless occasions during early day experimentation. but the amount of courage and will it bears is insurmountable. Coming back to humans. Reader : It means that the ant is a hard crystal in its entirety. you would be surfing in the sky. but arose again to endeavour like our ant. Me : Absolutely right.

still I want you to reiterate the process and procedure of transforming a desire into a ' ''True will'' '. with lethargic individuality and loosened insight reign in as your persona the transformation of a desire into '''True will''' cannot happen. I understand.197 Desire 2 Truewill come in place and its related talk would become hot discussion amongst people. I am at your service with complete dedication. Me . my dear. Look. Your loose-ended insight is absolutely like a chewing gum that cannot hold the weight Reader : No way sir. Can you suspend i. Reader : Though I have understood the matter. all that what disallows our desire to transform into a '''True will''' is the lethargic and looseended state within ourselves. Thickly speaking. hang a television screen upon the wall with the help of a chewing gum? : The same way.e. Me : Why not friend. whereas its elaboration once again shall afford me a chance to deeply understand the entire knowledge and pursue it my own way.

that borne with an insight equating a chewing gum one cannot hold on to the weight of a strong resolution i. We deeply accept The process that shall solidify and integrate your insight is known as 'ones i n t e r n a l dialogue' or 'talking to thy & share many beliefs but do not practice them. Whereas. televisions in general are suspended with the walls through the help of a hook. So one thing is clear that chewing gum cannot hold the weight of a television. Kindly understand from the illustration mentioned before.e. In a way we affirm to remain status quo- .198 Desire 2 Truewill of a television set once suspended along the wall. '''True will'''. With slightest of weight the loosened insight shall collapse as if a pack of play cards and never give way for the transformation of a desire 'to become a ''True will'''. that are easily available in the markets.

what all you aspire. A kind of a dialogue wherein. you yourself do not allow it to happen.199 Desire 2 Truewill self'. the sought. to change your present . Desires of all kinds. to expand your business. you daily reiterate before yourself. deeply observe the exercises wherein self-imposed austerities lead to constitution of an undeterred state 'within'. therefore. known as transformation of a desire into '''True will'''. Aspiring one thing at one place and disallowing the same happen at another…is in itself the act of a loosened insight. Recall the words of a great seer who rightly said that. The idea is to eliminate any element of lethargy or disintegration within 'self'. In pursuance of your aspiration. in the most determined manner. so that it enshrines deep within you. to well manage your affairs. so that once ones foes get eliminated one shall embarks upon the path towards ones objectives. like to initiate upon a new venture. you undergo a preparation that shall facilitate achievement of your deep aspiration.

on listening to some ones success story the distorted self-gathers inspiration to become intact. i. Reader : Yes.200 Desire 2 Truewill engagements. Me : Have you ever heard about a woman by the name 'Kiran Majumdar Shaw'? If you have heard about her. All these desires demand you to tighten up your belt and change the state within.e. gain more knowledge. soon after completing her formal education . and if you are not aware about her then from today onwards you shall never forget her. it is right. from a 'jelly' into a hard 'crystal'. kiran too. I have heard that her father was a 'brewer' and following his traits. then its fine. Me : In case you are interested then I shall tell a story of an exemplary. only then shall your desire become accomplished. self development etc. determined will. Reader : Yes indeed. out of her sheer deep resolution. improve upon inter personal relationships. that succeeded within these times. remain physically fit.

201 Desire 2 Truewill went to Australia for her advanced training as a brewerist. the entire world to her became a strange land with no purpose because all rigorous efforts through expenditure of money and precious time were turning worthless. yet 'there exist many more worlds'. during her days it was not an easy affair for a lady to charge out for her higher studies abroad. my dear. . still she accomplished her studies and came back to India. weaving her dreams to become a successful brewerist. She applied for a job of 'brewerist' to various brewery related companies but all without any success. But it was 'kiran'. At some point. moreover. that person should break into countless pieces. During those times a woman as a brewer was almost an unheard phenomenon. I am sure if it happened with anyone in this world. (means a ray. Kiran was astonished to observe that the industry here was not yet prepared to accept a lady as a 'brewerist'. a beam of light) she soon gathered herself and started envisioning.

this lady is an inspiration to countless insights that hold a dream at heart and even to those that lie with insight as 'dead wood'.202 Desire 2 Truewill Based upon the last belief she initiated upon a new venture with a small investment of only Rs. courage and determined will. Ten thousand (roughly around two hundred and fifty dollars) and formed a company within her own car garage. Putting 'Faith' upon 'almighty' and 'self'. as similar to a 'Seed'. she gained great heights. when converted probably equates with billions) and beyond any doubt it is a 'cynosure' in the business industry of India. Definitely. I hope you would understand her journey from a small investment to present heights. a field scarcely known in India. In Hindi . bears net worth equating thousands and thousands of crores (denomination of money. her success is a result of culmination of faith. She started working upon enzymes. Her new venture was to conduct research in the field of 'biotechnology'. during those times. today. the 'Determined will' in pursuit of its ambition through passage of time. Her company 'Biocon'. Blessed by the goodwill of her parents and continuous support of her husband. especially as women during those times endeavouring upon scarcely chartered territory.

who aspires to touch skies while retaining its weaknesses and it would be the same I. Life in its real sense shall become life when at one hand. the life then proceeds to accomplish some specific purpose. Any desire should find an access within. desiring. the word for 'courage' is 'sahas' and the word for a 'determined will' is 'sankalpit'. we breathe in belief + courage + determined will. this all. when shall charge forward under . after knowing. it is just like a dead walking. loosened and lethargic insight shall prolong disgruntlement through out ones life.203 Desire 2 Truewill language the word for faith is 'astha'. A life without strong positive belief. Otherwise. only. Entire game plan of strength and weakness lies within. One must pay a highly serious attention towards it. when we deeply understand to hold capability of parenting its adoption. Reader : Yes my friend. courage and determined will is no life. Accumulation of a crowd of desires shall do no good. we breathe air and on the other hand. who. now it appears to me that so far I have been merely thinking. It is I. and to merely desire is a sin unless we baptize it into a '''True will''' and can carry it to its accomplishment. but never made any resolute initiative. this is all that I have gathered today from your sermon.

within whom the entire change must happen. Today. I never r e l a t i o n s h i p believed nor was aware of between 'myself' & any other world different 'this moment'. it is I the 'jelly' typed. The world outside is merely a resonance of my success or failures. Until this day. that shall transform into a 'hard crystal'. My tendency looks outward for cause of failures and it also looks outward for cause to succeed. for the first If i have to define time. It never dawned upon me that it is futile to look outward because all cause or reason lies within the 'self'. borne with the state that shivers and it shall be the same I tomorrow. It is my perception that always looks outward..204 Desire 2 Truewill effect of a '''True will'''. the entire moment is the life with its success or factory where i am failure all was apparent through my eyes open. for solutions. s h a l l s a y t h i s outward. shall make skies come down to kiss me…this game is my own spoil and I alone shall have to set it right. Friend this knowledge has manifested deep into me. making my future. Within me lie all cause and within me lie all resolution. For. i to the one that's outside. .. It is I.

with eyes closed. it is only today that I experience an awakening. except agony of deprivations. Friend truly. I should continue with my pursuit traversing through various successes or failures. it was only desires with nothing more to it. this journey is all about an awakening to the facts of consciousness that relieve one from inertia. it never emerged that strings to life outside can find its trace. Now it appears with certitude that I do not behold any right to desire unless I can apportion it with requisite strength in form of endeavours out of a determined will. Now I can say the world within is a reference to the same platform. Me : Great fortune now bestow upon you. only then shall I sight my deepest aspiration cherish. So far. Thought about immersion into process and procedures that transform a desire into a '''True will''' never occurred. Desires seek accomplishment within our minds with the help of our . 'Desires of any may scarcely fructify but accomplishment of '''True will''' is for certitude'. fumbling and improvising improvements.205 Desire 2 Truewill outside therefore. where all prayers transpire. So far in this life I simply turned sides during sleep.

Reader : Friend. so that the current chapter concludes in its entirety. I am observing an urge within to resolve upon a larger cause and embark upon its pursuance. These two subjects . whereas. a '''True will''' connected with the power of the 'cosmic force' gather astounding energy.206 Desire 2 Truewill individual energy. there is something more to know about. It is therefore said that. Shall you prepare me for it? Me : Why not. and secondly to strategize the '''True will'''. First. and for any averse force to impede its journey becomes impossible. about the manner under which a '''True will''' shall operate upon a fuel equivalent to nuclear energy. but before that I shall bring to your notice the knowledge upon two other vital subjects. 'Desires of any may scarcely fructify but accomplishment of ''True will'' is for certitude'. Reader : What kind of other knowledge is yet to be known? Me : Yes my friend. accommodate it in ones day routine and afford it with a vigilant evaluation procedure.

Reader : But at this moment. through its dissemination. one cannot deny the spread of its roots beneath the ground. you are right. This knowledge shall come to you as a divine asset. Reader : Yes. which means. we have a tendency to observe even the serious concerns superficially and miss to notice that they bear another world beneath. admitted. Having known about the 'transformation of a desire into a '''True will''' is in itself an inimitable experiment and furtherance to it a knowledge upon an extended subject shall certainly be a subject of great . On observation of a fully-grown tree. gaining benefit of it and sharing it with others. Generally.207 Desire 2 Truewill are such that after knowing them you shall never take up desires as any other common subject. Me : Yes. what is this knowledge exactly about. I am more thrilled and eager to learn about endowing? '''True will''' with the fuel equivalent to nuclear energy.

Me : Yes. You must have come across some knowledge upon rockets. This kind of a drive my dear is the domain of rocket science. Its speed is so enormous that even the sound lags behind its 'might' and there are possibilities that within few more years to come the research shall enhance the magnitude of its speed to defy the speed of light. illustrations irrespective of their direct contribution to the core cause of reference. Reader : You mean the one that transports a satellite or a space ship into the space orbit.208 Desire 2 Truewill excitement. Functioning of a rocket is quite close to our . borne with substantial weight it pierces ahead to relinquish itself from earth's sphere at unimaginable speed and place themselves in the orbit of space. of course. Kindly explain me through an illustration. we are talking about the same rocket that defies the pull of gravitational force. Me : Exactly right. contribute a lot to explain upon a difficult subject.

this is true. That force. : Our desires when target their objectives and start moving further through its serious endeavors they transform into a '''True will'''. It is Reader : Right. Through a deep observation. in the form of either a satellite or a space ship. In a similar manner. you shall realize that our desires too face defiance from a force of nature equivalent to the one i. it does happen the same way. the rockets too are borne with an objective.209 Desire 2 Truewill subject of 'transformation of a desire into '''True will'''. On our slightest endeavour. yes. this force acts to draw us back from our pursuit. In a way.e. Me : Just like our desires are always borne with some objective. (the one that is overse to our move) totally disallows our desires to embark over their outward move for the purpose of their realization. Me . 'gravitational pull'. Reader : Yes. once desires are transformed as '''True will''' they gather enormous speed to pierce through one sphere and transcend into another.

Although there is no end to journeys. Reader : I understand it. Me : Our 'deep resolutions'. when pass through various obstacles ultimately conclude with their objective fulfilled. I s e e . out of the awakening of ones '''True will'''. awakening of ' ''True will'' ' a n d i t s fructification is a l s o a n attainment of another state sufficient force within a human being to enable him/her change and grow in the direction and manner of ones choice.210 Desire 2 Truewill similar to the moves of a rocket that gathers speed to pierce through different layers of earth's sphere and transcend into space. Reader : O h . . the attained stature i. We term them as the ''True will'' fructified itself.e. still. further contributes towards various other l a n d m a r k achievements in There is always a ones life.

are absolutely different to the ones that used on ground or for flying various aircrafts in sky.e. the enormous power borne by rocket that defies force of gravity despite of its substantial weight. i. For the sake of their function they are addressed as 'engines'. we also gain various lasting strengths. rockets. i. IMPULSION OF '''TRUE WILL''' PLACE DESIRES INTO DIFERENT ORBIT? Features borne by a Rocket are a contribution of various technologies involved in its making. Any ordinary engine cannot perform such an extraordinary maneuver. on ground of their . but above all stand the power of its engine and fuel.e. Me : Besides. I have to explain you upon a highly important subject contained under the illustration of a rocket. it pierces ahead to relinquish itself from earth's sphere at unimaginable speed and place its respective load in the orbit of space.211 Desire 2 Truewill within…that sounds great. These engines. whereas.

