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com/group/Tvmonitors/ Sony Repair Tips Sony Self-Diagnostics Starting with the BA-4 TV chassis, Sony has self-diagnostics built into the Tv. Click here to find out how to use it. Sony CRT Symptoms and Solutions Customer Complaint: Poor color or wrong color Here are a few ways to tell if the CRT is the cause of a poor color complaint. Click here for CRT symptoms Sony All models using 1-465-371-11 tuner Customer Complaint: TV channels tune only snow. The tuner has loose connections. Click the link to see where to solder KV8AD11 Customer Complaint: Dead set The TV was dead and C612 thru C614 were overheated. The power supply output was too high and damaged the capacitors. C608 33uf 35V and C609 100uf 16V were open. Replacing all capacitors repaired the TV. C612; C613 1000uf 25V C614 330uf 25V KV8AD11 Customer Complaint: Intermittent dead set It would take several tries to get the TV to turn on and when on for awhile it w ould go dead. The fuse holder for F602 was not tight enough and the fuse would m ove causing a poor connection. Tightening the fuse holder repaired the TV. F602 is located on the F board. KV8AD11 Customer Complaint: The picture gets small The vertical size would change and the cause was loose connections on the vertic al output IC801 (LA7835). KV8AD11 Customer Complaint: Channel seek won't work TV would not seek channels and sometimes when using a remote and selecting a cha nnel it would go to the selected channel and jump back to the previous channel. Cleaning the seek/direct switch solved the problem. The switch is located on the side near the color controls. This switch turns channel seek on or off. Sony KV9PT50 Customer Complaint: The picture jumps up and down. The picture had a vertical jitter and there was an arcing sound coming from the TV. The arc was underneath the chassis, across resistors R504 and R521. The resi stors are SMD's and they were open. The resistors are connected to pin 11 of T50 4 the flyback transformer. Replace the resistors with leaded 10K @ 1/4W.Click th e link to the resistors location. KV9PT50 Customer complaint: No sound R212, a 4.7 ohm 1/4w resistor, was burnt and IC201, the audio output IC, was sho rted. IC201 (P/N 8-759-365-91)

R212 (P/N 1-249-389-91) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------KV10FMR20 Customer complaint: Dead There was no power and F602 was open. C605 was in pieces and IC601 and Q609 were shorted. When C602 over heated and opened this caused the power supply to run w ild and short out. Replacing these components repaired the set. C605 10uf 50V C634 470uf 50V Q609 8-729-140-96 or ECG382 IC601 8-749-921-06 or STR53041 R636 1-249-443-11 or .47 ohm 1/4w resistor F602 GMA-.5A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------KV13M10 Customer Complaint: Sound ok, no picture. The TV had normal sound, and the screen was black except for the channel display . The results were the same in video mode. I traced the video to the base of Q40 1, but the video was lost after that point. The a/v switch, IC401, had no video on it. When I tried to measure the voltage on pin 1 (TV video in,) the set shut down. I found that R425 was not soldered on end. The resistor goes between Pin 1 5 and 16 (pin 16 is connected to the 9V source) of U401. Soldering the resistor repaired the TV. Click the link to see the schematic KV13M20 Customer Complaint: The picture on the TV rolls. The Picture had no horizontal or vertical sync. Replacing jungle chip IC301 repa ired the TV. IC301 P/N 8-752-070-52 KV13TR28 Customer Complaint: No Sound There was no sound on tuner or the A/V jacks. The speaker and audio output IC we re ok. After looking at the service manual, I discovered that it had the wrong t uner diagram in it and so I had to trace the circuit by hand to discover the fun ction for each of the pins. The audio was coming out of the tuner at pin 16 and going back in at pin 15. Pin 14 should have had the audio coming out, but it was not. Pin 13 was the volume control pin and there was no voltage on it when the volume control was run up or down. The volume control voltage was changing at IC101 pin 59. I traced the volume con trol line from pin 59 and eventually found that it ran to R069 and R459 and then to pin 13 on the tuner. R459 had a bad solder connection on one end. After sold ering, the sound came back on and the volume control worked as it should. R459 a nd R069 are not on the diagram and are located under the plastic rail that runs down the center of the chassis. KV13VM20 Customer Complaint: Set will not turn on. The standby power supply was ok. The 6V line, in the VCR on the MA board, was do wn to 2V. IC103, the 6V regulator IC was defective. IC103 (P/N 8-759-982-06) KV13VM20 Customer Complaint: No sound from tv or vcr There was no audio, so I checked the audio output and found that the 12V B+ to p

in 9 was missing. This set uses a separate 12V regulator IC for the audio and wh en I checked it I found loose solder connections on the pins of the IC. Solderin g IC1805 restored audio to the set. KV13VM30 Customer Complaint: The TV/VCR is dead. The TV/VCR would not turn on. When I checked the power supply, I saw that the re gulator IC's had broken solder connections. Soldering IC1806, IC1807, IC1809, an d Q1850 repaired the TV/VCR. KV13VM30 Customer Complaint: Black screen, sound is ok. The TV came on and had sound and also HV. The CRT filaments were not light. The CRT socket had an intermittent internal connection. Replacing the socket repaire d the TV. CRT socket, reference #511 P/N {1-526-819-11} KV13VM30 Customer Complaint: Green bands at the top and bottom of the picture. The TV had poor purity and I found a loose connection at the center pin of TH180 2 the degaussing thermistor. Soldering the connection repaired the TV. KV13VM40 Customer Complaint: Noise in the speaker even with the volume turned down. The audio output IC603 on the MA board was defective and caused a frying sound i n the audio. (IC603 P/N 9-882-271-01) KV13VM42 Customer Complaint: Dead set The relay would click but otherwise the set was dead. Before doing too much circ uit troubleshooting, I like to examine the set for damage, water or soda spills or broken circuit boards. While looking the set over I saw a small piece of wire between pins 1 and 2 of P901. After removing the wire (it wasn't soldered in pl ace), I pushed the power button and the set worked ok. P901 is located on the C (CRT) board. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------KV19TS20 Customer Complaint: Snow only; sometimes channels would come in. I checked the tuner by substitution and it was ok. The voltages on the tuner wer e ok, but the waveform on the clock pin didnt look right. Q123 the clock inverte r was leaky. Replacing it fixed the TV. Q123 = {2SA1175 P/N 8-729-119-76} KV20FS12 Customer Complaint: Dead TV was dead and had no standby 7V power. D617 and Q605 were shorted and fuse res istor R602 was open. Replacing them repaired the TV. (R602 4.7 ohm 1/4W 1-249-38 9-11; D617 MTZJ-T-77-12C 8-719-110-31; Q605 2SK2663 8-729-046-40) KV20FV10 Customer Complaint: No sound The TV had very little audio, even with the volume turned all the way up. IC402 was defective. IC402 is on the A board. (IC402 P/N 8-759-578-88) KV20M42 Customer Complaint: Narrow picture and shuts off. The raster width was pulled in about 1/2 inch on each side and there was foldove r on the right side. The osd and menu could not be seen on the screen. The horiz ontal pulse was missing from pin 1 of IC001. Tracing it back to the source. I fo

