Basically, the earth leakage relay (ELR) and the residual current operated breaker (RCCB) are designed to protect personnel against `indirect contact' electric shock. During earth fault, current leaks from the live conductors to earth via exposed conductive paths. Touching these parts will produce a shock if its potential is more than 50V. A high impedance earth fault may not trip the overcurrent relay. Thus, current le akage will result in heat generation and fire.

ST `s regulations require the following protection 30mA for domestic households 100mA for temporary installations ~. industrial premises I OmA for kiddy machines.

For every live connection, the return path must cancel the flow of live current. If the resultant current is not zero, the breaker or relay trips.

Principle of the operation of RCCBs

Common Ratings RCCB are : 30A, 63A, 100A, 125A E L R 60 A- 1000A Sensitivity is l OmA, 30mA, 100mA, 300mA, SOOmA, 1000mA (for ELR only) Minimum making and breaking capacity for RCCB : 10In or 500A whichever is greater RCCB and ELR are protected against short circuits by upstream fuses or MCCB PRECAUTIONS Be sure to connect the earth terminal of the load to ground. If device operates, check insulation conditon of load or circuit. Check the device for normal operation by testing it once a month. For certain ELR it is advisable to twist the ZCT output terminals and ELR to screen it from external interferences. If primary cables are double bent, they may cause nuisance tripping if they are too close to the ZCT. The cables should not be less than 4 inch from the ZCT.

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