Our topic holds its association with rockets on one count. embark. 'transformation of a desire into '''True will'''. all major containment confine it until it leaves earths sphere. the only state that remains is a floating move. once out of earth's sphere. We manifest all properties of a rocket engine within ourselves the moment all negative thoughts are eliminated. Where at one hand the design of other aircraft engine is based on thrust and lift. transcend from the sphere of impossible to the orbit of 'possible'. pressure. which is that it enables us to transform our desires into ''True will'' i. We. without any chance of any turnaround. once embark towards an . limits of various containments become either elimated or they recede. including extreme limits of speed.e. To a rocket. at the same the design of a rocket engine inspired by various factors.e. there are no provision for applying brakes. Friend Now here comes the point How the function of a rocket engine associates with our topic i. when. friction. technology and operation they belong to a different world. lift. Once in such state.212 Desire 2 Truewill design. unless accomplishment happens. we too become rockets that once charged. power and many more. thrust. After that.

fuel risks are so high that with infinitesimal wrong.e. Our entire existence. whereas almighty holds infinite might. after couple of lines it shall find its reference associated with our core subject. then the only point to respite shall be upon accomplishment of our objectives. Rocket engine do not run on any ordinary or special fuel like kerosene. its 'fuel'. Rocket fuel is associated with 'hydrogen and oxygen'. this subject is devoid of alternates. follow the will of our mind and intellect. To me.213 Desire 2 Truewill ascertained objective. for instance our . Remember all our personal activities also run on their kind of respective fuel. The mention in previous lines was necessary on account that. Its risks i. high-octane petrol or white petrol etc. All activities of human life are a conduct under the direct command of ones mind and intellect. diesel. considering it as the deepest quest of our heart. even almighty may turn down prayers (Last words are merely to highlight the magnitude of repercussions. Nothing can move without its corresponding fuel?. barring soul. petrol. under the effect of '''True will'''. Its fuel is quite weird and wonderful. the most interesting aspect under the illustration of rocket stands. hence any technology cannot supersede its command).

collaborate to comply with the will of their master. barring soul. . (2nd to consciousness born two things go simultaneously. The moment we are Now going behind the veil.. This was some information about the command area of the mind and intellect over ones body and others. All senses including eyes. we shall realize that our mind and intellect are at the command of our 'astha' ('deepest beliefs) and ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspirations). One that we start aging & two that we start growing 'within. Your memory soon retrieves and renders all relevant details from its previous files in the form of local area map guide. our entire physical body in compliance to the orders of authority at command shall start walking down the stairs and walk up the stairs or walk slow or fast. while a portion of your awareness simultaneously maintains required moves at the physical level. Let us understand from the root. ears etc.214 Desire 2 Truewill mind orders us to visit the market.

When we continue with the practice of 'manayatao' (endorsements) they become 'dharna'. Acceptance of any ordinary thought makes it a 'manayata'(an endorsement). they then become 'astha'. Friends. from our 'astha' (deepest belief) our ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspirations) is born. become driven. barring soul.215 Desire 2 Truewill because consciousness is the cause and cannot be considered as the root) 'Astha' (deepest belief) is a word that bears a highly profound meaning. With an outwardly look though the words mentioned before. one is not able to absorb them as ones deep understanding. We can also consider our ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspirations) as the motivational triggers. Those. it refers to the 'bed rock of our belief system'. soon understand the . beliefs that form a part of our vital (deepest self) are termed as 'astha'. the unshakable faith or deepest belief. In accordance of ones ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspirations) the mind and intellect along with entire remaining existence of a being. but since the facts mentioned are not apparent to naked eye . who patiently look within. seem quite deep and important. (our understanding) when 'dharanaye' (our understandings) gather more depth with greater firmness.

e. . commonly we address as the 'self '. Any ordinary person. what. i.216 Desire 2 Truewill entire substantive layering inside. intellect and body perform astonishing and incredible acts that surprise the entire medical the science.' wonderful'. something that might hold the status of 'unheard' at your end. (deepest aspirations) then all outcomes are nothing less to miracles it deserves one word denotation i. Human being's 'astha' (deepest belief) and ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspirations) can make his mind. We often come across certain truths pertaining to the powers of mind. when provided with a true example. intellect and body that throw an open challenge to science. directly observed by this author. when endeavours under effects of his/hers 'astha' (deepest belief) and ' 'gehri abhilasha' '.e. You shall only believe our words.

217 Desire 2 Truewill Chapter-8 Blessed O 'Truly Willed' You Can Accomplish Anything n the northern parts of India. who holds no name. The word 'kanwat' means 'brahma'. ‘Brahma’ the basic cause and source of entire creation. The pilgrims I . (around end of July or at the beginning of august month) around two to three weeks before the festival of 'shivratri'. In India. (a festival dedicated to 'Lord Shiva' the god of resurgence and conformance) people in order to please 'Lord Shiva' bring holy water from the holy river 'Ganges'. It can take infinite words to express 'that' (almighty infinite supreme). the cosmic law. no limits and prevails in all. many people 'bring' 'kanwat'. the cosmic power. (Commonly known as Kanwad). during rainy season. in other words the creator of infinity.

218 Desire 2 Truewill intending to bring 'kanwat' travel towards the state of 'Uttrarakhand'. 'doors of the almighty) or 'Rishikesh' (the word means abode of seers. wherein the former comes before the latter while traveling northward. mind.e. intending to bring holy water. beholders of faith. the word kesh is also mentioned for long hairs). They then dip themselves into its waters with a strong 'astha' (deepest belief) that its holy water shall wash away all negativity of all kinds resting within their entire existence i.e. The distance between both the holy towns is not more than twenty kilometers. where the holy river emerges from… They travel there through various mode of transport to arrive at the holy town of 'Hardwar' (the word means. at either of the mentioned holy towns. arrive at the banks of the holy river 'Ganges'. They believe that the immersion shall relieve them of the burden of their misdeeds borne deep 'within' them and bestow upon them its divine bliss that shall account in their respective astral accounts as 'divine credit' known as 'punya' . body soul. The most interesting part is that 'seekers' i. After their holy bath. they then secure holy water in one or two containers (generally they carry two containers) tied and suspended with a thick .

The suspended containers become easy for carry on ones shoulders (like hanging baskets).219 Desire 2 Truewill wooden stick bearing a size of 4 to 5 ft. borne with the holy water then becomes termed as 'kanwat'.e. walking (restraints include.e. & the one who shall carry it on its shoulders i. the bearer becomes termed as ''kanwatia' (the one who bears the 'kanwat'). not placing the ''kanwat' on the ground until the entire pilgrimage is over besides abstinence from all kinds of vices. sleeping on floor and consuming pure vegetarian diet). The most salient fact of this pilgrimage starts in form of few restraints imposed upon the moment they bear the 'kanwat'. The containers. start their journey towards their respective home on foot i. The vessel. while observing strict restraints they i. wooden stick and remaining accessories come as a ready-made product that is easily available in the markets during those days they are very well decorated with maximum usage of red color and frills added to it for decoration.e. The distance of ones journey shall depend upon the distance of their homes from the point they secure the holy water. ''kanwatia'. it may vary from 2 kilometers to 500 or even 700 .

creates boils beneath their feet and they are also projected to other skin related injuries. To ease their move while in pain kanwatia' then tie a thick band of cloth around their feet to save their feet from any further direct contact with the ground. Nevertheless. on that account all other traffic experiences large diversions. They continue with their journey chanting slogans in glory of 'lord . so much so that during those days the national highway from and towards those two towns is totally prohibited for any vehicular traffic. Majority of ''kanwatia' travel a distance between 200 to 300 kilometers. This event is one of its kinds in the entire world. On way. Walking on foot they form as massive crowds. running into hundreds of thousands with total number exceeding into millions . Walking bare foot. They travel their distance generally within seven to fifteen days depending upon the mileage they are required to cover the way back to their home. no remedy saves them from great pain on account of skin boil. & fatigue etc. back the largest number amongst 'kanwatia' travel bare foot (mostly without any sleepers or shoes) with very few walking in shoes.220 Desire 2 Truewill kilometers. it is a magnificent picture that projects pursuance a rigorous triggered by 'extreme faith'.

Especially during an era where people commonly exhibit reluctance to walk by foot & . There is a major abstinence that needs an observance. intellect. which is that. Even during that halt. Generally the 'Kanwatia' plan their entire journey in a manner that they touch near their homes a night before the festival. none i. This holy journey is an exemplary illustration of the control of our 'astha' (deepest belief) over our mind.221 Desire 2 Truewill Shiva'. once the 'kanwatia' arrive a Shiva temple nearest to their homes and offer the holy water secured from the holy river as their offering to their deity on the morning of the auspicious festival of 'shivratri'. The entire arduous journey is considered to be complete. 'kanwatia' shall reach their home before making their offering to the deity and that offering on the particular day of the festival of shivratri. is never placed over the ground instead it is placed on a stand made available & specially created to hold them… by the community. Their most common chant is 'bum bhole'. medical assistance along with provisions of their temporary shelter for a small halt. Throughout the major routes of their journey various community groups organize for their food. the 'kanwat'. and body.e.

such move is addressed as 'Dak-Kanwat' (Dak means mail). a group of around twenty youth form a team of a 'Dak-Kanwat'. It is enveloped in such a way that it becomes a wrap to its holder. secure the holy water with an only difference that the container they carry in this case is only one.222 Desire 2 Truewill instead they prefer to use the vehicular mode for even their smallest moves. non-stop. It happens like this. they bring the same 'Kanwat' while running their way back. What they perform is no ordinary exercise. They. quite similar to a Relinquishment shoulder bag intercrossed around the entire shoulder f r o m a n i m a l and resting beside abdomen or like carrying a instincts is the revolver in a holster The first step towards their run initiates right at the bank of the holy river with their last step actual progre- ssion of a soul . Some youth dare out to conduct the same pilgrimage in a more aggressive manner. They obtain a special prior permission to travel along with a vehicle on the same route. in the same manner as mentioned before.

the will of 'astha'.e. happen while maintaining the move without even undergoing a single halt. . All kinds of basic needs like food water or urination. without any sleep. It is an act by young aspirants. especially done at the end of common people who do not undergo any kind of regular or rigorous training under specialized professionals. with little planning but intense faith that undergoes demonstration of the limits of mind and matter that respond to the call of their consciousness i. wherein both motorcycle serve as feeder for fresh runners & at the same time they transport the relieved runner back to the truck. All boys in the team keep taking their turns for a run after observing their planned intervals. This entire 'pilgrimised marathon' is an excellent demonstration for deploring the limits of ones physical endurance. A small truck and two motorcycles serve as vehicles for a team of around twenty youth.223 Desire 2 Truewill culminating at the temple nearest to their homes with literally making no stop in between. The entire maneuver on their way back happens like a relay race. The same journey that otherwise would take around a week to travel by walk becomes covered merely within around twelve to fourteen hours.

whether during this life or committed in any of the past lives. few people. Good . which is the source to most painful longing the one devoid of which all affluence and power of this entire world. somewhere deep within. appears totally meaningless) when are not able to find any solace from all resorts tried so far… then turn towards the most strenuous modes of penance. an element of faith in almighty's grace comes into its inception. (a 'yearning'. even if one has. i. According to an ancient belief that supports 'Indian ethos' as its basic foundation is that a being shall is all certainty experience his/her 'karma' .e. In India. This belief is addressed as ones 'karma phal' (fruit of ones acts). the result or fruits of acts committed by a being.224 Desire 2 Truewill By now you have read & learned about the 'kanwat and the dak-kanwat' whereas now it is time to reveal one another kind. After knowledge upon this kind of exercise. for the realization of their deepest 'yearning'. Based upon the nature of ones 'karma' the fruit in its accordance shall follow. The one that we are sure once you come to know about it… all ambiguity about bearing immense latent potential borne within ones self shall simply vanish.

healthy fruit and bad deeds become followed by bad karma i. which means that the doors to impunity do not exist. that according to this belief and as mentioned under this book in earlier chapter such karma does not constitute in ones life for more than three percent) The only resolve suggested by seers to this kind of a hardened karma in ones life is by volunteering 'self' to undergo some strenuous and extremist mode of penance. This particular category is known as 'prarabdha'. to simplified means their out come is absolutely non-erasable. (Let us reiterate.e.e. The non-erasable property of such 'karma' is so tenacious that even the grace or bliss of a seer may not suffice to relieve one totally from its impact. There are three categories within each of the two mentioned classification. rotten fruit. The belief mentions that extending a .225 Desire 2 Truewill deeds become followed by good karma i. Such acts that fall under the extreme degrees of disgrace stand subjected to absolutely non-evasive horrendous results. austerity & donation. Anything short of such a degree is prone to dilution through deployment of various other manners of penance. The three categories are on the basis of the degree of the goodness or disgrace done through a karma.

according to the belief is the compensatory deposit submitted to karma i. According to the belief the 'penance' can be either directly observed by the subject under the effect of such karma or some one else too. can undergo it by dedicating its benefit to the main subject. and the pain inflicted upon 'self' relieves one from the actual of pain that one was supposed to undergo or experience. 'late kanwat' or 'dandwat kanwat' (the word late in Hindi means to lie flat and dandwat means the prostrated body posture). Penance. either right from their doorsill towards the ascertained gates of their deity's abode or from points between two revered destinations . for its dilution. It is considered as a realization of the past misdeed done by one that are known to ones inner layers of consciousness… are an offering of a penalty by the being to which it has come as an implication.e. One of the most arduous modes of penance that rarest under the extremist degrees is known as.226 Desire 2 Truewill volunteered act of penance becomes an offering to the heap of bad karma. Such committed aspirant or the determined will initiate their journey while bearing in their mind the core-objective.