und that C508 was shorted. Replacing C508 repaired the TV. (C508 P/N 1-106-371-0 0 or .015uf 200v mylar) KV20S20 Customer complaint: Dead set The TV was dead, it had no B+. Q602 and Q603 were shorted and R606 was open. Aft er replacing the parts, the B+ was too high and would not regulate.I found R619 (a 10 ohm chip resistor) to be open. I replaced it and the TV was repaired. Q602 and Q602 P/N {8-729-035-37 2SC5271-royg-f}; R606 P/N {1-260-288-11 .47 ohm 5% 1 /2W}; R619 {1-216-001-00 10 ohm 5% 1/10W KV20S42 Customer Complaint: The picture pulls in at the sides. The width was narrow, but the condition was very intermittent. Moving the chassi s up and down would make it act up sometimes and when it did the B+ measured 85V instead of 115V. I found a broken circuit trace between D614 and R644. These co mponents feed the voltage from the control winding on T603 to pin 1 of regulator IC601. KV20TS27 Complaint: When switching to video the video would switch but the audio would no t. (Sams 2903) I located a break in a circuit trace near the front right tune mounting lug. Rep airing the broken trace fixed the audio switching problem. KV20TS27 Customer Complaint: The picture flickers. The brightness was pulsating up and down with screen content change. Replacing t he jungle IC did no good. I decided the problem was in the ABL (automatic bright ness control) circuit and I started at the ABL pin on the flyback and worked my way through the circuit until I came to the PIC-ABL circuit and I found an open electrolytic capacitor C317. Replacing C317 repaired the set. (C317 22uf @ 50V P /N 1-126-233-11) KV20TS29 Customer complaint: Lines at the top 2" of the picture. There were red, green, blue, and white lines in the top 2 inches of the picture. I checked the capacitors around the Vertical output IC and found C509 to be ope n. Replacing C509 repaired the set. C509 = 100uf @ 50V KV20TS32 Customer Complaint: Just clicks no picture or sound. The TV was going into shutdown due to the B+ being too high, 125V instead of 115 V. Capacitor C630 had leaked electrolyte and damaged IC602 the power regulator I C. (C630 10uf 50V) (IC602 P/N 1-810-050-11) KV20VM20 Customer Complaint: Won't turn on. The unit had power but would do nothing. IC103 in the VCR was defective. IC103 s upplies 6V standby power. (IC103 AN7806 or KIA78006PI or ECG962) KV20VM20 Customer Complaint: Picture is ok then goes to snow. The TV would tune in a channel then it would go to snow only. The tuner was inte rmittent. When I received the new tuner it didn't come with the cable (F-pin) co nnector on it as the service manual had shown and there was no part number in th e manual for the F-pin. Here is the part number for the F-pin connector 9-939-36 1-01. (Tuner P/N 9-909-004-01) KV20VM42

Customer Complaint: The picture is too big. The vertical size would start out ok, but after 10 minutes the size would begin to increase and the linearity at the top would stretch. The output stage checked out ok. I found a leaky capacitor C362 in the vertical ramp up circuit. C362 is located on the MA board and is connected to pin 24 of IC501. (C362 P/N 9-882-16 4-01 2.2uf 50V 105') KV2182P Customer Complaint: Dead The TV had power and high voltage but no sound and a black screen. I found a ope n resistor that supplied power for the vertical circuit. Replacing R855 repaired the TV. (R855 .47 ohm 1/4W) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------KV24FV12 Customer Complaint: Sound goes up by itself. I never heard the sound go up by itself but it did may strange things, like go i nto video mode when the volume down button was pushed and the remote would only turn on the set and nothing else. I found the cause. It was a leaky zener diode D2002 on the KEY SW line. D2002 P/N 8-719-110-17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------KV2657R Customer Complaint: Picture is too dark The picutre had low contrast and the picture control didn't work. Q005 on the M board was shorted. Q005 is the control transistor for the picture setting. (Q005 P/N 8-729-204-83 or ECG2362 or 2SA1048GR) KV2670R Customer Complaint: Turns on then right off. The 135V line was running high and the TV was going into shutdown. The regulator IC was ok. I found an open capacitor C540 that was the cause of the problem. (C 540 33uf @ 160V) KV2790R Customer complaint: TV clicks but only the sleep light comes on. The TV turned on, but had no picture or sound and only the sleep LED was on; the controls had no effect. I new the microcomputer IC101 needed vertical pulses to operate, so I checked for them at pin 7 and found that they were missing. I tur ned up the G2 screen control and had a white raster, so the vertical output was working. I checked for pulses at the base of Q506 the vertical pulse transistor and found none there. I found R578 to be open. Replacing it repaired the set. R5 78 = 4.7K @ 1/4W KV2790R Customer complaint: TV takes awhile to come on. When the power button was pushed the relay would click but there was no high vol tage. After 5 minutes the high voltage would come up but low and the longer the TV ran the higher the voltage. I found that C578 the horizontal drive coupling c apacitor was the cause of the problem. C578 is a .47uf 50V cap but use a 1uf 100 V cap beacuse it will hold up better. KV27EXR10 Customer Complaint: TV goes dead when hot. The TV played for 2 hours then the screen went black and lost the sound too. The OSD was still present so I knew the power supply had not gone into shutdown. On

the A board, I found loose connections on the A22 connector. This connector fee ds video and audio to and from the A/V switch located on the U1 board. Soldering the connections repaired the set. KV27EXR25 Customer Complaint: The TV just clicks, no picture or sound. The TV was going into shutdown. The over voltage protections circuits in this se t were causing the relay to turn off the TV. Over voltage protection transistors (located on the G board) Q603, Q604, and Q605 are the cause. One or all of them may be shorted or leaky. {Q603 and Q604 P/N 2-729-200-17 or ECG2362} {Q605 P/N 8-729-423-37 or ECG2361} Click the link to see the schematic KV27EXR25 Customer Complaint: The TV just clicks, no picture or sound. The TV was going into shutdown. X-Ray protect transistors (located on the main b oard) Q608 and / or Q607 are leaky. {Q608 P/N 8-729-200-17 or ECG2362} {Q607 P/N 8-729-423-37 or ECG2361} Click the link to see the schematic and location KV27EXR25 Customer Complaint: The TV clicks but no sound or picture. The TV had no B+. IC651 is open. {P/N 8-749-920-57 STR-S6301}. Click for details KV27EXR25 Customer Complaint: TV turns on and makes a snapping sound then goes dead. The high voltage is too high due to the 135V line being too high. IC 653 in the B+ regulator circuit is the cause. {IC653 P/N 8-749-920-62 or SE-135NS} KV27EXR25 Customer Complaint: The picture gets narrow on bright scenes. The 135V line is low and has no regulation. IC652 is the cause. {IC652 P/N 8-719 -156-73 or PS2501-1LB} KV27FS16 Customer Complaint: TV turns on by itself. The TV will turn on by itself only when the sleep timer was used to automaticall y turn off the TV. The system control IC001 is the cause. It has a software bug in the timer control section and the IC must be replaced to resolve the problem. The new replacement part number is T-998-607-36. IC001 is located on the MA boa rd. The TV also has a problem with Timer 2 and replacing the IC will fix it too. KV27FX10 Customer Complaint: Sound is ok but the screen is black. I saw a faint letter on the screen and decided to check the G2 screen voltage an d found only 150V on it. The 1000V was missing and D508 was the cause. It was sh orted and fuse resistor R542 was open. D508 and R542 are located on the D board. (D508 P/N 8-719-300-65, R542 1.8K 1W) By the way, does this model seem strange? This was Sony's early extended definition (line doubler) TV. Few were sold and fewer are still in use. KV27FX10 Customer Complaint: Green band in picture There was a two inch horizontal green band 6 inches down from the top of the pic ture. The size would vary with the brightness but would never go away. The video and color circuits checked out ok. The voltages from the power supply measured ok but when my hand touched the heatsink of the main 5V regulator IC I noticed t hat the heatsink was cold and it should have been hot. The IC was not allowing e nough current to pass to run the 5V line properly. Replacing IC2601 on the F boa rd repaired the set. (IC2601 SI-3052 or SI-3522V P/N 8-749-920-71)

