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June 2013 • Issue 18

Fr. Gregory Hite Pastor/Superintendent Fr. Tom McQuillen Associate Pastor Terry Philpott, John Reef Deacons Bill Johnson Director of Music & Liturgy Elizabeth Wurm Director of Religious Education Lynne Lukach Adult Faith Coordinator Jerry Straub Business Manager Carla Eighinger Office Assistant Tracey Williamson Tuition Manager Vickie Palmer Parish Secretary Audrey Ralph, Cindy Wrobleski Parish Center Secretaries Cathy Stout Development Director Sr. Bernard Marie Campbell Development Associate Joan Gemzer Administrative Assistant to Development & The Msgr. Dunn Foundation Kathy Morris Marketing Elaine Zarczynski Family Editor Michelle Failor – Family Assistant Tina Siegfried Montessori Preschool/ Kindergarten Director Jim Smith – Elementary Principal Bev Brook Elementary Assistant Principal Tressa Reith Junior High/High School Principal Melinda Milligan – Child Care Director A complete list of parish and school staff is available on the website at www. “Family” Graphic Design Anatra Graphic Art, Inc. web-site: This publication will be issued three times a year for alumni, friends and members of St. Peter’s Parish and St. Peter’s School. The magazine is created to connect alumni and friends of St. Peter’s to events, programs and activities taking place within the parish and school community. Any comments or responses to articles, requests to be added to the mailing list, as well as story ideas should be directed to: Elaine Zarczynski, “Family” Editor St. Peter’s Parish Center 104 W. First Street • Mansfield, OH 44902 419-524-2572 Right to Life March Monsignor Dunn and Shirley Fr. Tom McQuillen Oklahoma

Dear Friends in Christ, By the time you receive this copy of Family Magazine, we will be into the summer months. As life has cycles, perhaps you will find refreshment in the warmth (even humidity) of the summer, gardening, barbecuing, and summer vacation. The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” (3:1). During these summer months, do not forget to make time for God. I urge you to find time for private prayer and continued attendance at weekend Mass. The grace that flows from our prayer, particularly our communal prayer at weekend Eucharist, remains with us forever. Our obligation brings to mind the disciples’ experience with the Risen Christ on the road to Emmaus: “Stay with us, for it is toward evening and the day is now far spent” (Lk. 24:29). And His disciples recognized Him in the breaking of the Bread. We are approaching another anniversary of our nation’s independence. Our country has faced many challenges throughout history, beginning with what led to our first Independence Day in 1776. Some challenges remain with us: a struggling economy; societal illness, including threats to the life of the born and unborn; and, of course, terrorism among the nations. Current debates focus on immigration legislation, marriage as a sacred union between a man and a woman, rights of the elderly, the right to religious freedom and even the definition of personhood. This Independence Day don’t forget to thank God for the freedoms we enjoy and pray that all freedoms continue to be safeguarded. God Bless America!! Happy Father’s Day to all our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, stepfathers, godfathers, and “fathers to be.” May the Lord continue to bless you with many graces. Speaking of fathers, I’d like to acknowledge the service Father Tom has provided our parish over the past two and a half years. He has been a blessing to our parish in his parochial service and in a particular way to the imprisoned. He has also been a very pleasant associate in ministry. I have learned much from him, and we certainly promise him our continued prayers as he begins his new assignment teaching in the seminary at Mt. St. Mary’s of the West, Cincinnati, Ohio. Bishop Blair has assigned Father Jeremy Miller (to be ordained to the priesthood on June 22, 2013) as the new Associate Pastor of St. Peter’s Parish, effective July 8, 2013. Welcome Father Miller!!” Finally, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL GRADUATES OF OUR PARISH (high school as well as college/university)! May God bless your futures! Blessings to you and those you love,

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Father Gregory R. Hite Pastor

FAMILY -- Making the Move to a Digital Magazine
Over the past six years, friends and families near and far of St. Peter’s Parish and St. Peter’s School receiving the St. Peter’s FAMILY publication have expressed their appreciation for keeping them connected with the vibrant life of our parish, our school, and our alumni. We have always posted the FAMILY publication on our website. And now with the recent launch of our new parish/school website, we have an opportunity to identify and reinforce key capabilities while reducing costs. This summer FAMILY will be moving to a digital magazine. This will give us the luxury to post more content in a timely manner. FAMILY will also continue to be published three times each year. However, only those in our database who are of age 60+ will receive print copies for every issue. Occasionally, all constituents in our current data base will receive a print issue in the mail. We also plan to launch an email newsletter to help keep our alumni abreast on alumni news. So please visit the alumni section at and register your email address. You can also stay up to date by following our new Facebook or Twitter accounts. If you are under the age of 60 and for any reason need to receive a printed edition of every issue, contact us. If you are over 60 years of age and would like to use only the digital magazine, contact us and we can take your name off the mailing list for print issues of FAMILY. Do we have your birthdate in our database which is used for age criteria? If you’re not sure, contact us. CONTACT US: Joan Gemzer, Development Assistant, 419524-2572 x2130 or Facebook Accounts Mansfield St. Peter’s Alumni St. Peter’s High School/Junior High St. Peter’s Elementary/Montessori St. Peter’s Catholic Church Twitter Account @MansStPeters



Parish News
Editor’s Note
This is my last issue as Editor. So why am I leaving? Suffice it to say that my “Bucket List” has gotten a little longer and I want to shorten it. I have been working towards making a few things happen and the time to follow through is now. Ironically, the reins are going back to where they came from; Kathy Morris, Marketing is going to take over once again, with Michelle Failor staying on as assistant. I will continue to contribute as a writer on a regular basis, keeping you informed of our ongoing prison ministry. It has been a privilege and honor to serve as Editor on behalf of this dynamic parish community. As always, I encourage you to be part of Family by sharing what is going on at St. Peter’s!

Farewell, Father Tom McQuillen
Fr. Tom will be leaving St. Peter’s this July for his new assignment teaching in the seminary at Mt. St. Mary’s of the West, Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to coming to Mansfield, Fr. Tom spent time in the seminary while in Africa and this move will allow him to continue his love of educating those pursuing the priesthood.

Parish News
Farewell, Bev Brook

March for Life
By Elizabeth Wurm

Farewell, Jim Smith
I leave St. Peter’s with mixed emotions-it has been my home for almost my entire life (except for those few years while attending The Ohio State University). During the past 26 years, the last 17 as principal, I have been privileged to have served this wonderful school community that I love so much. The time I have spent at St. Peter’s and the amazing teachers and staff with whom I have worked will no doubt be some of my most cherished memories. I appreciate the sacrifices and commitment made by my teachers and staff who have given so much of themselves to our students and school. I am appreciative of the support of the parishioners for St. Peter’s School who continue to give of their financial resources and their time for the benefit of our youth as we educate them in the faith and traditions of the Catholic Church. I would like to thank Fr. Hite for his leadership, support and confidence in me, and for his commitment to Catholic education.

Welcome Father Jeremy Miller
St. Peter’s will be welcoming new associate pastor Fr. Jeremy Miller in July. Fr. Jeremy, who is to be ordained on June 22, has a Bachelor’s in Philosophy from Xavier University and completed his training at Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary. Outside his ministry, Fr. Jeremy enjoys the guitar, reading and sports. When asked about his calling, Fr. Jeremy responded. “Pope John Paul II said, “The world looks to the priest, because it looks to Jesus! No one can see Christ; but everyone sees the priest, and through him they wish to catch a glimpse of the Lord!” What a beautiful vocation! If I am privileged to be called to this noble vocation, may I respond generously and faithfully.”

