July 12, 2013 Re: Your Client Pickering, Benjamen IPR File Number 2013-C-0195 Dear Attorney for Mr.

Pickering: The Independent Police Review Division (IPR) was contacted about a complaint of police misconduct. Mary Eng stated that Mr. Pickering is represented by an attorney. IPR requires written permission from an attorney in order to proceed with an investigation, so we cannot schedule an interview and will not contact the person without your authorization. Requested action and deadline. • Please notify me in writing within seven (7) days whether you will allow IPR to interview your client, and under what circumstances. If an interview is not acceptable, you may provide a statement of facts on your client's behalf describing the alleged misconduct. Without more information from your client, IPR may not be able to proceed effectively and dismiss your client's complaint. If received this letter and you do not represent this person, it is equally important that you notify us. Without your explicit assurance, IPR will not contact this person, their case may be dismissed, and the merits of their complaint may not be properly addressed.

Please call if you have any questions. My direct line is: (503) 823-0903. Sincerely,

Casey Bieberich IPR Investigator

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