KV27HFR Complaint: TV is dead. The 135V B+ line was down to 90v and the picture was pulled in from all sides, b efore the TV went dead. I found that R656 a 220K 1/2w resistor had opened. This resistor is located on the G board in the switch mode power supply. KV27S10 Customer complaint: No picture, does not fill the screen. The TV did not have enough width and would not tune in the station. The B+ was o nly 95V. Power control transisior Q613 was shorted. Replacing it restored the TV to normal operation. P/N 8-729-924-90 KV27S25 Customer Complaint: Has sound but no picture The sound was ok but the screen was black and there was high voltage. I turned t he screen control up and there was a faint white light on the screen that was br ighter at the top and faded out towards the bottom. I thought there might not be any vertical deflection, so I scoped the vertical out IC and there was no outpu t. When I check the voltages, I found the -15V to the vertical IC to be missing. R536 a .47 ohm 1/4w fuse resistor was open. Replacing R536 repaired the unit. R 536 (P/N 1-249-377-11) KV27S26 Customer Complaint: Black screen sound ok. The screen was black and the timer LED blinks once a second. The video was being muted. I found capacitor C563 to be the cause. C563 is in the neck protect circ uit. C563 220uf @ 10V KV27S42 Customer Complaint: Only a tiny picture at the bottom of the screen. The TV had a faint white screen except for 1 inch at the bottom, which looked li ke the top of the picture. It almost appeared to be a vertical centering problem . I put the TV into the service mode and checked the values in the EEPROM and th ey were normal. The vertical centering register could be changed in value and th e picture on the screen would move within the inch that was showing. I found the jungle chip IC301 to be the cause on the problem. (IC301 P/N (old 8-752-090-39) 8-752-095-96) KV27S42 Customer Complaint: Dead The tv was dead and the timer led was blinking 4 times. The power relay was not being engaged. I found a leaky zener diode D612 causing the problem in the relay drive circuit. (D612 P/N 8-719-110-17 or RD10ESB2) KV27S42 Customer Complaint: No sound I checked the audio output IC and found that it had no B+. I check the main powe r supply and found loose connections on pins 11 and 12 of T603. Soldering those pins restored power to the audio circuit and sound to the tv. KV27S66 Customer Complaint: Picture flashed on and off The screen would flash on and off and never filled out the height or width. The power on SCR D606 was shorted gate to cathode and all the current had to go thro ugh the 6 ohm 10W pass resistor, so the set never had enough power to run right. Replacing D606 returned the set to normal operation. (D606 P/N 8-719-108-18 or ECG5418) KV27S66

Customer Complaint: Dead The set was dead except for the timer led which would blink 3 times pause and re peat the blinks. The standby 7.5V was ok and the relay drive transistor was also ok. I found a leaky zener diode in the protect circuit.D620 was leaky but I cou ldn't read the leakage with a meter. I had to test by replacing it. D620 P/N 8-7 19-110-17 or RD10ESB2 or NTE5019 KV27TS20 Complaint: TV is dead. The horizontal output transistor Q551 is shorted. I replaced the transistor and had intermittent horizontal drive. I found a bad connection on L507 and solderin g it restored horizontal drive. Q551 = 2SD1941 KV27TS20 Customer Complaint: TV just clicks. The relay clicks and the high voltage is present, but there is no sound and the screen is black. D511 the 24V source rectifier has loose solder connections. KV27TS20 Customer Complaint: The remote won't work. The remote detector IC801 had low output. Replacing it fixed the set. (IC801 P/N 8-742-101-10) KV27TS20 Customer Complaint: Black screen sound ok. The TV had good audio but the screen was black. I turned the G2 screen up and sa w a horizontal line through the middle of the screen. I found loose connections on the vertical output IC501 and loose connections on the yoke plug. KV27TS20 Customer Complaint: Black on the left side and moves right until the whole scree n is black The picture looked like it might have vertical blanking problems. After checking many circuits I found a loose connection on pin 16 of PM501 the protect module. Pin 16 supplies ABL and blank clamp voltages. Soldering PM501 repaired the TV. KV27TS27 Customer complaint: Dead set The set would not power up and the fuses were not blown. IC607 and Q615 were sho rted. IC607 P/N {8-719-156-12} and Q614 P/N {8-729-927-12} KV27TS27 Customer Complaint: Dead The standby power supply was dead. D622 was shorted and R647 was open. D622 (P/N 8-719-510-02) R647 (P/N 1-249-385-11 or 2.2 ohm 1/4w fusible) KV27TS30 Customer Complaint: Dead Q551 (horizontal output) shorts after running several minutes or hours. The hori zontal drive signal decreases after warmup. Solder poor connections on the horiz ontal driver transformer and L507. L507 feeds the drive signal to the base of Q5 51. KV27TS30 Customer Complaint: The picture pulls down from the top of the screen. Solder poor connections at the deflection yoke plug DY-1. KV27TS30 Customer Complaint: Poor color or wrong color in corners.

The TV had poor purity. Solder the center pin of the degaussing thermistor THP60 1. KV27TS32 Customer Complaint: Dead The TV had standby power but when the on button was pushed nothing happened. I m easured the voltage on the base of Q604, the relay drive transistor, and I could see a small change in voltage when the on button was pushed. So, I thought the system contol was ok. Q604 was shorted from base to emitter. I replaced it but t he relay (RY602) still would not turn on. I remembered that the way the over vol tage protect works is to turn the relay in the power supply off. I checked ovp m odule PM501 and found pin 1, the latch pin, was shorted to ground. Replacing PM5 01 got the set going. Q604 (8-729-119-78, 2SC2785-HFE or 2SC3311A) PM501 (1-801061-11) KV27TS36 Customer Complaint: Dead The TV had standby +5V. But in checking the voltages on standby regulator IC602, I found no voltage on pin 4 the reset +5V. Replacing the IC repaired the TV. IC 602 (8-759-805-37, L78LR05D-MA) KV27V20 Customer Complaint: Black screen and no sound. The tv had no picture or sound only a black screen with normal OSD and menu. Whe n changing channels the stereo led would light up. This made me think the tuner and Video IF were working. I traced the video from the detector out of the tuner /IF to the video switch IC located on the UV board. The video switch IC261 was d efective. (IC261 P/N 8-759-366-77 or MM1311A) KV27V22 Customer complaint: The TV would click but no sound or picture. The overcurrent transistor Q563 was shutting down the 9V run line to kill the ho rizontal drive circuit. Q512, the pincushion output transistor, was shorted. I r eplaced it, but the TV still went into shutdown. IC351 was making Q512 conduct t oo much and after replacing it the Tv operated normally. Q512 P/N 8-729-809-29 a nd IC351 P/N 8-752-076-76 KV27V26 Customer complaint: Dead The set was dead but no fuses had blown. The standby power was ok as was the mai n 135V source but the 9v supply only measured 3V. IC641 the 9V regulator was lea ky. Replacing it repaired the TV. IC641 is located on the G board. (IC641 8-749920-58) KV27V40 Sony KV27V40 Customer Complaint: Wont tune in channel 5 when on cable. I found loose grounds inside the tuner. Solder all circuit board grounds to the metal rail or sides. KV27V42 Customer Complaint: Picture pops in and out. The TV would intermittently lose the channel it was tuned to. A pop could be hea rd from the audio when this happened. The tuner was the cause of the problem. (t uner P/N 8-598-431-00) KV27XBR35 Customer Complaint: Dead The standby power supply voltage was low. C662 a 220uf 35V capacitor was open. T he capacitor is located on the G board near the white 7 pin G-4 plug.