Also, I am grateful to Mrs. Beverly Brook who has shared her many gifts and talents and has served in her role as assistant principal and music teacher with outstanding dedication. Mrs. Brook is one of the finest teachers I have ever known. She is a not only a remarkable teacher but a truly genuine person. I leave with tears and sadness but also with the confidence and satisfaction that I have done my best to make sure all the decisions that have been made and all of the accomplishments achieved during my tenure have been done for the benefit of our students. St. Peter’s will always be home to me. God bless you all! Jim Smith

Farewell, Tina Siegfried

St Peter’s Parish should be very proud of our Montessori school which has earned the highest respect of those in our community, and is regarded as the premier preschool/kindergarten program in the area. It has been my privilege to serve as Director of Montessori for the past twenty-five years. The great success of Montessori can be attributed to Mr. Jim Smith and Mrs. Beverly Brook who have always placed great value on the program, the dedicated Montessori teaching staff, very supportive parents including many who made sacrifices so that their children could attend Montessori, and the more than 2100 children I have had the great pleasure of teaching and directing over these past twenty-five years. As I now retire, I leave with joy and sadness. I know that Montessori will remain an integral part of our school system and a significant asset for our community. I am grateful to the St. Peter’s “Serve God as He wishes and you will see one Parish for their support of our Montessori school, both now and in day that He will do all that you wish and more the years to come.

than you even know how to wish!” - St. Francis de Sales -

Mrs. Tina Siegfried

On January 25, amid the cold weather and snow, half a million people traveled to Washington DC to take part in the annual March for Life. This year was the 40th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision to legalize abortion across the country and in all stages of pregnancy. This year’s theme was “Exodus 20:13” which is “You shall not kill.” This year’s March was very important and not only called for an end to legalized abortion, but helped to memorialize the I began my teaching career 41 years ago as a over 4,000 children who young woman who had just graduated from the are aborted daily, or the 53 Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and million children who have moved to a city called Mansfield, not knowing lost their lives to abortion anyone. After two years in public school, I was since the passage of the Roe hired by Monsignor Dunn to fill the music vs. Wade decision in 1973. position at St. Peter’s. I’m so grateful he asked Members of Saint Peter’s me, and I’m so happy I was smart enough Parish were able to travel to to say yes. During these past 39 years at St. Washington D.C. this year Peter’s, what incredible experiences I’ve had! and marched along with Sometimes I wonder how many thousands of other parishes in our community. The trip was sponsored songs I’ve sung and how many notes my fingers by the Bucyrus Knights of Columbus Council #711. The have played and how many times I’ve listened group left Mansfield on Thursday and traveled all night to to the voices of the children and had tears in arrive in Washington D.C. for the March on Friday. Prior my eyes because their singing was so beautiful. to the March, the group was able to hear many speakers at St. Peter’s has been my home and I have the rally who talked about the choice of abortion and the loved it deeply, and always will. I look back immediate need to defend the dignity of life. on a career that has had two main components: The March started from the National Mall in D.C. and children and music. Could there be a more went up to the Capitol Building. There, the Saint Peter’s joyful way to spend 39 years? The families of group was able to meet with and hear from Congressman St. Peter’s have been wonderful to me and so Jim Jordan and his belief in the sanctity of life. Saturday supportive of the many musical things that the group was afforded the opportunity to sight-see in have been accomplished over the years. I Washington D.C. which included a trip to Arlington have worked with some of the best teachers National Cemetery and the Capitol Building for a tour. anywhere on the planet as my colleagues, and On Sunday, the group have been encouraged and strengthened by met again to attend Mass dedicated and caring principals, especially Jim at the Basilica of the Smith. My career has been truly blessed. National Shrine of the Leaving St. Peter’s is so very bittersweet, but Immaculate Conception. my memories are priceless and they will be my After Mass, the group treasure in the years ahead. A part of my heart returned home knowing stays behind. Thank you to all, and may God that they had taken a continue to bless the community of St. Peter’s. small, yet critical step, in the preservation of the Beverly Brook dignity of life in all stages. We would like to thank Joey Baxter, Tayler Scan for Schlupp, Bobby Rhea, St. Peter’s Parish/School website Donna Dillinger, Noah Dillinger, Tom Zitko, Phil Zitko, Ryan Harrigan, Patti Kastelic and Olivia Kastelic for participating in this year’s walk.



Parish News
The Catholic community at Richland Correctional Institution (RICI) has had a busy first half of the year. The normal schedule of rosary devotion Monday through Thursday evenings, RCIA classes on Friday nights, Saturday Mass/Eucharistic service on Saturday nights and Music Fellowship on Sunday evenings has been supplemented with an afternoon Catholic Reunion and a weekend Retreat. The weekly events are supervised by parish staff, Deacon Terry Philpott, Pastoral Associate Lynne Lukach and Music/Liturgy Director Bill Johnson. Also having an active role in the prison ministry are volunteers Patti Kastelic, Therese Graff and myself. The most exciting aspect is how active the inmates are in leadership roles to plan, run and see the events take place, including a driven effort to spread the good word and grow the community on the inside. The diocesan prison ministry team out of Toledo, with members spread all over northwest Ohio, make sure to attend reunions and retreats. When these were started many years ago, the team would come in and run the programs. Now, thanks to depth of the membership within the prison walls, the inmates are mostly in charge of the program content. The reunion, which took place in March with the theme of ‘We Shall Overcome” was a half-day affair, featuring prayer, music, readings and testimony from three inmates as to how their faith has helped them overcome their demons. A poem addressing this process is featured in the sidebar to this story. The weekend retreat, themed “Why do We Need to be Adopted by God” began Friday evening, May 3, with prayer, music and fellowship. The hard work began in earnest early Saturday morning, with the first of many presentations by RICI residents and ministry team members. Topics were Qualities of a Good Parent, God’s Family, The Church, Our Brother Jesus Christ, How Does God Adopt Us, interspersed with more personal testimonials. Following each presentation, the retreat participants broke into table discussions. There were about 20 tables of at least eight in the large hall; each table was comprised of at least one outsider (prison ministry volunteer), an inmate leader and other inmates. At least 20 percent of the inmates were at their first retreat! The testimonials, whether from inmates or outsiders reveal the vulnerability that we all have. None of us are perfect and we all carry baggage with us. To share these stories in such a public display is indicative of the type of Catholic community that is in place. No one is judged. The concept that we sometimes take two steps backward for every step forward is

Welcome! We welcome into our

Behind the Barbed Wire

By Elaine Zarczynski

a recurring one. Mistakes are acknowledged; yet is priceless. For more information, please triumphs are celebrated. Laughs are frequent; contact Terry Philpott. If you are unable to tears are common (although tears are usually make a time commitment, please know that attributed to allergies!). To be able to shed the Toledo diocesan team has obtained official tears in front of their peers and visitors is a non-profit status and is open to monetary huge step in trust and courage for these men. gifts or donations of religious materials (think One of the treats for the men is the food reading or music). Again, Terry Philpott can bought in by the Toledo team to have during assist you. breaks. Fresh fruit, vegetables, croissants When I share my participation in our and cookies are eagerly consumed. Part of prison ministry, you can be certain that I the sharing process includes the outsiders receive many a raised eyebrow along with being able to have prison chow. This was my understandable questions of cynicism as to first “real” prison meal and while I hope it the true intentions of the members of the is my last, I will certainly continue to break Christian faithful within RICI. To those bread with my Christian brothers at other who doubt, I tell them that we are not there retreats. While the meal was plentiful, it was to judge. Our Catholic heritage tells us that certainly bland and included what I originally there is only One who sits on the throne for described as mystery meat, only to find out final judgment. We must travel the walk of later was turkey bacon that had been cooked faith with all those on the road, regardless of beyond recognition. their station in life. The retreat culminated with Mass, celebrated Whatsoever you do to the least of my by retired Fr. Thomas Wehinger, a son of St. brothers, that you do unto me. Peter’s. Fr. Tom generously spent the day at RICI, hearing confessions. Mass is an incredible experience at We Shall Overcome RICI. Everyone participates, with voices raised in prayer and song. From The RICI Catholic Reunion The readings, Psalm and Gospel are It makes no difference what our crime … read and then each followed by their Spanish interpretation. The offering matters not the length of our time of peace is not just simple handshakes; We can repent our sins and be forgive … the men go from row to row embracing and recognize life is more than just livin’ each other with greetings of God’s We shall overcome wishes. Unfortunately, the inmates are The wickedness that once ruled our lives … currently unable to celebrate weekly all the deceptions, the shame and the lies Mass: Fr. Bob Haas of Galion had been coming every Saturday until health Can now be replaced with compassion and trust…. problems in late winter prevented obedience and honesty are truly a must him from doing so. Your prayers for We shall overcome a resolution to this problem are truly We’ve been through tragedies and self-inflicted pain needed. Got caught up in addictions and suffered in vain The Easter Vigil was celebrated at RICI by our own Fr. Tom McQuillen. Yet stood our ground and stared down the dragon At that Mass, eight inmates were And increased our faith more than we could imagine baptized into the Catholic Church. It We shall overcome is hoped that Bishop Blair will return We gained wisdom from our setbacks and struggles in September for Confirmation. At Renewed our commitment and learned to be humble his last visit, he was presented with Persevered when we encountered those obstacles Coat of Arms created and honed out of popsicle sticks. We know now that with God all things are possible Another Catholic reunion is planned We shall overcome for July with a retreat to take place in Wake up in the morning be quick to confession…. September. Four inmates have already be joyous and thankful and ask for protection stepped up to run these gatherings and So when the darkness falls and in the shadows evil lurks…. several of the outsiders have asked to speak. On behalf of our parish team, we will continue with courage and remember those words I invite you to consider participating We shall overcome in the work at RICI. The men are And on that day we finally leave this place, hungry and grateful for contact filled with promise and hope and grace from beyond the walls. Personal and We’ll walk out with purpose our heads held high, spiritual support to them costs nothing

Catholic community our RCIA Class of 2013: Left to right, front row, Crystal McKenzie, Kala Jenkins, Anita Branham, Chris Branham; middle row, Angela McCabe, Chris Rhodes, Sarah Mussman; back row, Lance Arnold, Alisha Baker, Cliff Mears. Not pictured is Laura Schupbach who was received into the Church later in the Easter season.

