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Outlaw Motorcycle gang Outlaw motorcycle gang: organisations whose members use the structure of a motorcycle club as a front

t for criminal activity Easing crime among bikie gangs Represent a real and present danger to the Australian community ACC October 2008- March 2009: 185 gang members charged with 527 offences relating mainly to violence, weapons and drugs Strong and complex criminal networks 3300 full members in 39 clubs 19 groups operate in nsw alone Organized Crime Organized crime: illegal activities organized by groups of criminals, most commonly for the purpose of generating financial profit Similar to mafia, yakuza, triads, drug cartels Most common business ventures Drugs Extortion and money laundering Prostitution People smuggling Digital piracy Illegal bookmaking and gambling Counterfeit money Most common area of Australian organised crime- ACC May only be a small number of people in the gang

Mechanisms for achieving justice in relation to OMCGs Establishing police task forces or increasing authoritative power among the police Enacting laws to prosecute individuals for committed crimes, aim to criminalise the clubs themselves