KV27XBR45 Customer Complaint: TV has lines in the picture. The picture had horizontal lines in the center, that would move from the center to the top. It looked like there was a vertical sweep problem, because the scann ing lines would separate. The jungle IC301 {CXA1477AS}, located on the M board, was causing the problem. {IC301 P/N 8-752-063-50} KV27XBR45 Customer Complaint: No sound. There was no sound from the speakers, but the monitor audio outs had audio. The TV had loose connections at pins 4 and 5 of CN115. CN115 is located on the A boa rd. KV27XBR45 Customer Complaint: When the TV is turned on it just makes a clicking noise. When the power button was pushed the TV would turn on and the high voltage would come up, then the power relay would start clicking and there was only a black s creen and no sound. With no antenna connected to the TV, the relay would stay la tched and there was sound and the channels could be changed. The screen was stil l black. I turned up the G2 screen control and saw a one inch horizontal bar acr oss the center of the screen. The set had no vertical. The vertical output IC wa s ok and I found that there was no vertical drive coming out of pin 30 of IC301. IC301 is located on the M board along with the system control IC. Replacing IC3 01 repaired the TV. (IC301 P/N 8-752-063-50) KV27XBR50 Customer Complaint: Dark screen, no picture sound ok The TV had high voltage and the CRT filaments were on. I checked the G2 voltage and it was low. Diode D505 was shorted and resistor R519 was open. D505 and R519 are located near the flyback. (D505 p/n 8-719-976-64) ( R519 2.2K 1W) KV27XBR50 Customer Complaint: Dead; just clicks The set had B+ to the horizontal output stage, but the 18V line out of the G boa rd was only 5V. There was a loose connection on D569s center pin. Soldering it b rought the 18V line back up and the set worked. KV27XBR51 Customer complaint: The stations take awhile to tune in. When changing channels the TV would take a second or two to lock on channel. It looked just like a bad IF block with AFT problems. The IF block was OK. I found diodes D102 and D114 to be shorted. There was no horizontal sync to pin 15 of IC 101. D102 & D114 P/N 8-719-911-19 or ECG519 KV27XBR55 Customer Complaint: Turns on then off The set was going into shutdown. The 135V line read 160V just before shutdown. C 654 in the power circuit was open. C654 47uf @ 25V KV27XBR95S Customer Complaint: Intermittent poor picture. The picture would intermittently loose quality. It looked like a special effects called pastel mode used by digital cameras. The Digital comb filter was the cau se. IC1204 on the P4 board was defective. The P4 board, A-1195-054-A, and the IC 1204, 8-741-694-01, are no longer available. The comb filter board 8-742-025-10 will work but the connector on the board is different so the connector on the ca ble will have to be cut off and the wires soldered to the board. KV27XBR95S Customer Complaint: Black lines in the picture.

The picture looked like the vertical interlace was not working. The horizontal l ines were paired up leaving black spaces between the pairs. When I moved the TV I saw the picture jump and become normal. I found that tapping the G board made the problem come back. C652 had poor solder connections on it. C652 filters the 11V line and is a 2200uf 16V capacitor. Soldering the capacitor repaired the TV. KV27XBR95S Customer Complaint:The picture has a hour glass shape. The raster was bowed in on the sides like the pincushion circuit was bad. I foun d a loose connection on Q605. Q605 is in the power control circuit and is locate d on the G board. KV27XBR95S Customer Complaint:Dead When the power cord was plugged in the degausser kicked in (this is normal for t his set) but otherwise the set was dead. I found that the audio power line had a short on it and traced the problem to a zener diode D1409 on the A board.(D1409 P/N 8-719-110-96 RD39ESB4) KV-F29MF1 Customer Complaint: TV won't come on but a clicking noise can be heard when the power button is pressed. The degaussing relay RY2600 was clicking. I checked the main power supply voltag es with my digital meter and they all checked ok. I found a low voltage at regul ator IC305 2V instead of 5V. By using a scope on the various power supply output s I found a very high ripple on the 7V line. C608 was open. C608 3300uf @ 16V -------------------------------------------------------------------------------KV32FS12 Customer Complaint: TV comes on with a bright white screen then goes dead. The TV would turn on with normal sound, but the screen would be very bright with retrace lines and then the set would go into shutdown. The CRT cathodes measure d 0V (should be about 135V) and the 200V source was ok. IC702 the CRT drive IC w as defective. IC702 is located on the CA board. (IC702 P/N 8-759-562-43 or TDA61 08JF/N1B) KV32FS12 Customer Complaint: TV doesn't show any channel numbers and the menu doesn't wor k. The OSD (on screen display) was missing. OSD is generated within the microcomput er IC001, so I checked the voltages on pins 35 and 34 which is the OSD oscillato r. Pin 35 was 5V and Pin 34 was 2.5V and since they are connected together by L0 40 a 2.7uH coil I checked the coils resistance and found that the coil was open. Replacing L040 repaired the TV. IC001 and L040 are located on the MA board (L04 0 P/N 1-408-963-11) KV32FV16 Customer Complaint: Poor color The purity was poor. Concentric circles of color that looked like a bullseye tar get were on the screen. The degaussing circuit was not working and the degaussin g RY601 was the cause. The contacts in the relay were not making a good enough c onnection to allow the degaussing coil to energize. (RY601 P/N 1-755-198-11) KV32S15 Customer Complaint: Poor Picture The TV had poor contrast, kind of dull looking like the high frequencies were at tenuated. The PIP picture was ok. I decided to start at the pip board an found t