PSR Celebrates Another Great Year
By Elizabeth Wurm The Parish School Religion (PSR) program has enjoyed another year of religious education! We were truly blessed for the 87 children that joined us this year to learn more about their faith. Each of the PSR classes focus on a different topic of faith each year so, by the time they reach the ninth grade, they have a comprehensive overview of their faith. Our first-graders focus on who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are and they get a beginning look at the seven sacraments, along with the liturgical year. Second-grade PSR students focus on morality, scripture, worship and prayer while spending a great deal of time preparing for their sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. In third grade, students are asked to take a deeper look at the sacraments-- especially the sacraments of initiation-- and come to understand what being called to holiness means in terms of their role in the Church and in the greater community. Fourth-graders take an in-depth look at the Commandments, the Beatitudes and the Works of Mercy and discern how to incorporate them into their everyday lives. Our fifth- graders again take a look at the sacraments in a more involved way and spend a great deal of time learning more about the Mass and the Eucharist. Sixthgraders learn a lot about the covenants of God and especially how those relate to the Old Testament and the early Church. The seventh and eighth-grade classes focus on morality, scripture and the sacraments and have an emphasis on scripture-based teaching. Throughout the year, all the students in the PSR program also participate in several “whole program” activities. In October we gathered together to pray the Rosary to honor Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7. In December we gathered again to create Jesse Trees to take a deeper look at the Messianic Promise with the coming of the Savior. Father Hite spoke to all the classes in January about vocations and his vocation as a priest. In February, we gathered to learn more about and pray the Stations of the Cross and participated in a Spiritual Bouquet for Pope Benedict. The Sacrament of Reconciliation was celebrated in March to prepare ourselves for the largest feast day of the Church-Easter. At the end of the year we always end with a closing Mass and pizza party to celebrate a year of learning in Christ’s love. We would like to thank all the parents and the parish as a whole for their continued support of this program. A special thank you goes out to all the teachers in the program who have given of their time and talents this year to serve the children of our parish: Rachel Adamescu, Chris Becker, Beth Deville, Demrie Alonzo, Cynthia Staton-Scodova, Tracy Holzmiller, Rena Brown, Jennifer Staab, Jackie Harrigan, Susan Brown, Chris Kmetz and Landree Renpage. Their dedication to the youth in the program is outstanding and second to none! Our PSR program will begin again this fall after a short break for summer, so please keep an eye on your bulletins for registration times! We would love to have your child join us for another year of PSR!

A Bit of History – One Century Later
By Dave Eighinger The first Catholic priest ordained from Mansfield was Fr. Leo J. Brissel. One hundred years ago Fr. Brissel was ordained on Saturday, May 17, 1913 in Cleveland at the St. John’s Cathedral. The following Sunday, Fr. Brissel came back to his hometown of Mansfield to celebrate his initial Mass to what was reported then as one of the largest crowds ever at St. Peter’s. Over 800 people, including over 100 family members, attended his morning and evening Masses. The young Brissel received his primary education in the parochial schools of Mansfield. He then graduated from the Ohio Business College in Mansfield with degrees in bookkeeping and stenography. After finding work in Mansfield, Brissel soon decided he had a higher calling. Next he attended St. Charles College in Ellicott City, Maryland. Brissel graduated from college there six years later and went to the St. Mary’s Seminary in Cleveland, OH to finish his theological education. What happened to the handsome young priest after his initial Mass is a mystery. This author has submitted an archives request to the Cleveland Diocese and any further information found will be reported at a later date.


the saints and angels will hear our cry WE HAVE OVERCOME


Parish News
A Special Bond
By Lynne Lukach ’70

While their special relationship was beyond measure, their journey together resulted in amazing numbers. They attended thousands of Masses together, numerous liturgies around the diocese and beyond, and in at least one particularly busy week four funerals. The mileage on their 3-year-old car went over 100,000 miles two weeks before his death. Together they made innumerable visits to calling hours, receptions, birthday parties, and other events. People flocked around the well-known Monsignor, while his caregiver gracefully faded into the background. Almost everyone reading this article will recognize our beloved Monsignor Edward C. Dunn, but not as many know it was the “silent cheerleader” beside him who provided care beyond description…and was the reason he could live life to the fullest until the very end. Shirley Robison graduated from St. Peter’s High School in 1976 and began working as evening secretary in the rectory office the following year, in addition to her regular full-time job in a local industry. She already knew Monsignor, as family friend, teacher, principal, pastor of St. Peter’s beginning in 1969. It was in the last few years of Shirley’s career that she began to discern the direction of her life and her desire to make a difference and how should she leave her legacy. That sign from God became very evident when in the fall of 2005, faced with serious medical issues, Monsignor asked Shirley if she would take care of him in her home “for six months” while he recovered. The answer was very simple. Her faith, the foundation laid for her as a child by her parents and her Catholic education allowed her to say “yes.” Could either have imagined those six months would turn into seven years? Shirley resigned from her long-standing, secure job, where she had worked hard for 29 years, advanced in the company, and was a valued member of the corporation. She recalls the incredulous response from the corporate head: Do you know what you’re doing? How can you leave your job, your income, your benefits? When those first six months passed, it became apparent this was to be Monsignor’s permanent and final home. Through Shirley’s determined course of action involving changes in nutrition and increased movement and exercise (having Monsignor walk twice a day, with at least one step more than the day before), within nine months he had gained noticeable strength and could walk a half-mile a day with his walker. However, as he progressed physically, he questioned his purpose and didn’t see how he could serve and minister. It was about this time that Fr. Joe Szybka became pastor of Tiffin St. Joseph Parish and was instrumental in warmly welcoming

Monsignor to preside at Mass whenever he was ready. That opened the door for six years of service and ministry, with Shirley encouraging him to respond to more and more opportunities to preside at Mass as well as to resume a very active schedule. Every Saturday night for those six years they would make the hour’s drive to Tiffin, he would celebrate Mass at the St. Francis Retirement and Nursing Homes, they would return home for the night, then make the trip again in the morning so he could preside at Sunday morning Mass at Tiffin St. Joseph. “We are put on this earth to help each other get to heaven,” Monsignor often stated. The encouragement he offered others – by his prayers, his thoughtful cards and notes, his presence at so many events even when it was difficult for him to be there – reflected how much he valued others and how important it was to live what he believed. In what turned out to be the final two weeks of his life on earth, he pushed himself to attend the celebration Mass in Norwalk for my graduation from the Loyola Institute of Ministry program (because he needed to tell me in person how proud my father would have been of me); to return to Norwalk a week later for Msgr. Bert Shenk’s 100th birthday party; to travel to Columbus to concelebrate a funeral; to keep his regular schedule of presiding at Mass at Tiffin St. Joseph the Sunday before he died. He never realized the impact he had on people. Shirley was able to see the whole picture by watching how others responded to him, how he would light up a room at the events he attended. What he saw as ordinary acts, others saw as extraordinary because of him. He may have questioned his purpose during those dark days of illness and recuperation, but in his final years he told Shirley he now realized what his purpose was: to be there for others, to minister in new ways, and to witness that age is limitless. His lasting gift – of course, in addition to the legacy of the Monsignor Edward C. Dunn Foundation for Catholic Education – was his ability to see in others qualities he could not see in himself: generosity, magnanimity, and humility. It was because of the care, persistence, and dedication of his “silent cheerleader” that he was able to share those Scan for gifts - and share them in St. Peter’s Parish/School website abundance.

