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cold storage

cold storage

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Group 4

‡The country is producing in excess of 60 million tonnes of fruits and vegetables per annum.FACTS AND FIGURES ‡70% of Indian Population is engaged in activities connected to agriculture ‡Output amounts to 40% of the National Income. .

excess produce gets wasted Artificial scarcity .Contd. certain requirements Lack of proper facilities During the peak harvesting season.. Perishable in nature.

Litchi. fish etc and eggs. Peas. Other important Food items are . Chemicals. Ice Creams. Cauliflower. Mangoes. Tomato. Vegetables Potato. Onion. Sea foods like Shrimps. Oranges. Frozen meat. Pomegranate. Papaya. Bananas. Cabbage. Brinjal (Egg Plant). Dairy Products. Ginger. Green Chilies Dry Fruits. Garlic. Okra (Lady Finger).Commodities requiring cold storage Fruits Apples. Grapes. Fruit Juices.

82 1.73 0.36 p ity in lakh tonnes) Commodity Potatoes Fruits and veg Fish Meat Milk and dairy products Others (Units nd .68 0.15 0.07 0.Commodity-wi di trib tion of old stor ge p ity Units 2012 198 360 30 272 101 Capacity 92.

Nuan es of old storage Two segments Lack of 3 key links of cold chain Colossal wastage of items of which India is the largest producer 1/3 of 180 million tonnes of fruits and vegetables is wasted. .

Weakest Link Vegetables Milk Fish Cattle .


Frozen snacks Requirement of vehicles with cooling capacity of 20 degree Celsius.Baker¶s ir le Started by Dev Lall in 2001. Route: Kashipur to Hyderabad in 15 days .

leased refrigerated vehicles with minimum guarantee Transit time efficiency of 96 hours Absence of infrastructure to store items for a long time efficiently Value of post harvest wastage estimated at Rs. 45000 crore .Baker¶s ir le Possession of 7.


85 crore invested in the facility since inception. Revenue earned on pay per use basis Created 25000 tonnes of capacity for cold storage and distribution Funded by Eredene capital house U. .K.D.M.J. Rs. Logistics According to the M.

Game plan-Become a part of player¶s supply chain .


Claims to be a pan India distribution system . Mitsubishi Corp.Snowman Frozen Foods Functions at 110% capacity Joint venture between Gateway Distriparks of India. Nichirei Logistics group & Mitsubishi logistics Corp of Japan.

20 crore by March 2011 for warehouses .Cold stores at 22 locations with 150 refrigerated trucks Plan to invest Rs.

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