hat the TV Y signal going into it was low. I traced the signal back to the video switcher IC402 pin 43 and decided that the IC was defective. Replacing IC402 re paired the TV. IC402 is located on the UA boaed. (IC402 P/N 8-752-072-34) KV32S25 Customer Complaint: Black screen, sound ok The fuse resistor R536 for the -15V line was burned out. IC561 the vertical outp ut IC was shorted. (IC561 P/N 8-759-980-58 or TDA8172) (R536 P/N 1-249-377-11 .4 7 ohm 1/6W) KV32S26 Customer Complaint: Turns off by itself The TV would play for a few minutes and then turn off. The power supply voltages were all there except for the 9V line. Power on the main chassis is turned on b y switching on IC641 the 9V regulator IC. The OCP circuits use this IC to turn o ff the tv in case of a current over load. I found loose connections on R579 and R578 causing the OCP circuit to turn off the tv. KV32S36 Customer Complaint: Dead The TV was dead; Q601 and Q602 were shorted. R607 and R622 were open. After repl acing these parts and before powering up the TV, I checked for shorts on the B+ lines and found the 135V line had zero ohms to ground. The horizontal output tra nsistor Q502 was shorted. I replaced it and fired up the TV. The degaussing rela y clicked and the front panel LED blinked and went out there was no high voltage . I found that the 9V power line had only 4.5V on It. IC641 was leaky. I replace d it and everything worked OK. Q602 and Q601 P/N {8-729-019-49} {2SC4834M}, R607 P/N {1-202-933-61} {.1 ohm 1/2W fusible}, R622 P/N {1-205-958-00} {10 ohm fusib le}, IC641 {8-749-920-58} {SI-3090CA), Q502 {8-729-035-75} {2SC5148} KV32S40 Customer Complaint: Won't turn on, only the timer LED blinks. The timer LED was blinking continuously. There was no 135V. Q502and IC601 were s horted. I rang T503 and it was shorted. I replaced all parts the TV came on, and was on a inactive channel. I went to get the remote to change channels and when I came back the TV was dead. Q502 and IC601 were shorted again, but so were dio des D502 and D503. I replaced all the shorted parts and using a variac I slowly brought up the line voltage. At 40VAC the TV had high voltage and a raster. I su pplied full power and the 135V line was correct and the raster was normal. As I looked at the screen the raster pulled in from the sides to give an hour glass s hape and before I could blink my eyes the set went dead and all the parts I had replaced shorted out again. The hour glass shape to the raster meant I had a pin cushion problem. I ran the set at reduced voltage and found IC501 the pin contro l IC was the cause of all the trouble. IC501 had an intermittent problem that ca used all the parts to short. (T503 P/N X-4034-797-1); (Q502 P/N 8-729-035-75); ( IC601 P/N 8-729-041-12); (IC501 P/N 8-759-700-07); (D502 and D503 P/N 8-719-94580); (R607 P/N 1-202-933-61) KV32S40 Customer Complaint: Dead When the set was plugged in, the high voltage came up and the timer light blinke d once a second but there was only a black screen and no sound. The remote would not work but the power button would turn off the set. I turned the G2 screen co ntrol up and saw a faint grey screen and the vertical was pulled up from the bot tom of the screen. This was a false clue for there was nothing wrong with the ve rtical. The problem was the tuner. The SDA line read 0V instead of 5V and the tu ner was pulling this line down and this prevented the micro from communicating w ith the I2 bus. Replacing the tuner repaired the TV. (Tuner P/N 8-598-431-00) KV32S45

Customer Complaint: Goes dead The TV would turn on and then shutdown. The horizontal drive was going down. Thi s was caused by the high voltage protect circuit. The 135V B+ and high voltage w ere ok. The protect circuit was causing the trouble. I found loose solder connec tions on R530 and R531. KV32SXR10 Customer Complaint: The remote wont work. The remote control was ok. There was no signal out of the IR pickup in the TV. I C1301 located on the M3 board was bad. Replacing it repaired the TV. IC1301 P/N 8-749-900-36 KV27SXR10 Customer Complaint: TV only clicks, just dead The TV had high voltage, but nothing else. The 16V line was very low. I found po or solder connections on D683 the 16V rectifier. D683 is located on the G board. KV32TS20 Customer complaint: The TV had audio but the screen was black. The high voltage was low and R504 was overheated as was T501. The horizontal dri ve transformer T501 was defective. Replacing T501 and R504 repaired the set. P/N 1-437-195-11 KV32TS20 Customer Complaint: Sound is poor then goes low. MM201, the MTS IC, located on the A board is bad. The surface mount capacitors a re leaking and corroding the board. (MM201 8-746-371-10) KV32TS36 Customer Complaint: Dead There was no response when pushing the on/off button. The Standby 12V power supp ly was working. I checked for standby 5V and it was present. The standby 5V regu lator IC also provides the 5V reset to the system control and that was missing f rom pin 4 of IC602. Replacing regulator IC602 repaired the tv. (IC602 P/N 8-759805-37) KV32TW75 Customer Complaint: No picture The TV had a faint grey raster with lines in it that looked like weak video. Put ting a signal through the video in jack made no difference. I traced the video s ignal from the detector out on the IF block to the input (pin 2) of the comb-fil ter and it was ok, but the signal coming out of the comb-filter (CM351 pin 6 ) w as very weak. I checked the B+ at pin 3 of CM351 and it was only 3V instead of 9 V. IC352 the 9V regulator for the comb-filter was defective. (IC352 P/N 8-759-98 2-34 or RC78M09FA or ECG1966) KV32V16 Customer Complaint: Dead set The relay would click, when the power on button was pushed. There was 135V on th e horizontal output transistor, but no high voltage. I checked for horizontal dr ive and there was only a short pulse, when the power was first turned on. I thou ght the TV was in shutdown, but in this set over voltage and overcurrent protect ion is handled by PM501 on the D board and it turns the power relay off for shut down, so the TV was not in shutdown. I suspected a problem with the jungle IC on the M board. I replaced IC301 and the TV was repaired. (IC301 p/n 8-752-059-67) KV32V35 Customer Complaint: Sound ok, no picture. When the tv was turned on, the high voltage would start up then go into shut dow