Parish News
By Betty Schartl

New Website for St. Peter’s Launched on April 15
Come fly into the 21st century with St. Peter’s as we embark on an exciting new journey into cyberland. If your computer savvy is lacking, have no fear. Help is near. This spring St. Peter’s launched a new easy to use website. The sheer energy and enthusiasm of marketing director Kathy Morris is contagious as she describes the development of this completely original site, built from the ground up using an open source software called WordPress. It uses the current site information plus more and includes modern design elements with mobile friendly templates. The site is organized into three major areas: Parish, School, Development/ Alumni. Kathy advises the Alumni and Development section has the most opportunity for growth with new alumni elements including an alumni directory, alumni news section, and online giving. The existing St. Peter’s website was not up to date according to the latest design standards, but was there on a day to day basis with great content. WordPress started as a blogging platform, but has evolved into a full content management platform. A Forbes article dating September 2012 attests to the credibility of the WordPress program which powers one of every six websites on the Internet—nearly 60 million in all. For several years, Kathy has been looking for another website design that was affordable. However, until now, due to cost, a venture of this kind was not possible since fees started at $5,000 and were upwards of $15,000. Being responsible with budget, the project was put on hold for a time. Kathy credits Sam Chamberlin, junior high and high school technology coordinator, for starting a high school sub-site that experimented with WordPress this past school year. Two senior boys, Kenny Ousley and John Tomchak—assisted Chamberlin in testing the WordPress website design and created In the fall of 2012, it was linked to the St. Peter’s website. Kathy and Sam decided to use the WordPress platform for the new St. Peter’s Parish/School site and as it turned out, it would be mostly pro bono due to the generosity of Jason Crundwell, a 1995 graduate of St. Peter’s High School. Crundwell is the founder and principal of Crundwell Digital Marketing which he started in January. His goal is to help businesses, schools, churches, and organizations create a dynamic and vibrant presence on the web. His services include website development, optimization and consulting services. Jason is of the firm opinion that “When you succeed, he succeeds.” Jason says that helping create and implement the new website for St. Peter’s was a fun project and proved to be an important part of his own faith journey. Back in January of 2012, Jason was employed by WISH-TV in Indianapolis and part of his assignment at that time was covering Super Bowl XLVI. His job involved long hours and much time away from his family. After the Super Bowl, Jason was physically and emotionally spent. A few weeks later, Jason attended a Christ Renews His Parish event at his home parish of St. Simon the Apostle Church and underwent what he describes as somewhat of a spiritual transformation that enabled him to reevaluate priorities in his own life. In the summer of 2012, the parent company of WISH-TV wanted to promote him to a new role, but required him to move to Wichita, Savannah, or Youngstown. Jason was extremely active in his parish so after much prayer and deep thought, Jason realized that where he was in Indianapolis was where he

Left to right, Front: Sam Chamberlin, Jason Crundwell. Back: John Tomchak, Kenny Ousley

needed and wanted to be. Consequently, he turned down the job offer and looked at many different options open to him at that point in his life. Jason considered becoming an insurance agent for the Knights of Columbus. Then, someone suggested, “Why don’t you start your own company?” Jason found this thought both terrifying and exciting at the same time and again turned to prayer. He found his answer and, hence, Crundwell Digital Marketing was established. As chance would have it, Jason emailed Morris and offered his services on any new digital project. Morris claims Jason was the guardian angel who dropped from the sky for St. Peter’s. Jason did the behind-the-scenes construction together with some St. Peter’s staff and the two young student assistants. The site launched on April 15. Crundwell presently resides in Indianapolis with his wife, Sandy, and two children, David age 3 and Katharine who was born this past April. Her baptism was celebrated here at St. Peter’s in May. The lesson gained in this story is that patience definitely pays off. How fortunate St. Peter’s is to have an alumnus like Jason who personifies the entrepreneurship of the future as he develops his new business, “Crundwell Digital Marketing”, and assists his alma mater in the process. Jason can be contacted at 317-6056894, or
Katharine Crundwell’s baptism at St. Peter’s



Parish News
The Deacons of St. Peter’s
by Elaine Zarczynski

The Diocese of Toledo defines a deacon as “a cleric (member of the clergy) who is ordained to service to God’s people in communion with the bishop and his body of priests.” The order of permanent deacon was reinstated by the Second Vatican Deacon Marshall at his first baptism, believed to be the Alt family grandchild. Council (1962-1965). Through the local diocese, candidates enter into a four phase program to become a deacon. Over a five year the infirmary. The most difficult period, one full weekend a month is devoted to the process, featuring religious part of his job requires him to study and prayer. The candidate must be 35 by the time of ordination and the convey family death information application process alone is daunting, requiring personal, spiritual, academic, to the inmates. Recently he health information as well as references/recommendations (including one from had to comfort a prisoner the local pastor) and background checks. whose son committed suicide. Our diocese has 190 ordained deacons, with 97 still being active. In their roles, Terry’s favorite part of the job the men are able to perform baptisms, marriages and funerals, distribute the is just spending time with Eucharist and preach the Homily. St. Peter’s has three current deacons, although those to whom he ministers. one is retired and one of our parishioners will be ordained as a deacon this fall. Evangelization requires personal contact and his approachable, Deacon Terry Philpott outgoing manner makes him a Deacon Terry Philpott is a former Baptist who became Catholic 58 years ago, natural for the task. shortly before marrying his wife, Helen. Along with eleven others, Terry was ordained in June 1974, the first group of deacons to be ordained out of the Toledo Deacon John Reef diocese. Unlike today’s training program which takes five years, the deaconate Deacon John Reef, originally program back then was a two year commitment. The Philpott’s were very active from Mt. Vernon, is also not a in the changing dynamics of Catholicism during that time, including Cursillo, cradle Catholic, having been Dennis Striker, wife Cindy and the Christian Family Movement and the Charismatic Renewal. It was at a prayer raised as a Protestant. His daughter Kate. meeting at the Missionary of the Sacred Heart when Terry was approached by a conversion to Catholicism took priest to consider becoming a deacon. Following ordination, Terry spent two years place in 1995 following a pilgrimage to Medugorje, known for its apparitions of in Plymouth before returning to St. Peter’s as deacon. the Virgin Mary. At the age of 16, John persuaded a neighbor to take him into St. In 1998 Fr. Weber asked Terry if he was interested in ministry at Richland Vincent de Paul Church. John had never been in a Catholic church before, but felt Correctional Institute, which had just opened. Terry agreed and joined Fr. Weber a strong draw and curiosity. He reflected that this was like a foreshadowing of the in celebrating Mass at the prison on early Sunday mornings. Four inmates showed direction his life was going to take, albeit it would take a number of years to truly up for the first Mass; through Terry’s presence, the inmates now frequently number make it known. in excess of 100 at celebrations of the Eucharist. Prior to entering deaconate training, John was in the lay ministry program from Terry or “Deke” as he is affectionately called by the prison community spends 1997 to 2004 and was subsequently ordained a permanent deacon in September at least 20 hours a week at RICI, which includes not just Communion services but 2011. In his role, John is active in in the homebound and hospital programs for also counseling and visiting those inmates that are in solitary confinement or distributing the Eucharist. He serves Mansfield Correctional Institution, going every Saturday morning for Mass and/or communion service. His favorite thing is preaching and being able to give the homily at Mass. We are indeed blessed to have our deacons share their interpretation of the gospel on a rotating basis for our worship services. The insight that Deacons Terry and John bring as spouse, father, and businessman is a rich balance to the message delivered from the theological training and experiences of our priests. The three pillars of a deacon’s work are charity, word and service. John sees himself as a bridge to help people develop an intimacy with God. The obvious difference with deacons is that they can be married at the time of ordination. The spouse of a deacon is a true team player with the deacon – so much so that prior to entering the deaconate, the spouse must hand write a statement of support on behalf of her husband and sign it. While Vicki Reef had to go through this process, Terry Philpott shared that this policy was not in place when he was in training and in fact, women were not yet truly welcomed as active participants in ministry.
Circled: Deaon Terry Philpott ordained by Bishop John A. Donovan at Holy Rosary Cathedral, Toledo.

Deacon Reef at his ordination with Fr. McQuillen.

Deacon Jim Marshall Our retired Deacon, Jim Marshall is a native of Mansfield, having attended St. Peter’s through the 8th grade and moving onto public school for shop classes. Ordained in 1994, Jim was influenced to become a deacon by Terry Philpott and Rudy Wolf, a deacon in Lexington. As a deacon, he served at Mass, performed baptisms on Sunday afternoons and delivered the homily one Sunday a month. While working as the Superintendent of Maintenance for State of Ohio, Jim, along with his first wife Margaret, also ran the St. Vincent DePaul store in Mansfield, the only store that did not charge for items selected by shoppers. When Margaret passed away, a decades old friendship blossomed, and Jim took Krista as his new wife in 2003. It was not the practice to allow ordained deacons to remarry, so Jim and Krista had to seek special dispensation to do so. The process to receive the sacrament of marriage started at home with support from pastor, Fr. Weber, continuing up the ladder through Bishop Hoffman of the Toledo diocese all the way to Pope John Paul II. Prior to retiring in 2012, Jim and Krista served the parish as Deacon and spouse, visiting nursing homes and Mansfield State prison. While his favorite thing as Deacon was performing baptisms, he misses serving and celebrating Mass the most. Deacon-in-training Dennis Striker Dennis Striker is our deacon in training and he is scheduled to be ordained in September of this year. He also is a convert, claiming that he was a not very active Lutheran. He became a Catholic in 1974 during his first marriage, when inspired by an instructor in a family living class who taught that families of a single faith were more likely to stay together. He is a Bucyrus native with a degree in education and left teaching for business opportunities. Dennis is now married to second wife, Cindy, who is studying to become a Lutheran minister and is very active in St. Timothy Lutheran Church. How do they handle theological differences – they agree to disagree! Dennis came to Mansfield in 1998; joined St. Peter’s and started the lay ministry program in 2000, which was a formal 4 year program through the Toledo diocese. He entered the deaconate program in 2009 and upon ordination would like to remain active in RCIA, Catholic Charities and St. Vincent DePaul Society. Permanent deacons are ordained and assigned at the Bishop’s behest and not that of the individual parish priest. There are currently 1 or 2 deacons who do serve outside their individual parishes but Dennis is hopeful that he will be able to stay and serve at St. Peter’s, fulfilling a deacon’s role to preach, proclaim and serve. When ordained a Deacon, the candidate kneels before the bishop, placing his hands on the Bible. The Bishop says “Receive the Gospel of Christ, whose herald you are. Believe what you read, teach what you believe, practice what you teach.” These are strong but simple words for the remarkable men who pursue the role of Deacon.