The entire act happens on open roads. the assistant shall follow the same task of drawing the line at the same point once again. Once one becomes known about this kind of an act of penance i. He/she lies down flat in a prostrated manner with both arms stretched in vertical and parallel. This exercise of lying down flat. The locations are resolved as their independent decision. reaching beyond ones head. irrespective of season any festival or town. the main dedicated aspirant stood at the starting point. Generally. that merely act to assist the core aspirant.. making a mark line over that same point and its repetition continue until the ascertained distance does get accomplished. One of the assistant then draws a line with help of a chalk or some other crude marker.227 Desire 2 Truewill borne within ones mind. devoid of their (associates) any kind of direct involvement into the main act of penance. bows within before his deity to pay obeisance. This line is drawn as a mark over which the committed aspirant shall step over to stand and lie down again in the same prostrated manner.e. accompanied with two associates. late kanwat' or 'dandwat . just at the point where the finger nails of the aspirant's hand end.

then please try to perform this exercise within your own house. lying limitless ability down flat in a prostrated where divinity manner and then getting utilizes a being as a up makes it count as one conduit for its time. depending ultimate bliss upon upon the lowest limits of a human. You shall soon higher resolves experience the impacts of . Inform your family at home about the essence of its subject.228 Desire 2 Truewill kanwat'. it is the your endurance i. Try & Experiment by traversing within the lengths & breadths of your 'Farsighted home for about ten to wisdom' is the twenty times.e. then comes a time where you have to assist us to assess the amount of effort involved in it through its simulation? Simulation at your imaginary levels. their gesturing should stand welcomed at your end. Anything short of a realistic imagination possible only through a simulation. you shall not be able to gather the dimensions of this strenuous mode of penance. and even if they ridicule. If it is possible and there are no restrictions advised to you by a doctor on any of the health grounds. because outside there can be hesitation on various counts.

human . is a very-very difficult act to perform. None to complaint to the 'self' has projected itself before this resolution with absolute dedication and commitment. is it not that this kind of an act is a direct challenge to limits prescribed under human anatomy for infliction to pain or stress. The journey does not get over in hours.229 Desire 2 Truewill this mode of penance. Lying down flat and getting up again to repeat it countless number of times. It shall be like a bulk mail landing on your back. on the other hand through the demonstration of such an act. Just Think. Our endurance may not exceed for more than few minutes under this exercise. the committed ones accomplish it through months. whereas they. here stands volunteered.e. instead it may continue to even weeks and months together. This clearly translates into an action where there is no scope of even inching ahead to the line drawn as mark to distance covered. Since the act falls under the realms of extreme faith. hence highest standards of sincerity are the only code of ones pursuit. one is left with no room for any cheating or manipulation because cheating or manipulation again shall accrue for a further curse. i. There is no scope for raising any dissent because the pain subjected. to self.

Once this author shared this illustration with a knowledgeable person. Under repetition of this exercise. Those that are deprived of adequate resources arrange jute sack and wrap them over that parts of their body that come into direct touch with the ground beneath & continue moving. this act becomes an astounding exemplification of ones absolute control by 'astha and 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest belief & deepest aspiration) over ones mind. knees and feet of the main dedicated inflict many scratches. elbows. intellect and body.230 Desire 2 Truewill anatomy under effect of the force of truly willed defies all pain at its ends. the palm. With 'Astha' (deepest belief) towards the divine emerges from their devotional songs sung in glory of almighty. chest. With the advent of the night those engaged in this act of late kanwat' or 'dandwat kanwat' lie on the roadside or at a temple in order. while eyeing their core objective. This act enables one understand how difficult it is to walk on the edges of a well (the sentence is the translation of a Hindi proverb). who in turn remarked that even the suicide bombers exhibit the ultimate limits of their dedicated and committed will through . to recuperate for the next day.

there is no comparison amongst both of any kind in the display of their courage and patience. '''True willed'' seeker with a terrorist on various counts. i. Thirdly. he lives them while undergoing their experience. Firstly. like a bubble burst. The author informed him by an answer that.e. within a splash of a second ruins number of families through his/her ghastly act. when 'astha' (deepest belief) and 'gehri abhilasha' (deepest aspiration) motivate a . an act that is beyond any limit of pardon.231 Desire 2 Truewill infliction to pain. for a long duration. whereas the 'truly willed' seeker under goes highest tests of 'penance' with 'austerity' for months to come. the '''True will''ed' based upon its own 'will' inflicts ones own 'self' alone. hence. whereas. Besides ending up ones own life is another sin committed as a human bomb. a 'suicide bomber ends up all within seconds. Friends. Hence. to all pain. that eventually translates into their death. stands no comparison between a 'truly willed' 'seeker' & a misdirected extremist. one could not compare a dedicated. a suicide bomber. The objective of truly willed one is achievement through regeneration and resurgence of 'karma' and for a terrorist it is destruction motivated by animosity-ridden philosophy.

namely first the hygiene and another is to save same money. all kinds of limits become meaningless. . on the latter count. a trio who were undergoing this particular mode of penance. It is done on two counts. Carrying along the home made eatables during ones journey is a normal practice with common people in India. primarily. they constituted a team of three containing one female and two male. Our interview revealed that they were borne with basic body wear and few home made eatables that could last for a considerable period of time.232 Desire 2 Truewill being. With core subject amongst them as one male. A small elaboration has been presented here for the convenience of readers to understand the magnitude of such kind of a arduous and extreme mode of penance. while other two compatriots were there in time the form of his assistants. That trio represented a highly poor family with meager resource at disposal they could procure any convenience to their account. bearing in mind an objective which was a health concern for their only son. Whereas. this particular team under our mention carried eatables. all packed as backpack. Couple of years ago we had come across one of the such kind of a team.

It was so deep that on its deeper realization. as soon we recollect that experience. One kilometer divided by the aspirants height including distance of stretched arms beyond head and additional length of .e. ad 10 inches. i.233 Desire 2 Truewill They had embarked their journey as their observation of penance that bore a distance of around 'three hundred and twenty five kilometers'. while conducting a review. One-kilometer contains '63360' inches. The estimated height of the 'truly willed' interviewed by us was around 5ft. In order to gauge the magnitude of this extreme mental and physical maneuver. we felt ourselves as nowhere in comparison to those 'truly willed' insightful beings. later. in total 70' inches. our critical brains stocked up with sharp arrows transform as a soft toy. we underwent an exercise & calculated its related logistics. Even today. Arms stretched beyond ones head shall measure an extended height of around 20' inches and with feet stretched during prostrated posture shall contribute an extension of another 5' inches. The interview with them left an indelible impression on us.

They have no alternate to make themselves available ready as fighting fit by the time of There's a switch within you. "The mood i always want & the mood any situation imposes over me". . shall reveal the number of 'falls' one shall make to cover the distance of one kilometer. two hundred sixteen thousand seven hundred and seventy five 'falls'. hence.e. Further. multiply the number of falls made in one kilometer with total distance. Friends.e. Now. we have to work out total number of 'falls' during this entire journey. they shall have to throw themselves on the ground with tremendously exhaustive fatigue in order to recuperate for the next day. i. a person bearing height of 90' inches shall have to fall or lie in prostrated posture for '667' times in order to cover one kilometer. kindly stay with this figure for some more time i. Every night. 63360' inches divided by 95' inches makes '667'.234 Desire 2 Truewill stretched feet. 325 multiplied by '667' make 216775. the a b i l i t y t o switchover on simple wish is a yogic perfection.

based upon it one would happily bear the immeasurable pain and. 'Astha' (deepest belief) thou can be strangest. no direct remuneration rewarded at the end of each day and no alternates. let us follow the only option left i. By now we can say that when the volcano of 'astha' erupts then even metallic elements bear same state as rubber or wood shall have to face before the fire. No complaints. This is called as gravitational force or a magnetic pull by ones 'astha'. We also felt regrets that they should have been . yet make no complaints. No discrimination prevails during its reign. mind. When the forces of 'thrust' and 'lift'. come into their action. The trio i. allow all for dispensation of the '''True will'''.e. hence.235 Desire 2 Truewill sunrise and keep doing the same for days to come. intellect and body find no window for any redressal. of making ourselves present for service to the core command i.e. the mind. Our minds were so impressed by the will of that team that a deep intent aroused to estimate and calculate the total time required by such determined and 'truly willed' to accomplish their entire journey.e. intellect and body then deeply understand that we shall not be able to voice any dissent. born out of awakened 'astha'.

intellect and body perform simply like trained animals before their ringmaster i. the 'truly willed' shall require around one hundred and eight days. how much distance should a 'truly willed' 'late Kanwatia' cover within each day. we initiated this exercise with a presumption that although our calculation shall certainly not withstand any consonance with the actual happening those 'truly willed' underwent but still this assessment shall become one of the deepest sources of inspiration for self and others to whom all this daring story shall becomes revealed.e. Our understanding conveys (although there can be different assessments) that on a maximum one can cover (one means the kind of person motivated for this endeavor) around three kilometers within one day. now. Nevertheless. The basis of our calculation is that while walking he daily covers roughly around thirty kilometers. . Remember the entire distance would stand traversed as creeped. totally devoid of any interval. In order to cover the total distance.236 Desire 2 Truewill enquired of total time it takes them to cover the distance. entailing around two thousand falls on each day. Ah! Here the Mind. The total time a walking 'kanwatia' takes to travel a distance of around two hundred kilometers is around seven days.

the mind. EEY 'SHRADDHA SHAKTI' (FORCE OF THE PURE & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE WITH HIGHEST EXCELLENCE ) COME & MERGE INTO MY '''TRUE WILL''’ . hold no power to excel at these levels and secure great achievements.237 Desire 2 Truewill force of ''True will''. I. that unless you arouse to awaken the vibrant resonance of 'astha and 'gehri abhilasha' (deep belief & deepest desires) . generally. intellect and body. After going through the logistical exercise of these late kanwat' or 'dandwat kanwat'. now say to myself.


Desire 2 Truewill


Eey the force of my unconditional love come & merge into my ''True will''…


he last chapter was dedicated through an

illustration, to the quintessential effect of the

magic spread by 'astha' (deepest belief) and ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspiration) upon human body, mind and intellect. A reader, groomed & borne with an urban mindset should never consider that the magical effects of 'astha' (deepest belief) and ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspiration) confine only to a rural mind, that is differentiated from us on two major counts. First, less intervention of the critical insight, that enables the exclusive upsurge of the mental resolve, secondly, the body endurance of a rural person is more in comparison with a comfortaccustomed physique.