n. The sound stayed on. In this chassis, there are several kinds of shut down ci rcuits and they handle the operation differently. If the B+ or high voltage are excessive, then one set of protect transistors cause the relay in the power supp ly to turn off. This results in a dead set after turn on. In the case of a verti cal problem, protect transistors Q561 and Q562 cause the horizontal drive to tur n off. The +12V and -15V to run the vertical output circuit is derived form the flyback transformer, so turning off the horizontal drive is one way to protect t he horizontal output stage in case of a shorted vertical output IC. I checked IC 561 and found it to be shorted. It was not shorted to ground, but shorted betwee n VCC+ (pin 2) and VCC- (pin 4). Replacing IC561 repaired the set. Be sure to ch eck the fuse resistors and diodes of the +12V and -15V sources, before replacing the IC. If either voltage is missing the new IC will be ruined. IC561 = TBA8172 P/N 8-759-980-58 KV32V68 Customer Complaint: The picture is dark and rolls The picture was dark with only color, no luma, and was rolling horizontally. I t ried a composite video input and it was the same as the tuner, but on s-video th e picture was normal. The video signal paths for composite and s-video are diffe rent. The composite and tuner video go through the digital comb filter circuit a nd the s-video does not. I found IC3502 the digital comb filter IC to be the cau se of the trouble. Replacing IC3502 repaired the TV. IC3502 is located on the B board. (IC3502 P/N 8-752-385-80 or CXD2073S) KV32XBR10 Customer Complaint: Dead set The relay would click but the set was dead. C665 on the power supply board was o pen. (C665 1000uf 25v) KV32XBR10 Customer Complaint:Black lines at the top of the picture. The picture was ok except that there were some black lines at the top 4 inches o f the screen that would move up and down. L1502 on the convergence board was bad . (L1502 P/N 1-408-247-00) KV32XBR10 Customer complaint: Screen goes black after 10 minutes. After the set played for 10 minutes the screen blinked and went black and there was also no OSD. It looked like IK blanking. I reduced the vertical height so I could see the 3 IK sample lines at the top of the of the screen. After a few min utes the picture blinked and went black, the red, green, and blue sample lines w ere still there and as I watched they slowly faded out. I thought it looked like the crt filaments might have gone out and they had. I traced the problem back t o a loose connection on pin 5 of the flyback. Soldering the loose connection rep aired the TV. KV32XBR15 Customer complaint: The picture is too wide and the on screen display are almost off the right side of the screen. The pincushion circuit had no effect. The 24V horizontal pulse was missing. Pin 11 on T500 the flyback was loose. Soldering pin 11 corrected the width. KV32XBR15 Customer complaint: When the TV is turned on only the sleep light comes on nothi ng else. I checked the voltage at the 9V regulators on the main circuit board and they me asured 0V. The 18V input to the regulators measured 2V. I checked the 18V source on the F board it was low. The cause was a loose connection on the center lead of D657 the 18V rectifier. Soldering it repaired the set.

KV32XBR35 Customer Complaint: The TV is dead. When the TV was plugged in the degausser worked and I could here some high volta ge, but neither the on/off button nor the remote would turn on the set. The stan dby 7V line measured 4.7V and the 17V standby measured 12V. I found C662 in the Standby power to be open. C662 is a 220uf @ 35V. C662 is located on the G board. Click the link to see the location of C662. KV32XBR45 Customer Complaint: Lines in the picture and pulled down from the top. The scan lines were unevenly spaced as if the vertical interlace was incorrect. The vertical size was small and the vertical centering would jump around from to p to bottom. IC301, located on the M board, was defective. IC301 (P/N 8-752-06350.) Click the link to see what the symptom looks like. KV32XBR45 Customer Complaint: Won't turn on just makes a clicking noise. With the antenna connected the TV would cycle on and off. Without the antenna co nnected the TV would stay on and produce a horizontal line in the center of the screen. IC301 was not producing any vertical drive. Replacing IC301 repaired the set. IC301 is located on the M board. (IC301 P/N 8-752-063-50) KV32XBR96S Customer Complaint: Horizontal bands in picture There was a loose solder connection at C652 on the G (power) board. KV32XBR200 Customer Complaint: Just goes dead. The TV would turn on with a bright white screen and then shutdown. The 200V line to the CRT board measured 90V. The 200V source rectifier D534 was shorted and t he fuse resistor R553 was open. Replacing them repaired the set. D534 and R553 a re located on the A board. (D534 P/N 8-719-302-43) (R553 .47 ohm 1/4w P/N 1-249377-11) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------KV35S45 Customer Complaint: The screen is black but the sound is ok When turned on the sound was ok but the screen was black and the timer led conti nuously blinked. The high voltage would come up and immediately shutdown. I used the min - max - hold settings on my dvm to check the voltages produced by the f lyback before it shutdown and all were normal and I also checked the high voltag e and it was not going too high, so I didn't think that it was the cause of the shutdown. The continuous blink of the timer led indicated a failure in communica tion between the system control and the y/c jungle IC or excessive high voltage and since the HV was ok I decided to replace the jungle IC351 and that repaired the TV. (IC351 P/N 8-752-082-73) KV35V35 Customer Complaint: The picture is black at the top and pulls sideways at the bo ttom Click here to see an image of the symptom. I thought at first I had a bad jungle chip or a leaky video driver transistor, but it was C537 in the -15V supply. Th is capacitor filters the -15V supply and was almost open. The vertical blanking was incorrect and caused the strange looking picture. (C537 1000uf 25V) KV35V35 Customer Complaint: Sometimes no picture

The picture and sound were intermittent and I found that the tv would not turn o ff. The video and audio were muted but the power and high voltage were still on. IC641 the switched 9V regulator was defective. (IC641 P/N 8-749-920-58 or SI-30 90C) KV35V36 Customer Complaint: Blue spot in center of the screen. The TV came on with a bright blue screen, collapsed to the center, and shutdown. The CRT had a short in the blue gun. Replacing the CRT repaired the set. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------KV36FS10 Customer complaint: Dead set. The TV was dead and the main fuse was good. There was no 5V standby power. R639 a 4.7 ohm fusable resistor was open. R639 (P/N 1-249-389-11) KV36FV1 Customer Complaint: The TV will turn on but does nothing else. The TV had high voltage with a black screen and no sound. The remote did not wor k except to turn the set on and off. I checked the voltages on the CPU IC001 and found that pin 53 was low. It measured 1V instead of 4V. Pin 53 is the SDAT dat a line. I measured the resistance from the SDA line to ground. With a digital me ter it measured 1K ohms. I thought this might be wrong so I tried my analog mete r and it measured 50 ohms and so after eliminating sections by opening jumpers. I traced the short to the AX board which holds the PIP tuner. The tuner TU101 wa s the cause of the short. (TU101 on the AX board P/N 8-598-430-00) KV36FV15 Customer Complaint: No picture The TV had a faint grey screen with just a very small amount of video present. T he OSD and menu were normal. It was the same for tuner and all A/V inputs includ ing the component inputs. The picture would sometimes come in ok. It would get w hite horizontal streaks at an ever increasing amount and then the picture would be normal. The key here is that the component inputs were affected. The video go es into the jungle IC at the same point for all video inputs except the componen t inputs. The component video goes through IC354 and then to the jungle chip. Th e only common point for all the video sources is IC354 the video/component/RGB s witch IC. IC354 was the cause of the problem and replacing it repaired the TV. ( IC354 P/N 8-752-082-49) KV36FV16 Customer Complaint: The picture goes to snow only and the message "no signal" is displayed on screen. The TV would loose the signal and go to snow. I noticed that the PIP picture was ok and only the main picture was affected. I checked the main tuner TU102 on th e A board and found loose connections where the tuner is soldered onto the circu it board. The 9V, 30V, 5V, SCL, SDA, and AS connections were all loose. Solder r epaired the TV. KV36FV26 Customer Complaint: Picture is half black Part of the video could be seen in a column on the left side of the screen out t o 8 inches from the left edge. The rest of the screen was black. I decided that there was some kind of problem in the blanking circuit and it is located inside the jungle chip so I replaced IC355 and that repaired the tv. (IC355 P/N 8-752-0 92-17) KV36FV26