Oklahoma – A Grand Production!
By Jim Cox

Seventy-six actors, 24 technical and construction crew, 22 orchestra members, parish center staff, numerous parents, and 17 folks directing various aspects of the production ranging from set design to graphic design, artwork to costuming, lighting tech to orchestra pit. And if that doesn’t impress consider that 75 percent of these folks were involved from the November 7 auditions all the way to set strike on March 16 – nearly four and a half months! Ages ranged from 3rd graders to adults in the parish with many years of acting experience. To top it off, most of the lead characters were double cast!! It was magical and a blast of a time!!! The cast played to four very energetic and receptive audiences. Friends and family came from out of town and state to see the production. Reviews were strong and many patrons made a second evening of Oklahoma! It was even revealed that a couple from Crawford County came to the show as a way to remember when they played the main roles in their high school production over 25 years ago – and began to date shortly thereafter! A few fun stories during the production: One night, senior Ale Brunetti (Jud Fry) came to me and said he needed coaching and motivation for his character. Having done exceedingly well delivering the darkness of his character, I asked out of confusion what had changed. Ale stated that some really positive things had occurred recently that made it difficult to get into character. After discussing ways to get into the twisted mind-set of Jud Fry, I soon learned Ale had begun dating a wonderful person and that he was barely able to contain himself! Another couple funnies occurred with sound cues. In the Farmer and Cowmen scene, Aunt Eller fires a pistol to quiet the crowd. Gesticulating several times with the gun but hearing no shot retort, Carla Eighinger simply shouted “bang!” to which the audience laughed and endeared them all the more to the show. Not to be outdone by his mother, Hayden Eighinger (Curly) also shoots a pistol during a tense scene with Jud Fry. The shot sound cued perfectly. Hayden lowered the pistol, and the shot sounded again! Again, the audience roared with laughter and appreciation for the unexpected wonderment of a night at the theater. A truly hilarious moment occurred on the closing night when I noticed several additional female characters on stage during the Oklahoma! number. After focusing to clear my confusion it dawned on me that the cameo appearances were most of the tech crew with wigs and period costuming – priceless! So many wonderful people and organizations collaborated during the show. Special thanks goes out to Ashland Regional Ballet for their dynamic and exuberant dance and work during the show. Many friendships resulted! Claudia Raff and Beth Carter hosted a tremendous dinner on the set during the mid week of production! Just wait until next year!! And to Rhonda Reynolds and Mark Ellis – their countless hours of commitment and patience were invaluable. How does one know when a production is a hit? Certainly the compliments, size and response of the audience, and energy of the cast are clear indicators. But perhaps most poignant was the unexpected moment – which honestly drew a tear – when unbridled applause and cheering erupted: for the beautiful Oklahoma! set when the main curtain was first open! Magic, indeed!




oyola University of Chicago L

St. Peter’s Parish, St. Peter’s Parents Club, St. Peter’s Athletic Boosters and St. Peter’s Academic Boosters congratulate all 2013 area graduates with special tribute to the

Felicity Ann Alt

Caroline Albon Amalfitano#***

Miami University University of Dayton Ashland University The Ohio State University Salutatorian

Andrew James Bacon

Joey Michael Barretta#**

Alexander Thomas Blunk

Ohio University The Ohio State University The Ohio State University

Jonathon Parker Bradford

Alessandro Brunetti*

Shannon Butler#***

Ann Marie Carracher#***
Dartmouth College Valedictorian

Robert David Cowen#***
John Carroll University

University of Dayton University of Akron Eastern Michigan University Ohio University

Nicholas Elijah Cox

Lloydann Metina-Grace Daley#

Morgan Elaine Depinet#**

Connor Thomas Drake

The Ohio State University

Tara Elizabeth Eaton#**

Hayden Joseph Eighinger#*** Lauren Aleta Gleason

Ashland University Cleveland State The Ohio State University Bishop’s Cross University

Katheryn Lynn Gonzales Thais Emrich Henriques*** Trevon Jarel Howell#** Kierston Elizabeth Lloyd
Kenyon College Ohio University Wilmington College

Nicholas Edward Luedy

North Central State College

Cory David Malec

Maureen Renee Moser
Kent State University

University of Akron

Sven Nagpal

Ohio Northern University

Kenneth Kole Ousley#*

Florida Gulf Coast The Ohio State University Ohio University Undecided/ Navy Ohio University University

Randa Elizabeth Payne#*** Chad Alan Plummer Matthew Allen Ragozzine* Chateya Nikale Amique Reed William Henley Rhodes* Morgan Michele Roush*
Indiana University -Purdue University Indianapolis

University of Akron

Dionicio Torres Sams Janay Lynette Saunders#* August Joseph Scherer Nickolas Anthony Schmitz Montana Marie Schopieray* Karisma Sinha#***

Cornell University University of Cincinnati Family Business The Ohio State University Youngstown State Bishop’s Cross University (B.S. /M.D.)

he Ohio State University T Workforce Slippery Rock University

Rachel Noel Smith

Kevin Anthony Stockmaster Jessica Catherine Tager#** Mitchell Lee Thompson Eli Indigo Brackett Thrasher John David Tomchak#**
University of The Ohio State University Cincinnati The Ohio State University

Ninety-one percent (91%) of the graduates of the SPHS Class of 2013 are planning to pursue higher education. Ten (10) seniors received 113 hours of college credit through the Post Secondary Enrollment Program. Classes were taken through North Central State College and Ohio State University. Twenty-four (24) seniors have taken a total of 84 Advanced

Placement classes and have taken tests in the following: AP Environmental Science, AP English, AP Biology, AP English Language, AP Literature, AP U.S. Government, AP U.S. History, AP Calculus, AP Spanish, AP Physics. These seniors have earned 7,040 hours of service throughout their high school career at area agencies including

the American Red Cross, Raemelton Equestrian Center, The Rehab Center, the Little Store, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, March of Dimes, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and Habitat for Humanity. These graduates have been offered over $2,572,193 in scholarships and grants.

*  With Honor (Cum Laude) 3.5 or better weighted GPA **  With High Honor (Magna Cum Laude) 3.75 or better weighted GPA ***  With Highest Honor (Summa Cum Laude) 4.0 or better weighted GPA # National Honor Society



School News
School Auction Wraps Up
by Elaine Zarczynski The Renaissance Theatre was once again home to the annual auction to raise money for St. Peter’s School. Friends of the school came together on the evening of April 19 to sample wine, savor food pairings, view school artwork and ultimately bid on many wonderful items. Under the direction of Cathy Stout, the auction committee put together a great night that culminated on the stage of The Ren, where a trip for six to Rome was the big ticket item of the evening. Other treats up for auction included the customary plate of Sr. Bernie’s fudge, lots of wine, an evening of baseball, jewelry, a stay at a Hilton Head condo, dinner at the rectory and more. Although final numbers are not yet confirmed, it is expected that the Auction produced over $38,000 for the school, besting last year’s results.

School News

All Colleges that 2013 St. Peter’s Seniors Have Been Accepted To:
University of Akron University of Alabama Ashland University Bethany College Bluffton College Bowling Green State University Butler University Case Western University University of Cincinnati Clemson University Cleveland State University Cornell University Dartmouth College University of Dayton Defiance College Denison University DePaul University Eastern Michigan University Emory University University of Findlay Florida Gulf Coast University Fordham University Gannon University Hocking College Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) John Carroll University Kent State University University of Kentucky Kenyon College Loyola University of Chicago Manhattan College Marquette University Miami University University of Michigan University of Mount Union New York University North Central State College Northwestern University Ohio Dominican University Ohio Northern University The Ohio State University (Main Campus) The Ohio State University (Mansfield Branch) Ohio University Ohio Wesleyan University Olivet Nazarene University Otterbein University Oxford College of Emory University of Pittsburgh Shawnee State College Slippery Rock University Smith College St. Xavier University Tiffin University University of Toledo Wake Forest University Walsh University Wilmington College Wittenberg University College of Wooster Wright State University Xavier University Youngstown State University

Two quilts made by students of St. Peter’s School were auctioned by Dave Roush and donated back to the school by the winning bidder.