Desire 2 Truewill One should not believe that in the light of an

urban mind …Exceeding usage & intervention of ones intellect restricts the powers of 'astha' (deepest belief) and ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspiration), in any way & restrict them to gain ground within ones self. The common understanding one may arrive while reading the last chapter is that an urban educated mind adopt facts and build their beliefs only after having undergone through their rigorous critical analysis and synthesis, to such an extent that all emotional considerations, i.e. of chaste elements like 'astha' and ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' become barred on grounds of reasoning and rationalization, and eventually they are never able to gain ground within. I explicitly inform my friends that the standard of living may differ from one to another but the volcanic eruption of 'astha' (deepest belief) and ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspiration) affect all the same way. Before the effulgent fires of volcanic eruptions, metals, wood or water bear a similar fate. The illustration of 'kanwat' finds a mention in this book, for a reason that it can motivate and guide us to over come 'gravitational pull' imposed


Desire 2 Truewill

upon our seat of understanding about the size of impediments and frictional effects of the work environment; so that we finally position the rocket of our '''True will''' into the orbit of success. Now comes the time, when a decision must be undertaken upon the usage of the 'type of fuel', to fuel the rocket of our desire so that its engines carry out their obligation at required speed and heights. Friends, the formation of that fuel happens by the mixture of two constituents already present within a 'sankalpit' (truly willed), they are 'astha' (deepest belief) and ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspiration). Like it is with any rocket, its fuel constituents, namely, oxygen and hydrogen they both are distinctly placed in their respective tanks within a rocket, similarly , the two constituents of our fuel, namely, 'astha' (deepest belief) and ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspiration) are also placed

Fear within; for any reason is a blinking indicator that reveals two facts; one that we face the unknown & second we lack trust in 'that' (the god) the 'Luminance' at our core (soul).


Desire 2 Truewill

within the rocket of our sankalp (''True will''), with the only difference that in our case they exist as a ready-mix. In the case of a rocket, mixture of the two substance constituents forms a combustible fuel of highest degree, which affords the aircraft an exponential lift. In our case too, i.e. in case with the aircraft of our sankalp (''True will''), if the constituent of fuel namely,'astha' (deepest belief) and ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspiration) are of the 'purest kind', the kind of lift our ''True will'' gains, shall be formidable and exponential. Please notice the word mentioned under last sentence as 'purest kind', this word bears an obvious meaning of purity with depth in respect to our belief and desire. Once both i.e. 'astha and 'gehri abhilasha' ' exist in their pure form at our requisite depths then a divine stream begins, known as 'shraddha Shakti' (Force of pure & unconditional love towards highest excellence). Those of you who have earlier come across this word 'shraddha' (Force of pure & unconditional love with higher excellence) should be aware of its essence.


Desire 2 Truewill 'Shraddha shakti' (Force of pure &

unconditional love with higher excellence) is a mighty force, in respect of its power it can be equated with the peaceful usage of nuclear power, as its nearest equivalent Footnote: Several seers have mentioned that …Great worthy men and women in this world when experience the divine spell of 'shraddha power', then perform acts that benefit the entire humanity, at times through their acts noticed by none. Their acts, through the power of 'shraddha' create certain changes in the 'astral world' that directly affects the 'thought world of common human beings. Movements that enable noble practices become adopted in form of various international resolutions are an outcome of some ones exercise of 'shraddha power'. It is therefore, mentioned here that among whom this power is born, it is not essential that the world shall know about them but in actual it becomes certain that a great contribution shall now become possible through them. Today the world is becoming one on the basis of security, trade & technology and various other kinds of culmination are bringing those people close with that bear dissenting opinions, this my friends is an act at the command of the creator manifesting through the exercise of 'shraddha power' of those unnoticeable great men and women in this world.


Desire 2 Truewill

in the material world in light of energy. Nevertheless, access to its nectar becomes available to one based upon the condition lest motivation by loftiest 'astha', and possessed with exalted ' 'gehri abhilasha' ', alone arrange its outpour for the aspirant. Its mighty power can accomplish anything through anyone. Within whomsoever it becomes born, that being becomes extraordinary; the world may or may not learn about him, but from that moment it becomes certain, that something great, noble and novel shall happen through him/her. Irrespective of the fact that at times the outcome of this great change, may or may not become easily apparent… & it does not really matter. ‘Shraddha is the chaste love with the highest form of excellence ', i.e. love with one that is borne with highest degree of excellence. Countless words shall not be able to do justice to express the exact essence of this term 'shraddha'. A stream that despite of the fact that it touches this world but yet it does not belong to it; hence cannot find expression with mere service through our words. Entire detailing given on this divine subject is an attempt of mere whispers upon it, whispers are always dispensed with


Desire 2 Truewill

hesitation, irrespective whether the due justice was done to their subject while detailing upon them or not. Our 'sankalpit' (truly willed) i.e.' late kanwatia' or 'dandwat kanwatia' too, had embarked upon his journey fueled by, 'shraddha Shakti' (Force of pure & unconditional love with higher excellence). He started with an extreme trust that almighty shall respond to my 'yearning'; that his son must recover his health. His extreme trust amalgamated with his deepest 'yearning' that exists within deep a being, both form that basic fuel i.e. 'shradddha Shakti' (force of pure and unconditional love with higher excellence). It is therefore said in our ancient epics that, 'Those borne with 'shraddha Shakti' shall for certitude bear their aspiration'. Now, we must understand that if we too, sincerely want our deepest 'yearning' to fructify, then those 'yearning' should attain the status of an 'astha' (deepest belief) and essentially merge with 'shraddha Shakti' (force of pure and unconditional love with higher excellence). One must strongly behold 'the deepest belief', that yes I shall accomplish the sought. 'Astha' (deepest belief) upon 'self' to


Desire 2 Truewill

accomplish ones ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspiration) is therefore mandatory. Look my friend, formation of 'shraddha Shakti' (the force of pure and unconditional love with highest excellence) is only through the amalgamation of 'astha' & ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest belief with deepest aspiration). The outcome of their amalgamation is 'unparalleled'. The merger of river 'Bhagirathi' with 'Alakhnanda' at Himalayas forms holy river 'Ganges'. Likewise, when our virtuous beliefs amalgamate with our pure and deep aspiration then it becomes an invocation to 'shraddha Shakti' (force of unconditional love). One may understand it straight, that our pure and deep aspiration when ride upon virtuous beliefs to accomplish the righteous, shraddha Shakti that moment cannot hold itself (force of unconditional love). If one may say out of conviction that, I behold 'shraddha' (pure & unconditional love with highest excellence) towards 'Swami Vivekananda' an embodiment of austerity, renunciation, knowledge and service to humanity.


Desire 2 Truewill The sense drawn from these words can also

interpret as; that one deeply affirms to behold deep trust & belief in virtues as borne in the referred character, to sum it up through the sense of an emotion, one has pure & unconditional love towards those virtues. Besides, it also establishes that there exists an inclination within (irrespective of its nature whether remote or intense) to follow those traits as the conduct of ones life. Now when you actually imbibe those deeply affirmed virtues, virtues towards whom you behold pure & unconditional love; within the conduct of your life, it shall be then said that now you are driven by 'shraddha Shakti' (force of pure and unconditional love towards highest excellence). 'Shraddha' (pure & unconditional love) never allows a person become dull, egoist or weary. A being, driven by 'shraddha Shakti' always keeps going on composed, coping with all challenges that come on its way.

Be what you actually are; fearless, adorable, loving, compassionate, cooperative, focused, truthful and allow all success come your way- at all times. This is the check list for any becoming.


Desire 2 Truewill Devoid of 'shraddha' even little amount of

success shall engross one with element of 'ego' that creates a distance between the sought & the seeker. Therefore, it is essential that a divine lubricant of 'shraddha' always prevails within our existence. There is another spiritual aspect, which is very logical and a fact of our experience. The moment 'shraddha' (pure & unconditional love with higher excellence) is born within a being; ones entire thought plane undergoes a total reformation. Certain thoughts that never emerged 'within' us before… then start coming into our contact. It happens, because 'shraddha Shakti' (force of pure & unconditional love towards highest excellence) creates a strange powerful magnetic field around us that enables growth of ones peaceful concentration upon ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspiration). Power of ones concentration draws to itself all alike thoughts from the cosmic network. An invitation by consistent focus of ones concentration upon a subject, fuelled by force of shraddha leaves no option to like-minded suggestions, they instead simply travel down towards their aspirant. Our complete environment


Desire 2 Truewill

within undergoes a change, within and without; the force of sankalp ('''True will'') may not be apparent during those moments but deep inside ones heart skepticism & fear stand replaced by solid hope & strong belief. Scientists in pursuit of their research conduct various experiments wherein the basic sought is not always visible to them at their initial stages. They continue their endeavour; with a strong belief that the sought outcome shall certainly appear before them one fine day. Borne with this sentiment they keep striving with their work. In case you remove these two basic elements out of our great scientists i.e. 'astha' (deepest belief) & ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspiration), believe me, they would have never ever be able to become a source to inventions. Indeed, those scientist among whom the power of 'shraddha' (force of pure & unconditional lover towards higher excellence) came as an in born virtue they became a source to number of inventions, one after another like 'Einstein' was able to perform. On the contrary, there were those (not necessarily to the domain of science) who possessed great acumen and could have been source to many contributions to this world, but were refrained from

Remember to fuel the rocket of your 'sankalp' (''True will'') with 'shraddha' (pure & unconditional love with higher excellence). in case stands true. develop chaste love with your 'sankalp' (''True will'') & they love shall only dawn when your 'sankalp'. that they come as an observation of a 'shraddhalu' (one who bears pure & unconditional love towards highest excellence i. Quite often. Every move shall carry you towards your goal.e. What I have heard 'Einstein' mention.e. i. instead of sheer intelligence. When the words mentioned above happen. “I always try to read. what god thinks. because they could not manage their 'wild egoistic flares'. while they observe their slow pace of growth or at times no growth at all i. the . once remarked. It is natural for human beings to become perturbed.e. then my friend these words are for certitude. then irrespective of the fact that your goal lies close or at a distance things start moving. 'astha'. almighty). '''True will''' is based upon your deepest belief i.249 Desire 2 Truewill accomplishing. I have heard that the great scientist 'Einstein'. the progress upon our objectives happens its own way. rest all are merely its elaborations.e.

etc. 'Bhagwad geeta' is a holy book containing gospels that defy the limits of . etc. While. prolonged efforts.e. and much more. mind with intellect instinctively undergo & conduct an exercise of 'comparison' with others. During those crucial moments. we all experience the same way. a force borne out of a state. heavy labour. they (mind & intellect) strive to convince us about. We hope that readers would understand the essence of 'shraddha Shakti'. it is only then that great cause become accomplished. I. through this they repeatedly interfere into the ongoing harmonious working. Generally. our incapacity. the 'power of shraddha' retains the core control of all maneuver within its own command. Through continual critical logic. build up by combination of 'astha & 'gehri abhilasha'. Under 'Indian ethos'. is direly 'required with its entirety… for the struggle to achieve 'truly willed' is in under its way with full force.250 Desire 2 Truewill way things actually happen at times. Mind and intellect have an organic tendency to weigh and measure situations. intervention by 'shraddha Shakti' (force of pure and unconditional love for the highest excellence). inordinate delays. their hindrance eventually dissuades us from continuing with our further endeavour through full concentration.

manuscript as 'Bhagwad Geeta' is potent enough to enable growth of ones entire existence. Earlier. the highest abode of divine bliss. That time it became highly difficult for me to grasp this gospel on its account that 'efforts without any right to result' shall be some kind of a word without any meaning. that informs human being to' perform their duty. mind. instead they go on to relinquish the soul from vicious cycle of one life after another & enable a being graduate to the eligibility that bestows one with access equating eternity. that too . when I used to contemplate upon one of its well-known gospel. and if at all there is any meaning then it is rested with some one else. ego. intellect and divinity) It includes creator's direction to sincere aspirants that seek salvation.e. To sum up all in ordinary words. result are the sole prerogative with divine'.251 Desire 2 Truewill 'time' in respect with their relevance. Such manuscript far exceed possibilities that fall under realms of 'development of self'. relinquishing ones rights upon its fruits for the fruits i. and at the same time its knowledge stretches up to extents of the entire existence of a being(soul. while.

e. moving further in light of the same gospel one would always doubt that there is total absence of any system that can transparently exhibit the result related to ones exercise of acts i. both are the foundry of a 'becoming'.. divine for his due i. It is Quite unacceptable & none can easily conceive of such a practice where assignments are devoid of their outcome on a pretext that outcome is vested with someone else. Trying to extract sense from the mere words itself. at least one can know what happened with the outcome of my endeavour. how to sleep and how to breathe.e. A taxi driver after taking the passenger to their destination cannot afford to look towards sky i..e. For e. the gospel appears to be creation of a mind that is confined to a remote forest Two basic acts properly known to rarest. fare.252 Desire 2 Truewill is unseen. .g. Such were my doubts upon the practical application of that Gospel… but later my insight underwent a new understanding upon it that made its relevance accepted at the deepest levels of my understandings.