Customer Complaint: No color The tv had a perfect black and white picture. The pip child picture was in color . This tv has four video inputs and I tried them one by one with no change until I got to video 4 which is the component video input. I used a dvd player with c omponent output and the tv now had color but only on video 4. I changed the tv b ack to antenna and had black and white video with the video 4 input mixing with the antenna video and so the yuv component video was not being switched off when going to another input. After running down many false leads I found the problem . Replacing IC1001 the D/A converter repaired the tv. (IC1001 P/N 8-752-058-68) KV36XBR250 Customer Complaint: The PIP picture is snowy but the main picture is ok. The child picture had too much snow in it. I switched the antenna leads between the main tuner and the PIP tuner and the Main picture became snowy. This told me the tuners were ok. When I moved the power plug for the antenna switcher the sn owy picture cleared up. I found a break in the circuit board inside the antenna changer assembly where the connector for the power plugs goes. Repairing the bre ak fixed the PIP picture. KV36XBR250 Customer Complaint: Picture in a picture doesnt work. The child picture had only vertical and horizontal lines in it, no video. After checking waveforms I found that the video was missing at pin 34 of IC3304 the Ch roma Decoder. Following the circuit back I found no video at the emitter of buff er transistor Q3301. The voltage at the collector of Q3301 was a little low at 8 V instead of 9V and as I flexed the circuit board I noticed the voltage went dow n to 2.5V. I checked the 9V line and found L3305 was causing the voltage drop. I t measured 200 ohms in circuit and when I removed it the coil measured open. Rep lacing the coil restored the PIP operation. (L3305 P/N 1-408-619-31) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------KPR41EXR95 Customer Complaint: The lower left corner of the picture has colored lines in it . The TV had a separation of the red, green, and blue lines in the lower left corn er of the picture. The problem was worst when cold and got better the longer the TV was on. The capacitors that filter the +18V and -18V lines were bad. C1714, C1715, C1744, and C1745 all are 100UF @ 25V. These capacitors are located on the D board by the convergence IC's IC1702 and IC1705 (STK4278-L).Click the link to see a picture of the symptom. KP41T15 Customer Complaint: TV only makes a clicking sound and is dead. The TV was going into shutdown as soon as the power was turned on. After checkin g each line coming from the power supply, I found the 200V line going to the CRT boards was dead. There was a short on the CB board, that is the blue crt board and I found IC671 TDA6101Q had a hole burned in it and it was shorted of course. I replaced it and the power would stay on and there was sound, but the screen w as black. I cound see a faint light on each crt, I looked at them from the back and I saw a scan line at the very top of each crt. This told me that the vertica l was ok and the crt's were ok. I checked the AKB signal and it was low. I found a shorted zener diode, D710, on the CR (red crt) board. I replaced the diode an d the picture came back. (IC761 p/n 8-759-168-72) (D710 p/n 8-719-109-89 or RD5. 6ES) KP41T25 Customer Complaint: Picture is nothing but lines that jump around. The TV had a small raster made up of jumping scan lines. IC301 located on the M

board was the cause. (IC301 P/N 8-752-063-50) KP41T65 Customer Complaint: Black screen but the sound is ok. The screen was black. There was good audio and the high voltage was also present . I did a quick ckeck by turning up the G2 crt screen voltage to see if there wa s vertical deflection. The screen light up but there was very little video only what looked like an outline of figures. After checking the AKB transistor on the CR board, I decided that the jungle chip IC301 had a problem and after I replac ed it the picture returned. (IC301 P/N 8-752-076-08) KP46C36 Customer Complaint: The picture is blurry. The picture was out of focus and the focus controls had no effect. The focus vol tage going into the focus/screen high voltage block measured 6KV. The source for the focus voltage is T504 the flyback transformer so I replaced it. The new tra nsformer repaired the set. The focus voltage now measured 10KV. T504 is located on the G board. (T504 P/N 1-453-238-12) KP46CX35 Customer Complaint: TV goes dead of pops on and off. The 135V line measured 150V and the 115V line was dead. There were loose connect ions on T605 at pin 5. Soldering the transformer connections repaired the set. T 605 is located on the G board. KP46CX35 Customer Complaint: TV turns on but no sound or picture. The screen was black and there was no sound, but the set had high voltage. The C RT filaments were not lighted. The crt filament voltage was missing. On the G bo ard, D613 was shorted and R697 was open. Replacing them repaired the TV. D618 P/ N {8-719-975-76} or {ECG588}, {R697 1.2 ohm 1/4W} KP46CX35 Customer Complaint: Poor picture, too bright with no contrast The 230V crt supply was low. C650, located on the G board was open. C650 {100uf 160V} KPR46EXR15 Customer Complaint: No picture black screen, audio ok The screen was black but after playing for 10 minutes the picture would appear a nd looked good. I found a leaky capacitor in the vertical protect circuit that w as keeping the picture blanked. Replacing C1737 on the D board repaired the TV. (C1737 10uf 16V) KP46S15 Customer Complaint: Dead set The TV would turn on then go into shutdown. If the TV was on a station when turn ed on, it would not go into shutdown until the station was changed, but the scre en would remain black and there was no onscreen display. In this chassis there a re shutdown circuits on every module and after checking them on by one, I found that the TV had no vertical deflection. IC301 the jungle chip had no vertical ou tput. Replacing it repaired the TV. IC301 P/N 8-752-063-50 KP46V15 Customer Complaint: Can't see all of the PIP picture. Half the PIP picture was off the screen due the excessive width of the main pict ure. The pin out transistor Q508 was so hot I couldn't touch it without getting burned. I found defective capacitors in the horizontal output circuit. C510 and C512 were both defective. Replacing them repaired the TV. (C510 .015uf 1.4KV P/N 1-136-565-11) (C512 3uf 200V ceramic P/N 1-136-598-11)

KP46V15 Customer Complaint: Red double images The red centering would drop down. There was a loose connection at pin 1 of D-4 on the D board. This is the red vertical centering line. KP46V15 Customer Complaint: The screen goes black. The screen would go black except for a red, green, and blue curved line at the b ottom of the screen just left of center. The audio was ok. Tapping on the D (con vergence) board would cause the picture to come back on. I found a loose connect ion on pin 1 of connector D-14. This is the vertical blanking pin. KP46V35 Customer Complaint: No sound IC202 on A board was defective. It was damaged by an arcing anode on the green c rt. (P/N 8-759-090-21 or TDA8424) KP46XBR25 Customer Complaint: Blue shadow around all pictures. The blue was off center and the horizontal center couldn't be adjusted with the menu control. None of the horizontal center controls on the convergence board ha d any effect. I found loose connections on connector A22. The V board plugs into A22 and the horizontal centering IC's are located on this board. A22 is located on the A board. KP48S65 Customer Complaint: Dead set The TV had no sound or high voltage. IC810, in the power supply, was shorted and R608 was open. After replacing them IC801 shorted again at turn on. I jumped th e relay and using a variac I slowly raised the line voltage. Sony says to go no more that 50VAC and so I stopped at 40VAC and measured the output of the power s upply. All the voltages were a little high, so I new there were no shorts causin g the IC to fail. I found the regulation transformer T604 to be the cause of the failure of IC801. I replaced T604 and the set was repaired. {IC801 P/N 8-729-04 1-12} {R608 P/N 1-202-933-61} {T604 P/N 1-429-992-11} KP48V45 Customer Complaint: No picture or sound only hums. The power supply had very low voltage. C607 was open and it is located on the G board in the main power circuit. C607 820uf @ 200V (P/N 1-125-692-11) KP53S15 Customer Complaint: Blue shadow in picture The blue registration was incorrect. The components on the convergence board all check ok. I compared the resistance of the three convergence yokes and found th at the blue (120 ohms) was a lot higher than the red or green. I took apart the blue convergence yoke and checked where the lead wire and coil were soldered. Th e connection was loose. Cleaning the wire and soldering repaired the TV. KP53S25 Customer Complaint: TV just clicks and the timer light blinks. When turned on the I could hear high voltage come up and then go down. The timer LED was continuously blinking indicating a protection circuit had triggered a s hutdown. After going through Sony shutdown trouble shooting guide, I decided the trouble was on the E board which has the flyback on it. Q913 was leaky and sinc e it is in the protection circuit it was causing the power supply to go into shu tdown. (Q913 P/N 8-729-029-86 or DTC124ES or ECG2357) KP53S65