Calling All ‘Fishermen!’ VBS at St. Peter’s July 8-10
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a fisher of men? This summer, July 8- 10, Saint Peter’s Parish will be holding its second annual Vacation Bible School from 9- 11 a.m. This year’s theme, “Fishers of Men,” will take a look at the miracles of Jesus with a special emphasis on the Eucharist and why it is so precious to us! Throughout the day, children in Pre-K to fifth grades will have the opportunity to take part in Bible stories, skits, songs, games, a “Catholic Spot,” crafts and snacks that all have to do with Jesus’ miracles and the mystery of the Eucharist. The children are guided along the way by the older youth of our parish as well as a core team of committed adults who help the Bible stories and the Eucharist come alive! Last year at VBS we had over 30 children participate in learning more about the “Blessings of Mary,” and we hope an equal amount if not more children join us this year! There is no cost to participate in this program,

By Elizabeth Wurm

Audrey Ralph works the crowd to up their bids

Sr. Paula and Sr. Bernie ponder the appetizer station
photos by Emily Reith ‘10

but goodwill donations are always appreciated and accepted. Registration forms are available online at youthcoordinator.html and forms are also available in the parish office. We do ask that all children are registered no later than July 1. If you have any questions about this event, please contact me at wurm. or you can call the parish office at 419-524-2572.

The St. Peter’s High School Academic Challenge team traveled to Cleveland’s WEWS-TV Channel 5 station to compete against East Canton and Monroeville High Schools. They won the competition! Congratulations to the team members and moderators! Pictured left to right are: Thais Henriques (alternate) Kenny Ousley, Ann Characher, John Tomchak & Shannon Butler (alternate).
photo by Maryanne Chengelis.

Congratulations to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson, parish Director of Music and Liturgy, was named Catholic Religious Services Volunteer of the Year at the spring Appreciation Luncheon at Richland Correctional Institution. Bill is part of the growing number of parishioners who are serving in this ministry. He began his work at RICI almost two years ago when the Roman Missal was revised, responding to the need to help the Catholic community in prison deal with the liturgical and musical changes.

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School News
Pro-Life Essay Winners
By Kathy Morris and Maryanne Chengelis

Parish News
December 31, 2012 and 2011

St. Peter’s Parish & School Report of Financial Operations
for the twelve months ending December 31, 2012 and 2011

Balance Sheets

Statements of Operations

St. Peter’s High School students Ashley Sawyer and Nicole Cotton were the winners of the parish’s Right to Life Essay Contest and were presented with $25 gift certificates and cards congratulating them on their achievement by the parish Right to Life chapter. In the photo of the winners, you can see the display case of fetal models which had been borrowed from Resurrection Parish by Right to Life Committee members Joe Badamy and Barb Riley. These fetal models, which are made of plastic, were used during Catholic Schools Week by Theology teacher, Maryanne Chengelis. Parents, all junior and senior high students, teachers and PSR teachers were invited to visit the display. Mrs. Chengelis incorporates the study of vulnerable populations in her Social Justice Theology Class, which includes the unborn, elderly, prison population, and immigrants. The fetal models were a perfect supplement to the curriculum being covered in the classroom.

Above photo: Left to right are Maryanne Chengelis, Barb Riley, Ashley Sawyer, Joe Badamy and Nicole Cotton.

Dunn Foundation Annual Meeting
By Cathy Stout

The Msgr. Edward C. Dunn Foundation for Education held its Annual Meeting at the Franciscan Activity Center on Thursday, May 2. This year the Board of Trustees switched it up a bit by having a sponsored luncheon. Family and friends of the Foundation enjoyed a beautifully prepared lunch provided free of charge and had the opportunity to hear attorney Jack Stewart discuss his specialty, Elder Law. A $1000 scholarship was awarded to senior, Hayden Eighinger. Tuition assistance of $500 was awarded to Sophie Winters for grades 8-11 and Nathan Cox for grades 1-7. A Montessori student will be awarded a partial scholarship from the Sammy Tridico Fund that is part of the Dunn Foundation.

Dec 31, 2012 Dec 31, 2011 Jul ‘12 - Dec ‘12 Jul ‘11 - Dec ‘11 Ordinary Income Assets Parish Receipts Current Assets Sunday & Holy Day Collections $500,256 $433,911 Checking/Savings $505,060 $240,709 Christmas & Easter Collections 52,187 49,157 Restricted Funds (244,666) (193,200) Other 68,135 44,212 Accounts Receivable 1,242,524 1,200,274 Total Parish Receipts 620,578 527,280 Other Current Assets 550 1,682 Total Current Assets 1,503,468 1,249,465 School Related Receipts Fixed Assets Tuition 899,377 911,026 Spartan Fields Activity Complex 122,504 Annual Scholarship Drive 54,138 51,826 Total Fixed Assets 122,504 Msgr Edward C Dunn Endowment - Mandated Service Revenue 56,426 59,605 Total Assets $1,625,972 $1,249,465 Student Services 207,364 254,449 Other 106,990 114,535 Liabilities & Equity Total School Related Receipts 1,324,295 1,391,441 Liabilities Parish Fundraising Activities 5,120 43,301 Current Liabilities Total Income 1,949,993 1,962,022 Accounts Payable $43,686 $51,130 Diocesan Payables 92,430 482,465 Ordinary Expense Diocesan Collections 7,310 11,139 Employee Compensation & Benefits 1,614,186 1,673,854 Parish Designated Special Gifts 46,118 59,387 Parish Expenses 33,075 35,370 Payroll Liabilities 22,007 35,349 Office & Administrative Expenses 74,230 88,623 Other Current Liabilities - 827 Diocesan Assessments 56,533 57,753 Deferred Income 1,207,711 1,228,320 School/Student Related Expenses 116,144 135,851 Total Current Liabilities 1,419,262 1,868,617 Parish Fundraising Activities Expenses 363 29,457 Plant Operations 298,121 209,707 Long Term Liabilities Total Expense 2,192,652 2,230,615 Diocese of Toledo - LOC 89,758 650,320 Net Ordinary Income/(Loss) (242,659) (268,593) Spartan Fields Activity Complex 122,504 Total Long Term Liabilities 212,262 650,320 Other Income/(Expense) Parish Debt Relief 40,760 33,180 Total Liabilities 1,631,524 2,518,937 Forgiveness of Debt 1,010,645 Total Other Income/(Expense) 1,051,405 33,180 Equity Retained Earnings (814,298) (1,034,060) Net Income/(Loss) $808,746 $(235,413) Net Income/(Loss) 808,746 (235,413) Total Equity (5,552) (1,269,473) Total Liabilities & Equity $1,625,972 $1,249,464 For the six months ended December 31, 2012, St. Peter’s Parish & School operations showed a loss of $242,659 compared to an operating loss of $268,593 last year for the comparable period. After consideration of the Parish Debt Relief offerings and the forgiveness of debt owed the Diocese of Toledo, there was a net income of $808,746 compared to a net loss of $235,413 last year. Total assets at December 31, 2012 were $1,625,972 compared to $1,249,465 while total liabilities were $1,631,524 compared to $2,518,937 last year. The most significant event between years was the reduction of $1,010,645 in debt owed the Diocese of Toledo. We owe the Monsignor Edward C. Dunn Foundation board a standing ovation for their gift of $550,000 which was applied to the Diocesan debt. At December 31, 2012, our two most significant debt obligations are the Diocese of Toledo ($89,758) and Spartan Fields Activity Complex ($122,504). Since December 31, 2012, with monthly payments to the Diocese of Toledo, the debt at March 31, 2013 was $81,743. The debt still owed for the Spartan Fields Activity Complex was $107,505 at March 31, 2013. Thanks to our St. Peter’s Parish community for all the prayers and financial support you continue to give. We have made significant progress in improving our financial stability. John Kastelic - Finance Council Chair Jerry Straub - Business Manager



