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Dear friends,
we are an asociación with following aims:

1. To insist that the Government of the Illes Balears provides a form of

public transport that is fast & safe, with minimum delays, to serve the
Levante (East) region of Majorca, centred around Palma and the airport.
2. To avoid wasting public money on the construction of a train that only
passes through five population centres, without plans to provide
secondary links to these centres.
3. Propose that Manacor station is connected by buses to the East, linking
to the train to provide a connection to Palma and that they double the
Manacor – Palma service to provide faster and more frequent travel.
4. Secure a fast, flexible, efficient and socially acceptable form of public
transport that connects all the population centres of the east, a
somewhat sparsely populated area.
5. Propose ways to use existing infrastructures to their maximum capacity,
without having to build new ones.
6. To promote the incorporation and use of the TIC (latest tecnologies) to
optimize resources, analyze demand in real time and to maximize
7. Avoid the construction of new transport infrastructuras which would
destroy the growth and possibilities of the affected zones and causing
the depopulation of zones that are not reconstructed.
8. Avoid the construction of new infrastructures that would destroy the
character of the affected villages and towns.
9. Prove that improvement to existing services will serve the public better
than new infrastructures built without proper planning or execution.

To enforce such an ambitious project , we know , that we need the support of a wide social mass .
Therefore we need help from everybody . The Membership is free , but we hope you cooperate in
various activities , which allow to us , to get a public transport which stands for all citizens and tourist
at the Comarca Llevant (region from the east coast) from Mallorca.
Board of directors

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e Mail : Mobile

The membership application can be passt to one of the board directors or sent by
email to
De conformidad con la Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de diciembre de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal
(LOPD), los datos suministrados quedarán incorporados en un fichero automatizado, el cual será procesado
exclusivamente para la finalidad descrita.