Customer Complaint: Poor picture The TV had a blue shadow on the images. The Blue centering was off and could not be adjusted. The convergence centering controls had no effect on the blue, they worked ok on the red and green. IC804 the blue waveform control IC was defectiv e. IC804 is located on the G board. (IC804 P/N 8-759-464-79 or PM0011AS) KP53S70 Customer Complaint: Dead Set TV was dead and even the timer led did not blink. The Standby power supply was d ead. Diodes D601 and D602 were shorted and this damaged C608 (blew its top off) Fuse resistor R607 was also open. Replacing all components repaired the tv. D601 and D602 P/N 8-719-068-00 or NTE580 C608 10uf @ 400V P/N 1-107-670-11 R607 4.7 ohm 1/4W P/N 1-249-389-11 KPR53EXR15 Customer Complaint: The TV has only a line across the screen. The TV had no vertical sweep, F902 was open and the -12V line was very low. The red vertical output IC1706 was very hot. Replacing the IC repaired the TV. IC170 6 is located on the convergence board. IC1706 P/N 8-759-113-13 or upc1498H KPR53EXR15 Customer Complaint: Poor convergence The horizontal green registration was changing with the scene brightness. As the picture control was decreased the green horizontal size would decrease. The gre en CRT was defective. KPR-S53MH1 Customer Complaint: Dead The TV was dead and it was a multi-system set I had never seen before. I could n ot get the service manual and the owner of the TV said he would get it. Three mo nths later he came in with a copy of the manual. Q603 and Q614 on the G board we re shorted and so was D604 a dual rectifier. The fuse resistor R604 was open and replacing all repaired the TV. (Q603 and Q614 P/N 8-729-011-15 2SC4582NP) (D604 P/N 8-719-510-09 DI0SC6M) (R604 P/N 1-202-933-11 .1 ohm 1/2w fusable) KP53XBR35 Customer Complaint: The picture is bowed in on the top and bottom and sides. The picture was bowed but it was also too wide. Q508 the pin output transistor w as shorted. After replacing Q508 there was no change in the width and Q508 was r unning very hot, so hot I could not touch it's heatsink. I checked Q505, Q506, a nd Q507. They were ok. I found a leaky capacitor in the horizontal circuit. C512 a 3uf 200V (not electrolytic) had 12meg ohm leakage. Replacing C512 repaired th e TV. (C512 P/N 1-136-598-11) (Q508 2SA1301 O) KP53XBR35 Customer Complaint: Poor convergence and then dead The relay would click but otherwise the set was dead. On the G (power supply) bo ard I found that D605 and Q603 were shorted. After replacing the shorted parts I turned on the set and it ran but I could smell something burning and I found re sistors R1719, R1809, R1729, and R1808 were overheating. They are located on the D (convergence) board. Red convergence out IC1704 was shorted causing the resis tor to overheat. I checked the two fuses on the board and found that the custome r had replaced the 3.15 amp fuses with 4 amp fuses and this is what had damaged the power supply and allowed the resistors to overheat. Replacing the shorted IC and damaged resistor and installing the correct fuses repaired the TV. D605 8-719-988-31 or D10SC6MR Q603 8-729-011-15 or 2SC4582NP IC1704 8-749-923-16 or STK4278L

R1719, R1809, R1729, R1808 1 ohm 1w F902, F901 GMA 3.15A KP53XBR300 Customer Complaint: Dead At turn on the relay clicks but ly. The power supply was ok and board I found that the K board surround audio out was shorted.

dead except that the timer LED blinks continuous by one at a time pulling the connectors on the G had the short that was causing shutdown. IC2603 (IC2603 P/N 8-759-290-89 or TDA7265)

KP53XBR300 Customer Complaint: No sound I traced the audio signal to the K board and then all the way to the audio outpu t ICs. The audio signal was ok but there was no audio out to drive the speakers. I checked the mute lines (all 4 of them) and found the "A" mute (CN2103-10) lin e was high causing the audio mute condition. I found that Q2104 was shorted. Q21 04 is the off pop mute transistor. It mutes the audio at turn off so there is no pop sound from the speakers. (Q2104 P/N 8-729-216-22 or 2SA1162) KP61XBR48 Customer Complaint: Sound ok; no picture just a black screen The set would start with sound and a black screen and after 2 minutes a horizont al line started rolling down from the top to the bottom. After several minutes t he rolling became faster and then a full picture blinked on then off. The jungle IC3005 was the cause of the problem. IC3005 is located on the M board. (IC3005 P/N 8-752-063-50) KP53HS10 Customer Complaint: Has sound black screen. The tv was not going into shutdown. There was no high voltage and all B+ voltage s were normal. Voltages on HV out transistor Q8007 were wrong. All pins measured 135V. Q8008 the HV reg transistor was running hot. Q8008 was shorted Gate to So urce. After replacing Q8008, the tv came on with HV for just an instant, there w as a pop and the tv was now going into shutdown. T8003 flyback transformer had s horted. Replacing Q8008 and T8003 repaired the TV. T8003 p/n 1-453-285-11; Q8008 p/n 8-729-024-30 or IRFI640LF KP57HW40 Customer Complaint: Green picture The picture was all green and the voltage on the cathode of the green crt measur ed 95V instead of around 150V. IC7201 the green drive IC was defective. IC7201 i s located on the CG board. (IC7201 P/N 8-759-680-01 or TDA6120Q/N2/S1) KP7225 Customer Complaint: Poor picture on upper VHF channels. The high VHF channels had a horizontal jitter and the longer the set played the more stable the picture became. Capacitor C009 on the MF board was the cause of the trouble. C009 100uf 16V KZ42TS1U Customer Complaint: No picture The OSD worked ok but there was no video on any input except for the RGB input w hich had a green picture when a normal component signal was used, but when a VGA signal was used the picture was normal. Replacing the B board repaired the tv. B board P/N 8-330-130-03 this board cost $1103.74 plus a $700.00 dud charge. SLV-620HF Customer Complaint: No sound There was no sound on either E-E or when playing a tape. I checked for audio at the output of the tuner and it was ok. I traced the audio to the input of the au

dio processor (HF-34) board. It went in but didn't come out. I found that the -V EE (-9V) was missing. I went back to the source which was the AC/DC converter an d found that D191 was open. After I replaced the diode, the -9V and sound were b oth back to normal. (D191 P/N 8-719-911-19) Navigation Home Sony Misc RCA Links Contact Fun News --------------------------------------------------------------------------------