School News
Musher Comes Home to Some of His Biggest Fans
By Michelle Failor ’94 2013 has been a big year so far for St. Peter’s alumnus Matt Failor (Class of 2000). In February, he raced 1,000 miles from Whitehorse, Yukon to Fairbanks, Alaska. Though he was a rookie for this international sled-dog race, his experience from last year’s Iditarod served him and his team well— he finished in 12 days, six hours and 35 minutes, which earned him 19th place. More impressively, he turned right around and raced another 1,000 miles in the 2013 Iditarod. This year Matt reached Nome in roughly 10 days and 14 hours (28th position), an improvement from his rookie finish in 2012 when he came in 48th place (in 12 days, 18 hours and 10 minutes) but the two years are not easy to compare. One difference is the trail itself, it alternates each year—last year, mushers raced the Northern Route and this year was the Southern Route. Another factor, of course, is the unpredictable, ever-changing, weather; and, for Matt, this year he took on the Iditarod as a competitor—rather than go by the dogs’ pace, to train them for future races (like he did last year), he was able to strategize and compete with the best. For more on his race year, be sure to check out Matthew Failor’s Adventure Page on Facebook. Or, type his name into a search engine, there is a lot out there! After his adventures, Matt traveled home to Mansfield and spent a week visiting family, friends and fans! He had quite a following this year— students at St. Peter’s and beyond. His sister, Katie Failor (Class of ’94) arranged for Matt to speak to students and teachers from all over Ohio. “It was most impressive—the many followers of his page, including

all the schools and people from all over the world (Turkey, Ireland, New Zealand and Bermuda),” Katie said. “We (the Failor family) were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support everyone has for Matthew.” His first stop on the hometown trail was to his nephew, Jacob’s third-grade class at St. Peter’s. The students were able to try on gear and see a real dog sled. Next, he went to Malabar Elementary where Katie had arranged for him to meet with nearly 500 students from Malabar, Sherman Elementary and Crestline—300 from as far away as Olentangy Berkshire, near Columbus. These kids and their teachers spent weeks prior to the race learning about the Iditarod and incorporating its many educational aspects into their lesson plans. Then, through, the students were able to track Matt’s progress in the races and even watch him finish, live. Matt also visited St. Peter’s High School, Willard Elementary and Shelby Elementary. His efforts in Alaska and while home were featured in articles all over the world —the Mansfield News Journal, the Toledo Blade, various publications in Alaska, several blogs and YouTube videos, the Columbus Dispatch, Channel 10TV in Columbus, WMFD and The Daily Mail in the UK—and this is only the ‘tip of the iceberg!’ He quickly became a local and international celebrity, but, yet, continues to be humble and grateful to his family, friends and his alma mater, St. Peter’s. Though he was a bit overwhelmed by the attention, his ‘Spartan (and Buckeye) Spirit’ was evident. The kids were treated to videos and photos of Matt’s adventures, lessons on how to keep going even when it’s tough, an education on what it’s like on the trail and working with dogs, a chance to practice leadership and decision-making as they worked as a team (pretending to be sled dogs) in a mock sled line-up as well as a chance to pet a real sled dog and pose for pictures with Matt. He also took the time to answer questions, hand out dog booties and sign autographs. “It was a blessing to be able to speak with so many students,” Matt reflected. “I feel privileged to be in a position to have youngsters look up to me. I have always tried my best and have tried to set a good example, but now it’s even more important because I’m in the limelight. To me, I am the same person ... what I am doing is just now reaching everyone back home and I’m happy to step into that position of being a role model. I loved going to the schools-- I have

always liked the teaching side of this sport.” Matt was also on the St. Peter’s campus for its Second Annual Urban Iditarod. Junior High and High School students raised $2,200 for Catholic Charities by gathering non-perishable items at the Lexington Avenue Kroger and then racing around St. Peter’s with even more character and spirit. “Having Matt attend this year was a big plus. The students and faculty really enjoyed having him participate in our fundraiser,” said Jeff Strang, High School teacher and one of the event’s organizers. “Bringing a sled dog was a nice touch.” Matt brought ‘Haleakala’ with him to Kroger’s and St. Peter’s (and to his other school visits) for students to meet. She was a dog he had raced with and then adopted out to a local fan so it was a great reunion for him as well. The students were more engaged this year. All of the teams had creative themes, skits and decorations,” Mr. Strang added. “I thought the Mansfield News Journal and WMAN radio gave Matt and St. Peter’s excellent media coverage this year for the Iditarod and our fundraiser.” For more on this, be sure to check out! Matt was glad to see this event in person: “The SPS Urban Iditarod was an incredible experience,” he said. “Raising money for food is helping the bigger picture. Even though I love dogs a lot, people are more important and I am very blessed to be a part of this.” This summer Matt will be working in Juneau for his 8th season but this time as a Manager for Gold Rush Sled Dog Tours-- the dogs pull carts on a dirt road for the tourists, he explained. “I manage a camp of nine employees and 120 dogs in Sheep Creek Valley, just outside of Juneau. I am very excited for the opportunity to do this. Because of this promotion, I am a little more financially secure, which means that I can venture out on to my own and acquire enough dogs to field my very own dog team! By the end of the summer I will own (or they will own me!) 20 sled dogs and we, together, will compete in the Iditarod next year, and years to come. I hope to improve on our 28th finish this year.” “I owe Mansfield, Ohio, friends, family, SPS, Buckeye Nation, so many people to thank ... someday I hope I can give back to Ohio as much as they have given me. I can’t do it alone and everyone back home is a part of this experience.”



In Memoriam
by Sister Bernard Marie Campbell
Kathleen M. Slack, mother of Mary Ann Slack ‘62, Barbara Frankenfield ‘71, Elizabeth Slack ‘73 and Susan Slack ‘77. Joseph B. Polhemus, Jr., husband of Sophie Wojcik Crittenden Polhemus ’44. Gertrude Thoma Traxler ’43. Helen Agnes “Terry” Yirga ’40, sister of Margaret E. Yirga Hatke ’44. Eugene J. “Gene” Cattaneo, father of Steven ’75 and Gerald ’80. Charles L. “Chuck” Michalski ’56, brother of Joann Piascik ’53. Michael Prendergast, Sr ’78, brother of Tom ’73, Patricia ’76, Bunnie Knapp ‘78, Joan Hardman ’82, Beth Deutschmann ’84, Brian ’86 and Shawn ‘ 88. Janet R. Best ’58, sister of Joan Clevidence ’65. Richard E. Davis ’56, brother of Pat Cody ’59, Sondra Davis ’58, Jerri Shafer ’61, Rosemary Wilson ’63, Ruth Moser ’64, and Ed Davis ’66. Doris Benich Sertell, mother of Mike Sertell ’84, Mary Strine ’86 and Barbara Ernat ’88, sister of Pauline Patocki ’56, Paul Benich ’60, Agnes Black ’63, and Nada Norman ’68. Dr. J. Stephen Torski, son of Mary Ann Marshall Torski ’48. Rose Femia Wilson ’53 , mother of Joseph ‘80, Michael ‘82, Christopher ‘85 and Brian ‘86, sister of Francesca Hahn ’65. Agnes Miller Priess ’49, mother of John ’73, Janet Ivers ’75, Becky Imber ’77, Vickie Stearns ’77, and Craig ’79, sister of William Miller ’51. Dominic Augustine ’48, husband of Helen Smith Augustine ’51, father of Karen Maxey ’72 and Lori Augustine ’86, brother of Charles Augustine ’48. Irene “Willie” Culler, mother of Cindy Culler, Tim Culler ’71 and Karen Culler ’73. Robert Daley, father of Lloydann Daley ’13. John “Jack” Studer, father of Katrina Smith ’88, Matthew Studer ’90, and Jacqueline Studer ’91. Richard Hunter, father of Carol Ann Holzlworth ’72 and Mark Hunter ’77. Steve Semon, father of Deborah Kistner ’70. Maggie Kleshinski, mother of Frank ’64, Catherine Stout ’67 and Stephen ’70. Ananabell Wells, mother of Paula ’77. Veronica F. Kurtz, mother of Verna Dee Giesige ’61, Rev. Richard James, Jr. ’63, Ronald William ’73 and Michael Alan ’74. Joseph F. Reindl ’69, husband of Kris Switzer Reindl ’74 and brother of Mary Ann Oatney ’64. Stephan Phalor ’90, brother of Cindy McCue ‘72. Robert L. “Bob” Oakes ’47. Margaret Graska Swanger ’43. Kenneth J. Smith ’69, father of Jeremy Yeager ‘94, brother of Linda Workman ’72, Deb Smith ’75 and Steve Smith ’87. Harold A. Dorsey ’52. AnneMarie Ohl Frasz ‘88, sister of Stephen ‘81, Paul ‘83 and Katherine Johnson ‘92. Luke Xavier Coleman, son of Sherwood “Woody” Coleman ‘67. Omission: We inadvertently omitted Edward R. Bozymski ’51 as Anthony Buzenski’s brother in the winter issue of Family magazine. We apologize for the error. We also inadvertently omitted Mary Jane Reip (Hahn) as the sister of Joseph Hahn ‘80 in the February 2013 issue. Please accept our apologies.

Alumni News
Football at St. Peter’s
By Al (Bunchy) Bair ’48 Football at St. Peter’s seems like a strange title for a school that has never had a football program. This is true but it never stopped the guys of the school from playing the game they loved. I cannot speak for every boy that attended St. Peter’s High School, but the guys from my class played a lot of sandlot football. We put together a team and scheduled games with anyone that wanted to play. There were a few games with underclassmen, but our pride and joy were the games we played with the North and East side guys who didn’t make varsity at their schools but still wanted to play football. We played most of these games after Compline on Sunday at any park with an open field. There were no cheerleaders, band or spectators, except for a friend or two. Still it was quite competitive, as the St. Peter’s boys wanted to prove they were not wimps and the opposition wanted to prove that they should have been on the varsity squad. It was a lot of fun and created new and lasting friendships. We overstepped our talent once when we played the Mansfield Senior High Reserve Squad and did pretty well despite the physical play we endured. I still ache from it. We also had a game on Thanksgiving. It was tradition that the high school played the alumni in football. It appears that this tradition is still going on but is now called by a different name.

