and Health Policy CREDITS: 3 FACULTY: Professor Jan K. Carney, M.D., M.P.H. Associate Dean for Public Health, Professor of Medicine College of Medicine; Office: Courtyard at Given, N217; 89 Beaumont Ave, Burlington VT 05405 Phone: 656-8275 Email: CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION: In the United States, we spend vast resources on health care and lag behind other developed countries in measures of health. In this course, we will study current health issues and barriers to improving health, by identifying policy collisions between science, economics, education, politics, government, the media, and their impact on health. We will identify credible sources of health information to help us define health issues such as preventing obesity, vaccines, global tobacco use, alcohol, environmental health topics, emerging infectious diseases, and access to health care. We will define public health policy and who plays a role, emphasizing opportunities for improving the health of the population. At the end of the course, we will reflect on our knowledge of population health (public health), the compelling need for creative and multidisciplinary solutions to improve health in our society, and how stronger policies to improve the health of the public might be accomplished. This course contains an overview of a spectrum of current public health issues, topics, and disciplines. PRELIMINARY READING LIST: This course is taught online and utilizes online resources (there is no textbook), videos, journal articles and other resources. There will be online discussions, student-directed efforts to find “high quality” web-based resources, short written assignments, and class presentations/projects as part of student assessment. During the semester– long course, there will be weekly modules containing readings, other assignments, and discussion questions. There will be several short (2-3 pages) written assignments over the course of the semester. Students will have the opportunity to choose a topic of interest with professor approval for a final project. In the summer 4-week course, we will cover 12 Modules (3 per week), with daily readings/assignments, online discussions, and weekly written assignments. COURSE TOPICS: Module 1: What is Public Health? Module 2: Finding “High-Quality” Information about Public Health Module 3: Tobacco – Public Health Impact Module 4: Tobacco – Prevention and Control Module 5: Prevention of Obesity I 1

Module 6: Prevention of Obesity II Module 7: Firearm Injuries, Alcohol, and Public Health Module 8: Health Reform and Public Health I Module 9: Health Reform and Public Health II Module 10: Environmental Health Module 11: Epidemiology and Public Health Module 12: Infectious Diseases and Public Health Module 13: Health Protection – Public Health Preparedness and Radiation Safety Module 14: Final Sprint! Module Topics are modified and updated, depending on changes in current public health issues, and may vary slightly from the list above. Questions? Please write to Professor Carney at


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