whose insight is merely adhered to fruits. All-Those. lasting growth and development always elude their end. Isn't it a fact that they that only sight fruit shall never be able to dedicate a fair portion of their attention to add quality to their performance. therefore. as my insight bathed in wisdom it became clear that instead of the author of this manuscript. However. Grabbers and hoarders seldom conceive about excellence and contribution. This animalistic impulse obliterates all distinction that distinguishes a human behaviour from an animal. Their lives rotate within self-initiated vicious cycle and they end up in the . unaware of the essential practices of market economy. Harmony and divine bliss are not for them. Clung with sheer association to fruit they outreach the limits prescribed under fair practice of trade. capriciously commit all their deeds under realms of 'injustice'.253 Desire 2 Truewill hermitage. rather it is our seat of comprehension that belongs to the remote forest of concrete which only observes shortsightedness and narrow-mindedness as code of its conduct. irrespective to the quality of their acts.

those that are not merely clung with the fruits. The message of 'Geetakar'. for he shall bestow the best possible fruit for the being. if mired with a magnified view of a fruit… their conduct shall elude the exercise of 'total quality management. they always intend to perform in terms of excellence. one shall understand that 'a fruit is merely an extension to an act'. attracted by their conduct. Justice is done by them to all avenues keep coming towards them in form of opportunities. a process that alone ensures highest quality standards.254 Desire 2 Truewill same manner. without any contribution or support standing at their back for the world. Ones sight. Harmony and bliss continue flow towards them. they face. During many instances it has been heard that someone out of his/her general practice always . continually. On the contrary. (one who authored 'Geeta') is that one should ascribe all attention towards development of highest standards of quality and excellence through ones deed with complete trust vested with the lord. always concentrate their most upon the quality of their deed. On slight thoughtful contemplation. Excellence with its entirety pervades into all faculties of their existence.

merely fruit-ridden narrow minded approach and conduct. it itself shall secure its due in the best possible terms of reward to your account. vocal singer Sh. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi ji. mechanic or else. Remember to give your hundred percent to task at hand. And one day they come to the notice of some worthy person who then extended them with an opportunity to excel at a larger magnitude and for that opportunity today they stand at the Zenith. Had the attention of those illustrious men and women merely clung with the fruit of their acts with total disregard to the quality of their service… such opportunities should never would have ever touched them because of their. while performing their acts. when performs. For the contribution by Picasso and Einstein in form of their work are not formations that could be termed as 'it just happened'. The classical Indian stalwart. Such performers that are always engrossed with highest concerns of adding quality to their work are to be considered full of 'shraddha'.255 Desire 2 Truewill excelled with highest quality of service. tailor. irrespective of the fact that whether that someone was a cook. craftsman. it . artist.

failures. distinction between 'self' and 'act disappears. 'divinity alone'.e. Being. When such people are under their struggles they do not care about period. borne within i. Those who become accustomed of always acting out of their 'shraddha'. no anxiety that whether they shall get paid or otherwise. While acting they aspire to touch the highest excellence. where the act and their existence totally blend into each other. They feel blessed while & after they perform their acts.256 Desire 2 Truewill appears that even nature has tendered its ears before his voice.e. During their acts their immersion reaches extents. many become eager to observe them from a . acts devoid of 'shraddha' can never secure such quality standards. for them pursuance of 'sankalp' (''True will'') becomes like surfing water. 'Shraddha' is that divine chirp that people borne with excellence always long to hear. Such esteemed excellences while performing their acts become totally absorbed in their world within and are totally absolved of worlds without. i. it is only then that their acts transform into powerful prayers. Friends. dullness instead every struggle renders them with more strength and enthusiasm to progress. during those moments they hold no skepticism about their remuneration. engulfed with 'shraddha' emanates peculiar aura that attract people towards them.

More than a century ago. running across all religions. .e. finally arriving a state where 'shraddha' enjoins itself with it. 'shraddha' & 'saburi'. The entire game initiates from one desire that further grows on to acquire other state and status. His utterances were many but namely two of them count as his eternal whispers to all those who aspire and want to be sure to achieve something dearest to their heart. Those two words were. his earthly abode confined to a place called 'Shirdi' In Maharashtra. can be even felt today.257 Desire 2 Truewill close distance. That feel of his powerful pious presence and vibrations of his highly effective prayers. cast or creed. towards whom we hold pure and unconditional love. They clearly means that ones endeavours must be driven by 'shraddha Shakti' (force of pure and unconditional love towards highest excellence) at the same time one must also observe 'saburi'. Sai Baba ji. but it can only happen with desire that bears an association deep… very deep within our heart. His secular approach stands exemplary. India observed one of its greatest saint by the name Shri. i.

While one patiently waits for the milk to boil an analytical wisdom is continuously in function that assesses the surface of the milk. patience should merely translate as the waiting period just before the milk boils. establish and function through out the process of our struggle 'saburi' i. .258 Desire 2 Truewill patience. In case the milk has been placed over a smaller burner then too it shall take more time to boil. To enable the force of 'shraddha assemble. In case the milk has been p o u r e d i n t o a comparatively larger utensil compared with the quantity of milk then too it may take some additional Sheer emotion can spoil the loved ones unless guided through wisdom. 'Saburi'. In case the milk has directly been drawn out of the refrigerator than in that case it shall take more time to boil. Like a river flooded with water can play havoc unless restrained through embankments. patience in no way means inertia. sitting idle with zero response to situations ahead.e. patience too is mandatory during times when efforts ungergo a silent period of their hidden working before any visible results appear 'Saburi'.

patience with inertia must rectify their understanding upon this divine subject. Those who ascribe and associate 'saburi'.e. Today. at certain times it may be less or more… all would depend upon various other visible or invisible factors involved. Results may take time to come. working with computers is a common practice and all know that at times when computers take time to process . giving a deceptive projection of no activity. Every act demands it due time. Initially and for a consecutive period milk appears to be dormant but all of a sudden it tears apart the thin veil atop itself and soon its upsurge draws ones entire concerns. instead at times great changes happen under the surface. In case the temperature outside is on its minimum then too it may take some additional time for the milk to boil and in case you have placed the burner regulator to its minimum then too the milk boil can take more time. nothing happens. i. whereas it is not always that when nothing appears to be happening.259 Desire 2 Truewill time to boil.

people realize that computer is engrossed in some activity within. Within its cabinet. it has resulted into a slow functioning and soon it shall restore to its normal speed.260 Desire 2 Truewill certain matter. only then our deepest aspiration fructify. When one gives oneself sankalp (''True will'') borne out of 'astha' (deepest belief) intending for a ' 'gehri abhilasha' ' (deepest aspiration) and singlemindedly strive with force of shraddha (unconditional chaste love) under observance of saburi (patience). therefore. But. 'Shraddha' + 'saburi' = accomplishment. all shall happen only when the first initiative is . Instead.e. subjected to it in form of our various commands. 'saburi'. one need not panic because of its slow speed. Aspirants desirous of accomplishing their dearest objective must enjoy their force of 'shraddha' with the other word given by the 'sage' i. it is engaged to manage all throws. that it is processing the sought command within its own system.

Ganges that manifests upon Himalayas cannot become known to this world unless it undertakes its first initiation i. its Journey down towards the planes.e. .261 Desire 2 Truewill undergone in the form of the first step.

how truly willed we may exist… we may even hold enough patience…the new change taken place within us yet. how excellent we may remain. Sound-Action L et our '''True will''' fuelled by force of Shraddha be given its a time shoot i.. Friends. It is therefore that the entire activity of change within us must further & manifest into our outward activities. shall see no accomplishment… & yield us with no benefit. Unless it happens. accommodation in our real lives.262 Desire 2 Truewill Chapter-10 Light.. (force of Shraddha: force of our pure & unconditional love towards highest levels of excellence). Camera. that means its inclusion . our '''True will''' must reflect through our daily conduct.e. how thoughtful we may be.

our deepest desires though truly willed. we suggest readers to plan step wise upon their 'yearning' i. Ones activities towards core pursuit would not only be included into our day routine but also shall find a close observation through its evaluation on each day. One must possess a 'diary' so that Once the pursuit for our 'yearning' finds its due place within our daily routines in order to give it a justified treatment… through a dedicated diary for all of its related mention. The 'diary' under our mention here. To achieve ones core objective one has to organize and plan upon ones '''True will'''.e.263 Desire 2 Truewill into our day-to-day affairs. Through a pragmatic approach. objectives. Remember that devoid of any planning & its pursuance through an each day routine. A general understanding about a 'diary' is that it is a compilation of ones day-to-day observation whereas in actual a diary also serves to record any kind of information upon any subject. shall contain all relevant record pertaining to the planning . for certitude shall remain confined to ones heart.

This diary in the form of a holy tool. . Consider this 'diary' as baptized through your highest divine emotion. There is no specific prescription upon the kind of 'diary'.264 Desire 2 Truewill action & evaluation upon all of our endeavours towards awakening through '''True will'''. so that it acquires highest sanctity within our minds. this 'diary' should be totally blank i. containing no mention to day and date When 'quest' m a r r i e s 'submission'. shall guide us and restrict our energies for mere attainment of our higher objectives.e. a regard that is equated to any book of highest reverence. Preferably. & this is not all for a 'becoming'.. The 'Diary' shall deserve its sanctity on a basic premise that it comes to us as a source that shall enable us to achieve our deepest aspirations.. we have been longing since part several years.. a 'seeker' is born.. one should adopt on the basis of convenience a blank 'diary' bearing yet a size around 4"inches X 5"inches is considered as most suitable.

priorities and many more factors. In regard with its number of pages. Though none can assume on others behalf. A smaller size facilitates the concealment of the diary. occupation. the diary must contain minimum 100 pages and maximum 150 pages. All relevant information shall appear to ones notice in a manner that a continuous operation upon core objective remains on its absolute course. while on move. Our deepest 'yearning' shall depend upon our respective age. The 'diary' shall serve the basic cause of manifesting your '''True will''' through highlight upon those essential acts that require their dispensation on daily basis. For instance in case one beholds five deepest 'yearning' (this is mere illustration). Although Leonardo & Einstein differ in their realms.265 Desire 2 Truewill with ruled pages. it is only that for the sake of illustration that we here embark through an approximation. where the one transformed art into the form of a . Its small size affords a comfortable insertion into the big pocket of your blazer or a bag. Such size is also easy to write upon and equally easy to manage.

Though the knowledge contained under this book mandates for one 'yearning' as ones core pursuit but with changing times and in consideration to present way of life. endless struggle and constant evaluation. Our approach shall remain . accommodative. we have included five deep 'yearning's. This small simulations is a guide line to ones priorities & it builds up a chain of events in order to realize ones 'yearning' . Both first drowned self to later afloat. it was only after that they became entity of 'cynosure' for the rest of the world… they surfaced The illustration her is merely an indicator. Let us work out a simulative exercise that falls before a young mind. As passionate they absorbed themselves into their cause to extents that they were drowned within their own 'yearning'. presented here for their transformation into' ''True will'''. One has to ascertain Ones inner deepest desires on grounds of ones inner state within and other priorities of life before self. which means that both immersed within their objectives become i.266 Desire 2 Truewill science and the other transformed science into an art… but its for certitude that their efforts based upon their respective approach had to follow through their continual efforts.e.' ''True will'''.

with some gradual progress on the path of ones pursuit towards realization of '''True will''. Management in business administration (M.. Makes necessary arrangement that my parents travel once in a year at a destination of their choice. that too by road & subsequently to 'Caribbean islands and 'Switzerland'. Second Third : : Initiate upon a business venture that flourishes.' few compatriots that earlier mandate for their inclusion then later submit before higher objective or in some cases their .B.. that mandate with a highest degree of priority to an extent that ones insight shall remain uneasy if they are evaded for any cause. Fourth Fifth : : Reduce body weight. You have observed that once we embark upon exercise of ascertaining our deepest desires few inseparable compatriots also emerge alongwith. at least 15-20 pounds.ladakh' (India).A) from an esteemed academic institution of international repute. However. exceedingly. Voyage to 'leh.267 Desire 2 Truewill A mere Illustration of 5 yearnings First : Accomplish.

the bike missed of its inclusion. slim line 'bike'. This results a great saving of ones creative energy that otherwise fell prey to the list of such longing & unfulfilled desires. But while one sincerely undergoes the exercise of discernment upon ones desires. Instead one would become more responsible and shall contemplate only upon those desires that are part of the most prioritized list.. It is also not so that one shall forget the left ones forever. And even if one shall never attains them. deepest desires. i.” once the deepest desires fructify the ordinary ones may cherish or not. a blasting sound system etc. to me it shall . (ones that do not fall under the most prioritized list) one shall never become disconcerted. One wanted to purchase a new dress. instead from then onwards they shall not continually interfere ones seat of thoughts. a new mobile phone instrument. One shall use these words as ones inner dialogue.e. most become as left. For example. you are desperately longing to possess a beautiful high-powered.268 Desire 2 Truewill fulfillment does not require any special allocation of ones attention. whereas when it came to exercise a limit upon the number of desires to merely five.

