Veronica Rainone Professor Singletary President Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention was a very powerful

oratory performance to watch. From his very first words he spoke clearly, audibly, and personably. He commanded the room, speaking with a firm authoritative voice, a voice that did not demand you listen, but compelled you to listen in a voice laced with a variety of tones. His posture was straight and tall, noble and never slouching. He maintained eye contact with the audience, and presented a calm at ease demeanor. Though this speech was political and overall serious, Obama interjected brief moments of levity, such as while discussing his opponent’s party’s unchanging, stale mantra of tax cuts stated “feel a cold coming on? Take two tax cuts, roll back some regulations and call us in the morning.” President Obama highlighted many important issues that are facing America, which he would deal with in his second term. One issue he brought up was the environment, mainly his stance on oil companies. Basically Obama stated that he wouldn’t let oil companies create America’s energy plan, not hinder America’s coastlines, bringing up climate change as well. He brought up Al-Qaida and the war in Afghanistan as well, speaking to the fact that by 2014 we will end the longest war America has ever been in, reminding us that Osama Bin Laden is dead, and vowing that the Taliban is on its way to extinction. A third objective the President spoke about was his plan to utilize the money that they would not spend on military expenditures, and instead allocate to paying down our national debt, and thereby putting more people back to work, in civil jobs such as building roads, and schools. This facet of his speech, devoted to the economy is a very good stance for our nation, because we need to be focused on building up our nation, reemploying our citizens, and lowering our national deficit. Overall, President Obama’s speech at the DNC was well articulated, superbly delivered, and factually sound.

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