Dilruk Gallage Department of Mathematics University of Colombo, Colombo 03 Sri Lanka

Dilruk Gallage, Department of Mathematics , University of Colombo, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka

Vice-chancellor University of Colombo Colombo 03 Sri Lanka. Through Dean/ Science Head/ Mathematics

July 9, 2013 Dear Sir, Requesting for getting confirmation after completing CTHE course I, Polwaththa Dilruk Darshana Gallage, attached myself to the Department of Mathematics, University of Colombo as a probationary lecturer and got a scholarship from the Korean government to obtain a master’s degree in Mathematics from Seoul National University (SNU) in Korea. In order to graduate from the Department of Mathematical Sciences, SNU • The minimum credit requirement for doctoral students is 36 credits. • The minimum credit requirement for master’s students is 24 credits. So I achieved 24 credits with 6 credits of reading and research of my master’s program. According to Korean university system, It is evident that it is enough to earn 36 credits for doctoral students in order to graduate from the school. According to circular, which has been attached with this letter, one must earn a MSc degree with at least 60 credits with not less than 15 credits of research if the lecturer wants to get confirmation. After computing the ratios between the minimum number of total credits and the minimum number of credits of research component, it is obivious that both ratios (of SNU and local schemes) are equal, i.e. both ratios are 4 to 1. Therefore, even though the ranges of credits of both SNU and local schemes are different, the ratios are exactly the same. Herewith I have attached a copy of all relevant documents for your reference.

Dilruk Gallage Attached: A relevent page of SNU handbook Attached: A relevent page of KGSP handbook Attached: A copy of Transcript .So I would really appreciate it if you could give me confirmation after I complete the CTHE course successfully. Yours faithfully.

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