Although the 'yearning' that must receive utmost priority. It is necessary that one must include one such deep 'yearning' within ones list. i. the one that is self-less and a direct contribution in the making of this world a better place. the one that shall befit your petition before the 'god of death' in regard to further extension of your stay upon this earthly abode. evasion is caused with an intention that readers exercise their notice and catch the evaded subject & ultimately include it in their own list. first baptize it (diary) through your highest divine sentiments and then open it up.269 become immaterial”. The list of 'yearning' mentioned before as an illustration stand drawn in respect with a young aspiring mind. & release the person from trivial subjects that otherwise held ones 'true growth'. Desire 2 Truewill Then the list of your most prioritized vital and deepest desires shall enhance the 'stature and quality' of your thoughts. You shall gain another self as your own worthy counsel. leave its first page as blank and write down your 'yearning' . deliberately evades the list mentioned herein.e. Let us start the work upon Our diary Friends.

.A) from an esteemed academic institution of international repute'.270 Desire 2 Truewill one by one on the second page. So that whenever you open the 'diary'. Management in business administration (M. Once you have finished with the sought on second page then go on to the third page and mention the first 'yearning' over its top. it should reveal its contents before you at the outset. For an e. 'Accomplish. .B. envisaged.g. Now.A from an institution of great repute there must be some eligibility criteria for applicants to fulfill in Our Brain is a machine that works to limits of its making.B. the first 'yearning' is. in the form of a road map that guide one towards the venue of some event) that clearly indicates upon all mandatory criteria one must fulfill in order to arrive at the destination. take hold of a rough pad and draw a road map preferably in form of a diagram (like the ones that are mentioned behind an invitation card of a function. For eg in order to accomplish an M.. Heart is the abode of consciousness and it prevails to the limits of infinity.

this 'mind'. straightforward and sincere servant.271 Desire 2 Truewill respect of their pre-qualification. This mind is already well aware of all general information essential to . You deeply intend to invest your energies to enhance your caliber and fructify 'deepest desires' therefore regulate and guide. this world would have been an altogether different place to live. had this 'mind' been a simple. fee arrangements etc. entrance examination. hence it is needless to make such mentioning. protest and drain out its energy. This restless mind must be tied with a strong anchor so that it works within its limits extended by its holder. Look friend. One would then just think and accomplish without any hassles. People with different age & status have to plan differently like for those that are already employed. must work out their capacity to bear sustenance during study leave for a regular course or should seek admission in a distance learning course that approximately equates the credence of a regular course. After you are done and satisfied with the design on the rough pad. Do not raise an objection for this exercise on a pretext that one already knows all about its 'essentials'. kindly then copy it over your 'sacred diary'. otherwise it shall wander.

accordingly this sacred 'diary' too shall seek its replacement through an alike sentiment and serve your higher objectives to became fructified. Aspiration and achievements are bridged by attempts and this sanctified 'diary' shall guide and assist to bridge the gap between 'aspiration' and 'achievements'. kindly leave next fifteen pages as blank and on the sixteenth page mention your second deepest aspiration along with its contemplated road map. After the mention of a road map in light of your the first deepest aspiration. Go on repeating the same way in your diary for the remaining aspiration under your list i. this 'diary' under an mention coming to you in no ordinary form.272 charge out & contribute its due share. in your life on accomplishment of one set of deep aspiration. for now it stands baptized with the most pious sentiment borne within you. Further. therefore anything that finds a mention within it mandates the 'mind' to respond for its service accordingly. write down the name of aspiration at the .e. but it yet does not Remember. Desire 2 Truewill qualify for the achievement of sought. another set of new aspiration shall arise and seek their accomplishment.

Their compilation is now there in form of a 'sacred diary'. still to conceive the formless some medium of symbolic representation facilitates the belief regarding its 'is ness'. We all somewhere deep within ourselves realize that the almighty is infinite and infinity does not behold any form.273 Desire 2 Truewill top. all were in one or the other way an incarnation of divinity that appeared on this planet for salvaging humanity. you have given yourself five basic determinants in form of five deepest 'yearning' that shall navigate most activities of your life. beneath it mention the well thought road map and then leave another fifteen pages as blank. Your deepest aspiration through this 'sacred diary' now no more exist in their abstract form. borne with their distinct appearance in form of words and respective diagram that elaborate their contents along with road map. in order to comprehend it within our belief system. holy place or a holy soul related. instead now they appear in their concretized form. With all this as done. but. Human beings require some medium through which they can express their most revered faith. . You shall have observed it that world over all religions that believe and worship the god as 'formless'. bear symbols of faith and highest reverence in form of a holy book.

in other words they respond to seekers offerings that come towards them in form of highest love and faith. shall respond to concerns of your deepest quest. such medium that stand as symbolic representation to infinite divine start resonating and responding to aspirants urge. the only thing to remember is that the substance is same'. Today science too believes that entire existence on this planet exists in form of vibrations.e. (In Hindi. it is termed as 'shraddha se anupranit'). 'shraddha'. his presence sanctifies all places and people'.274 Desire 2 Truewill 'Indian ethos' believes that with continual expression of chaste and unconditional love i. therefore any matter equally holds possibility to become a medium and manifest the consciousness within itself. 'the substance that was so far confined to your state 'within' now finds its expression outside upon the paper. Consider your 'sacred diary' the same way. To be more precise for its exact definition. In that case my friends. . oscillating or operating at various distinct frequencies. this 'sacred diary' of yours too. Lord Krishna is no different. 'Lord Krishna is within all of us and Lord Krishna is also at our place of worship.

I wish to quote the saying of a great Indian sage. This exercise makes one take ones deepest resolve with higher degree of seriousness. such thoughts that persistently bother one.e. writing ones deepest resolve along with their road map on a 'sacred diary'. they must leave or should be forced to . This manner is an effective theraphy to get rid of log-jam within at once. Subjects that unnecessarily hold on to our mind as illegal occupants for long period. instead it has transformed into an un-shakable '''True will'''. The seer suggested a wonderful spiritual form of psychotherapy. To emphasize more upon the significance of manifesting i. past experience or desires make their presence felt within us through errant means.275 Desire 2 Truewill Once the words confined to your heart get written in the 'sacred diary'. at the level. they then become witness to your strong affirmation'. According to the seer. that shall seek its realization'. the ones corresponding to our nature. that 'yes now the 'yearning' is no more an ordinary wave. a manner under which the turbulence within a person can be released i.e. in other words thoughts or feelings that play a continual nuisance within our minds must leave.

Select a particular day that does not warrant your presence anywhere. besides there should be no other source of external distraction of any form. 'Sit down on an easy chair. forever. Why? Because it is a fuel that keeps me moving amidst all ups & down. The exercise should start in absolute seclusion with lime juice. project yourself with a question bearing a very 'light intenseness'. the one that affords a comfortable recline posture. i preserve it despite of mistakes it makes through my decisions. . Now i plan to marry her with a boy named contemplation. The seer further suggests the following method to eliminate such thoughts and enable self to get rid of them. with your complete awareness focused on to the entire path of breathing. Start breathing in the gentlest manner. cup of tea or coffee in a thermos and a pad with pen kept close. What are those subjects that continuously disfigure the harmony of My eagerness knows no dimension. Once you observe a settled frame of mind within yourself. I still give it a free hand.276 Desire 2 Truewill vacate our inner world without any further delay.

for there is none to worry of…you are conducting this exercise in absolute seclusion. all that which through hallucinations invites you to assail upon nonexistent creatures and situations etc. Write all upon all that-that forces upon you its will and induces you to always shun all kind of restraint. etc. time has come they must become exposed. all that which makes you remain indecisive.277 Desire 2 Truewill my mind? Take hold of the pad and pen and start writing all that appears to your mind. that proposes any other form of suggestion. simply follow all that appears and note down that as an efficient stenographer observing a highly important meeting at security council in 'United nations'. Remain focused on subject that have created so much riot within. without raising any voice of dissent. mention about all that draws a wave of fear within. Keep . instead stick on the current phase flowing within your mind. Your hand shall start flowing and producing words. all that takes you for ride on useless imaginary voyages. with only outward contact to this world in form of writing. While writing do not heed to any part of yours.

sip tea. Let one subject that ails us. once again…while going through the text one might experience discomfort within. leave with its complete bag and baggage i. be strong enough & let the core objective fulfill itself. the idea should be to do complete justice with its entire mention. be well taken care of… In case the subjects are many then please concentrate upon them one at a time. have two to four small interlude. slowly start reading it word by word.278 Desire 2 Truewill writing all abstract irritant subjects that have tormented you inside until this day. coffee or juice and give yourself most comfortable feel. line by line. After having written all.e. You solace 'within'. Similarly follow the same manner for each of the issues one after another and go on mentioning all of them irrespective of their number and the time it may take for this exercise. all over. Be very slow. Let your body chemistry. Remember that for this exercise you've dedicated one full day. its entirety mentioned without having left any word upon its mention. along with the entire store of your creative energy was sucked by these monstrous thoughts. now they must leave us so that we now onwards restore order .

in any way bother me in any form. association. with them and hence they shall not. that seems as left. a sense of satisfaction must prevail within you that the entire matter corresponding to the issues stands mentioned herein without slightest scope of any evasion. Today I break all my connections. within the domains of my mind. In case you notice that some issue require some more further mention in an elaborated form then kindly do not hesitate to write down all concerned. and relation with all of them. even remotest. have totally been released out and have now established them self on this paper. Deep within your mind undergo a deep conviction that all those subject or issues that so far troubled me inside. . Give yourself a strong affirmation that I am determined to evict 'self' of these irritants and am also determined to accomplish all that I have longed since long time.279 Desire 2 Truewill and harmony to our existence. From this day I hold no connection. Now hold on to all those papers that contain entire detail upon subjects stated above and close your eyes. While you are done with entire reading.

that so far remained concealed to my heart alone. throw them outside into a dustbin or in case if it is possible and permitted then flush it down with water. It should appear as if a paper shredder did that tearing. Do not hasten during the tearing. within. Open your eyes and gradually start tearing 'the written'. The intensity of relief must increase along with the tearing moves. A question in this regard may arise to you by now what about the near future. You must remember that all healthy people wear warm clothes during winter namely on two grounds one . in case the problems turn up again. Soon after this exercise. but all must happen gently. The idea is to finish the entire existence of the paper. The pieces should be torn to their smallest possible size. This exercise draws an end to those entire erring and irritant subject that continually keep troubling us. tear it thinly and not thickly.' A question would arise in your mind that today with this deep and intensive internal exercise I have relieved my self from these troubles.280 Desire 2 Truewill This observation in form of an affirmation should be very intense. instead be slow and understand that all this is thoughtfully done to get rid of its contents forever.

Alert. how can you forget about the extensive information suggested upon installation of a continuously vigilant sentinel at the doors to your mind.281 Desire 2 Truewill that they do not want to shiver and two that they do not like to become 'unwell'. One has no control upon external factors that form an environment. the one that does not allow any penetration to such miscreants that seek way inside to our minds. Why should one observe vigil? because from the world around us. But one can certainly create a 'fire wall' or an 'immunity jacket'.) Sawdhani kumar. A shake means a gesture of refusing acceptance or . for instance in form of news. Go back to chapter no. you too must observe a precaution in form of an internal vigil that prevents contact with any such contagious thought. Similarly. while discussing a matter or a notice upon something that is happening on the road etc. i. A strong shake of your head in negation can get rid of countless small miscreants.e. (Mr. once again. Moreover. infectant suggestions in form of thoughts keep approaching us under various forms. Sawdhani kumar is there at your service protecting you from all sides surveillance for 24x7 provided his installation took place in the manner prescribed under that chapter. for ones inside world. Mr. 3 and have a glance.