Alumni Updates
By Michelle Failor ’94

Jack and Benjamin William

’98 … Dagny (Yugovich) Campbell and her husband, Alan (Class of ’96) welcomed Benjamin William to their family on January 16. Big brother Jack is 3½ and a student at St. Peter’s Montessori. Dagny is enjoying staying home with the boys and Al works at Gorman Rupp Engineered Systems.

Hello Alumni! If you have any news about you and/or your family to share with your fellow alumni, please send information along with a jpeg photo if you like to: or mail to: Alumni Office, St. Peter’s Parish Center, 104 W. First Street, Mansfield, OH 44902. Does your class have a reunion planned? If so, and if you would like us to publicize in our October issue, send us the details and we’ll be happy to give your classmates a heads up on the plans! Mail to: Alumni Office, St. Peter’s Parish Center 104 W. First Street, Mansfield, OH 44902 or email:

’95 …. Heather (Mulherin) Zeha and her husband, Jeff, announce the birth of Madeline Faith Zeha, on January 23. She weighed 7 lbs., 15 oz. and was 21 inches long. Heather wrote recently: “She is our first child, and we just couldn’t be any happier! We live in Indianapolis, IN, and I recently left my job as a Sr. Business Analyst to stay at home and raise Madeline.”

Certificate in Public Policy, and Business Administration from North Carolina State University. She credits St. Peter’s for her success and wrote that her education was FREE! “Yay, scholarships from an excellent education at St. Peter’s!” In addition, Monique currently works for the Institute for Nonprofits at NC State University as a research assistant where she just finished up a big research assignment for the USO of NC. On June 1, Monique and her fiancé of four years got married and she was also recently accepted into the Teach for America program, where she will serve the Eastern North Carolina area teaching Special Education. “I have so much love for St. Peter’s and would not change a THING about my elementary or high school education through this great school,” she added. “My biggest piece of advice is to really enjoy your time in school and soak up ALL of the information you can from the high-quality teachers at St. Peter’s. Not everyone is so lucky to have the small class sizes and personal attention that students at St. Peter’s receive. Thank you and God Bless!”

Madeline Faith Zeha

’09 … Monique Fahmy completed her BA in Psychology from Kent State University in only two years and is now currently working on her Master’s in Public Administration,
Monique Fahmy Emily Reith

“Family” submitted photos. Please make sure submitted photos for the Family magazine are high resolution. We can not guarantee photo clarity.

’10 … Emily Reith is going into her senior year at Bowling Green, majoring in Visual Communications Technology. While this major is preparing its students for careers in Photography, film, Print Media, and Interactive media, Emily decided to get an early start and established her own business! For the last five or six years, she has provided the Mansfield and Bowling Green areas with affordable photos-- offering everything from wedding packages to professional head shots. “I love working with people and finding ways to fit professional photos into their budget,” she wrote. “I put all of my heart into every session I do whether I know the client or not. I’ve always had dreams of starting my own photography business, so I decided, ‘why wait?’ Photography is only one of her areas of expertise—she also has a background in design and Photoshop so she can offer
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Alumni News

Alumni Band Together

55th Reunion for Class of 1958
September 13-15, 2013
Reunion committee: Jim Snyder, Helen Marshall, Tom Speelman, Bonnie (Arras) Barretta, Bill Dropsey.

clients help with retouching images, old photo restoration and portfoliobuilding. Examples of local places Emily has worked for include St. Peter’s, B.E. Humble and Schroeder Farms of Crestline. She also has been a part of multiple fundraising events including taking photos for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and helping a friend who has diabetes raise money for a Diabetic Alert Service Dog. “My main goal is to help the surrounding area in any way that I can,” she added. “It has been such a blessing having so many supporters. I learn new things every day about the business world and look forward to the future of Emily Reith Photography!” ’94 … Katie Failor graduated in May from The Ohio State University with her Master’s in Social Work. She earned her BA in Social and Behavioral Science (Sociology) in 2008 and has since been teaching Sociology and First Year Experience at North Central State College in Mansfield. While earning her master’s Katie worked as an AOD counselor at Abraxas and wants to continue working with troubled teens. She also volunteers with Martha’s Mutt Movers—a nonprofit organization that uses volunteers to move pets from highkill shelters to no-kill ones, or to their forever homes.

Fred LaSusa ‘67, Dean Krance ‘69, and Tony LaSusa ‘71, along with Charlie Keffalas, and Bob Ross, joined together to perform at The Resurrecting Lives Foundation LLC fundraiser for aiding diagnosis for TBI and PTSD on May 11. Supported by Amvets Post 26 on West Fourth Street, the event was open to the public, with a $5 donation. “These musicians have never played onstage together, united for this very worthy cause, Krance wrote. “We wanted to support the event and see if we can shake off some dust and rock! It was a huge success—we raised around $15,000 for the Resurrecting Lives Foundation and the Reunion band played beyond belief—like they never quit playing after all these years. We had a great time together!”

SPHS Class of 1998
Demetra (Chengelis) Czegan and Melissa Manning are planning a 15th reunion for the weekend of August 10th. Be sure to send St. Peter’s your updated contact information so you will receive more information on the reunion!

Class of 1953 60 year reunion August 17, 2013
Oak Park Tavern
For information contact Shirley Schummer (Schnitzer) 419-884-1471


Alumni Soccer Game
This year’s game will be held on Aug 11at 2pm at Spartan Fields. Any Spartan alum may participate in the game, regardless of their soccer experience while at St. Peter’s. Last year 23 soccer alums participated, including one individual who graduated in 1976 when there wasn’t soccer at St. Peter’s. “We had a great turnout and, this year, we hope to have enough female alumni participation and have a girls’ match,” wrote Art Varga, St.Peter’s Boys Soccer Coach. Varga at and/or Aaron Williams on Facebook. Hope to see you on the pitch!

St. Peter’s Class of 1963 50th Class Reunion
Please mark your calendar. Plans are in process. Hoping for a BIG turnout. More information will be provided at a later date. REUNION COMMITTEE Kathy Notter Gross, Judy Stimmler Rissover, Norma Schnelker Metz

Class of 1993 Reunion Weekend July 26-27
Friday night July 26, 2013 Meet for happy hour / catch up time (Time and location TBD) Saturday July 27, 2013
10:00 AM - Family putt putt tournament at Kelly’s (formerly “The Corral”) on South Main Street Approximately 12:00 PM - Families can move across the street to “The Woods” golf and swim club where our group will be able to access the pool and golf course. (Special pricing is available to members of our group!) At 6:30 PM, a room at “The Woods” has been reserved for happy hour and a catered dinner to follow. Bring some music on your iPod or iPhone and be ready for a great time! Please e-mail to RSVP! Can’t wait to see everyone!

Will be held the weekend of Sept. 20 - 22, 2013

Class of 1988 Reunion Saturday, August 3
Class of ’88… Terri Herlihy hopes to see all Class of ’88 graduates at their 25th Reunion this summer on Saturday, August 3 at MVP Sports Bar & Grill on Park Avenue West (the old Mama’s). Social Hour will be from 6-7 p.m., followed by a pasta buffet at 7 p.m. This is a very casual event and will be fun to get together and catch up. Cost is $15 per person or $25 per couple-- this includes food and one drink token. Tips are not included so make sure to tip servers and bartenders. The event is setup on Facebook or, feel free to email Terri Herlihy (terri52270@ for more details. Please RSVP by July 1—the Holiday Inn gets booked-up early so it’s advised to make reservations ASAP!

Class of ’64
Bernie Baka, Chair of the Class of 1964, announced that plans are in the works for the 50-year reunion to be held next summer! The Reunion Committee asks that classmates forward their current email addresses or contact information to Bernie, More information will follow at a later date!

Alumni soccer game

Class of 1968 ... 45th Reunion ... July 26
Class of ’68 … 45th- year Reunion plans include meeting at the Courtyard in Downtown Mansfield on July 26 and at the Franciscan Center on July 27. More information will be coming out to everyone soon, says Deb (Bair) Nelson. If you have not kept your address (or know of a classmate who has not) up-to-date with us or with St. Peter’s, please contact Deb via email,, one of the committee members, or go to the St. Peter’s Class of ’68 Facebook page. They’re hoping for a great turnout!

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Class of ‘65 Lunch Bunch. Who says you can’t have fun between formal reunions? Mary (Olivieri) Lewis sent this photo in from the class of ’65’s most recent “lunch bunch.” This year, these ladies celebrated 25 years of just meeting and laughing together! What a great way to stay in touch!



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