White house. Could you accomplish your part of 'inch' yesterday . even if an intruder ever attempts to gain access inside such places their fate might end them soon. Remember it once again that can anyone and everyone easily gain access to 6 Race coarse. London or places with similar importance…no. In case. let us go & talk at the wildest possible imaginary levels. New Delhi. Alert. within seconds. Similarly equip your (Mr. Washington. none can imagine to do so except those who have vital business to dispense with inside such places of high importance. 10 Downing street.) Sawdhani kumar with full discretion and equip him with all & else that is required to protect your interests. because the surveillance and security system installed there one almost un-breach able. Nevertheless.282 Desire 2 Truewill denial to entry of any such thought which is unwelcome inside us. someone that is unwanted inside is able to intrude Each day is an opportunity to inch further & grow.

then simply end its fate immediately by exercise of all your strengths… be it by shaking your head in its negation or even if it comes down by writing it down over a piece of paper and tearing it in the same way. but with a different intention & purpose. as it was done earlier with all such miscreants.. That same principle works when we write down our deep aspiration into our 'sacred diary'… it works. they become live (not in the form as we generally conceive life). According to us when the thoughts within our minds are consciously brought out on a piece of paper an integral relationship is born. The pages of such compilation become an extension of your mind. therefore what ever we dispense or conduct outside bears a similar effect within.283 Desire 2 Truewill within the domains of your mind then. You have already drawn a diagram . they respond and they guide. The more you conquer the more you become stronger and comfortable in your inside world. within and without. provided the act is dispensed with complete 'awareness and belief'. Coming back to the 'sacred diary' once again. pick up the rough pad and start contemplating upon the first 'deepest aspiration' mentioned under your 'sacred diary'.

when it . Such plans cannot withstand even slightest test of a critical appraisal. Human beings have a general tendency that they are affixed with their core objectives to extents that the required focus upon processes and procedures that enable an achievement happen totally. many battles that were almost won eventually turn up as lost . This is the subject where the message of 'Bhagwad Geeta' counts all importance. whereas they should otherwise think more upon the acts that can lead them to desired conclusions. and finally touch your objective. a fruit is an objective and merely sighting it does not ensure its achievement. 'you have right to act. Therefore. it is an excellent dispensation en-route that actually ensures its right. now it is time to mention all those manner through which you shall arrive at those destinations. resulting. A biased mind under spell of un-thoughtful obsession shall plan upon irrational processes and procedures. There are people who are so obsessed with their objectives that they enjoy dreaming upon them & consider them as attained. evade their attention.284 Desire 2 Truewill that entails all indicators regarding destinations that shall fall en-route of the pursuit to your core objective. means focus upon the act with all your might.

Now. Whatever is sought after two or three years requires its preparation at this passing moment. the first aspiration pertains to accomplishment of M.B.B. .e. Virtues do not fall as rain from the sky instead. they are invoked through precise attraction and proper procedures. Process and procedures upon one objectives conclusively translate into their inclusion into our daily lives. and the same should happen through each day that follows. aspiring to accomplish M.e.A from an institution of international repute demands certain pre-requisites in form of prequalification and any avoidance upon their entirety. A lot requires accomplishment before one can even dream to touch the doors to the classroom of a 'business school' with internal repute.A. Planning upon required efforts i.285 Desire 2 Truewill comes down to contemplate and write upon processes and procedures to realize deepest 'yearning's kindly do not undergo a fascination that sights you only with 'green' . are an illustration. in no way can lead one to ones core objective i. instead one must exercise complete wisdom and plan totally in accordance with the realities on the ground. your deeds must colour with intent of pursuance towards objective.B.A. A mere consideration upon the list of deep aspiration mentioned in this book. M.

e. Write down all that comes under the mandatory process and procedure i. and leave the remaining pages as blank . this transition from pad to diary shall afford you with an another opportunity that suggest several amendments and a Knowing is not enough. . essential requirements for the pursuit of your objective.286 Desire 2 Truewill Every day must contribute in the making of your stature that shall one-day solemnize achievement of your objective. those blank pages shall be written during various evaluations that shall suggest several amendments or rectifications during our voyage towards our 'deepest aspirations'. Repeat the same exercise for remaining aspirations too… Before you start working upon your 'sacred diary' go through the relevant chapter once again so that the entire information with its due emotion enshrines deep within your mind. Always work initially upon the rough pad and then make it as fair on your 'sacred diary'. mere knowing becomes more painful when it falls short of implementation.

Weight reduction cannot happen by occasional walks. in such case a regular practice of little contemplation over it in some form must happen on each day.e. Remember the saying in armed forces. To draw a change the entire theme must manifest in all activities of an aspirant that desires to reduce weight. You may enquire that when the number of deepest aspiration have a limit of five and each one of them would not ascribe more than fifteen pages then. when at war'. Brick by brick erect a structure.287 Desire 2 Truewill thoughtful focus upon most important subject i. according to our suggestion the diary should bear around 100 to 150 pages. It may happen that particular deep aspiration does not seek its accomplishment on daily basis. Your core intent should remain that. what deeply aspired must reflect in a day spent through me. neither by a weekly fast and nor through chasing unrestricted diet. This practice shall enrich and strengthen our ties with our deepest aspiration. We have suggested you to procure a blank book that shall become baptized as your 'sacred diary'. the conduct of your life. 'sweat more in peace times to save blood. what are then these .

It talks about your direct contribution in the making of this world a better place. firstly your existing deepest aspiration shall become realized in due course of time and we do not want you to change your 'sacred diary'. Go through the contents of chapter 4. once again and realize about matter that must find mention under remaining pages of your 'sacred diary'. . Secondly. instead continue with it through a mention of any fresh addition under your deep aspirations. are you forgetting about the words given to the god of death? Remember his words and your commitment…” further extension is granted in special cases where it is certain that the extended period shall come under utilization for a purpose none other than the one that holds a direct contribution to develop and bring harmony to the creation of the creator”.288 remaining pages meant for… Desire 2 Truewill These remaining pages are meant for two assignments.

insufficiency of appropriate and continuous appraisal drowns various major projects initiated by governments or the corporate world. within those fifteen pages allocated to each. One can trace large number of Y our 'sacred diary' dedicates fifteen pages to each 'deepest aspiration' and it is certain that . for the mention of observations drawn out of continuous appraisal upon the 'direction and kind of efforts' deployed to achieve your 'core objectives'. Remember.289 Desire 2 Truewill Chapter-11 Efforts require continuous appraisal (Quality management) not all those pages shall cover road map along with required 'process and procedures' that shall accomplish the sought. Therefore for every single aspiration allocate last two pages.

Appropriate continuous appraisal should remain a continuous practice. while the objectives are under pursuance (I believe that this life would never miss appraisals since objectives shall continue to appear one after another). preferably either 1st of each month or 10th of each month. Post your failure or findings that reveal lapses on account of the failure in appropriate timely appraisal. Advisably. However. one should . Our efforts in this case concern our deepest aspiration that have now manifested into our 'sacred diary'. the continuous appraisal shall commence each day. hence.290 Desire 2 Truewill such failures where best of the available minds utilized the foremost technologies through their intensively worked out strategies. One can settle for a particular date when the mentioning shall take place in ones 'sacred diary' . whereas the mention of your appraisal in writing should confine to once in a month. Such lapse occur on account that the intensity of involvement by all involved shrouds their sight from appropriate timely appraisal and alarms get raised. whatever suits one. the required appraisal must happen upon our pursuits. once the titanic tilts.

'Quality . It is here the time when one must exercise ones acumen of 'précis' writing. quality standards are direct product of flaw less 'continuous appropriate appraisal'. (In light of your efforts upon pursuit according to the plan envisaged). Reduce i.291 Desire 2 Truewill maintain contact with ones 'sacred diary' on daily basis in form of a dedicated glance. Appraisal is a tool that shall enable your insight to sharpen itself and guide one to only initiate upon most precise acts that yield sought conclusions.e. While conducting appraisal upon ones endeavours it may happen that words exceed two sentence and conclude in form of a page. The mention of appraisal related conclusion only once during a month will find mention in the form of one or two sentences expressing your satisfaction or dissatisfaction to your conduct that month. Consider it as your performance report. Gradually one would realize that the appraisal related mention has become a graph depicting ones state. condense your observations to one or maximum two sentences. Companies like Toyota and Intel are the ones that stand as marvel of excellence when it comes to talk about 'quality standards'.

. each product whether an object or services is produced under some prescribed design and meeting that prescription in totality means 'quality management'.e.. Now when the conformance towards 'original design 'must happen it would be only possible where all corresponding departments with their process and procedures contribute the same as prescribed. To understand in simplest possible manner think about a body builder'.292 Desire 2 Truewill standards' can only maintain through installation of 'quality management'. the core essence of this term is in fact towards a quality management procedure. a body builder has to balance the growth of his entire body through conduct of various exercise. . Technically speaking its nearest definition describes it as 'conformance to original design' i. he cannot afford to concentrate only upon 'biceps' and avoid shaping Those that retain the fire within are the ones that even force destiny to alter and make way f o r t h e i r yearnings. You must have heard about the term 'total quality management'.

Body builder's quality standards under his quality management related endeavour happens through various balanced exercises that render him with total growth i.293 Desire 2 Truewill other parts of his body. Establishment of quality standards at all the processes of production is 'total quality management'. International standardization is my friend all about 'ascertainment of quality standards'. In India. terms like 'ISO' denote establishment of the same. This . Although the example of a body builder cannot equate with the one that was mentioned earlier indicating towards 'Toyota and Intel' but yet it serves one to understand the concept in the simplest possible manner. few police stations have started undergoing such quality management procedure and have procured international standardization certificates. as required under the standards of body building norms established by relevant organizations.e. Judgments upon the best 'body' shall happen by examining the extents of conformance to the prescribed standards and above all the best that bears excellent standards. Appraisal and evaluation are nearly same and evaluation here means to asses the value.

All engine work. Senior politicians at regional levels in India.) The helicopter pilots have never flown before to those particular terrains.294 Desire 2 Truewill exercise is a necessary event to ensure that all endeavours are rightly directed towards the sought destination. entire crew labour with several resources touches the un-sought. nor were they trained to fly that way. moreover. May not stand suitable for national level political leadership because they have to fly in areas corresponding to different states. 'netaji' (the leader) must conduct the navigational obligation by himself because the choppers hired do not support enough passengers of the accompanying party constitutes not more than .g.e. hence the navigational charge is left to 'netaji' (the leader) or some close aide. Generally. while moving under their election campaign mostly deploy services of a 'helicopter' and they aspire to land at places that fall in total conformance to their program venue i. it might not happen that the navigational instruments become faulty and the ship instead sailing towards Brazil eventually lands at Australia. generally their preference is to land right behind the program venue. (This e.

295 Desire 2 Truewill one or two more leaders.e. everywhere. They i. Most of the times. . At the same time. 'netaji' (leader) never fail in their continuous appraisal while dispensing with their navigational obligations. The similar contouring deceits the navigator because of small identical houses. schools or ponds… readers should notice that at remote places there is total absence of sky crapers that conspicuously stand for identification as land marks and assist the course of ones navigation. even within their own political constituencies. The navigation ultimately rest with either. few political stalwarts excel exceptionally well while they fly upon large number of constituencies that fall within their home state and yet they are able to asses in such a precise manner that pilots have reported them of even naming the owners of some houses falling beneath. in order to identify locations. lanes. 'netaji' or an aide. Here. there are other political leaders who are not that good with their 'aerial navigational skills'. with an aerial view. during heat of electioneering the landing become a great problem because the one that handles navigation must discriminate and determine the course on basis of houses.

This illustration only emphasizes upon the need of an appraisal that does not afford to loose the tracking sight at any count. . The process of appraisal should be so perfect that slightest deviation is detected and brought to the notice of the main pursuant. This story talks about an appraisal that speaks in favour of ethics and timely compilation of results that come out of ones efforts.296 Desire 2 Truewill Quite frequently. Conformance to original standards remains bull's eye for those that manage 'total quality management'. At times. We shall mention one another story that conveys a different message upon the process of appraisal. we read in newspapers that a particular helicopter could not ascertain its landing place ultimately landed within a school ground. reports tell that since a particular helicopter during its sortie could not find its location and was running out of fuel it rushed back towards its originating destination. or the helicopter in search of exact location it hovered around in sky for long periods.

sow 'Seed'. And one shall carry to share one is able to harvest. The young came under the effect of a wrong advice of others and his misdirected mind proposed a suggestion to the old. The young had lot of physical energy but no land to work upon whereas the old had workable land with scarce physical energy. (during times when no machines were deployed for agricultural purposes) a young man underwent an agreement with an old man the old mans was the owner of a land parcel that was fertile agricultural piece of land. All settled. the young started his initiative and dispensed with all essential activities.297 Desire 2 Truewill Once. It was agreed upon that the young should till the entire land. The agreement virtually created a perfect match of power with resource. irrigate and take all-necessary care until harvest and at the time of harvest the sharing of produce shall happen on equal basis. according to which both i. A day came when it was harvest time.e. the young and the old shall harvest the land at the same time with each one of them starting from a different corner. .

The old had no option but to endorse the words of the young. Why? because during those moments all interfering agents are dormant (mind.298 Desire 2 Truewill The pretext for youth's proposal was that his contribution in way of labour far exceeded old man's contribution. deficient of energy could harvest small area.e. the old was loosing time on both the counts namely the speed of his harvest and secondly upon forming a bundle.e not lost to any thought. The young endlessly continued with strive to reap as much as he could whereas the old harvested little and also spend some time to gather harvested crop and bind it in form of a bundle. Both started harvesting the land diagonally from the different ends. deeper understanding and growth of a human being happen during deep sleep. he should stand a better opportunity to secure more share in the total produce and the suggested device was most suited. hence. comparatively the old. By midday the young was almost over with harvest upon eighty percent of the land that all of a sudden an The actual learning. i. .intellect & ego) Question is how to acquire deep sleep? A simple start can be given by sleeping with awareness i. the young bore immense power and could harvest more land within less time.

distressed he ran to nearby fields to collect his harvest but in turn was badly beaten by respective owners of the lands on the ground that what lies on our land is ours.299 Desire 2 Truewill unexpected fast winds started blowing. On the other hand. The young was shocked to observe his entire fortune evaporate in front of his eyes. It may not happen that in absorption or passion of chasing the core objective we loose various important achievements that come on . The young on his concerns toward fast winds looked back towards various small heaps of crops harvested by him and continued to harvest the crop. the old stood beside his few bundles of harvested crop that certainly measured no size in comparison of youth's share but it at least they stood beside the old. Two very important messages borne out of this story indicate that those minds that aspire must conduct a continuous appraisal of their respective endeavours & also should equally take adequate care to compile achievements that come their way towards core pursuance. Soon the speed of winds accelerated to such an extent that the entire crop harvested by the young blew away to the nearby fields.

There is an old saying that says. At times. Therefore. Remember during ones struggles one is more prone to deviatory suggestions that seem to be appropriate at those moments but later they make one pay the . Narrow insight attacks upon even the wisest ones specially during moments when one is nearing accomplishments. 'how much did one earn? The one that one saved'. and appraisal of ones work related strategy. but one must identify and kill such viruses because they come to negotiate ones entire integrity. appraisal of ones attitude. These attacks may come in form of an external suggestion or an internal de-regulated urge of having more. battles that deploy rigorous struggles get lost to last minute narrow selfish acts and we have many stories upon this particular observation. The second and the most important message the story bears indicates upon ones morale especially on times when achievements are sighted. such achievements in case procured would afford an important support during tough times. appraisal or evaluation must commence at two levels.300 Desire 2 Truewill its way.

e. then in such case the chances of sought results to come become remote. you bear a strong resolution in the form of '''True will''' to act and achieve the sought whereas the manner you execute work is improper unplanned or unorganized. It is therefore that the continual 'appraisal' or 'evaluation' becomes necessary to ascertain that wheels of our efforts confine to their appropriate track. since such adoption ensures establishment of suitable intellect.301 Desire 2 Truewill heaviest price. At the same time one must also remember that merely undertaking a strong resolution. My friend the actual 'prana pratishtha' i. Continual appraisal also enables one improve the quality standards of one's efforts. for instance. the manifestation of the properties of life shall associate more with your 'sacred diary' once you are able to conduct the process of evaluation on each following day. Our deep intention is to see highest standards of 'total quality management' find their way in 'ones way of life' as they do into the domains of 'large production entities and their respective corporate governance'. does not ensure of the sought results. alone. The difference between .

few words upon the manner you execute your work and the achievement secured till . So friends.302 Desire 2 Truewill incorporation of principles of 'total quality management' in one's life and a corporate entity is that with the case of former the entire implementation must come and happen within an individual whereas with the case of latter the implementation requires involvement of various levels & through numerous persons. With the case of an individual the power to penetrate remains with one's own self. it is one's own mind that can choose to either become a barrier or make way for the necessary change happen that ultimately lead to achievement of one's '''True will'''. Through any external instrument the ultimate intention is to produce a purposeful change happen within a being. The comment of evaluation should indicate your state of mind. the last pages left within your 'sacred diary' must be allocated for the mention of 'date wise 'comments that are drawn out of the exercise of evaluation conducted at prescribed intervals of time.

Whatever is written should remain confined within very few words and yet express the entirety corresponding to the ongoing efforts in light of your endeavour towards realization of your '''True will'''. I believe that readers of this book have by now become borne with a fertile mind and this book shall serve the similar purpose the way its done for preparing soil before sowing 'Seed's. The last sentence establishes a fact that your mind already . As you gradually tread further on the path of pursuance of your pursuit the comments of your own evaluation continuously guide during all endeavours.303 Desire 2 Truewill that moment.e. 'sacred diary'. In case this book had eluded the mention upon the most important guide i. no justice shall have considered as done with the entire process of 'transforming a desire into a ''True will'''. one another reading shall enable one comprehend the desired knowledge. Whenever you face any problem to understand the concept mentioned in this book. Devoid of its mention shall have made the entire exercise look like an effort wherein we intend to cast a ceiling without its support existing over the ground.

e. so that their achievements further enlighten their respective communities thereby adding a purposeful contribution to the creator's creation. we also enable personal growth happen.304 Desire 2 Truewill bears fertile soil along with prospective purposeful 'Seed's whereas the entire activity to cherish your deepest aspiration must commence within your own self. I also pray that besides fulfilment of every ones individual aspiration. our planet inhabited by all beings with nature. let all resolve for certain resolutions in form of '''True will'''. the purposes that directly contribute for the betterment of the society. We also must envisage small acts that lead to national harmony and growth. yet with some concerns at heart and through little efficient time management one should endeavour in some form for causes that . Besides. which is this very planet i. Although the present day life leaves little scope for causes that fall beyond the domains of one's family. Therefore while concluding this book I pray almighty to bestow its extreme bliss to all those insights that are borne with a dying quest to achieve their deepest 'yearning' noble resolutions.

Once again I convey my noble and good wishes to all aspirants who wish to realize their respective '''True will''' for all rightful purposes that harmonize this planet. We at 'APNO KAJ SREJAN' (my job is to create) movement are engaged to conduct small endeavours whereby we are able to contribute through small efforts towards the betterment of the society around. .305 Desire 2 Truewill fall outside the domains of one family and consider the larger family as ones domain. Through our small acts directed towards youth and society we secure immense pleasure that can be termed as 'atma santosh' (contentment at the end of a soul).

e evolve all beings.306 Desire 2 Truewill I met God during my morning walk: I asked him what makes you moving. always (eternity). I even them affect them to pain. He answered 'evolution'. deprivation & hatred amongst humans. too keep you moving(karmic bondage). do grief. I further asked him. He said 'Yes'.. . my objective is only one i. I askedhow come? He replied irrespective of any state-repeat any state..

307 Desire 2 Truewill I shall find my deeper self on the pages that follow. ... Now onwards.

6. 11. . 8. 9.308 Desire 2 Truewill The List of My yearnings 1. 2. 5. 4. 3. 7. 10.

Deepest yearnings 1. 4. 3. 5. 2.309 Desire 2 Truewill List of My Chosen. .

1 .310 Desire 2 Truewill All about my deepest yearning No.

311 Desire 2 Truewill All about my deepest yearning No. 2 .

312 Desire 2 Truewill All about my deepest yearning No. 3 .

4 .313 Desire 2 Truewill All about my deepest yearning No.

314 Desire 2 Truewill All about my deepest yearning No. 5 .

.315 Desire 2 Truewill All about my deepest yearning No.

316 Desire 2 Truewill All about my deepest yearning No. .

.317 Desire 2 Truewill All about my deepest yearning No.

318 Desire 2 Truewill All about my deepest yearning No. .

319 Desire 2 Truewill All about my deepest yearning No. .

320 Desire 2 Truewill All about my deepest yearning No. .

321 Desire 2 Truewill All that . 3. 2. 4.that holds me to realize my deepest desires (yearnings) 1. 6. . 5.

. 10.that holds me to realize my deepest desires (yearnings) 7. 9. 8.322 Desire 2 Truewill All that . 11.

14. 13.that holds me to realize my deepest desires (yearnings) 12. 15. . 16.323 Desire 2 Truewill All that .

that holds me to realize my deepest desires (yearnings) 17. 19.324 Desire 2 Truewill All that . 21. 20. 18. .

5. 2. . 4.325 Desire 2 Truewill My Strong counter measures to defy all attempts of miscreants that intend to defeat me. 1. 3.

6. 10. 9. 8. 7. .326 Desire 2 Truewill My Strong counter measures to defy all attempts of miscreants that intend to defeat me.

14. 13.327 Desire 2 Truewill My Strong counter measures to defy all attempts of miscreants that intend to defeat me. 11. 12. 15. .

16. 17. . 20.328 Desire 2 Truewill My Strong counter measures to defy all attempts of miscreants that intend to defeat me. 19. 18.

/Sh.329 Desire 2 Truewill Characters that inspire and illuminate my insight 1. Smt. Why do I adore him/her .

Why do I adore him/her . Smt.330 Desire 2 Truewill Characters that inspire and illuminate my insight 2./Sh.

331 Desire 2 Truewill Characters that inspire and illuminate my insight 3./Sh. Why do I adore him/her . Smt.

Why do I adore him/her . Smt./Sh.332 Desire 2 Truewill Characters that inspire and illuminate my insight 4.

/Sh.333 Desire 2 Truewill Characters that inspire and illuminate my insight 5. Why do I adore him/her . Smt.

Why do I adore him/her . Smt.334 Desire 2 Truewill Characters that inspire and illuminate my insight 6./Sh.

Why do I adore him/her .335 Desire 2 Truewill Characters that inspire and illuminate my insight 7. Smt./Sh.

Smt. Why do I adore him/her ./Sh.336 Desire 2 Truewill Characters that inspire and illuminate my insight 8.

Smt./Sh. Why do I adore him/her .337 Desire 2 Truewill Characters that inspire and illuminate my insight 9.

/Sh.338 Desire 2 Truewill Characters that inspire and illuminate my insight 10. Smt. Why do I adore him/her .

339 Desire 2 Truewill The List of Books that I want to keep under my pillow through out my life 1. By:5. By:2. By:7. By:- . By:4. By:6. By:3.

By:12. By:14. By:- .340 Desire 2 Truewill The List of Books that I want to keep under my pillow through out my life 8. By:13. By:11. By:9. By:10.

By:20. By:19. By:18. By:21. By:16.341 Desire 2 Truewill The List of Books that I want to keep under my pillow through out my life 15. By:17. By:- .

. Camera.342 Desire 2 Truewill Lights.... ............ Sound Action Date .

343 Desire 2 Truewill Lights.. Camera. Sound Action Date ............... .

.. ..344 Desire 2 Truewill Lights.. Sound Action Date .... Camera.........

.. Camera...345 Desire 2 Truewill Lights. ...... Sound Action Date .......

... Camera.......346 Desire 2 Truewill Lights.. Sound Action Date .... ...

...347 Desire 2 Truewill Lights..... Camera.... ... Sound Action Date ....

......... Camera..348 Desire 2 Truewill Lights. Sound Action Date . ......

..... Camera.349 Desire 2 Truewill Lights.... Sound Action Date ... ......

...... ..350 Desire 2 Truewill Lights..... Sound Action Date .. Camera....

.351 Desire 2 Truewill Lights..... Sound Action Date ... Camera.. ........

.... .... Sound Action Date ....352 Desire 2 Truewill Lights.. Camera.....

........353 Desire 2 Truewill Lights... .... Sound Action Date .. Camera..

..354 Desire 2 Truewill Lights.. ......... Camera.... Sound Action Date ..

. Camera..355 Desire 2 Truewill Lights.. ... Sound Action Date ...........

Sound Action Date .........356 Desire 2 Truewill Lights.. Camera....... .

.... .. Sound Action Date ....357 Desire 2 Truewill Lights...... Camera...

. Camera...358 Desire 2 Truewill Lights..... ... Sound Action Date .......

..359 Desire 2 Truewill Lights........ Sound Action Date . .. Camera......

. ..360 Desire 2 Truewill Lights....... Camera... Sound Action Date ......

..361 Desire 2 Truewill Lights..... Sound Action Date .. ..... Camera.....

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